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NFL player arrested for DUI

Football players train their entire lives for a shot at the NFL draft. Unfortunately, a handful of them potentially derail their chances by making stupid mistakes. That’s what happened to Former Mississippi State Quarterback and NFL draft hopeful Dak Prescott.

The Starkville Police Department have confirmed Prescott’s arrest for driving under the influence last Saturday. According to the Starkville Police Department’s Twitter post one of the best players in Mississippi State history was arrested for driving under the influence. The police department refused to provide any more information about the DUI arrest.

Dak Prescott who is a 6 foot 2, 226 pound quarterback has awed students and fans for the last two years. In fact, he has been instrumental in helping the Mississippi State win a combined 19 games over the last two seasons. Not only is Prescott a great player, his teammates also love him- citing his strong character and likability.

Despite his recent DUI arrest, however, analysts of the game claim that Prescott could go fairly high in the draft in April due to his success in college as well as his strong performance at Mississippi State’s pro day. Of course no one knows for sure how the DUI arrest will hurt his prospects, but those close to the game concede that it could blemish what some call his “squeaky-clean” image.

Others note that the offense is especially damaging because Prescott is a quarterback, a position that is generally considered the “face of the organization.” Mississippi State Coach stated this week that despite the arrest Prescott knows how to handle himself, understands the pressure of the position, and knows how to carry himself.

Prescott had a great year last year- throwing for 3,792 yards resulting in 29 touchdowns and running for 588 yards, resulting in an additional 10 touchdowns.

With that kind of record it is doubtful that NFL teams will give up the chance to draft a potential “franchise quarterback”- a necessary component it seems to be a true contender for the Super Bowl.



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