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Conditional License

Definition - What does Conditional License mean?

What is a conditional license?

When someone is accused of a DUI related offense, a conditional license may be given to them. A conditional license is a license that allows you to operate a motor vehicle much like a driver’s license does. However, a conditional license does have a lot more limitations than a regular driver’s license does. This type of license is usually part of the IDP or Impaired Driver Program, that attempts to stop people who drive while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. The conditional license is especially effective at helping people get back on the right track because it puts them on a tight schedule for when and where they can drive places. Once these restrictions are put in place, the person receiving them will realize how driving is a privilege rather than a right, and how easily that privilege can be taken away from them.

What makes someone receive a conditional license?

When someone receives a DUI charge, they may be put into the Impaired Driver Program by the court. This program involves a lot of different types of help for people who drink and drive. The program aims towards educating people and then rehabilitating them. One of they key parts of this program is the conditional license, which restricts where people can drive. Other parts of the IDP include classes that the people are required to take that teach people about the dangers of drinking and driving.

What restrictions are put on someone who has a conditional license?

A conditional license is different from a regular driver’s license because of the limitations that it puts on the license holder. Some of the places that the license holder can drive to are as follows: to and from their work, during your work if your job requires you to drive, to the Department of Motor Vehicles, to and from and classes or activities that are allowed under their Impaired Driver Program, to and from a medical appointment as long as you can provide evidence that the hospital visit happened, to and from your child’s school to drop off and pickup the child, to and from any probation activities that the court assigns you, and once per week for a scheduled three-hour period for your own activities.

How long does someone have to have a conditional license?

While the amount of time can vary from situation to situation, a conditional license will usually last as long as the Impaired Driver Program lasts. This, again, depends on the severity of the offense and how the court believes someone DUI can be dealt with.

The Impaired Driver Program and a conditional license can be a wonderful thing for some people. While it may seem extremely limiting at first, remember that a conditional license is meant to help people get moving in the right direction. Try to see your conditional license period as a time to reflect on drinking and driving and whether or not it is actually worth it. Remember that getting a conditional license is tiny compared to losing your life or harming someone while drinking and driving.

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