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License Suspension

Definition - What does License Suspension mean?

What is license suspension?

A driver's license suspension is a temporary removal of somebody’s privilege to drive a vehicle legally. After someone receives a license suspension, they will have to meet a certain set of requirements to be able to get their license back. The lifting of a license suspension is called a “Driver’s License Reinstated” by the DMV.

What can I get my license suspended for?

You can get your driver's license suspended for a variety of reasons. Most of these reasons pertain to irresponsible driving habits, however, a few are also non-related to driving, thus being less obvious. For example, most people get their licenses suspended for having too many points on their driving record. Another common reason to receive a license suspension is receiving too many tickets for speeding or other similar traffic violations. You can also get your license suspended for getting a DUI or a DWI. Some of the lesser known reasons you may get your license suspended include failing to appear in court or pay some sort of fee. A person’s license can also be suspended for failing to pay child support. These types of suspensions are supposed to make it so the person evading these payments or situations cannot drive, and thus making it harder for them to get a work. This makes it so that getting their license reinstated is their top priority, thus making going to court or paying child support their top priority.

What else happens when I get my license suspended?

Besides having your driver's license temporarily taken away, there can also be other consequences and requirements you must receive and meet before you can get your license suspension lifted. These requirements may include taking a defensive driving course or attending traffic school. You may also be required to get a SR22 policy from your insurance provider. This document essentially says that whoever holding it has been caught without insurance, usually when they were involved in an accident. This document is also required to be held if someone is caught under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving.

How long does a license suspension usually last?

License suspension is a pretty broad area of punishment. For some offenses, your license is simply suspended until you pay a fine. Others you may have to attend some sort of traffic school and pay a fine. Other punishments might fit the word “suspension” a bit better. These fixed amounts of time could last anywhere from 3 months to 4 years depending on the severity of the offense that was committed by the driver. These long-term suspensions are usually only after an extremely severe case.

License suspensions are a broad type of reprimanding people. They can vary from very minor offenses of a large quantity such as speeding to a single major offense such as a DUI or other similar offense. For the majority of people, these suspensions will never be more serious than paying a fine and attending traffic school, but it is important to be aware of them.

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