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How can I help stop drunk driving in my city?

What can I do to assist my communtiy in the fight against drunk driving?

The very best decision anyone can make in helping to stop drunk driving in your community is to always have a designated driver, and everyone in attendence needs to agree to this before any drinks are consumed. This will guarantee that everyone arrives home safely, along with the streets remaining safe as well. However, if you find that you are faced with a situation where someone is intoxicated and not compliant in being driven or remaining off the road, there are many things that should be a pritority in helping to stop them from drunk driving. 

  • Choose to be as non-confrontational as possible. While being intoxicated, individuals do not have the natural ability to guard their emotions, think or behave rationally, or be able to respond with conscious effort. If confronted, espeically with a hightened amount of emotions, the drunk individual will be more likely to become more intense emotionally as well as physically become impossible to rationalize with. 
  • Suggest alternate options of arrival to their destination. Giving calm, rational, unemotional suggestions for transportation can be very effective. Everything from a cab, designated (and sober) driver, or even public transportation are all good options.
  • Intentional and thoughtful communication. It is very important to remember that you are speaking to someone who is not in their normal environment nor capable of carrying a normal and cognative conversation. Speaking with a calm, clear, and slow voice will be more likely to gain trust and security of the drunk individual, allowing you to communicate more effectively. 
  • Share how much you care. Be specific to communicate that you care about them, and that you do not want them to drive because they matter to you and you also do not wish for anyone else to get hurt. 
  • Suggest they stay with you. While you may not usually offer, this may be a good time for you to offer for them to stay the evening at your home as your guest. 
  • Gain the help of a friend to help you in convincing. It is really difficult for someone to refuse the help of many people over one. 
  • If possible, take the person's keys. When faced with the option to stay or ride with a sober driver, the person is far more likely to be compliant if they are unable to use their keys. 

While your ability to negotiate may be grately hindered, these suggestions will hopefully be tools to assist you in successfully being able to help stop drunk driving in your community. 

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