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Urine Test

Definition - What does Urine Test mean?

According to the DUI Foundation, law enforcement has a series of tests to determine if a driver is under the influence. These tests include

  • Blood Test
  • Breath Analysis
  • Breathalyzer 
  • Human Error/Mechanical Malfunction
  • Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test

and last but not least,

  • Urine Test

A urine test is one option for law enforcement to detect if a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Though conducted less frequently since it is considered more of an intrusive type of test, it is still a great method to determine if an individual is indeed intoxicated from alcohol or high on legal or illegal substances. Urine tests are most popular when testing an individual for drug use, however blood alcohol levels can also be detected in a urine test as well. Urine tests cannot be administered on site, however they can be given at the police station, the person's home, or at a local hospital or clinic.

Because urine tests are often done while the individual is in private, the risk of the test being adulterated is always a possibility. Sometimes individuals try to tamper with the test by diluting their urine or other methods of attempting to alter the results of the urine test. Because of this, it is often difficult to enforce and hard to prove, so many officers choose other methods of examining an individual under the influence. 


Many people wonder if it is illegal to refuse a urine test, if a circumstance arose where you were under suspicion by law enforcement to be intoxicated or under the influence. It is different for every state, but in most states, drivers would automatically lose their license for refusing to submit to a drug or alcohol test. Other states would give you a ticket or a citation, and in most circumstances the person would still be arrested if the officer deems necessary in that particular situation.


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