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Man faces 5th DUI after head on crash

Milan, Illinois man charged with 5th DUI

Dan Sylvester, 63, was arrested Friday, March 26, 2016 on aggrivated DUI charges for crashing into a vehicle in Moline, Ill causing a serious accident which resulted in the hospitalization of a mother and son. He was already carrying four DUI charges, and this will make his fifth. These serious charges directly come from a head-on collision November 10, 2015 in Moline near Quad City International Airport. 

From what Investigators have said, Sylvester struck an SUV head-on after crossing the center line. This SUV was occupied by two Milan residents, Tammy Fuller, 49 and her son Cody, 19. While both Ms. Fuller and Sylvester were airiifted to the hospital, her son Cody was hospitalized with serious injuries. 

According to Rock County Sherrif's Department, Capt. Ron Erickson confirmed that Sylvester was already successfully charged with four DUI's, and that this is now his fifth charge of Driving Under the Infulence. The Capt. is quoted as stating, "his (Sylvester) license was valid at the time of the crash" last November. All four of his previous DUI charges were within the county of Des Moines, Iowa in the years of 1995, 2002, 2006, and 2007. As of Tuesday, Sylvester was still incarcerated on a bond of $50,000 dollars. 

Ms. Fuller has said that she has yet to return home since the car accident. She has suffered many serious injuries to her leg as well as many others. She is currently living in a rehabilitation and nursing home, doing all she can to recover from the injuries. Ms. Fuller spoke to a local news agency saying, "I'd like to see (Sylvester) go to jail for a very long time. I would like to hand him all of my medical bills." 

It is unknown at this time the condition of her son, Cody, or of Sylvester's injuries while he is in fact incarcerated. It is also unknown at this time what his BAC (blood alcohol content) was at the time of the car accident, or what, if any, Field Sobriety Test was performed to determine the level of his sobriety at the time of the car accident. 

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