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Can my DUI get dropped to reckless driving?

How to get my DUI charge dropped to reckless driving.

Can a DUI keep me out of the military?

Will my DUI affect my application to the military?

It is very important to understand that your behavior and lifestyle directly affects the military at all times. Their primary concern is that you are representing our country, as well as the military, to the very best of your ability, without exception. This all is evident in the way you think, your behavior on and off base, and reflected in the way you abide by the laws and rules. The military does not escentially care if you are convicted of a crime. Their base of operation is dependent upon, more often than not, how a jury of your peers perceive the evidence and legal presentations.

What definition is the military looking for?

The military specifically is not concerned if you are "found guilty" but rather if you are or are not guilty. By federal and military law, the candidate must document any event that involved you and the legal machine in our United States. For instance, if a law enforcement officer was required to log in as an incident that specifically involved you, and this must be declared by you on your application. Within each military department, or branch, they retain the right to hold their own specific recruitment rules for any candidate that does not have a perfect history. They also retain the unique right to follow their own process of how they handle a candidate with a criminal record, including what (if any) documentation is required for adequate processing. 

What do the rules and proceedures look like if I am wanting to proceed with my application to serve in the military?

Typically, the rules and process requires you to be given permission to apply by someone who is higher in rank than the recruitment officer. This is usually called a 'waiver". In 2008 the US Department of Defense standardized the waiver process from which each service could embellish as it needed. It demands notification if a candidate has either a conviction, or if an action denotes a judgment that was not an acquittal. If you have simply had an accusation placed against you, your evaluation will require a highter command to make the evaluation and decision as to whether you are accepted into that branch of the military or not. Convictions and adverse adjudications can have a severe impact on what rank you can acheive within the branch of military you are applying for. Even a registered misdemeanor needs to be evaluated and accepted with a waiver. If you served jail time for your DUI conviction, or are even simply serving probabtion time for your conviction, normally you would be denied access to the military. You would need to finish your jail or probation sentence, and then apply. However, it is important to note that the US military takes each case into consideration.Therefore it is in your best interest to at least inquire and start the process of evaluation. You may be pleasently surprised to find that your particular case falls into the category that is not considered "normally disqualified". 

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