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Drunk Driving Fatalities Higher at Night

When are the dangerous times for a drunk driving accident?

While every time you drink and drive is dangerous, and must not be tolerated, there are some times that seem to tip the scale of the most dangerous over others. The best way to avoid drunk driving accidents is to always have a designated driver. Aquiring a DUI is something that will follow you for years, and if it includes reckless driving or injury, this could follow you for the rest of your life. Below you will see a list of a few times that drinking and driving has various levels of danger:

  • Holidays (Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick's Day, etc.)
  • Rush hour
  • Inclement weather
  • Summer
  • Spring Break
  • Graduations
  • Super Bowl

It would be wise to note that, in addition to the above mentioned suggestions of heightened danger due to specific times, the number of drunk motorists also increases and therefore heightenes the severiety of, and odds of being involved in, a drunk driving accident. Simply stated, the more common the time for drinking the more common for the drunk driving accidents to occur. Raising the odds that if you are not the one causing it, you are just as much at risk to be involved in one. The more people there are gathering to celebrate together and consuming alcohol, the more drunk driving accidents become common occurances. 

Is there one specific time more dangerous than the others?

You would be hard pressed to navigate the severity of drunk driving were you to be experiencing them in the day time. When you include inclimate weather, heavy traffic flow, excess of people traveling at high speeds for destinations to be with family and for holidays, the challenge to manage your alcohol intake becomes horribly dangerous. However, the already severe condtions are compounded and made so much worse when navigating them should you be drunk driving at night. Not only would your vision and depth perception be naturally impaired without alcohol envolved, especially if there is weather, but the severity is magnified beyond compair when drunk driving at night. There is a myriad of research compiled that confirms repeatedly that when you are drunk, driving at night, the odds of minimal impact is almost never the case. Drinking, driving, and dark conditions are much like a tripple threat, and one that has cataclismic consequences that you just might not be able to come back from. 


If you find that you are facing a DUI under any of the circumstances mentioned above, especially if you were drunk driving at night, it would be in your best interest to hire an experienced DUI attorney. The ramifications of your DUI could very well be of epic proportion, and require of you more than you might be prepared to navigate alone. An experienced, professional, and successful DUI attorney will cost you a high price but will have the ability to help you:

  • unpack what it looks like to navigate through the court process
  • your specific circumstances of your DUI charge
  • if your charge includes reckless or neglegant behavior
  • there was serious injury or death involved
  • understand what steps are best if you were charged with a felony

Be intentional to do your research on the attorney who is best to represent you and your specific case. And most especially, do not drink and drive but assign a designated driver if you plan to consume alcohol at any time.


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