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DUI School

Definition - What does DUI School mean?

DUI school is a program mandated by the court for DUI offenders to learn more about the dangers of driving under the influence and alcohol dependency. These prevention programs are geared toward education or therapy for offenders.

Mandation of DUI School by the Courts

Other than the obvious reasons being that DUI school or prevention programs can be beneficial for the offender, sometimes DUI school can also be an obligatory part of the individual's sentence. Sometimes, in replacement of longer jail time or as a condition of probation, participating in a DUI prevention program is ordered by the court. The often are a more appealing sentence in replacement of other undesirable punishments, including license suspension and hefty fines. In fact, depending on the case, many individuals who complete DUI school get their driving license privileges returned or restored. However, if the individual fails to complete the program or if they violate the regulations of their probation, they could lose all license privileges and return to court for further and harsher sentencing.

Attending DUI School

Each state in the United States has a list of accredited DUI schools to choose from. The offender must participate and attend one of these qualified DUI schools in order to properly fulfill the court's mandated request. Some DUI schools are structured as in-person classes, while others are online and available to access and attend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the offender could participate at their convenience. Though online DUI schools are more popular, the courts and the school require the offender to complete the program within a reasonable amount of time. Many people, offenders and the criminal justice system alike, say that DUI school is not only wonderful for education and prevention, but it is time consuming enough to discourage the offender from making the same mistake again.

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