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Sobriety Checkpoints are locations along a roadway where police officers will request vehicles to momentarily to stop in order to check each driver for signs of intoxication or impairment.

Absorption Rate

Definition - What does Absorption Rate mean?

What does alcohol absorption rate mean?

If you’ve ever seen a bell curve, and you know alcohol absorption works. when you start drinking your blood alcohol concentration will go up. Even after you stop drinking you blood alcohol concentration can still continue to rise. This is because even though you stopped drinking, alcohol is still making its way through your system. A while after drinking your blood alcohol concentration will begin to plateau for a while. This is because your body’s absorption rate and the rate at which your body is eliminating alcohol are the same. Your BAC will then gradually decline until it reaches a normal level.

How does absorption rate affect my DUI case?

If you were under the blood alcohol content at the time of being tested, you may still be guilty. Absorption rate could mean that even though your BAC was under the limit when tested if you were driving before the test, you may have been over the limit. Tests can be done to measure someone’s alcohol absorption rate, which could make them guilty. The reverse is also true, a common legal defense for DUI cases is that the driver wasn’t intoxicated at the time of driving because there wasn’t enough time in between drinking and driving for their bodies absorption rate to make them intoxicated. There are many variables that go into this kind of case, such as whether or not the person had food or other drinks before consuming alcohol. A lot goes into a defense like this, though, so an experienced DUI lawyer is required.

What is alcohol’s absorption rate?

Alcohol absorption rate differs from person to person. One of the biggest factors that govern how fast or slow someone’s alcohol absorption rate is their weight. For instance, someone who weighs 120 pounds can consume up to 2 drinks in an hour and still be under the legal limit (about .064 after 2 drinks). However, someone who weighs 220 pounds can consume 4 drinks before they start to go over the limit (four drinks lands them at a blood alcohol concentration of .068 which is still legal). A common occurrence is people who drink after losing a lot of weight on a diet that doesn’t allow them to drink. These people will drink the same amount that they usually do and might get drunk off of the amount that used to only get them buzzed.

Is alcohol absorption rate different for men and women?

Yes. Generally, women have a lot less water in their body than men do because of the way human anatomy is. This means that a man’s blood alcohol concentration will rise much slower than a woman’s because men have a lot more body fluid so they can more easily eliminate and dilute alcohol than a woman.

It is extremely important to be aware of your weight and how much alcohol you can handle in your system. Everyone’s alcohol absorption rate is different and it is hard to judge how much is right for everyone. Consider buying a portable breathalyzer to test your blood alcohol content before you drive, or simply call a cab or friend to drive you instead. Remember, driving isn’t worth the risk if you are impaired even slightly.

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