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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Definition - What does National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mean?

The Definition

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (or NHTSA) is an agency designed to keep our American roads a safer place. They are an agency in the Executive branch of our United States government. They are also a part of the Department of Transportation as well. According to their mission statement, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration strives to "save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce vehicle-related crashes."

What They Do

There are many activities that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is engaged in. Some of these activities include:

  • Writing and enforcing Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Writing and enforcing regulations for motor vehicle theft resistance and fuel economy
  • Licenses vehicle manufacturers and importers
  • Regulates what is imported into the United States when it comes to vehicles or parts
  • Administers VIN numbers (vehicle identification numbers)
  • Develops the dummies used in safety demonstrations and testing
  • Provides safety test protocols
  • Provide vehicle insurance cost information

While there are many activities involved with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they also are involved in creating and maintaining data files associated with the National Center for Statistics and Analysis. With this, they even record fatality statistics caused by motor vehicles, as listed in the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. This system has been extremely helpful in measuring statistics and reports in the United States and around the world, and allows people to figure out ways to lower these number and/or how to prevent these kind situations from occurring in the future, or how to make it better.

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