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Can my DUI get dropped to reckless driving?

How to get my DUI charge dropped to reckless driving.

How often are people injured in a drunk driving accident?

How common are drunk driving injuries?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous, and not something that is condoned by the law. The consequences of a DUI is far beyond the moment you choose to get behind the wheel, are pulled over, or become involved in an accident. The ramifications of a DUI when including injuries will follow you, most likely, for the remainder of your life. It will definitely follow the ones you love, and any other person affected by your choice to drive drunk, for the remainder of their lives. Drinking and driving affect so many people beyond you, and when your behavior involves drunk driving injuries, the fall out is usually beyond repair. The best choice is to simply appoint a designated driver when you are going to drink, and at all costs avoid drinking and driving. It is important to note, that statistically in the United States alone, around 40% of car-related injuries are caused by alcohol consumption. As a result, the most common type of drunk driving injuries due to accidents, are caused by intoxicated drivers falling asleep at the wheel and are often fatal for both the driver and the other people involved in the car accident. 

What typically happens when someone falls asleep while driving?

There are many things that happen when someone falls asleep while driving, especially when alcohol is involved. Below is a list compiled for you to have a starting point to reference:

  • increased speed
  • loss of control with steering
  • swerving or weaving in multiple lanes
  • driving into oncoming traffic
  • hit a median 
  • driving into construction
  • running a red light
  • driving onto a sidewalk, hitting pedestrains
  • hititng a fire hydrant

What if you are awake and get into a car accident?

You could hit the car directly in front of you, or even beside you, due to severe loss of perception. It is also possible for you to misinterprate traffic signs as your vision is severely impaired. Most often this leads drivers to enter the wrong way onto a one-way street, and sometimes enter the highway on the off ramp. The most common of misinterpretations comes when the intoxicated driver is supposed to yield and instead continues to drive through at full speed, causing the driver to hit pedestrians walking across the road or driving through a stop light heading straight into oncoming traffic. 

Other forms of drunk driving injuries

It is very common for drunk drivers to be involved in accidents where other cars are not part of the process. Usually, a drunk driver thinks that they are more safe driving on roads that are less populated, are considered back roads, or even are not common roads that other drivers use on any regular sort of basis. This does not eliminate the possibility of getting into a car accident, nor does it guarantee that you will not hurt, or even kill, another person. Some possible scenarios would be:

  • slaming into power lines
  • driving into a ditch
  • driving into a house
  • wrapping your vehicle around a tree

Every single time you choose to drink and drive, the risk of drunk driving injuries increases to limitless posibilities beyond your control. Simply do not drink and drive, and you will have the full power to completely eliminate all risks, all injuries, and all loss to you, your loved ones, and the community of others around you. 

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