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Maryland drivers face severe fines and penalties if convicted of DUI.

Males were arrested more for drunk driving than women in 2015

How does gender play a role in drinking and driving?

The dangerous choice to mix drinking alcohol and driving is a continuous problem we have here in the United States. Thousands of people die each year due to drunk driving related accidents. When you take into acocunt all the statistics, the over all amount of people drinking and driving has decreased approximately thirty percent in the past five years. However, nearly thirty people die each day due to an alcohol-related accident. Sadly, one out of every three fatal car accidents is said to be due to one of the drivers choosing to mix drinking and driving, and more often than not it is males and drunk driving that tip the scales. It is so very important to understand the ramifications of drunk driving, and especially males and drunk driving. We will take the time here to unpack for you some facts to help you navigate what this looks like. It is never a good decision to drink and drive, while it is always a good decision to appoint a designated driver even if that means calling someone you know, or even a taxi. The wisest decision is to not mix drinking and driving, and never take the chance of your life, or those around you, being cut short because you think you are capable of driving safely home. It does not matter if you have driven drunk before and gotten home safe, or whether you have done so and not gotten caught. Drunk driving is a dangerous thing, and it is breaking the law. The consequences are extremely severe and are very expensive for years to come, especially if there is wreckless driving or a fatality involved. 

Who is at the greatest risk of driving drunk?

In an effort to provide clarity, let's look at the biggest risk group for drinking and driving. The Centers for Disease Control did a survey, back in 2010, and they found that men were responsible for four out of every five DUI's. And even when our adult population is made up of only 11% male between the ages of 21 and 34, this group of men are considered a high-risk and they were responsible for 32% of all drunk driving episodes. Males and drunk driving far outweigh the amount of women and drunk driving. Finally, the benge drinkers also fall into the high-risk category of those persons who are most likely to choose to drink and drive. It was discovered that a male who drank at least five alcoholic beverages in a short amount of time (or a female who consumed at least four) caused 85% of all reported drunk driving incidents. 

It is important to note, that on an average, more than 80% of those who drink and drive do so more than eighty times before they get caught or are involved in an alcohol-related accident before they are arrested for the first time. This creates a false sense of security and even can cultivate a false sense of invincibility, causing them to continue their distructive behavior and allowing for more opportunitites for others to become hurt or even cause fatalities. To help in lowering these staggering numbers, States across the board have lowered the level of blood alcohol content to be at . 08%, and this has very little to do with how intoxicated the person may be yet sets a lower standard to help curve the level of damage done by drunk driving. 


Whether you are a male and drunk driving, or a female, the cost of driving drunk will have the potential to destroy your life and those around you. It is never wise to mix drinking and driving, and below is a starting point of what will be directly affected by your choice to do so:

  • loss of job
  • loss of income
  • jail
  • court costs
  • loss of your driver's license
  • loss of your vehicle
  • loss of life

Make the decision to avoid at all costs the combination of drinking and driving. It is simply not worth it, no matter who you are. 

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