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Can my DUI get dropped to reckless driving?

How to get my DUI charge dropped to reckless driving.

What happens if you run from a DUI?

What consequences are there if I run from a DUI?

You have been drinking, found in possession of a vehicle, and now have been charged with a DUI or a DWI. The lable of "criminal" carries an incredible weight and load that many find too difficult to bare. Becoming overwhelmed with the thought of temporarily, or permanently, carrying this offense is beyond comprehension for many as it also carries with it the realization that your job and financial security are now weighing in the balance. Fear, stress, anxiety, and embarrassment are high on the list of the emotions that overwhelm and flood into your day now. Most likely you simply want to close your eyes and pretend this is a very bad dream that you will soon wake up from, and for very good reason as this mental trauma of standing before a judge or jury that holds the power to now determine your fate can be incapacitating. 

Unfortunately, there are many who find it impossible to see through to the other side of this life changing event of having a drunk driving charge, and therefore decide to run from the situation in order to avoid appearing for court and hoping that they can avoid any jail time or other penalties. The United States Judicial system has established penalties specifically for these types of situations, and you would be well advised to know just exactly what you will face should you decide to run. The first, and most logical step for anyone arrested for a DUI, is being sure to hire a DUI attorney who holds a strong track record in helping people lessen their penalties and fines, along with successfully empowering clients to get their record expunged. Though this will cost you a substantial amount of money, and may even cause your prior financial requirements to take less priority, this is money well spent and could even assist you in aquiring peace and comfort while walking through this difficult and unknown process. While you may be unable to mentally shift to the requirement of being physically present during each court proceeding, this will be required of you with or without your attorney present unless they are able to gain a grant from the court to waive your appearance. If you choose to not appear, and you have decided to run, the court will issue a bench warrent for your arrest and you have just successfully gone way past the complications within your particular case. Usually, the warrent is issued due to "failure to appear", and it does not matter the reason. In the eyes of the court, you have run and must be returned to custody and face the consequences whether you believe them to be correct and valid or not. The only bright spot, is that it may be possible to call and reset your hearing date or surrender yourself to the court instead of waiting to be arrested by local law enforcement. Remember, the best course of action is to follow exactly what you are told by the court and obey their request to appear in court as instructed. Being labled a "criminal" is aweful, but being labled a "fugitive" is worse, if you can imagine that. The consequences weigh far heavier, go farther in reach, and remain longer than what you were facing to begin with. 


What happens if I received a DUI while on vacation?

Let's say you live in State A but are on vacation in State B, enjoying a few drinks with supper. On your way the hotel you are pulled over and it is determined that your BAC level is over the acceptable limit. This will trigger a series of events in the Administrative License Suspension process in the DMV through State B, and potentially your State A. It will also require prosecution for DUI within State B's courts. You will have a limited time to appeal the suspension of your driver's license in both State A and State B. How you handle this unique situation will indefinitely determine your success or failure to show you are not going to run from the consequences your actions require based upon your behavior, avoiding a bench warrent in State B, and securing an attorney will be your best option.

Is there a possibility for a best case scenario?

The bottom line is: do not run, or give the appearance that you will run! Be wise and seek a professional, reputable, qualified, and experienced attorney who will assist you in unpacking the details of your particular case. Your emotions are overwhelmed mainly due to the unknowns and the hidden meanings of terms you do not understand. Your attorney understands them, can communicate in the best possible way for you to calmly walk through this process, as well as empower you to follow the best plan of action that will ensure you the success you are seeking, whether you are navigating between one State or two.  

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