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Sobriety Checkpoints

Sobriety Checkpoints are locations along a roadway where police officers will request vehicles to momentarily to stop in order to check each driver for signs of intoxication or impairment.

DWI Manslaughter

Definition - What does DWI Manslaughter mean?

DWI manslaughter occurs when a person who is driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated plays a part in an accident or collision, while killing someone in the process. If the accident results in the impaired driver surviving while someone else is killed, the driver could be subject to a DWI manslaughter charge against them.

DWI Manslaughter - The Criminal Charge

As stated before, if the intoxicated driver survives but someone else is fatally injured and dies, the courts would charge the individual with DWI manslaughter. However, a greater charge could be given to the impaired driver if the courts determine that the driver caused the accident or collision on purpose, leading to a possible DWI or DUI murder charge, a much more serious charge or conviction. Sometimes, considering the impaired driver's history with driving while intoxicated, it could determine the kind of charge or verdict set against them for the situation. If the individual has never been convicted of driving while intoxicated, the courts could be more lenient to their situation as far as sentencing goes. However, if the driver has a long history of driving while intoxicated or prior incidents of DWI manslaughter, the charge of DWI murder could be applied. In any case, a DWI manslughter charge is considered a serious felony in the United States.

Prison Time for DWI Manslaughter

In the United States, the courts themselves can decide an appropriate sentence for the specific individual in a DWI manslaughter case. However, in most cases, DWI manslaughter can come with 15 years of prison time in some jurisdictions. Other punishments that can coincide with a charge like this can include hefty fines, rehabilitation programs, regular drug and alcohol monitoring and testing, and probation. It is rare to see a DWI manslaughter conviction sentenced without jail time for the offender.

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