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Is your employer notified after you\'ve been arrested for DUI?

Getting arrested for a DUI may just be the beginning of your trouble. You are now faced with court costs, legal expenses, fines, and increased insurance rates. Have you stopped to ask if your employer will be notified after you have been arrested for a DUI? You may think it is unnecessary for the courts to notify your job, but in many careers and states the law takes a very different stance.

Jobs Which Require the Employer is Notified of a DUI

There are some careers where notification of your employer is not an option. Any career which requires you have a commercial driver's license requires notification to the employer. The law specifically states you should notify your employer within 30 days of the conviction. A few jobs which fall into this category will include:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Chauffeurs
  • Bus Drivers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Delivery Drivers

Choosing not to report the DUI to your employer is not going to help. Your employer receives regular Department of Motor Vehicle reports which will indicate your recent conviction. If you have not already notified your employer of the conviction in writing prior to that time you will almost certainly be fired from your job.

There are other classifications of jobs where you may be required to make notification, law enforcement officers will make notification or the court will notify your employer. A few of the included positions are:

  • Train Engineers
  • Pilots
  • Military Personnel
  • Jobs Requiring a Security Clearance
  • School Teachers

Use Common Sense about Reporting to Your Employer

It is not surprising you are hesitant to notify your employer of your recent DUI conviction or arrest, but you must use common sense. If your job entails driving a company vehicle you must notify your employer immediately. The court system may not notify your employer, but you should not overlook the fact their insurance company will take notice of your conviction and subsequently notify your employer about increasing rates.

Your employer is required to list you on their insurance policies as a driver of one of the company vehicles which makes it almost certain the insurance company will notify your employer of your DUI.

The Safe Way to Determine Your Rights about Employer Notification

The safest way to ensure you follow the law while protecting your job is to ask your DUI attorney. He will be informed of federal, state, and local regulations concerning employer notification. If your job does not require driving and is not affected by your DUI you may be able to avoid notifying your employer.

New Employer Discovery and Notification of DUI Arrests

Even if you are currently unemployed these laws can have a dramatic impact on your future job opportunities. You will be required to notify future employers of your DUI if their application form requests information on previous arrests. Background checks done by prospective employers are likely to show your DUI conviction. Any jobs which require driving will cause notification from the insurance company of your DUI charges when the new employer adds you to their policy.

In most cases it is better to consider your employer will be notified or will discover your arrest and prepare accordingly.

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