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BAC Calculator

Definition - What does BAC Calculator mean?

What is a BAC Calculator

BAC is an acronym that stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration, which means the actual levels contain a percentage of alcohol within your blood concentration in your bloodstream. A BAC Calculator is the tool utalized in determining if a person in intoxicated and to what extreme. An example would be that if you had a BAC level of .10%, that would indicate that your bloodstream is composed of .1% alcohol. Subsequently, at a .08% blood alcohol concentration, Law Enforcement have determined (throughout most of the United States) that a person with this BAC cannot safely drive, intent to, or be in the position of operating a moving vehicle. 

What are the BAC levels?

Below is a list comprised of the BAC levels and what they mean:

  • .020 - light to moderate drinkers begin to feel some effects
  • .040 - most people begin to feel relaxed
  • .060 - judgment is somewhat impaired
  • .080 - definite impairment of muscle coordination and driving skills

This is the legal intoxication level in most states Nationwide

  • .100 - clear deterioration of reaction time and control

This is legally drunk in every single state in the United States

  • .120 - vomiting usually occurs
  • .150 - balance and movement are impaired. 

Here is where the equivalent of a 1/2 pint of whiskey is circulating in the bloodstream

  • .200 - most people begin to experience blackouts
  • .300 - many people lose consciousness
  • .400 - most people lose consciousness and some die
  • .450 - breathing stops. 

This is a fatal dose for most people

The bottom line to remember in calculating your blood alcohol concentration is that the hight your BAC increases, so does your impariment. 

How does the BAC Calculator work?

A BAC calculator can only estimate your blood alcohol levels, while your metabolism, body fat percentage, and medication would be other factors that will affect the rate of absorbtion by your particular body thought they would not be used or considered in this calculation. Usually, the calculator will measure mass per volume within the individual. It is important to note, that there is absolutely no BAC Calculator that is 100% accurate, because of the number of factors that are involved in solidifying an actual BAC level in refrence to the consumption and reduction (or burn off) rates that will always be specific to each individual. Some of these factors will be:

  • sex, whether male or female
  • differing metabolism rates
  • various health issues
  • combination of medications within the system
  • drinking frequency
  • amount of food in the stomach and small intestine as well as time it was consumed
  • elapsed time from last drink

There are many other determinate factors to consider not mentioned above, as we are considering human nature and the human body, both of which have a unique ability to change depending on the person involved. It generally does not take much alcohol to change the alcohol content of your bloodstream. 

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