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Sobriety Checkpoints

Sobriety Checkpoints are locations along a roadway where police officers will request vehicles to momentarily to stop in order to check each driver for signs of intoxication or impairment.

Vehicular Homicide

Definition - What does Vehicular Homicide mean?

What is vehicular homicide?

Vehicular homicide is a type of crime the results in the death of a person that isn't the driver. Vehicular homicide always falls into the category of either criminal negligence or an intent of committing murder with the vehicle. Criminal negligence is classified as an action that was undertaken without cautious thought. It is often explained as when someone committed the crime without acting like an average person or with "normal" rational thoughts. Vehicular homicide is in no way different from a regular murder, the only characteristic being that a vehicle is used as the weapon.

What is the difference between vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter?

The two terms "vehicular homicide" and "vehicular manslaughter' are often confused. The first refers to a deliberate killing of another person. Whether it be a planned murder or falling under the category of criminally negligent. On the other hand, vehicular manslaughter is an accidental killing of someone. Cases will usually be marked as vehicular manslaughter unless there is concrete evidence against that.

What are the average punishments for vehicular homicide?

A study was done on the lengths of sentences based on the crime. In this study, it was discovered that people who received a sentence for vehicular manslaughter served shorter periods of time than someone who commits another form of homicide. In general, people perceive automobile crimes as easier to be accidents. It is tough to give an average amount of time that someone will serve due to the fact that the situation can be so different from case to case. There are also other charges that can be added on to the charge to increase the sentence time for someone. For example, someone who runs over another person while under the influence of alcohol is likely to receive a longer sentence than someone who was not under the influence of alcohol or some other substance. An average sentence for vehicular homicide can range anywhere from three to fifteen years. There is an enormous amount of debate about whether or not the sentence length is long enough for the offence. Some argue that there can never be a long enough sentence for taking someone's life. Others will say only murder should be charged with extremely long sentences.

There isn't a set standard across states and countries for the punishment that should be dealt out to someone for who commits vehicular homicide. Some states will offer an extremely long sentencing time while others will be much shorter. Vehicular homicide is the type of thing that is more up to the courts interpretation than a strict reading of laws. One judge may rule a sentence five years while another may rule the same crime for ten years. It is important to know that each case is different from the next, and, therefore, it is up to a significant amount of interpretation. It is seriously recommended that you consult a lawyer if you find yourself in a situation involving vehicular homicide so that you can better understand the scope of the situation you are in currently.

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