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10 arrested for DUI on Easter Weekend

Milwaukee counts 10 arrests for DUI on Easter Weekend

Over Easter weekend, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, law enforcement agencies arrested ten specific individuals on Driving Under the Influence. After establishing an initiative to help assist the community in protecting against drunk driving on such a heavily traveled weekend, especially one that is notoriously known to have a high average of DUI activity, the successful initiative ran from Friday at 4 p.m. through Sunday at 6 p.m. and arresting one who was a repeat offender. On an average, the BAC (blood alcohol content) was at .10%, and it is unknown at this time what Field Sobriety Test was utalized to establish this average. 

Although not permissable in every State of the United States, DUI initiatives are found to be successful in protecting the community from heightened DUI activity when they are executed. Below is a list of the successful arrests on Easter Weekend in Milwaukee, as provided by the local law enforcement agency:

First time DUI offenders:

  • Justin Kobylarz, age 35 of Bay View
  • Thomas Pfister, afe 48, of Pewaukee
  • Williams Feagles, age 46, of New Berlin
  • Geoffry Hiltgen, age 26, of Chicago, IL
  • Kathleen Leising, age 43, of Wauwatosa
  • Andreal Washington, age 48, of Milwaukee
  • Carrie Wenner, age 48, of Milwaukee
  • Jonathan Bartlet, age 29, of Milwaukee
  • Alexander Gottsacker, age 26, of Milwaukee
  • Landis Thompson, age 31, of Milwaukee
  • Darrell Cunningham, age 25, of Milwaukee

Second time DUI offenders:

  • James Colle, age 42, of Milwaukee
  • Stephanie Hendren, age 28, of Oak Creek

Third time DUI offenders:

  • Oliver Principe, age 37, of Racine

Fourth time DUI offenders:

  • Thomas Goodluck, age 51, of Milwaukee

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