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Can my DUI get dropped to reckless driving?

How to get my DUI charge dropped to reckless driving.

Will you lose your job when your employer discovers your DUI?

Will you use your job when your employer discovers your DUI?

Understanding the long-term effects of your DUI charge is complicated and definitely creates a strong sense of insecurity. Once you have been charged, it is wise to understand the terms of your employment and the potential of your job security from this point forward. It is a long and detailed process, unpacking your DUI charge or arrest, including facing criminal penalties and fines. Being transparent with your employer about each of these steps to move beyond these circumstances is very important. If your employer includes a manditory firing policy for an arrest under these circumstances as part of the employment handbook or employment contract you signed upon hiring, state law or said employment contract may specify that termination is required only under condition of a conviciton and not just an arrest. If your employment requires you to transport clients or goods, such as a lemo driver, cab driver, bus driver, pilot, truck driver, or any other capacity that requires you to maintain a commercial driver's license, your may lose your job. Your employment may have specific requirements that must be maintained in order to retain your job, and if at any time you are not capable of retaining them your termination may be required immediately. It is also possible that there is an administration process that may be in place to revoke an employee's commercial license, pilot's license, or other relevant type of license that is required to legally continue work. In some jurisdictions, an employee may have the option of installing an ignition interlock monitoring device to continue employment and possession of their license. This particular option is only available through the administrative process, so it is important to note that if you are convicted of the criminal offense, you may find that your license has been, or will subsequently be, revoked. This is also due to the fact that some company insurance companies are unable to insure such a high risk, as well as maintain their standard of requriements that you are to represent. 

Perhaps you hold a professional position of employment that requires you to maintain a professional license in order to work, including accountants, doctors and nurses, even lawyers. The standards held within some professional agencies will require immediate termination of their employee's professional license, therefore ensuring the loss of the connected job. There are many jobs that require the highest of standards for their employees at all times, and though driving does not directly affect their terms of employment, maintianing the best of character does. In these cases, you may find yourself seeking other employment. Your character affects the influence you have on others, and directly reflects your employer. 

Even if you are not convicted and are able to get the charges downgraded, you may be required to appear before a judge as well as serve community service. You may face a short imposed jail sentence, along with manditory alcohol and drug treatment. The restrictions on your time as well as financial responsibilites will most definitely place a heavy strain on your employment, credit score, and retaining your driver's license. It would be wise to retain an experienced attorney, as they would be able to help you understand and navigate each of these potential scenarios, along with clarifying your rights and helping you move beyond your DUI. 

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