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Two Las Vegans die in DUI crash returning from vacation

Family returning from vacation suffers 2 fatalities in Las Vegas DUI crash

A family of four from Las Vegas, along with their grandmother, was returning home from their Spring Break vacation at Yosemite National Park in California. While on their way, the family was involved in a deadly crash just outside of Fresno, California, as determined by the California Highway Patrol. The Espinosas are said to have been hit by a drunk driver, and the fatalities include 10 year old Jamie Espinosa along with her grandmother, 69 year old Angelita.

Officers are reporting that 25 yera old Cheyenne Wyllie was driving drunk and t-boned the families car. Her BAC (blood alcohol content) was at .22%, comparing this to the legal limit of .08% she was extremely intoxicated at the time of the Las Vegas DUI crash, with almost three times the legal limit. Police say Wyllie ran a stop sign and was arrested for drunk driving. She has since bailed out of jail, and faces charges of felony, driving while under the influence, and two counts of manslaughter. The officers say this is especially difficult, as there are children involved.

A couple, who were driving by, saw the scene and stopped to help. John Gong said he, along with Charlotte, helped untangle George from his seatbelt. He describes Charlottes as being hysterical, on a very chaotic scene, while she screamed, "Save my baby, save my baby" and telling her husband, "don't leave me, stay with me, don't leave me". The scene and echoing words still haunt him. Although he could see smoke and smell gasoline, and fearing an explosion, Gong returned to the car and pulled the 10 year old out of the car. She was rushed to the Tulare Regional Medical Center, where she later died. The grandmother was already dead on the scene. 

George Espinosa is a highly respected and well loved nurse at Sunrise Hospital, and is currently fighting for his life. Veronica Hill, a nurse who is a co-worker of George's, has found it very surreal that George, who spends his life taking care of all those around him at work, home, and his surrounding community is now fighting for his own life in a California ICU. One of the most profound struggles for his family and co-workers trying to worth through this Las Vegas DUI accident, is that Cheyenne Wyllie, although arrested for being drunk almost 3 times the legal limit, was released on bail the very next day, while this loving and selfless family is fighting to wrap their heads around such a horrible accident and loss of such precious life. "George is a phenominal nurse, he has left a mark on so many patient families. We've had one family member say that George never left his mother's side", Hill said. 

Now the roles are reversed as George's wife, Charlotte, has not left his side while fighting to live in the ICU. She has voiced her depth of pain in seeking to navigate the trauma of loosing her 10 year old daughter and mother-in-law. "My heart is filled with pain that I am questioning God why this has to happen, but to feel the love of all our families, friends, and co-workers during this darkness is a comfort for me and my family', Charlotte posted of Facebook.

The nursing community is a very close one, and this is no exception where the Espinosa family is concerned. "We are nurses. We care for patients. We care for families. He needs our support. He needs the care that he's given to all our patients and their families", Hill said. 

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