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How do I get this DUI DWI off my record?

A list of states and a brief summary of their expungement laws to help you understand your options.

How many people died in drunk driving crashes in 2015

Is there a rise or fall in the fatalities in drunk driving crashes?

 Each year there are thousands of deaths directly related to drunk driving crashes. Drinking and driving is a very dangerous choice, and one that always carries severe consquences for you, your family, and each person connected to the accident. It is most notable, that in 2015 a significant spike took place in connection to the fatalities with drunk driving. Due, in greater part, to the fact that gas prices were incredibly lower than in previous years, in addition to the increased job opportunites and more commuters on the roads. The drunk driving facts listed here should be compeletely sobering, however more and more fatatlities continue to mount and each year the increase becomes more staggering. 

  • by the time June of 2015 arrived, the number of deaths connected to drunk driving was increased by 14%
  • the estimated costs connected to these crashes were up 24%, nearing $152 billion dollars
  • costs attributed to wages and productivity losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, employer costs, and property damages

Unfortunately, people will still continue to make the dangerous choice to drink and drive, and the fact that the DUI laws have become more harsh and stratigic has not lightened the number of fatalities connected to these crashes in the least. 

What can be expected from drunk drivers?

There are many habitual behaviors that thrive in the lifestyle of drunk drivers. The reality of their choices rarely become personal to them until it is too late, and unfortunately that usually includes the life of someone they may or may not know in conncection with their choice to drink and drive. The fact that they have continually been successful to drink and drive, without any known danger taking place to them or others, offers them a false sense of invincibility. To help you better understand exactly what this looks like, let's unpack some details below:

  • the average drunk driver has successfully driven drunk 87 times before their very first arrest
  • the driver of a motorcycle is more likely to drive drunk than one driving a car
  • the drivers with the highest BAC levels are usually between the ages of 21 to 24
  • the average BAC level of drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes is .15 or greater

Can you understand a little more now why a drunk driver is more capable of getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and authentically believe they are fully able to be driving and arriving at their destination safely? The false sense of security, actually believing that they are safe and that they will not get caught, grows each and every time they are able to drink and drive without any consequences. 

What type of damage can happen with drunk driving?

On average, for every three people you see, at least one will be directly involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime. Of that one, they are most likely to die in that accident and the time frame? Every fifty minutes. Well over thirty percent of alcohol related accidents result in death, and each adult in the United States will pay approximately $500 for drunk driving costs. When you consider the amount of time, money, and life involved in drunk driving accidents, the devistation attached to them is staggering. Be wise, and intentional, to appoint a designated driver when you are going to be drinking, and do not drink and drive. The effects last a lifetime, especially when a fatality happens as a direct result of your drinking and driving. 

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