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Illinois woman charged with 4th DUI

Elgin, Illinois woman facing multiple charges after 4th DUI arrest

According to Kane County Court records, Sarah J Robbins, 37, is charged with aggrivated driving under the influence of alcohol -four or more convictions. Other charges include the following:

  • leaving the scene of an accident
  • operating an uninsured motor vehicle
  • driving with a revoked license
  • driving with an opened container of alcohol

These charges come in the wake of yet another DUI arrest this past Tuesday. At this time there are no known facts about the most recent arrest, or if there was any Field Sobriety Test performed to register Robbins' BAC (blood alcohol concentration) levels at the time of this fourth arrest. What we do know right now about Robbins, and her process of navigating these DUI charges, are:

  • Her bail is set at $35.000 
  • The aggrivated +4 DUI charges is a Class 2 Felony, punishable by three to seven years in prison. Probation and conditional discharge are not available.
  • According to court records, Robbins pleaded guilty in December 2015 to aggrivated driving under the influence of alcohol - three or more convictions. She was sentenced to 120 days in jail, followed by 30 months probation, and was to perform 600 hours of community service. She was also to wear an alcohol monitor.
  • She pleaded guilty in 2010 in Grundy County, to misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol. She was sentenced to five days in jail and 24 months of conditional discharge. 
  • She also has a DUI conviction in Cook County, according to a spokesman for Kane County's State's Attorney's Office. 

There is no further information at this time, as confirmed by local Law Enforcement Agencies. 


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