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Can my DUI get dropped to reckless driving?

How to get my DUI charge dropped to reckless driving.

Can my car insurance go up if I get a DUI

How does a DUI affect my insurance rates?

Most likely you have noticed that your life has taken a huge turn now that you are navigating the details of getting your life back on track after a DUI charge. There are many different aspects of your daily routine that are now affected by this, and one of the biggest changes will be your finances. This will be reflected in many ways:

  • bail charges
  • towing and impound
  • court fines
  • alcohol treatment and education
  • licensing fees
  • insurance fees
  • job stability
  • housing 

Each of these has a severe affect on your daily routine, some of which you will feel immediatelly. If you are limited to your driving freedoms, your ability to navigate your transportation will grately impact your job. There are many factors that play into the type of insurance rate increase you will receive in your car insurance due to a DUI or DWI charge:

  • felony 
  • injury
  • death

These are just a few to help clarify the severity of your charges and the impact they will have. While each charge will have a direct impact on your insurance rate, the way each of them looks on your actual policy will depend directly on your insurance carrier and their particular requirements for you. The bottom line, is that you are guaranteed to have a significantly higher insurance rates, no matter what their specific qualification process for DUI cases are. It is guaranteed that if you currently hold a discounted rate due to perferred or safe driver qualification that will be eliminated at the next renewal after they run your driving record. You will find that many insurance companies will not even consider retaining your services once you have been charged with a DUI, while there are many companies that specialize in the insurance indunstry with coverage on individuals who are needing their services with a DUI on their driving record. Keep in mind that your insurance rate could be the typical double amount of what you are currently paying, although it would not be uncommon to find your insurance rate has more than trippled, especially if you are facing a felony charge with any aggrivated circumstances. 

How long will my DUI affect my insurance rates?

Typically your DUI charge will fall off your record around 7 years down the road. However, the stipulations on insurance rates and DUI's operates under different guidelines from State to State. And also carries different responsibilities for them and you if you were charged in one State and live in another. Many times this means you will have a double layer of obligations to function within due to two seperate States and their particular laws. Your infraction will most likely remain on your criminal history, credit history, and some branches within your DMV,  long after your driving record is clear. This could all change if you are successful in getting your record expunged. 


It is in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced and professional DUI attorney. Whether felony or criminal charges are included with your DUI or not, you will benifit grately from having someone on your side explaining your specific case as well as the best possible scenarios for you to unpack during the process of your life getting back on track. They will understand if your specific case is even a possibility to file for an expungment, what it will look like for your court process, as well as if you will need to balance the process between two States. As always, it is your best option to never drink and drive. 

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