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Vehicle Impoundment

Definition - What does Vehicle Impoundment mean?

The Definition

Vehicle impoundment is the legal action of confiscating a vehicle and keeping it on an impoundment lot, mainly when the driver breaks the law involving the vehicle. The vehicle is forcefully towed by the impoundment company, and taken to the impoundment lot to await either the driver to come pay for it to be released, or for the vehicle to be auctioned off to someone else. 

Reasons for Vehicle Impoundment

There are many reasons why a vehicle would be impounded. Here are some examples:

  • Unresolved parking violations over a long period of time
  • Parking violations in a restricted area or tow away zone
  • Unresolved moving violations or tickets
  • If the vehicle is considered evidence for a criminal investigation
  • Repossession of a lender or lessor

The Process of Vehicle Impoundment

There is a meticulous process for a vehicle to be impounded, mainly so there is no room for error or controversy. This process includes steps as of the following:

  • The owner or operator of the car has met one of the above reasons for impoundment
  • A grant of authority to impound the vehicle to impound is made
  • An agency that is legally allowed to impound a vehicle locates the vehicle themselves
  • The impoundment agency immediately tows the vehicle to the impoundment lot
  • If the owner or operator does not pay the impoundment fees, the vehicle will be auctioned off
  • Any remaining fees paid that did not apply to the process will be returned to the owner


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