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Maryland drivers face severe fines and penalties if convicted of DUI.

Two drinks can be too many

How can two drinks affect me? 

You may be getting conflicting messages with the multiple studies out on drinking, and the health benifits as compared to side affects. However, the goal in this article is to help you understand both the good and the bad of drinking two alcohol drinks. It is important to understand that each person is affected by alcohol differently, where everything from weight, age, and medication can change from one person to the next. A lot of people are drinking too much, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are calling them out on it. Were you aware that more than eight drinks a week for women, and fifteen drinks for men are creating harm in the human body, according to the CDC warning? Yeah, that is not something you hear about every day! But how does this strudy affect the other ones that are promoting that alcohol makes for better heart health? Most of these studies are utalizing the accumulated number of twenty-one drinks per week for women. However, as you can see, that information is conflicting with the above mentioned eight. It is possible that the reason one of the studies conducted conflicts so drastically, is due to the fact that it stands upon the foundation of being based in Europe and that the vast majority of those studied were already very healthy, drinking anywhere from zero to three glasses a day. None of this data confirms that the cardiovascular health trend is firmly based upon the amount of alcohol consumption to be determined, but rather by a large sliding scale of information from any number of resources and factors. It is also important to note, that a standard wine glass holds at least 10 ounces, sometimes up to 15 ounces, as compaired to the accepted definition of "a drink" is measured by doctors is a mere 5 ounces of alcohol. See how different the measurements are? So being able to difinitively determine how a "glass of wine" will affect you, while adding that you may be consuming up to 30 ounces of alcohol, is next to impossible! These facts are only compounded drastically if you are on any medication, or suffering from any type of medical history. It all falls back to individuality. 

Can I get a DUI after just two drinks?

Getting behind the wheel after consuming any alcohol is a mistake, and if you want to avoid any accidents or injuries, hold onto your license, and be immune from having to stand before a judge while gaining immeasurable fines and damaging your reputation, then do not drink and drive! It is always the best practice to appoint a designated driver before you go out for an evening. As mentioned before, it is impossible to declare whether you will indefinitely recieve a DUI charge after two drinks. Keeping the facts in mind when you do decide to go out and drink will be key in avoiding an accident and not being charged with a DUI. 

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