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Can my DUI get dropped to reckless driving?

How to get my DUI charge dropped to reckless driving.

Can a DUI lawyer help me?

How could a DUI Lawyer be benificial for me?

While it is understandable the gravity of your DUI conviction is most likely having on you, it would be wise to make a very informed decision on retaining a DUI Lawyer. With so many different factors, along with the myriad of emotions that are sure to come flooding in without notice, having an experienced and professional Lawyer alongside to help guide you through the specific process your case requires will be well worth the Lawyer fees and empower you to obtain some mesure of peace through it all. Some of the specific benefits would include:

  • familiarity with the court system
  • knowledge of the plea bargin details
  • ability to navigate complex administration procedures
  • provide necessary direction on whether or not to plead guilty
  • discuss the benifits of sentence bargaining

Are there times when I would not have to have a Lawyer?

Let's say this is your first DUI or DWI offense, no one was hurt, no accident took place, and there was no aggrivating circumstances like reckless driving. These are prime reasons to potentially move forward without a lawyer. However, a Lawyer will carry the experience and reputation favorable with the courts to help bring to light the important details you most likely would miss, especially in regards to your rights. However, if this is not your first DUI charge, you will find this process to be extremely difficult without a Lawyer. Especially if you had a minor in the vehicle at the time of arrest, or a high BAC level over .11 as the chances of you being adequately capable to represent yourself best deminishes. 

When is it best to simply plead guilty?

If this is your first offense, then it may be wise to just plead guilty, especially if there is some certainty that you would be convicted given evidence that you had a high blood alcohol content level or that the arresting officer is testifying that your driving was irratic. However, you would do well to understand your specific State's DUI/DWI laws, penalties, and fines before you proceed with pleading guilty. Your DUI Lawyer will be best to consult on this decision, especially once you are well informed on your particular State's expectations. Another fact to consider, is that in most non-injury first offense DUI's, judges are more likely to hand down a routine sentence that seldom varies from one case to another. Having the well informed and experienced advice of your attorney on this process will be your very best advantage. 

What is the difference between a plea bargain and a sentence bargain?

A plea bargain is where the charge is reduced to a lessor one, such as a DUI being reduced to reckless driving. A sentence bargain is extremely useful in the case where you are pleading guilty and that requires a longer incarceration period. Let's say you are going to plead guilty to a second DUI charge, but only if you know exactly what your sentence will be. However, if you are being charged with an aggrivated DUI where your BAC level is over .15, or injury or death were the resulting factors, pleading guilty would not be in your best interest unless you knew that the sentence you are going to get. Your Lawyer would absolutely need to be in agreement with following through with this particular process in conjunction with your particular case. 

Things to consider when finding a DUI Lawyer

Your best option will be to find a DUI Lawyer who specializes in the DUI/DWI laws in your particular State. The Lawyers who defend DUI/DWI exclusively know the court system and how to best represent your specific case. Be bold and ask hard questions when looking and asking around in your local area, and be sure to compare prices. A few other important facts to consider when deciding which DUI Lawyer is best for you:

  • focus primarily on Lawyers who specialize in defending DUI/DWI cases
  • schedule an initial consultation (usually free of charge) to test your confidence in their ability for your specific needs
  • aquire up front the total cost for representation, potential hidden costs, credit financing, and payment options
  • try to meet with 2 seperate Lawyers, as this will give you more than one option and various facts to consider

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