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Man falls asleep at intersection and charged with DUI

Florida man arrested on DUI charges and sleeping in his vehicle

On Tueday evening, Shawn Patrick Cielo, 49, of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was stopped at a red light on a major intersection in Martin County. The motor was running, his foot was on the break, and he actually appeared to be unconscious and drew significant attention from surrounding drivers as well as Deputy Lauren Hines. Nearby motorists believed him to be dead, according to the sheriff's report. It was not until the Deputy awoke Cielo from a very deep sleep by tapping on the window, were they able to determine that he was in fact simply sleeping. 

Deputy Lauren Hines parked her vehicle in front of Cielo to prevent him, or his vehicle, from rolling into the intresection and into traffic. It took several attempts of knocking on Cielo's driver side window to wake him up. As reported by the sheriff, "All of a sudden... (the motorist) woke up, his foot slid off the break" and the car ran into Hines' patrol car. Cielo "was stunned to learn that he wasn't at his home in Palm Beach County". 

Although it is uncertain which Field Sobriety Test was used, it is reported that Cielo's BAC (blood alcohol content) level was at .301%. Effectively making his record at three times the legal limit of alcohol intake for sobriety. This resulted in Cielo being charged with a DUI and driving on a suspended license. He was arrested, taken, and booked into the Martin County Jail. where he was later released on a $1500 bail bond. 

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