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Atlanta police dismantle DUI task force

Atlanta, Georgia police dismantle their DUI task force

Atlanta police are defending their decision to dismantle their DUI task force at a news conferrence. The task force initially retained six officers and one supervisor. With the dismantling, the Atlanta police departments will assign those officers to various zones throughout the city and begin training other officers how to spot drunken drivers. "We felt that they would be better served out in the field, working with other officers on how to better make DUI cases," said Deputy Chief C.J. Davis. Davis said the department plans to have more DUI checkpoints throughout the city and not just in isolated areas as is currently the approach. 

In addition to these officers being assets as mentors, these task force members will also train officers on procedures to follow when making a DUI stop and arrest. "DUI cases are very complicated and if they are not followed to the letter, you can potentially lose a case if you're not trained properly how to do it", said Davis. 

Although the Atlanta Police are confident in their decision to dismantle, some of the families of those injured or killed by drunk drivers are very reluctant and have even criticized plans to dismantle the task force. However, the Atlanta Police assure they will continue going after drunk drivers and taking DUI cases seriously. "This is not an issue that we are diminshing. We know this is an important issue. We would just like for the citizenry to understand that we are trying our best to do better in this area. This expands our reach."

The Atlanta Police officially dismantled and disbanded their DUI Task Force at the end of February 2015. They said they will evaluate the new approach by surveying officers and checking DUI statustics. 

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