Pennsylvania DUI Arrest Stories

(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

I was drinking some liquore on the night of the arrest and all I can remember was sitting at my friends house thinking I would stay there the night and the next thing I know I'm being pulled over. I had no one in the car with me and no accident was involved. The cop cuffed me and took me to the hospital to take my blood for my BAC then took me home that is all I remember. later I get a letter from a lawyer about it and had to search for all the paperwork on the charge and found out my BAC was .241%.

(York, Pennsylvania) York county

I had an accident (no injured people involved) against a street parked car, it was raining and the road was slippery. I was driving under the influence of beer (3) and I was driving my uncle's car (without His authorization). Please help me, I know I am in big trouble, please help me. I will like to know if is possible to get a court appointed defender or a free lawyer. Thank you very much for your attention.

(Lincoln University, Pennsylvania) Chester county

im on probation(unrelated to drugs and alch) for five years, and have been for about 2 years of 5 now. got a dui and breathalyzer said .07 and im not sure of the blood test results. Will I be automatically be charged with a second offense??

(East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) Monroe county

while in Washington state I was approached by police officers in a community center parking lot around 11pm-12am. I was not the intended driver for the night but I was behnd the wheel at the time trying to remove an object from beneath the car undercarriage. The police officer(s) assisted me in removing the object and then the police asked me to do a number of test and then the breath test. The charges are suppose to be lowered but i need some advice on what the penalties are for this incident in PA. I work 2pm-10pm and I am off Thursday and Friday this week. I can be reached at 908-358-3586. I am a correction officer and I will not have access to my phone during my working hours. Thank you in advance.

(Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) Monroe county

Have a front headlight out. Coming home from walmart. I was very cooperative. I was taken to police station and given a blood test. I wasn't told what my breatherlizer score was. I don't believe it was working. They handcuffed me at car after doing a sobriety test. Miranda rights were read to me at the police station. I was released to my sister. First offense. Clean record. Clean driving record. Mother of two boys 12 and 11.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

I have completed the ARD program and probation ended on December 3, 2011. I have been given te run around about receiving the expungement papers by the probation officer saying someone else had the case and never receiving another call after several messages. However, I will try again tomorrow and need an attorney to complete the expungement process when I receive the proper documentation.

(Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania) Monroe county

I was pulled over on sept 23 2011 at approx 1:40am for supposedly speeding and crossing the white line. i was given a field sobriety test and breathalyzed. then was arrested and taken for blood work and was released the same night. i was charged with 2 different duis, one was for having a bac over .159. when i received my adrc program papers in the mail it said my bac was .15 so i don't think i should be charged with having one over .159 if that's not what the blood work showed

(Allentown, Pennsylvania) Lehigh county

Please contact me a.s.a.p 610-730-8075 Mr. Alex Katechisthis is concerning my son George Katechis he is 21 and is his first offense, I am concerned that this might end up on his record and his is studing education and wants to be a teacher.

(DOYLESTOWN, pennsylvania) Bucks county

pleaded guilty to possesion and public drunkeness and was entered into drug treatment throught the court. Just received notice of licence being suspended for 6 months and would like to appeal this. I need to be able to get to my treatment sessions and group meetings. Also am going back to school in January. Would like to know if I need a lawyer to file appeal or can I do it myself?

(Greensburg, Pennsylvania) Westmoreland county

I had left scoobies bar in greensburg with my passenger and a cop pulled out behind me shortly after just up the road. I was stopped when I got to route 30. My cars registration was up as well as my inspection, which has needed inspected for about 7 days now. I was asked to do a field sobriety test. I felt that I passed, but apparrently not. After my arrest, I refused a breath test(thinking it would be easier to fight in court).

(Indiana, Pennsylvania) Indiana county

got my first dui, blew at a traffic stop, failed sobriety test, took me to hospital, blood test was done then i was booked and released. The whole thing was pretty typical, no other charges or issues, was cooperative and the officer was friendly and all , simply said i was being placed under arrest, i didnt say much minus cracking random jokes because i was in shock at how absurd it all was. I don't know what I blew but maybe .15 range easily.

(New Milford, Pennsylvania) Susquehanna county

I live in Lehigh County and am working above Albany NY. One Friday I decide I'm going to drive home. I take a lot of medications for various conditions, Ativan being one of them. They left us out of work early and I don't remember a thing after that until the PSP were knocking on my window because I had pulled into somone's driveway off of I-81. I did ARD 2.5 years ago so this I believe is #2 inside 10 years. My BAC was .16 . I know I'm going to get smacked down I just want to keep the penalties minimal so I can continue to work. The preliminary hearing is 11-7 in Susquehanna County PA and I wondered if there was any hope at all.

(Indiana, Pennsylvania) Indiana county

was texting on a cell phone and was weaving a little bit. the lady behind me called the police, they asked me if i was drinking and i said no because i wasnt. im a chronic pain sufferer. and the looked in my lunch box and saw my medicene for it. i take one pain pill an anti depressant and a muscle relaxer. they took me to a dre. then a blood test. then the officer let me drive home. How can i get a dui if he let me drive home? and my blood was taken more than two hours from when i got pulled over.

(Coalport, Pennsylvania) Clearfield county

I wrecked my vehicle and was unconsious. The ambulance and police arrived I went to the hospital. There were no other parties involved and no property damage. I have no recollection of the accident or anything after the accident. I am a 56 yr old woman with no prior legal history or dui's. I am also a state employee and in need of immediate legal council. I recieved papers in the mail and am scheduled to appear before the magestrate on Nov. 9.

(Clairton, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

My License has been suspended for a long time, every once in a while I get stopped do to some minor infraction like my head light was out and the suspension comes up thus another ticket, I would very much like to see what I need to do to get them reinstated even restricted just need to get to work legal, can some one help me, I do not have a lot of money but I do work and I hope some arrangments can be made.

(Coraopolis, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

My son was caught for a dui Sat. He is a junior at Robert Morse in Moon Township. He is under 21, doesn't turn 21 till Jan. He was sited for underage drinking about 6 months ago.He has a 3.8 gpa, and works at a local restaurant, as well as a work study job at the school.I guess I'm wondering if it is worth getting a lawyer or if they are just going to throw the book at him cause he has so much going against him.

(Palmerton, Pennsylvania) Carbon county

has 3 pending in 3 countys lehigh carbon and montgomery he was put on probation in carbon and with the advise from probation officer and judge in carbon he went to a drug rehab in scranton got kicked out for a verbal disagreement with another resident so they took him to lackawanna county prision he has been there for over a week an hasnt been in front of a judge and dont know where to turn nobody will answer my questions could u please help

(Pennsburg, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

pulled over for an expired registration. Asked if I had been drinking, and I answered yes. "When was your last drink?" I responded "about and hour ago." Over the course of a 5 hour night I had 6 drinks total. Felt okay to drive. Officer came back and administered breath test. He returned and asked me to step out. Then he administered two field tests (pacing and the eye test). After the eye test he informed me that in his opinion I was unable to operate my vehicle safely. Put in cuffs, and taken downtown, Bethlehem. Upon entering the car the officer stated I was not under arrest, but needed to ask me some questions and process me downtown. I complied, went through processing where I was on video answer more questions about myself. Again the same field tests were administered by another person, then blood test. This time the person asking me the questions did say I was under arrest. My friend came to pick me up a little after processing.

(Bedminster, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

Was stopped by police officer - told he witnessed driver swerving. Driver was cooperative and produced required documents. He was first screened with breathlyzer; he was arrested for dui and taken to the dui Center for processing. He consented to the blood test, and performed all tasks without trouble. He was not given any paperwork-told he will receive them in the mail. He was provided with a cab to go home.

(Macungie, Pennsylvania) Lehigh county

Was stopped by police officer - told he witnessed driver swerving. Driver was cooperative and produced required documents. He was first screened with breathlyzer; he was arrested for dui and taken to the dui Center for processing. He consented to the blood test, and performed all tasks without trouble. He was not given any paperwork-told he will receive them in the mail. He was provided with a cab to go home.

(gettysburg, pennsylvania) Adams county

Initially stopped for wreckless driving. Asked about drinking and i said i had a couple. Four to be exact. i was told to do the field sobriety test after blowing in the machine. then arrested. blood test, and short stay in jail to finish paperwork. released quickly.

(Canton, Pennsylvania) Bradford county

Got pulled over July 10th 2011 and I'm just now getting my paperwork on September 23rd. It states a couple of charges now and it states that my B.A.C. was .08%. I need to know what rights I have and what I can do to save record.

(Leetsdale, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

court number 9888.This case is almost over however i need help getting my Texas drivers license restored. After the court proceeding 4 years ago i did not know i has to complete a substance treatment program.I have not drank anything since this time so no drug or alcohol program will take me now. What do I do. Penn dot wants something from the court a dl-21cf. can you help me ?

(Coatesville, Pennsylvania) Chester county

went to girlfriends after drinking got in arguement was upset it was raining got in my car took off turned the wheel car went straight hit shed i was not in the car or had keys in my posetion at time the police arrived

(Kennett Square, Pennsylvania) Chester county

Hello,My name is Pierre Walter. I was charged with a dui In august and just recieved notice today, the 19th of September that my court date ios scheduled for the 25th of October. I am currently studying here in the USA from Germany on a student Visa and would like to know and get help on my case.Thank you

(Dublin, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

I have a very close friend the I have to pick up from Dublin Pa ( 2 hours south of me) for dui. It happened the night of our big hurrican, and power was out. He went to the bar and afer a few drink, drove home where power us still out and attempted to drive north to stay with me. he was drink and yes he was intoxicated and will plea guilty. I don;t know how intoxicated he was or what he blew ( breath test). But he has no convictions of any kind before this. No driving violation or criminal record. What can he expect?

(EASTON, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

Has gotten 2 dui convictions in the past 2 months. 1st incident he was on his motorcycle and was cut off by a car and wiped out his bike. Refused field sobriety test, breathalyzer didn't work and was given a blood test that has not come back with results yet. 2nd was pulled over for speeding, breathalyzer resulted in a 0.14 and was also given a bloodtest. Was not issued a speeding ticket. Has not been summoned to court yet. Will be leaving the house at 10am today and will be back by noon. It is OK to leave a message or speak to his girlfriend.

(Ridley Park, Pennsylvania) Delaware county

My son has already been sentenced for his third dui and was sent to Graterford Prison. I don't understand why he was sent to a maximum security state prison for a non-violent crime, even though I know he needs to be punished for his actions

(Willow Grove, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

First offiense BAC was .2160 & 2 days ago my husband, age 69,who has moderate Alzheimer's Disease was stop in Mongomery County by an oficer after being seen drinking a glass of beer while driving. he was given a blood test but no results yet-he was released to me & his probation isn't over till 9/22/11 on the first dui - what can he expect

(West Chester, Pennsylvania) Chester county

I was with my cousin in Philly. I didn't drink all night, but before we left my friends made me two drinks, I didn't think they were strong cause I didn't taste anything. So I left with my cousin, didn't feel tipsy or anything, to drive home from Philadelphia to Ambler. I was low on gas but the range said 15 miles and I knew there was a gas station near by. Then the car stopped working on the highway. By this time I started to feel the alcohol more. So instead of calling my friend to bring me more gas, I decided to call a tow truck company to tow us home so that way I wouldn't have to drive more. So while we were waiting a police office came and I told them what happened. Instead of helping us get towed to go home he arrested me and I ended up having to spend an entire day in jail. I am a dentist with multiple offices and lots of staff working for me, I can't afford to have a dui ruin my dental license, and also don't want to have to go to jail again and can't get my license suspended. I'm willing to pay whatever it takes to get everything removed. I wont have my cell phone till after 5:00PM today (I still have to get the towed car back), so until then you can email me. Thank you.

(Ambler, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

I was with my cousin in Philly. I didn't drink all night, but before we left my friends made me two drinks, I didn't think they were strong cause I didn't taste anything. So I left with my cousin, didn't feel tipsy or anything, to drive home from Philadelphia to Ambler. I was low on gas but the range said 15 miles and I knew there was a gas station near by. Then the car stopped on the highway stopped working. By this time I started to feel the alcohol more. So instead of calling my friend to bring me more gas, I decided to call a tow truck company to tow the car and us home. While we were waiting a state trooper pulled up and asked what the issue was. I told him about the gas problem. I thought he'd help us and understand that I wanted to get the car towed home and that I wasn't going to drive anymore. Instead he made me do some dui tests (walking in straight line, following light) which I passed. He still arrested me cause he smelled alcohol in my breath. So I ended up getti ng mycar towed to a lot, and spend an entire day in jail, and now I have other problems. I am a dentist, own and run multiple offices with many employees... So I definitley cannot afford a license suspension, dui on my record (which can adverslily affect my dental license I need to own these offices), and definitly cannot go to jail. Money is not an issue, I am willing to pay whatever it takes to resolve this matter. Don't have phone yet (it's in the towed car), so for now just email me.

(pittsburgh, pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was cited for dui - I was trying to avoid an area where there was activity on the road - a police car and another vehicle. I backed up and went into a ditch. I was then given a field test and breath test at the scene at then again at the police station. Is there a way for me to avoid having my name printed in the newspaper?

(Reading, Pennsylvania) Berks county

arrested for driving under the influence tested bac was about a .2 i believe on the initial breath test . First offense. Still in the army national guard need to have the security clearance. What can i do to have minimal charges saw th ARD program as a possiblility

(Warminster, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

My husband and I failed the breath test at a dui checkpoint We have never been in trouble before and I am not sure what happens next. We were wrong and we feel very foolish and very upset about the situation.

(Boyertown, Pennsylvania) Berks county

i had 2 dui"s. one in 1989 and one in 2003. i never went to my 2nd dui classes for the 2003 dui. i recently got pulled over because the car i was driveng license plate light was hanging and it went on to asking for my info. he let me keep my car but im afraid i will go to jail. what are my options

(Bernville, Pennsylvania) Berks county

car was parked om hghway asked a buddy to help me out we coulddnt get the tire changed didnt have the tools so i left with him three hours later came back he droped me off there didnt want to leave my car behind he drove off had a starting problem an tire was blown so i started walking the highway so never even ran the car .8 miles dowm the road state tropper pulled me over

(Bethel Park, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

This is my second dui. I have been charged with a first misdemeanor. I am self employed with several employees working for me. I am looking for information regarding the possibility of obtaining a restricted license. Thank you. P.D.

(Tamaqua, Pennsylvania) Schuylkill county

I had three drinks in one hour, I got gas in my car and was driving down the street to go home to my mothers, I was trying to tell my sister how to use my ipod when I side swiped a parked car, I never got in trouble before i was completely honest with the officer about have three drinks. I didnt understand what he was saying about the tests that i had to do. I told him i dont have good balance anyway if i did the one sobriety test. He asked me if i wanted to take a breathalyser and i said no but i didnt know that was my last option... i was taken to the police station and was breathalyzed there where i ble a 0.083... legal limit is 0.08... I had three drinks within the hour.. I never got in trouble by the police so i didnt know how anything worked... my insurance company took car of everything with the accident.. but i didnt get in the accident because i was drinking, it was because i wasnt playing attention and had my ipod in my hand.

(Freeport, Pennsylvania) Armstrong county

Got a dui in Freeport, PA two weeks before moving to Maryland. The officer said I passed my field sobriety test but wanted to do blood work just to be sure, so I consented. I was not charged with anything that night and the officer drove me home after the blood test. Three weeks after moving to Maryland papers were sent to my parents house saying I have to come in for finger printing and I was issued a court date. All of my descriptive information was incorrect on the paper work. I am now trying to find the best course of action.

(Hermitage, Pennsylvania) Mercer county

my son was pulle over for going 40 in a 25 mile zone area. The officer smelled alcohol. He had one beer approx. one hour before.The other monir in the car was intoxicated. They did a breathalizer. He was 0.02. he was arrested and taken to the station. one hour later he was released. He blew 0.00 and was allowed to drive home. We ahve to appear before a judge this Thursday, August 11 with a charge of underage and dui

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

First of all from what i believe and stand for, i got stopped for no reason. the officer did send me a ticket which i plead guilty for. two weeks ago i come to find out it was dui related which has nothing to do with that matter.

(Palmyra, Pennsylvania) Lebanon county

I was pulled over in the parking lot of my home. Police stated that I ran a red light down the street. I took the eye exam, then the police asked me to walk a line, I questioned him he nodded to a partner, they then hand cuffed me and took me to the hospital for a blood test. Along the way both cars stopped for another traffic violation. In all it took over an hour before the blood test was preformed. When the test was completed the officer read me a statement and asked me to sign. I asked if I could read it first, he refused and told me I was free to go and in light of my behavior he would not be giving me a ride. This happened Monday night so I am still in a holding pattern as to what will happen.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

recieved a letter from penndot in April 2011 stating that my license is suspended till 2013 for a dui in 1989 Nov 25th I know this is not right the penalty in 1989 was not that severe. this was my first and only dui offense.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county


(Indiana, Pennsylvania) Indiana county

previous conviction was expunged from record. my case: was driving home from bar and dropped phone and when i went to get it it caused me to swerve. After that, the car i was following turned and when i turned I got pulled. Performed tests outside of vehicle and then was asked to blow. was then hancuffed and taken for blood then back to station for finger prints and released.

(Kittanning, Pennsylvania) Armstrong county

If not the case so much as the aftermath. While waiting around for a year, finally all court dates are settled and I am expected to finish all probationary items without a license. I missed the deadline to PennDot by a mere few days for a delay in the start of the suspension. And now I am stuck and don't know what to do.

(Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania) Monroe county

I was following a line painting truck. When the road went from one to two lanes I moved to pass on the left as the truck moved into the right lane. I was a little premature in passing on the trucks left and was stopped for crossing yellow line just as the road went from one to two lanes.The trooper noted a smell of alcohol. I admitted to having been drinking. He gave me two field tests that indicated a degree of impairment. He gave me a breath test. He did not indicate any result but at that time he cuffed me in front and took me to a local hospital for a blood test. At the hospital he informed me that a refusal would result in a year suspension of my license. I asked for some time to think about it and he became agitated and told me after 2 to 3 minutes that I was refusing the test.I took the test and he called my wife to pick me up.The next day I picked up my car where it had been left and I realized that he had not returned my license, registration or insurance card. Later that day I reached him and was told that I had to report for fingerprints and a picture and I could get my license, registration and insurance.I do not yet know the result of the blood test.

(SMETHPORT, Pennsylvania) McKean county

Summary:Arrested by Matt Petrof for dui controlled substanCase description:Confronted at job site by two state cops which said they got a call that I was driving eratically and hit a mailbox. Arrested for dui controlled substance.

(york, pennsylvania) York county

I have not received anything in the mail for court dates or anything yet but I want to be prepared. My first dui I have no idea what my BAC was. I wrecked my car into a telephone pole and toteld. They took me to the hosptial, took my blood and urine. This was on July 9th 2011. Went to booking then a ride came and picked me up that night.On July 22ed 2011 I got pulled over because a tail light was out in my car, I have had a few drinks that night also and took a breathalizer. No idea what I blew. Cops didnt say. Took me to hostpial, drew my blood. Went to booking and a ride came and picked me up that night.

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I had a nasty officer.I was in my vehicle coming home at 2am when I saw flashing lights.Of course I pulled over.The officer ask me if I had been drinking I said I had 2 beers.He tried a dreathalizer but said I was doing it wrong.So then gave me 3 field sobriety test.I felt I passed all but the one I needed to stand on one foot with the other foot haveing my toes pointed to the sky.I could not do that one ever.I had my 5 children in the vehicle.He removed my children and toed my auto.Then I went to the hospital and gave blood work.Now he is socking it to me.I have no record and has been working with children for about 20 yrs.My career is over.

(Easton, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

I left a lounge in s. beth about 220am. stopped at that same gas station to put gas.Drove atleast a mile when i was at a stop light and 3 cop cars came and pulled me over. so i pulled over shut my lights and car off.waited for the officer to approach me and i asked what was the reason he pulled me over. he said my lights were off when i know i shut them off once i parked and shut the car off.they gave me three test and said they were gonna let me go after i passed all. i admit i had 3shots before i left the lounge.the one cop said he was waiting for a breath machine so i was fine with it. after i took the test they never showed me my results just cuffed i asked my level he said double and walked away.also the sgt.asked the deputy that made the stop if his dash cam was on and he said no.then he asked the other 2 deputies and they said no.My opinion they just eyed me and wanted to pull me over cuase there was no reason to pull me over. if you can call so we can speak or even make an appt. on a sat. or when you have time this will help. this is the first time i ever got in trouble with the law and yes i do work for a living and need my license.Thanks and i hope to hear from you.

(Meadville, Pennsylvania) Crawford county

I passed a state cop, switched from high beams to low beams, one headlamp was out. I pulled into a parking lot, was out of my vehicle, he then pulled in behind me, and told me to get back into my vehicle. He gave me a breath test, then had me do the pen test. Then said he had more sobriety tests for me to do, I asked if I had to do them and he answered no. I said I would rather not do them, and before I could finish my sentence he asked me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. He never read me my rights either. Then took me to the hospital for a blood test, I have not heard the results of the blood test yet.

(Chambersburg, Pennsylvania) Franklin county

got a dui on feb 17,2001 and wasnt convicted until oct 19,2001. Now i jut got another dui on july 2,2011 and i want this to be considered my first. Can i push this dui past oct 2011 and be convicted of a first offense then, instead of a 2nd?

(Havertown, Pennsylvania) Delaware county

My son had a little fender bender the other night and the cops came and thought he may have been drinking so they took him to the hospital for blood work. He was not drinking but he was under the influence of I think heroin. So how is this measured and what are the consequences? Then just yesterday he had a 1/2 seboxen in his system and he rear ended someone and again was taken for blood test. How is this measured and what will this consequence be? His first dui was about 2 yrs ago and he did get into the ARD program and he lost his license for 3 months, We are almost done paying for that fine.

(Erie, Pennsylvania) Erie county

My fiancee is on probation for his 2nd dui offense (2008) and was pulled over in June 2011 with a BAC of 0.19, now his 3rd offense. He is currently in Erie County Prison. Trying to find which route to take as far as lawyers, rehabilitation, and jail time.

(Carlisle, Pennsylvania) Cumberland county

Hello, this is my second offence, I just received it at 3:15 am on 7/10/2011. I was supposed to be approved for ARD on the 31st of this month, and need to know what my options are now for this one. WIth the other offence I was at a .086 when arrested and had the blood drawn. This offence I blew at a .13 and was taken to have bloodwork done. I am so scared that this will stay on my permanent record and effect the rest of my life and I can't have this happen at my young age. I am only 22 and was moving to New Jersey on the 27th of this month.

(New Holland, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

I took a breatheizier but the cop said that I didn't blow it hard enough. Then he took me to the police station, took my information down and ask me to go to the hospital to take a blood test which I refuse to do so. So now I am charged for a dui

(Coraopolis, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was driving on interstate 79 traffic pattern went down to one lane, therefore traffic was backed so it was stop and go. I was looking at my cell phone and the car in front of me stopped real quick and I hit it. It was a three car accident, because the car I hit, also hit the car in front of him. At the scene of the accident I blew a .12 when we got back to the barricks I blew a .097.

(Coopersburg, Pennsylvania) Lehigh county

Driving home I swerved to miss a branch in the roadway and ran into a tree, disabling my car and the police arrived. I was asked if I was drinking and I acknoledged I had been. When asked about how many I replied I thought it was about 6 beers. I was administered a breath test and then placed under arrest for dui. I was taken to the processing center and administered a blood test. I do not know the results of either.

(West Chester, Pennsylvania) Chester county

I got arrested in 2008 for a dui.So the magastrite didn't want to deal with it .So it got moved to the county court.In feb of 2009 an the da said he lost my paper or didn't have it. So it took 4 or 5 months to get back with me.So now i'm working two jobs now.So i put my paper work up an forgot about it.So were in august of 2009.Got a bench warrant for me.An i told the judge what happen.So now were at the end of 2009 Then it's 2010 i get a lawyer he waives it so that bring us to the middle of 2010 then the judge didn't show.So i waived it.Now were at the end of 2010.An now its 2011.So my lawyer ask what

(Montgomery, Pennsylvania) Lycoming county

I got arrested in dec.2008.But tha magastrite didn't want to deal with it.So it went the county court in feb of 2009 the da didn't have or lost my paper work.So it took 4 or 5 months to get back with me.So now that i'm working two jobs.An i put up my paper work an forgot about it.Then they got a bench warrant out for me.So i went to the judge an told him what happen.And the were at the end of 2009. in 2010 i get a lawyer so he waives it now were are in the middle of 2010.Then i wavie it .So werein the middle of 2011 my lawyer told me to plea guilty. So now i got an ankle bracelet.I don't think i should have it on after the da lost my paper work an my lawyer wouldn't fight that.

(State College, Pennsylvania) Centre county

I live in Oregon, I was in Pennsylvania visiting family for a week. I was pulled over for not having my headlights on in downtown State College, PA. I need my drivers license for work daily, and cannot afford to fly to PA for one day in court.

(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

I had a reaction to a mediction called klonipin , this happened on 2-1-11 I was not in control of myself . i thought people were in my home when it was just My Family and myself. i got into my car and apperntly drove through someone yard and up on to the train tracks. I do not drink any beer or any thing like that and all medications are prescribed to me by my doctor

(Jamison, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

Didn't know i hit someone ( scratches on car) Was home drinking and working on my car outside for at least a half hour. Was in my house drinking some more before going back out to my car to clean up where the police showed up and imediately asked me to provide a breath test. I told them i had been drinking for a half hour now, but they stated in PA they have up to 2 hours to obtain blood. So i complied after they humilated me infron of my house with a sobriety test infront of neighbors. Was proccessed then let go.

(Galeton, Pennsylvania) Potter county

Was pulled over and no tests where administered other than trying to make me walk a straight line...Was taken to the hospital for a test but refused...just graduated from college with a teaching degree, can't afford a dui on my record. Need advice as to what I need to do from here or can do. They said they were charging me with a dui and I would be sent a date to appear before the District Magistrate.

(Wilmerding, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

Was on way home to make Bathroom stop, with 3 passengers and had just from having a drink. swerved into the rear of a truck. Took blood test.Was taken home after, told to wait on papers in the mail. totaled my car. Have insurance,only liability.

(Brookville, Pennsylvania) Jefferson county

My boyfriend was arrested 6/17/11. This will be his 5th dui., But the cops came because someone called on hear say that he was riding his 4-wheeler down the road. I was wondering if there is anything i can do?

(Warren, Pennsylvania) Warren county

i was hanging out with some friends and we smoked some weed and i left there and got in my car to go home and got pulled over for a broken head light, i got pulled out of the car for smelling like weed then did a sobrity test, then got arrested for dui under the influence of maraijana, i am only 19 i work full time and go to school full time, i am just wondering how much trouble i am in, this is my first offence, i also had maybe a gram on me that i told the police about

(Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania) Beaver county

I was leaving a bar after it closed with 2 friends and my friend wanted me to drive home. I was initially pulled over for swerving onto the left side of the road 2 blocks away from the bar. I was given a field sobriety test and taken to the hospital for a BAC which was .285. I was kept overnight and released in the morning. It was March 19th and I never recieved a notification of the hearing up until the beginning of this week so i missed my first hearing because they say they sent the info to my old address which i still havent got. I had a warrant out for my arrest but i went to the magistrate to get it arraigned and a new court hearing which will be on the Thursday the 23rd of this month.

(Kane, Pennsylvania) McKean county

June 1st, at work out of vehicle looking for shirt in the backseat of truck. 2 State police pulled up on site and said they had a call that I hit a mailbox and rolled through a stop sign and eratic driving. The front of my truck had been hit two weeks prior so automatically I was quilty. breath test passed, officer said I failed other sobriety tests. 2nd state officer said there were no markings where I would have hit the box. Arrested me for dui, recklace driving, etc. Took blood test, remained in jail till june 8. My wife posted 1000 bucks and our home in alabama to a bondsman. I take prescriptions meds, I was fired from my job on the first and instead of putting for dui they put for missing work. Anyway, I have no savings no money and no chance of getting another job if I lose my license. This "common wealth" crap has done me in. Now the legal aid says they don't think they can help me because of my income from Jan. to June and I have been turned down f or unemployment. Now Archer says that I can't get my job back, because I have a pending charge and if I lose my license I definately can't. WTC they fired me and I wasn't even found guilty. They heard first thing that I was drinking and it wasn't but they had already fired me. I feel like I took one in the A#@ comepletly on this. Can anyone out there help me? I will be getting a small settlement in the near future otherwise, I have no money! My answer is yes but thats just to precede.

(Douglassville, Pennsylvania) Berks county

I was rear ended by an individual yesterday June 15th 2011 in Amity Township, Berks County PA...When police arrived they put me into an Ambulance for Pottstown Hospital. I was not severly hurt but I would like to get out in front of this problem. I need representation due to the severity of the charge.

(Malvern, Pennsylvania) Chester county

pulled over with two right side flats. police arrived. i refused the breathilizer test, and then later gave blood at hospital against my will. before this i had a clean driving record and have never been convicted of a crime. my arm was left bruised , black and blue from the blood work.

(East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) Monroe county

i was driving over the bridge to get to stroudsburg. put on my turn signal to make a right and then i proceeded to make a left without putting on my turn signal. to my right there was police officers with there lights flashing who had somebody pulled over...i made the left parked my car and got out my vehicle. i turned around and the officer told me to get back in the car...i refused then we went through array of test which i passed except for the breath alyzer test which i got a .14...he then stated i was being arrested but i wasn't going to jail..i then sat and got processed and got asked crazy questions...then they took my blood waited 10 more mins until they packed and stamped the blood.

(Newtown, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

If i participated in the field sobriety test, with a reading of .088%, but refused to subject to a blood test at the hospital. Does the automatic 1 yr loss of license penalty apply? Also if i had a previous dui arrest in 1996, would the current arrest be considered my second offense?

(Monroeville, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

Stopped at a dui checkpoint at approx. 2:15 AM on May 28, 2011. Had two relatively strong beers (9% or so) around 8PM. Had two regular beers between 11:00 and 11:30. Was stopped at checkpoint in front of 2420 Mosside Blvd. Officer indicated that he could smell alcohol. Subjected willingly to sobriety check including vision check w/ light, balance check w/ standing on one foot and walking a line heel to toe and breathalyzer. Breathalyzer conducted twice. Willingly subjected to Blood sample. Vehicle was impounded. Since employed at the building the checkpoint was in front of, was permitted to wait in the building until the checkpoint was dismantled and then walk home.

(harrisburg, pennsylvania) Dauphin county

all others were under ages 15 years ago. I was cat fishing with some new friends and had a couple of beers and a sip from some bottle witch made me sick so I ate and waited a bit and went home and the paper guy was facing my direction and I thought he was in my lane so I swerved to the right and cliped his car and a mail box. no one was injured had my seatbelt on and I am on probation for a simple assult. and need represented

(chambersburg, pennsylvania) Franklin county

I had three drinks....and then went to eat around 330 in the morning me and my girlfriend decide to head home and its late she's asleep...and i end up falling asleep behind the wheel and strikeing a guardrail slightly and the car behind me calls the cops. I later am pulled over and then given a breath and i blew ...01 over legal limit then i was taken to give blood which said the same. I am active duty military and am stationed in Va and the dui was in PA my home state. But my charges are a dui tear 1 general impairment and 1st offense

(Easton, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

My wife and I just moved out to PA from Michigan less than a year ago. I have a daughter 6 years old and a 2 year old son. My in laws just came out here from Michigan this weekend. My wife and I went to a concert in Reading PA. We live in Easton. The deal normally is I drive to the show my wife drives back. We never go out especially since our families both live in Michigan. We saw an opportunity with having our in laws here to watch our children. We both were drnking. She was more drunk than I was and told me she could not drive. I took a chance to get home. It was a 45 min drive from Easton. During the drive my wife had to use the bathroom really bad. I got off one of the exits off Route 22 and found a gas station. I got out of the vehicle remove the key and gave it to my wife. She went to open the door and get out and an officer came into the gas station. He asked where we coming from I told him. I was in the gas station parking lot out of the vehicle and h e musthave just notice us there because the gas station was closed. I pleaded with him that we would call for ride. That wasn't good enough. More police showed up gave me the field sobriety test. I said that I have horrible balance and that I can't even stand on one foot while being sober. I knew I was doomed. I have so much to lose, my job requires me to drive. I had a o.u.i.l. in michigan in 1998 when I was 22 an immature kid. I left Michigan for this great opportunity out east if I'm not able to drive i will lose my job and my whole livelyhood. Please help,

(Manheim, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

Had a few drinks to celebrate a new job. I was traveling home and was about 2 blocks from my apartment, then I was pulled over. Conducted all the soberity tests the police asked me to to without complaining. I was charged with a dui (my first alcohol related offence). My blew a blood work of course. I obtained a new job and would not like to have my driving taken away,

(Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania) Luzerne county

just got 3rd dui few days ago. which will be the third in 10 years the last one was in 2003. waiting for charges. If i enter rehab immediately will this help my case? what is the worst i am looking at. And what can u do for me? I got pulled over because of a crack in my windshield, no other traffic violation. In 2003 i was sentenced to 40 days in jail and had 60 days house arrest. My breath test was 0.219.had lost mt license for 5 years. I know i have a drinking problem. Is it best if i enter rehab now?

(pittsburgh, pennsylvania) Allegheny county

There was an altercation in the bar where I was, I was not involved in this fight however I was struck in the face by an unknown male. I panicked and went to my car, where I stupidly proceeded to pull out of the parking lot and was followed from the bar parking lot and pulled over shortly after.

(Indiana, Pennsylvania) Indiana county

Was driving some from home from a party. I felt fine i had a few beers earlier in the night. My headlghts weren't on as i was passing by a police car and they pulled me over. I took the breath test and the cop walked away then asked me to step out the vehicle then performed the walking and counting test which i informed the officer i had a strained hamstring so the walking portion would be difficult but they didnt take that into consideration. Shortly after the test they placed me under arrest with suspected dui. then when in the car they basically told me if i didnt agree to a blood test i could face a automatic 5 yrs in jail so i agreed to the blood test.

(pittsburgh, pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was at i concert and a 21 was in the car with beer we all got cited with underage drinking on my citetion its say that he observed me drinking and that i amitted witch i did not. I dont what to do i didnt get tested or anything. Do i plea guilty or not guilyt

(Scranton, Pennsylvania) Lackawanna county

Friday night I was pulled over 1 block away from the Pub my friend & I had just left, was followed by the cop from there. Next I was asked tp present information, I did. Then he asked me to get out & perform a field sobriety test, took me in processed me & held me over night.

(Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania) Luzerne county

3rd dui in 10 years.just happened few days ago no accident involved. last dui was 2003 i was sentenced to 40 days in county jail and 60 house arrest with electronic monitoring. had lost license for 5 years.

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

Early this morning (1:30 AM on 14-May-11), I was pulled over by the PA State Police. They said I crossed the yellow line, but given the area and the size of my vehicle, I had to swing wide. No cars were coming, I looked before pulling out into the road. But, when I saw the flashing lights, I pulld right over. They took my license & registration. And then they came back and asked me to do the heel to toe test, which I passed with flying colors. But they still insisted I go to the hospital for a blood test. They handed-cuffed me and I did not resist, and they drove me to the hospital to have my blood drawn. When it was time to have my blood taken I said I didn't like needles at all and began to get scared. I told the cops I am not refusing, I just don't like needles at all. They began to get really sarcarstic with me, and the nurse even looked puzzled at them. The nurse never did get my blood. I told them I am NOT refusing, I just don't like needles and they were again got sarcarstic with me. They took me back to my truck and allowed me to drive myself home. I telephoned the State Police Office just a couple hours ago, and Mr. Claycomb said I had to speak to the officeer who stopped me. He had no information on my stop in front of him. I told him te officer was not very nice and did not give me any information at the stop. He said based on what I was telling him, I would probably get something in the mail in a couple of days. If they were going to charge me with driving under the influence, why would they allow me to drive myself home? And although I cooperated 100%, the cops were still very rude to me, and sarcastic. There were 2 witnesses that can attest to what I am saying. My friend "Dena", and the nurse at the hospital who was suppose to take my blood. I believe they were harassing me and trying to get me to make a poor character move, so they could charge me with something substantial, and when I didn't, they let me go home. But I am not sure if they have charges against me or not...they would not say. I only had 2 glasses of wine & 1 shot all night. I was not impaired and cooperated fully. PLASE HELP ME! I am able to pay, and am starting a brand new career and can't afford a dui I am not guilty of. I have made mistakes in the past, but I have worked very hard to change my behaviors. I did everything they asked of me and was polite regardless of their negative attitude toward me. Please call me to let me know how you can assist.Thanks

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

pulled over in irwin PA and failed feild sobriety test. was arrested and taken to westmoreland hospital for blood test, released that same night, stayed at my ex wifes house and got my truck back the following mornig

(Fleetwood, Pennsylvania) Berks county

I decided to meet up with some buddies on Thursday May 05, 2011 and shoot some pool and drink a few beers. All night (a span of about 5-5 1/2 hours) i had 6 beers and a single shot. the first two beers between the hours of about 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. From my one buddies apartment We went to a local bar with a pool table and played pool and drank a few more. Here I had 3 more beers (I have the receipt showing an $11.00 tab, with tip it was $15.00) from 10:00 till about 12:30-12:45. The one shot that I had was around 11:00 p.m. My budddy bought in good spirits of having a "guys night". From there we were about to head back to his place when he had decided he wanted to check out a place that is a few blocks from his house. At this point I was beginning to feel ready to go home (as I was up from 5:00 a.m. on May 05 and work from 6:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.) and go to bed. But he was rather insistent so I caved and said we would stop for a beer and just one beer and that's what we did.Around 1:30 a.m. I finished the last of my one beer and we headed out. At this point my wife had called (1:22 a.m.) and (even though previously stating not to worry to much about when I would be getting home) seemed a little "agitated" that I had not been home yet. So I turned down the offer of my buddy inviting me in to his apartment for another beer becuase I knew I had to drive home yet and didn't want to drink to much. So I walked to my car and left. Now, I was not feeling incappable of operating a vehicle let alone drunk. I was simply tired if I felt anything (that and the worry of getting in trouble when I got home). Around 1:45 a.m., on my way home, I tried calling my wife to let her know i would be home shortly and she hadn't answered. Upon hanging up and putting the phone back down I fumbled it a little bit and when i recovered I also "jerked" the car to the right a little. As far as I know, i didn't even cross the line on the side of the road or "swerve". Just a lit tlejerk and then straighy again. However, a few seconds later I wanted to make a left hand began moving over at the same time turning on my left hand blinker and that's when the cop threw his lights on behind me.He pulled me over on the road I was turning on. Asked me for my information (which unfortunately I didn't have organized) and as I was looking for it he went to he police car and then came back and said to give me whatever I came up with even if it was expired information. So I gave him a copy of my previous insurance card (effective from 10/2010 to 4/2011). I do have current insurance, however I did realize at that point that my registration ran out at end of April. Anyway, he comes back asks if I knew about my registration and I siad no, but now I do and then he asks if I was drinking. I didn't want to lie, as I figured he could smell it. I said He yes and told him I had 5 or so over the course of several hours. He asked if I would mind blowing in a breathalyzer (which I really wasn't sure if I would blow below a .08 or not). And beings as I was going with the comply with everything and honesty is best policy philosiphy you are always told to use, I agreed. Then he asked ab out afield sobriety test. Again I agreed and to my knowledge passed the tests without and issue. Followed an object with my eyes, stood on one leg and counted, and walked a line and then rotated and walked back. At this point the officer asked me to blow into the breathalyzer one more time and then asked if i knew what the legal limit was in PA. I said of course, .08. He asked if I could read what it said when I blew into it, i said sure .104. Knowing I was up against the innevitable here, I gave a ditch effort and asked if there would be anyway if I could get a hold of my wife who would bring a friend and could get my car and we go on our way. he said unfortunately not. and the rest was pretty much standard procedure. "Cuffed and Stuffed".A noteworthy details I didn't mention yet are that the officer said where he got behind me and from there till he actually pulled me over was about 3-4 miles and said I was swerving the whole time (just how bad could I have been driving if it took him 3+ miles to pull me over?). Also, he mentioned he was on a "special Cinco De Mayo" task force for offenders. So that makes me belive even more so that probably be on any other night we wouldn't have ever even pulled me over. One last thing that makes me feel like I wasn't incappable of driving or "drunk" was when I was taken to the dui center and the paperwork filled out, the guy at the desk where I had to put my belongings and what not in a bad; was filling out paperwork and one of the questions was something about how does person in custody appear. Followed by a copule of check boxes. Not sure what they all said but the two I was focused on were INTOXICATED and normal. THE GUY CHECKED NORMAL. So clearly to this guy I didn't ap pear tobe intoxicated. And this was after we exchanged a few words. So apparently he couldn't get anything from the way I was speaking either..becuase I WASN'T DRUINK.I do, however, think I severly hurt myself when at the "official questioning (when they video tape it) say yes to the question of if I think I was under the influence. However, it was also right after the question that asked if I was drinking. I had assumed they were trying to ask in another if I was drinking. Couldn't one technically answer yes to this question if they had just a single beer? You would technically be uner the influence. So the long and short of it all is...I feel I was a victim of opportunity and am interested in finding a Lawyer that would be able to fight my case. If nothing else, some legal advice as to how exactly should I proceed? This is my first dui charge let alone run in with the law (besides some speeding tickets). 25 year old Designer (designing the wiring layouts and schematics for the electrical devices for nuclear power plants), looking to have started a family by the end of this year. I really cannot afford (not just financially) for this to be anything other than dismissed. Even if the charged could possibly be brought down to reckless driving and use of a cell phone? I don't know, just seems would be much better than a dui.Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

(Ephrata, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

I was pulled over in a different county than where i live in the middle of the night and was given a breathalizer test. It came up .136 as i remember and was given a sobriety test on the sidewalk. I was taken to the hospital to draw blood and i refused that test. Then taken to jail, finger printed and mug shot. Was put in cell for 2 hours until my ride got there. Still awaiting letter in mail about court date.

(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

November 27,2010 1st offense .124 did ARD program,waiting for court date, no accident involved. Last night 5/6/11 hit a parked car and dimolished it. My vehicle is also dimolished. My bac was 178 from a blood test. What am I up against?

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I have had many dui's over the past 25 years and currently have 3 outstanding warrants for such. 1 from 2002 in pa. 1 from 2008 in pa. and 1 from 2001 in nc. I would like to take care of these but I will not go back to prison to do so. if you can help then contact me. if you cant then please dont

(Hamburg, Pennsylvania) Berks county

my car has no power steering, made a turn and went into the other lane but corrected it and drove fine down the road, until i got pulled over. passed to field sobriety test but they still chose to breathalize me and send me to get blood taken. my rights were not read to me at any time.

(Scranton, Pennsylvania) Lackawanna county

Received 1st dui appro.2 years ago. was stopped no tickets issed gave blood for test results not back yet was about aweek ago I was leaving my busness when stopped. was kept for 4 hours then allowed to leave I drove home after 4 hours.

(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) Dauphin county

was drinking beer at home went to bed at 12:30 pm got up at 5;00 am to take my fian'ce to work was on my way back home and there was a tree across the road on 18th and derry street that i did not see and collided into tree. was takin to harrisburg hospital and i gave consent to a blood test at 6:30 in the morning and the nurse came back and said it was .21

(Williamsport, Pennsylvania) Lycoming county

the cop already had some one pulled over and i went around the vehicle entering partially into the other lane. Later down the road the same cop pulled me over. He asked me if i knew why he pulled me over. i said no. he said because i didn't switch lanes to go around him. he asked if i had been drinking becuase he could smell it on me. i told him yes that i had a couple of beers. he asked me to step out and he preformed a field sobriety test. After which he gave me a breath test.I blew a .102. which i was never informed of until i recieved notification of my puliminary hearing five weeks after the incident. They arrested me and took me to the basement of a hospital. two other officers already at the hospital questioned me and they took my blood. i was completely cooperative throught out the whole process.

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

I was arrested on a Friday night. BAC .26. due in court May 9th for trial or plea. Lost my job 2 months ago--too late to file for a pd but my previous lawyer won't return my calls due to my inability to pay. The situation is complicated by the fact I was driving on a suspended license. (not a dui suspension). There are other factors involved as well.

(Everett, Pennsylvania) Bedford county

Last night I was pulled over and was administerd a breathalizer test which I blew a .2 BAC. I didnot recieve a ticket or a summons and I was released on my own person. I have never had a dui related offense. I inquired about my charges and was told that I would recieve a letter in the mail in 2 to 3 weeks. I have no idea what to expect or how to proceed. What should I do I totally accept responsibility for my actions but would like to know my options here. Thank you so much. Anelise M. Miller

(West Pittston, Pennsylvania) Luzerne county

I had a breath test.I dont remember what it was,but I failed.It was the first time I ever got a dui.I have no record.I am a mother of three.I went to a girl friends house,we drank and I drove home.Huge mistake.Please I dont want to go to jail.

(Monessen, Pennsylvania) Westmoreland county

no income, left job in January, going to reapply for a public defender, hearing next friday May 6th @ 10:45 AM @ Magistrate Dalfonso, BAC .245, HAD A dui IN 1998. dui main charge, false reports, drive unsafe speed reckless driving. Passed 2 field sobrieties, failed one, although police office stated in report I failed all 3. Wrong information on paperwork , such as my VIN # , no eye or hair color, wrong year of my car.. Was on my way home, ansd wrecked into curb no others were involved. Rights were not read until after I went to hospital although I was placed in handcuffs on the way there.

(Levittown, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

less than year ago I was in the hospital for a procedure. I was under anethesia also meds for pain. The Doctor wrote a script for meds to fill. I asked my husband to get it filled. he declined & went out leaving me home alone, I took it upon myself get the scripts on my own (I was still medicated) i felt it would be okay for me to drive apparently i wasn't, I drove into a curb and hit a pole doing damage to my car. I paid fines and placed in ARD & attended classes. my husband & I are going thru a bad time as we are divorcing. After a major fight, it was best to get out of the house, this time I was drinking and pulled over because i was swerving, i was breathalyzer & failed so the officer arrested me. I rarely drink but given the situation I did and had too many they car put cuffs on me then took me to the hospital for blood work I know what I did was wrong My question is, will I have to go to jail especially because of the other offense is anything I cou ld do as I am so sick over this and also terrified! my Son is living in Japan while he serves in the USAF if he gets a leave and can come home to visit if i am in jail, I will not see him or my grandson this is something I couldn't let him know The same with my soon to be ex he doesnt know I was stopped & I do hope I can prevent him from finding there anything I can do, TO NOT GO TO JAIL? I would appreciate any advise. Thank You

(pittsburgh, pennsylvania) Allegheny county

i was pulled over at my driveway, the officer claims to have been following me for a few miles, i did not see any lights or hear any sirens.i was frisked cuffed and taken to a local hospittal for a blood test, but i refused. i was then released to my wife.

(Kutztown, Pennsylvania) Berks county

My husband violated probation with a dui... The report from the police does not coincide with the the officers statement and paperwork. Sherriffs came to house without a warrant threatened to arrest me and were going to break down my door. Sherriffs did break down fence along my house, and took my husband into custody... he was supposed to have court the following morning and now is being told he will not go to court until 1 month after he was arrested. He is currently being detained at the jail... I need help.. I am unemployed and have called several places for help... no one is willing to listen or to give advice.. can you help

(Lock Haven, Pennsylvania) Clinton county

I have no prior convictions or speeding tickets of any kind. I am 19 years old and was charged with a minor dui (my BAC was .028) General Impairment, Purchasing Alcohol, and no title certificate. What are my fines, suspensions and jail term going to be if convicted? Will it be possible to get my dui dropped since it was so low?

(Shickshinny, Pennsylvania) Luzerne county

Is this person currently in custody?: No - free on bail Approximate date of incident: MARCH 2011 Charges: dui - RECKLESS DRIVING- NO SEATBELT Do you have a court date?: I have a court date Date of next court appearance: MIDDLE OF MAY Have attorney: No Legal Concern: OUT OF STATE RESEDENCY & WOULD RATHER DISCUSS VIA PHONE OR E-MAIL. Fee Financing Options: If I decide to hire the attorney; I can come up with funds.

(Hellertown, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

I was leaving a wedding with my family. I had several beers, but stopped drinking an hour and a half prior to leaving. I made a left turn, which apparently was illegal, but it was dark and I was not familiar with the small town. I was immediately pulled over and given a breathalizer test within approx. 5 minutes. The officer said I was a "little over the limit" and asked me to step out of the vehicle. I performed all of the required test without any major issue. I was then arrested for dui. My fiance was asked which wedding we attending, the venue on the right or left. I just received my paper work and it seems my BAC level was .13. This is my first offense and they said it is a guarenteed 30 day license suppension and 6 months probation. I am a maintenance man and am on call most days out of the month. I was told that does not matter to them and I would still lose my licese regardless. Also, just an FYI, four other people from the wedding I attended were also pulled over by officers from the same precinct. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

Had an dui a few years back, and i served my time, but i didn't know i had to go to penndot to pay a restoration fee. So my license is coming up suspended and i didn;t know until i was pulled over, now i have tickets and they want me to appear in court with a lawyer.

(Bristol, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

Im under dui suspension for the last 5 years on sat of last week I got pulled over for making a wrong turn a left out of my parking lot 50 feet. It's a one way street. I had my step son in the car he's 8. I was given 2 tickets. I have a bad past record however I have not been in any trouble in 3 years. What should I do? Or expect to happen/ I have a fiancee with A good job to help me

(New Hope, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

I was in Pa on Saturday and had an accident coming home from work, but have no recollection of the accident. I am a diabetic and think I had a sugar reaction, but I tested positive on a field breathalyzer, also, I am a smoker.

(West Chester, Pennsylvania) Chester county

unmarked car no uniform pulls me over after I pass him, he smeels weed in the car, and forces me to wait until he calls troopers in. troopers make arrest. dui and posession. No BAC. It seems the cop who pulled me over may have been off duty in private car with light. And called real police to arrested me. Is this leagle, Is there probale cause. the affidavied says pulle over for high rate of speed, no speed indicated, no method of speed detection.

(West Mifflin, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

second dui. officer said he saw me swerve. i walked a straight line and performed several other sobriety tests fine. breath test said .13. offered 3 days in jail and 18 month liscense suspension or to give blood test. gave blood, they took 4 large vials full.

(Chicora, Pennsylvania) Butler county

It was around 10:00 A.M. on a satruday morning. I pulled into my friends house and there were 3 state cops in his drive way. They were there because of some stolen road signs, which I had nothing to do with. They came up to my truck and asked me who lived there and told me to get out of the truck. The one cop could smell alcohaul on me and gave me a breath test. My brother had a party and I was at his house the night before. I did not drink any alcohaul that morning however. They allowed me to call my dad to come pick me up. When he got there the cops told me to go wait in his truck. They talked to my dad for a little bit then my dad and I went home. The cops told my dad they were not going to charge me with anything. I have heard stories of cops telling people that they will not charge them of anything, but then turn around and charge them anyway. I am concerned they will charge me with a dui and a underage. So if i do get charged I want to fight it. I need my driver's license to drive to work everyday. I am 20 years old and only 3 weeks away from being 21. I live in western Pennsylvania. I want to fight this case.

(Meadville, Pennsylvania) Crawford county

fail to make a corner. Hit a phone pole.Didnt break the pole so left seen of non reportable acc.I got charged with 2 dui because i was above .16.both 1st offences. fail to make corner and leaving the seen.

(clarion, pennsylvania) Clarion county

i have 3 dui`s in pa. the first is an under the legal limit dui. bac was .05. the second was a bac of .09 and the third is a marajunia dui. with the third i also have fleeing and eluding and resisting arrest. my current public defender says that i am looking at 1 1/2 to 15 years in jail. please help

(pittsburgh, pennsylvania) Allegheny county

officer tailgated me for 6 miles and in the report he sited me for careless driving and crossing the center line and stated that i had a brake light out for which i recieved no violation or warning. when he origanly pulled me over and came to my door his first response to me was "have you been drinking"

(Doylestown, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

i was arrested for the forth time for dui charge.1998 was the first, 2001 was the second, 2006 was the third and the forth was yesterday. I refusd blood work and was held over night. i have never served jail time and would like t know what to do an what to expet as far as time i will serve. if i obtain a lawyer will it help in negociating down the time? i,m scared.please help. thanx elise

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

drivin wednesday night from a friends house who was very upset it was dark and wet from raining my car felt like it hydrplaned i hit a pole airbag went off. police officers took me to round house charged me with dui i am a diabetic when police arrested me my pants were down i got out of cuffs to pull pants up cause they were laughing at me went to round house took my sneakers never got them back kept cuffs on so tight i couldnt pull my pants up i was humilated in cell. A male officer want somethin but i had no idea what he said. I am a nurse and never have been treated like this. The co pulled my hair stole my sneakers and left me in cell with my pants down and cuffs on

(carbondale, pennsylvania) Lackawanna county

I got pulled over , the officer gave soberity tests and then he asked to seach ireplied yes upon 4grams of marijuana.then they took me to the hospital for a blood test where found marijuana and other drugs which some i am perscribed.

(Coraopolis, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

Son was pulled over, for dui his first offense he has not received any information from the police officer who pulled him over. Blood was drawn on 27 March 2011 as of today 4 April he has not received the results. Need some advice on our next steps.

(Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania) Butler county

I had had about 2 jack and cokes and was taking some friends home. On the way I passed a police car which started following me. I came to a stop sign and made a complete stop and then continues forward. The officer immediately turned on his lights and pulled me over. The officer asked for my information and after I had giving it to him he asked if I had been drinking. I answered honestly and told him that yes I had just finished a jack and coke and he asked me to step out of the car. I politely agreed to his request. A second officer then gave me a breath test but I was not told the results of it. The first officer then proceeded to give me a field test. I did a nine step heel to toe, a six inch and a pen point test. I am unsure of what the officer saw in the heel to toe test and the pen point test but I was able to hold my right foot 6 inches off the ground without wavering for a count of one thousand 30. After the field tests I was placed under arrest and taking to thepolice station. Once there I was giving another breath test in which I blew a .109. I was told nothing after that except to not trying and retrieve my vehicle that night.

(Sunbury, Pennsylvania) Northumberland county


(Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

I have 3 dui's in Fl and I am moving to PA. In FL the penalty is a 10 yr suspension, in PA it is 18 months. I have served 27 months and I am eligible for a hardship license with an ignition interlock device in Fl. I was wondering if I was eligble for a regular PA license or should I get the hardship with the interlock in Fl and have it transferred to PA.Thanks

(Reading, Pennsylvania) Berks county

First Offense dui. No Drugs Involved. Clean record. BAC- .171Friday, March 25, around 2:30-2:45 am I was pulled over by Lebanon police. I was very cooperative with the police, and did everything they had asked. I performed three sobriety tests and he was going to give me the breathalyzer, but their unit was not working. Went back to his car and figured out what he was going to do. Came back, arrested me, and took me to Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon where they did blood work. From what I can remember, he had stated worst case would be a 3 month license suspension, $1,000 fine and a dui class, but also said not to quote him on that. I had called Lebanon police for Officer Lauver to contact me about my results. Came back at a .171. He was very helpful in advising me what I can do, and can call him with any questions I have. He gave me the number to the District Attorney Office and talk to the ARD cooridinator. I plan on doing so tomorrow. (Friday April 1) I'm looking to lesson my charges as far as possibly receiving an occupational drivers license ( my job is very important to me and would help me out alot) also to reduce the fine, and/or take part in the ARD program. I'm not sure if my results affect my eligibilty to participate. I would like to further talk to lawyers and discuss my case and advise me in the direction I should be going.Thank You

(Easton, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

pulled over for speeding on Rt. 22 15 miles over speed limit. Police gave a breath test. My content showed .15 alcohol level and took me to dui center for blood testing. The blood test also showed a bac of .15. I have no prior record and have never driven intoxicated before. I was coming home from a dinner party for a wedding with my son and boyfriend in the car. I did not realize my content was so high, I didn't feel drunk, thats why I was driving home. Also, the speed limit changes rapidly from 55 miles per hr to 35 inbetween 25th street exit and 13th street exit, I was going 60.

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

I have already completed the ARD program for my dui and was wondering how I can complete expungement. I believe I can do it myself but my probation office is telling me I need an attorney. Can I do it or are they correct in saying that I need an attorney? Thank you.

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I got a dui and becuase I refused the blood test my lic is suspended. And I got pulled over. I didnt realize my lic was already under suspension becuase I havnt had my court date for the dui yet. What is going to happen now? I need an attorney to for both matters.

(Houtzdale, Pennsylvania) Clearfield county

If jim loans his vichical to Mike and mike goes out drinking and gets caught driving under the influence (dui) Will anything happen to Jim since he is the owner of the car. Jim is not with mike when he is caught?

(Doylestown, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

My wife and I met up with two friends for dinner and drinks in New Hope on Friday, March 18th. I had two drinks with dinner at a restaurant named Havanna around 8 o' clock. Afterwards we went to a bar down the street called Sand Bar. I had a couple of drinks at the Sand Bar and my wife and I left the bar around 2 a.m with our other two friends. Since this was our first time out in New Hope we were using a GPS to guide us back home. While traveling on Route 202 I noticed deer crossing in the distance so I reduced my speed and put on my highbeams in order to see better. Not long after this did I get pulled over. I was not told why I was pulled over. I showed my license, regestration and proof of insurance. Afterwards I was asked to step out of the vehicle and complete 3 sobriety tests. After the three tests I was asked to blow into a breathalyzer. I was not told the results of any of these tests. After blowing into the breathalyzer I was immediately handcuffed and placed into t he backof the officer's police car. From there I was taken to the hospital to have blood drawn. I did not receive any results from my blood test as of yet. Once my blood was drawn I was taken to the police department where I was fingerprinted and photographed and held in a waiting cell. I was unaware that my wife waited at the police station for me until I was processed. She called our friends whom we were out with and they came to the station to pick us up. On Saturday March 26th I received my court summon in the mail along with a signed affidavit from the officer who arressted me. After reading his affidavit I found several differences between his version of the events that took place that night and my own. Unfortunately, now I feel as though it is my word versus his.

(Lewisburg, Pennsylvania) Union County county

I was coming from a party at Bucknell University where my Brother is Alumni and I am not very familiar with the area so the person in the back seat of the car was giving me directions and he asked me to make a right turn and the police officer said that I made a wide right turn that's the reason he stopped me.

(Doylestown, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

i pulled over and parked in paking lot at pipers tavern in bedminister after hours 12am. officer pulled up couple minutes later and asked what i was doing. told him calling for a ride, he proceeded in alcohol test's. proceeded to arrest.

(James City, Pennsylvania) Elk county

Ater leaving Chilis restaurant in the Horseheads, NY area, approx 9:30 PM, I was traveling - in the dark - on an unfamiliar road, Rt 64, I missed my turn and continued to travel to a place where I could turn around. I came upon a SHARP left hand turn & a car partly in my lane. I vered to the right and not realizing that this road had a dead end (at the turn) I hit the guard rail. Then realizing the back end of my truck was in the lane & in the way of possible traffic, I backed up, & continued to take the rest of the turn & drove a little ways down the road where I cold stop. After gathering my thoughts & finding my phone, I picked it up to dial 911 when the police arrived. They were notified by a witness/passerby. They performed a field sobriety tests - Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk & Turn (in heels & still terribly shaken up) & a One Leg stand. In addition, a B.A.C test was performed which registered 0.19%. I willingly admitted to having 4 drinks( liquor). There were 2-3 officers as the scene & the arresting officer is new & currently being trained. In fact, after posting bail & arriving back to my hotel, that officer & only him, came to the hotel to bring me my luggage. He ALSO had to bring a paper for me to sign because HE FORGOT to have me do it @t the station. If I remember correctly, it was the paper stating I received all my personal belongings back. He left &THEN came back a 2ND TIME at approx 3 am. Knocked on my hotel room door - I answered & he forgot to have me sign another paper. Charges:aggravated dwi.18 or higher, dwi,moved from lane unsafely,aggravated unlic oper. 1st degree from a past conviction from 1992 & I NEVER KNEW THAT I COULDN'T DRIVE IN NY FOR 20YRS! PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!

(Cogan Station, Pennsylvania) Lycoming county

Son's case. He pleaded guilty without representation. Went to do a 30 day sentence and the DA would not allow it because he is a NY resident and it would take up to 10 mos to get the release back through the NY system. The Judge and DA said it was therefore not prosecutable. My son at that point said he need a public defender and the case was postponed. I believe at this point he was told that an in patient drug/alcohol program in NY would be substituted for the 30 days. He was released to work out west until 2/23/2011, his next appearance date. While out west my son tried for 2 days to get to Kansas city airport from the work sight, to make the appointment and ended up missing his flight because they change its time, it was 60.00 for a cab (one way) to the airport and they wouldnt rebook without payment and refund would take 5 days to his debit card. he had 24.00 left. Called me and said he loved me and hung up. I received a phone called that he had tried to kill himself a nd wasin a hospital in missouri. I went and got him and we went to PA to see the judge and they applied the hospital stay to his sentence. We came back to NY to get him on medicade as I am retired and pensioned off and he therefore does not have a place to stay. He doesnt qualify for medicaid until April because he got his last check in the mail and cashed it in March. Meanwhile he has been without alcohol or drugs for 30 days and the facility which said he would qualify for in patient is now saying he doesnt qualify. Given that his problem is both drug/alcohol and now mental given the stress of all of this he has given up after all the hard work he put into trying to get help. Whats a father supposed to do--could PA reduce the sentence to 3 days and a 750.00 fine so that we can try to focus on all the other issues???????????????

(Levittown, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

driving home from trenton,NJ thru moorisville light was yellow approach light was committed to go thru light turned red lower makefield police stopped me asked why i went thru light explained asked for lic and reg. complied asked did i hav anything to drink i said a few asked me to step out and said lic was supended gave breath test seen it was .11 under arrest for dui taken to hospt. for blood test results .12 fingerprinted and released to friend .

(Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania) Luzerne county

Friend Had dui conviction from 2000, never went for Alcohol classes, Finall served 40 days in County Jail in 2010. I would like to help gey my friends Drivers License restored. Reading that he may need interlock device. Need help from attorney.

(pittsburgh, pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was driving under the infuence and rear-end car in front of me at a stop light and instead of stopping I continued to drive away even though I hit the car -I though it was minor. They followed me we pulled over they then called the police to the scene. No damage was done to their vehicle so they left there was no accident charges filed. Police subsequently arrestfled me for dui. BAC was .187. This is a first offensebut I am pertrified of losing liscence as I will not be able to drive to and from work. I live in Cranberry and work in RIDC park. I live alone and have no one to help drive me to and from work. This is first time conviction but I am extremely concerned due to high BAC.

(york, pennsylvania) York county

my husband was pulled over for a dim tailight(one officer told me) the arresting officer in his report said my husband had no tailights. When i was told he was going to jail for dui i asked was he swerving or in an accident i was told no, it was just his taillight. I believe they did not have prbable cause to pull him over in the first place.

(mill creek, pennsylvania) Huntingdon county

I got a message on my phone. i reached for it and crossed the yellow line. the officer pulled me over and ask if i was drinking. i said yes i had 4 drinks in 2 hours he then gave me a breath test and cuffed me and took me to hospital for blood test. My results where .119. He then took me to police station fingerprinted me and took my picture. Then he took me back to my truck let me out and told me not to drive.

(montgomeryville, pennsylvania) Montgomery county

Just got my third dui with a dui suspended license. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get in the least amount of trouble. All my dui have been low alcohol contents. Im waiting on the results of the blood test

(philadelphia, pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

This happened in Fort Washington north of the city. I went out after work, I got out very late. I usually don't drink but had 2 beers, then the bar was closing. I went out to an after hours bar but didn't drink. After leaving I was following a friend to a diner and was pulled over. The cop gave me a breath test and said I was over the legal limit.

(Avondale, Pennsylvania) Chester county

I was parked and sleeping in the car when the cops were called to attend to a woman sleeping in the car on the side of the road (it was not busy side road). He told me to pull off the side of the road, but there isnt a place to further on the side (there were ditches and gutters on both sides). I pulled further up (they deflated my tires because he thought I was trying to evade him, when in fact I was trying to find a place to park). I found a spot on the left side with adequate room to part, I pulled in there and he used his car to block me from moving further. He asked me to turn the car off which I did and was booked at the police stationg for driving under the influence. I drove less than 0.33miles trying to find a spot to part off the road and he said i was trying to evade the police and driving under the influence

(Temple, Pennsylvania) Berks county

pulled over 2 am accused of swirving never asked if i would take breath alizer just given test never read miranda rights never let known charges agreed to blood test after being told i really don't have a choice never processed treated un professionally while i was fully complient with all seven officers

(Windber, Pennsylvania) Somerset county

i was lost where i was at came upon an intersection was confused where i was at untill i recinized where i was then proceeded to go (the officer is sayin at 0227 hrs go from a north bound lane to the south bound lane for approx.15 yards then come to a stop in the wrong lane at the traffic light when the light turned green did not accelerate for 15 to 20 sec.then turned left onto the fast lane

(Carmichaels, Pennsylvania) Greene county

was not pulled over i was sitting in a gravel lot with a friend waiting for my dad to return to fix the car wihich he was driving my girlfriend and i was following him to drop a friend off when he pulled over we done some work on the car earlier and the car was acting up so i got out and sat with a friend watching the car while my girlfriend took my dad back for a few needed tools they were gone about 10 or 15 mimutes before the cops showed up i was sitting in the drivers side thats where i was running a dianogist test thats where the odb mainframe is located and was arrested for a dui

(Broomall, Pennsylvania) Delaware county

On 3/17/11, I was pulled over for speeding doing 14 mph over the speed limit. I explained that I was coming home from Duffer's bar. I was drinking, however I spent the last hour to an hour an a half drinking water and waiting till I felt I was safe/legal to drive. I was given a breathalyzer test, to which I was not told the result. I was a second breathalyze then I was asked to the step out of the car and perform a sobriety test. I passed the sobriety test. I was then given a third breathalyzer. I was then arrested. I asked what my BAC was, and they said .12. I was processed and had a Blood sample taken at the station and then released. This is my first offense. I am most worried about having a suspended license due to having a 9 to 5 day job to which I commute to, and does not have a public transportation route.

(Norristown, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

It was about 3:am 3/18/2011 and I was returning home from a St. Patrick's Day celebration. When I reached to adjust the stereo, I moved over on to the rumble strip in the center of the road. I immediately corrected. A Whitehall Policeman had apparently been following along behind and pulled me over. He administered a standard sobriety test then a breath test. I was then handcuffed and searched. He also searched the car. I was taken to the Whitehall Police Station and my car was impounded. I was again given the breath test which I was told was 127. After processing I was released. I am 22 years old and presently employed by the Federal Government.This is my first dui, or arrest for that matter. I have no idea of how to proceed and feel I need the advice of someone who does.

(Sellersville, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

First time offense, got ran off the road, on a bend by another driver who crossed over the center line on a bend. My car ended up in a heavily wooded area, I missed a telephone pole and large tree by inches, and it needed to be towed out- accordingly, the police were called and I was breathalyzed, taken to the hospital and blood was taken, and then I was released to my mother, at her local home.

(harrisburg, pennsylvania) Dauphin county

I recently had got pulled over for having my license plate light burnt out... when he pulled me over i had already had 2 or 3 drinks. he then asked me to give a breathalyzer, and complete all of the field sobrity tests, standing on one leg and counting,and walking a straight line, and also following the pen with my eyes.... i did not feel too intoxicated to be driving but he insisted that i was, i then got arrested and was takin for a BAC and to the courthouse for finger prints and the glamourous mug shot... please let me know what i am looking at recieving as a punishment , i am a single mother and i work hard for what i have , i do not want to serve jail time or loose my license please help.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

I got a dui 6 years ago and completed ard, fines and probation I have been working for a school bus company for the past 15 years, they knew about the dui and they decided yesterday to fire me for the six year old dui which I recieved in my personal vehicle. The company stated they would reinstate my position if I have my record expunged is it possible to expunge my record

(York, Pennsylvania) York county

I recently had got pulled over for having my license plate light burnt out... when he pulled me over i had already had 2 or 3 drinks. he then asked me to give a breathalyzer, and complete all of the field sobrity tests, standing on one leg and counting,and walking a straight line, and also following the pen with my eyes.... i did not feel too intoxicated to be driving but he insisted that i was, i then got arrested and was takin for a BAC and to the courthouse for finger prints and the glamourous mug shot... please let me know what i am looking at recieving as a punishment , i am a single mother and i work hard for what i have , i do not want to serve jail time or loose my license please help.

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

ticketed for driving with high beams with a suspended license and stopped and ticketed for suspended license. paid $1,000 dui fine and 3 days jail time for dui back in 2003 but did not pay $800 restoration fee. received letter to appear in court for mandatory 60 day jail penalty and pay $500 fine. Will i have to go to jail. I'll lose my job.

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

On March 11th I was driving in Monroeville and wrecked into a telephone pole. The police came and gave me three field sobriety tests and then placed me under arrest. I was taken to the hospital for a blood test, of which I don't know the results. I have a hearing this friday the 19th and am in need of a lawyer asap

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

I was driving to work, I was pulled over, the state trooper says, "I smell burnt weed in the car", I then told the officer that the smell in which you are smelling is from this morning(I was pulled over @3:31pm), I was then asked to step out of my car. Upon stepping out of my car the officer asked me if I were smoking in the car, I replied "no, what you are smelling is from this morning, I smoked @9:30 this morning". The officer then tells me my eyes are red, I replied.."So, my eyes are always red", the officer then asked how often do I smoke weed, I replied,"everyday", I then asked for a breathalizer (spell check) test, the officer replied.." We don't have a test to give you for weed, I then asked,"well what test is there"?, the officer said a" blood test". I then asked the officer what will the blood test prove if I just told u I smoke weed everyday? The officer replied, "the levels in ur blood will tell if were smoking when I pulled you over". I was never informed what t hereadings were in my blood.I do smoke weed everyday, but @the time I was pulled over I was not high off marijuana, and if I was smoking just before I was pulled over, why is it that the officer did not smell marijuana on my clothing or my finger tips. If I was smoking(with my windows up), why is it that his squad car did not smell of marijuana. Marijuana has very, very strong smell, if I were smoking in my car with the windows up, I believe that the officer would have smelled it on my breath, in my clothes, and on my finger tips. I believe I was profiled because my car has tinted windows... And while in the squad car, I read something I felt was interesting on the officers computer screen, it read...... (K118 Patrcasey <1545> "they never pass")...... The time on the computer screen read 4:09pm...... If I were high @the time I was pulled over, NO WAY I remember that with such detail..... Don't you agree?

(Erie, Pennsylvania) Erie county

i was driving to work to releve one of my employees and i was going fast passing cars because it was an emegency.. all im gonna say is i couldnt find anyone else to come in so i was coming in i had weed in my car not much under 2 grams and 10 vicoden that was given to me and its my first offence

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

i got tricked into moving my car so the cop wasn't standing on a hillside.... the keys were in the cup holder... i got pulled over once and did 90 days in jail lost my license for another year and was fined $1,000.... what is the penalty for getting caught the second time?

(feasterville, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

I was under the influence of alocohol after leaving Big Heads Pub on March 3/9/2011. While traveling west on Street Road, I rear ended a car that was stopped at a red light. The car I hit left the scene and was evenutally stopped by police. I remained at the scene. Alocohol was detected on my breath and I was taken to a nearby hospital where a sample of my blood was drawn. I was taken home. My car was left at a nearby parking lot.

(State College, Pennsylvania) Centre county

I went to State Patty's at Penn State and was trying to find my friends becuase I was alone and ended up driving on a one way street. I had been drinking and got pulled over, they arrested me and charged my with a dui. The poliece said I qualified for the ARD program, and sine I am a college student I don't have much money for an evpensive lawyer or attorney, but I wanted to see if I could get information on what I should do before my court date reguarding legal assistance.

(Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania) Jefferson county

it was a ice storm that night ,i was driving and felt like i was gonna pass out i have a bad heart and have fainting spells so i went to pull off the road slid on the ice and hit a snow bankment ,i tryed 2 call my son to come get me but my phone dyed i had no way 2 call any 1 ,i sat in the car for about a hour or more ,police showed up and asked me if i had been drinking i said i had 1 and he asked me to get out and do a follow the dark blue pen ,in a ice storm raining hail.he said i failed and placed me under arrest he then stated asking me questions in the police car i ask him 2 read me my rights he told me he didn't have to he keep turning the camra on them off along with a recorder i told them i was not saying anything without a lawyer ,then then took me to the hospital for testing ,i refused they then took me in the car and said now we will read u your rights ,then they took me to the staition ,they did there paper work and gave me a breath alizer test they said i pass ed itand i should have taken the blood test and i would have been fine but since i refused it then then placed me in to the county jail

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was involved in a motorcycle accident on 9/23/10, after leaving a bar/restaurant in Sharon, Pa. As I was exiting town, a car came into my lane and side swiped me. I was able to keep the bike upright and safely pull off up the road. I waited for the car to pull over and return, but it did not. I called a friend to give me a ride to the hospital and he did, about 3 hours later. THe accident occurred about 2310 on 9/23, my friend picked me up around 0200; I got to the hospital about 0300 to 0330. The police were called, as I reported that I was in a motorcycle accident to the hospital. After a brief interview from the cop, he asked the hospital to do a blood test, the hospital complied and the test results were 0.16%, approximately 6 hours after the accident. The policeman charged me with dui. I had a prelim at a district court, where my attorney showed up and the case got referred to the District Attorney. I went to the Mercer court yesterday (Tuesday 3/8/11), but my lawyer did not show up, nor did he notify the court of his scheduling conflict. My lawyer did speak to me the day before and told me of the scheduling problem, which I told to the court. However my lawyer (already paid) did not report to the court that he wasn't going to be present. My lawyer gave me another name to call next week and meet with, but did not fulfill his duties this week. I am leary about his referral at this point and therefore am considering attaining different counsel, despite my initial investment with another. This dui charge is my second in 10 years. The first was in June of 2001, so I am on the border. Although my attornedy stated that I wasn't eligible for ARD, the judge did tell me in court that I should consider submitting an application for ARD and he also stated that I would only have to complete one year of probation. So the Judge is open to negotiations, as I had expected my previous attorney to enter into talks this past week. Question: 1 Were you pulled over for a traffic violation? I was involved in a motorcycle accident the night before, a car came into my lane and side swiped me; I went to the hospital about 4 hours later and about 2 hours after that the BAC was taken by blood test at 0500. Question: 2 Were you involved in a collision / accident? a car came into my lane and side swiped me, as I was driving my motorcycle. It resulted in a broken foot, so I went to the emergency room, where a police officer arrived and had the BAC taken nearly 6 hours after the accident Question: 3 Did the cop ask you if you had been drinking alcohol or doing drugs? at the hospital, approximately 5 hours after the accident. Question: 4 Did you do Field Sobriety Tests? (walk & turn, 1 leg stand, follow the pen) Not Available Question: 5 Did you do a Portable breath test (PBT)? Not Available Question: 6 Were you told your Blood Alcohol Level? 0.16% at approximately 0500 hours (accident was at 2300 hours the night before). Question: 7 Did you ask to speak to an attorney?   Question: 8 Were you given a blood or breath or urine test?  

(Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

I was pulled over in Horsham, while exiting an office party. I believe there is currently a bench warrant. Question: 1 Were you pulled over for a traffic violation? Not Available Question: 2 Were you involved in a collision / accident? Not Available Question: 3 Did the cop ask you if you had been drinking alcohol or doing drugs? Not Available Question: 4 Did you do Field Sobriety Tests? (walk & turn, 1 leg stand, follow the pen) Not Available Question: 5 Did you do a Portable breath test (PBT)? Not Available Question: 6 Were you told your Blood Alcohol Level? Not Available Question: 7 Did you ask to speak to an attorney?   Question: 8 Were you given a blood or breath or urine test?  

(Easton, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

got pulled over because one of the light didn't turn on when i came into a complete stop, then ended up getting arrested for being drunk, there was other people in the car and only i got question and taken away, got taken to the d.u.i center and got blood tested, i was released after 30minutes.

(New Castle, Pennsylvania) Lawrence county

another car side swiped me, while driving my motorcycle. The other car didn't stop, 3 hours later I went to the hospital for a broken foot; 2 hours after that a policemen showed up and had my BAC taken and 0.16% was the result. I have a lawyer from Beaver County, whom is having trouble proceeding forwad, because of other court cases on his case load. I am currently in court, in Mercer County, preparing for the next step in front of the District Attorney.

(Bath, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

I was followed down 3 roads before pulled over. Was told I was swerving whole time. Did the tests on side of road then was taken in for blood work. BAL came back at .11. The thing I didnt understand was why he didnt pull me over the first time I swerved. And when I turned in my car that doesnt have turn signals he didnt pull me over then. Im also wondering if I can get in ARD classes and if I would lose my license. First offense.

(cranberry township, Pennsylvania) Butler county

i got into an accident new years eve. i had been working 60 hour weeks at 2 jobs and wanted to at least go out for a little bit for new years. on my way i did have a couple drinks and i was really tired. i crashed into the guardrail to my knowledge i fell asleep because next thing i remember was waking u to being pulled out of my car. when the cops arrived when asked i admitted to having "a drink" and they took me by ambulance to a hospital and they did a blood test on me.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

I received a citation for Underage Drinking (not while driving) ,but the citation I signed ended up being someone else's citation, so now I do not know what to do. The precinct has no answers for me. Please im desperate for someone to help I am only 20 years old and do not know whether I even got the citation now because there is no signed copy of mine. My court date is on Friday Help!

(State College, Pennsylvania) Centre county

Supposedly crossed yellow line. Test included, Follow finger with eyes, Walk the line, Lift and hold the leg out while counting backwards. breathalizer = .08 Taken to Jail in handcuffs, processed, given bloodtest and sent home. Told I would be given results Tuesday evening. This all happened on Friday night. Tuesday night they called and said my results from bloodtest were .089 and they would send me papers to appear in court. Now I am waiting.

(Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Cambria county

My license was revoked for 18 months for my second dui and on that same day I plead guilty to my dui I also pled guilty to fleeing and eluding,no inspection,and driveing under suspention now my 18months are over and im being told I still have another year until I get my license back I need to revoke the driving under suspened plea or try to get the year and the 18 months ran together.

(State College, Pennsylvania) Centre county

I was drinking at the bars in town. Normally I have a driver, but since I did not this time, around 12:30AM i stopped drinking and switched to water so I could drive home. Around 2:15AM I was heading home, when I didn't fully stop at a stop sign and was pulled over. I passed all the alcohol tests given to me until the breathalyzer. I was then taken to the hospital for a blood test, and to the police station for fingerprints before being released.

(Norristown, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

Drove through a green arrow (instead of a green light) and hit a car on Germantown and Whitehall. Was tested for alcohol at the hospital down the street, blew a .126. This is a first offense. My parents (I'm 23, and currently broke) didn't think I needed a lawyer but now we're worried I do. My hearing is tomorrow. ANY advice at ALL?!?!?

(Easton, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

I am writing for my son who is incarcerated in Northampton County Prison. He had a 2nd dui and was offered an alternative program which he enrolled in and completed all the steps until it was time to pay for the home monitoring system. He had served 30 days in work release and then when he told the DA he didn't have the money for the home monitoring system (he had gotten laid off from his job), he was told he would be transferred to the main prison for the remainder of the 90 days (he has an agreement he was provided and signed). When the 90 days was up, he was not released and when I tried to find out why, learned he had been sentenced by the judge without a hearing - changing his sentence to 90 days to 5 years and was transferred to state parole board. When I called there, they said they did not have him in their systems. The Judge signed that order back on Nov 18th. No one from state parole has come to see him, he has requested a form to request a public defender wit h noresponse and we have been trying to get his daughter on the visitation list. He filled out the proper paperwork, but the information that I was to be sent (I have custody) has never been rec/.d at my home. It seems they have locked him up, thrown away the key and he feels like his civil rights are being infringed upon.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

I was told I have a 9% Bac but when I accepted ARD after paying the evaluation fee and come back to the court I was this time told it was 16% BAC I decided to face trial if not I will loose my job since I can only drive to get to work because with a 16% my license will have to be suspended, can anyone fight this for me?

(Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) Monroe county

i have a first dui 4 months ago.. march the 1st is my last class for my ard class... on the night of February 25 i got pulled over and was taken to do a blood test, the officer told me to go the station the next day to get processed. The office wasn't there so i have to go back on Monday the 28th to find out my BAC and to be processed.

(Pottstown, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

I was following a friend home after leaving a local bar. It had snowed the previous day so the road conditions were not good. So my friend slid off the road and got stuck. I then parked my car and tried to help push him out. 5-10 seconds later the police show up and asked what happen. Soon there after they gave him a breathalyzer test. It's was very cold outside so I'm moving back and forth trying to stay while smoking a cigarette when the officer asked me had I been drinking. I told him yes and then he administered a breathalyzer test. The officer claimed that I was not breathing into the machine and said because I did not cooperate with them that they are going to arrest me a d take me the the hospital for a BAC test. The test was taking January 29 2011 and I just received a court summons february 23

(Norristown, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

I went out after work around 1230. I had a couple beers and one shot. I ended up leaving early so that I wouldn't keep drinking. I thought I was still good to drive. On my way home, I was pulled over, given some field tests, and then a breath test. After the breath test, I was immediately placed under arrests and taken to the station. Here, I was giving another breath test and then released around 3. Alcohol level was .092

(Meadville, Pennsylvania) Crawford county

is a violation on a prior dui and is facing two and half in state and she needs to go to rehab and help with the mental issue to stop the drinking. This is a resentencing and how can i help her get into rehab and not sit in jail making her mental state worse

(Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) Northampton county

I was pulled over or a tail light. Then given a dui field test, then a breathalizer at which point I was arrested. I went to the station and was processed and got blood drawn. This is my 2nd offence but my first offence was in 8/2002. Will I be counted as a first time offender because 7 years have passed? What is the best and worse case seniro?

(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) Dauphin county

i was traveling up paxton st on my way to mcdonals to get somethang to eat and as i was approaching light it has turned yellow but at the time i didnt have time to make stop thinking i could make it but light turned red and i couldnt stop so i procedded threw light

(Glenmoore, Pennsylvania) Chester county

My wife was pulled over and given a breath test. I was told 3 times the limit. Our child was in the car at the time she was pulled over. I was called to the location to pick up our daughter and told to follow the police to the Uchlan station in Eagle Pa. They performed several more breath tests but my wife was told they could not get a reading. No blood test was performed and she was not fingerprinted. My wife suffers from Bi-polar disorder with Schizophrenic tendencies and takes medications to help with this ( Seroquel, Lamotrigine and occasionally Lorazepam).

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

Officer pulled me over, said my vehicle was suspicious, then ask me if I had been drinking, pulled me out of the car, searched my car, found a small amount of marijuana,and a thumb scale. In the police report it says that I was driving without headlights, my headlights automatically come on when it is dark outside. What do I do now?????

(Allentown, Pennsylvania) Lehigh county

i was never pulled over my tire blew out and i pulled my car over and turned the 4 ways on. i got out to look at my tire removed my key from the ignition and everything. and the allentown police dept. just approached me from both directions and cuffed me. no field sobriety test or anything.

(Erie, Pennsylvania) Erie county

I was cited for running a red light. I was under the impression the light was still yellow. Upon going through the traffic light I collided slightly with a another vehcile that was making a right turn on to the street I was traveling on. At first I was unaware that I had made contact with the other vehicle. I continued driving away from the sence before I realized I must have encounted a flat tire from contact. Upon realizing this police was behide me with flashing lights. I was taken into custody for suspenion of dui. Results of the blood test were not given to me at the time. I have not recieved my paper work in the mail reguarding the accident yet as it just happened Sunday

(Collegeville, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

I got a dui last night in Phoenixville PA. I'm going through a divorce and am currently stationed here in PA with my spouse. I ran a red light and was pulled over. I was distracted by another drunk person in the car.

(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) Dauphin county

I qulalified for P.D. out of Sullivan, Co., PA. I pled quilty to lowest tier of dui, my sentence was; 6mo. probation, fine of $1000.00 plus 40hrs comm. service, no DL suspension. My problem is the probation part; I already violated my probation due to the fact I tested dulited for my 1stUA. I'm currenty on a pre-transplant list, and attending A/D counseling. My liver specialist informed me & gave me a list of meds & what they do. More than likely my UA test will come out dulited due to the fact of my meds. Since today I was to show up in a town about an hr. away frm. where I live, I was unable to makoe the window of 6AM&9AM due to road condition's(weater), this makes 2 violation's in the 1st mo. on probation. I want to know if it's possiable to dispute these violations, and/or can I change my plea to jail time and move on w/the life I have left!Thank You for your help!

(Williamsport, Pennsylvania) Lycoming county

I was arrested for dui in the year 2004. I drove while my license was suspended in 2008 and my truck broke down and I was charged with driving while under suspension. I did 45 days in jail for it. The judge brought up my past conviction and more past charges because she said it is to teach me a lesson. I have fines added to fines because other judges dismissed it and she felt it shouldnt have been dismissed. I want to get my license again, but the state says I need a breatherliser machine in any vehicle I drive. I did not get in trouble for drinking. I was not drinking in 2008. Who do I contact to help me get my license and move on with my life. I don't have monies to pay people. I have been unemployed for over 2 years due to health reasons. This having everyone drive me to appointments is getting very frustrating.

(Topton, Pennsylvania) Berks county

Hit black ice, slid off the road and totaled my truck. Ended up in the ER with a laceration to my head and 3 broken bones around my eye. Drew blood from LV hospital then took it to a different place to be tested with a BAC of 0.105.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

I already plead guilty to my dui its my first and the judge said he going to sentence me on the 17th of this month to 72 hours in prison but the thing us i just started a new job and i can't miss no data due to my 90 day probation at my job so i wanted to hire a lawyer so he can ask the judge if i could do my 72 hours afther my 90 day probation at my job is up

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

Okay i pleaded guilty to my dui this is my first dui and i go for sentencing on february 7 to 72 hours in prison but i just started a new job and I'm n probation at my new job and my probation isn't over until may so i wanted to no if a laywer could help me because i don't want to lose my job so i war just wondering if maybe a laywer could try and get the judge to allow me to do my 72 hours at the end of may when my probation at my new job is over

(Greensburg, Pennsylvania) Westmoreland county

i was at a super bowl party i drank many pictures and shots the had a vidoe of the parking lot with a veaw of my car as much as i drank i think thay should now i was drunk can the bar be reponsable to cause i hit a parked car when i left

(Duquesne, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

i was driving with open containers of alcohol. got pulled over taken out of the car then i was searced. back up came and asked me why did i get pulled over and at the moment i was still unaware why i was pulled over. the arrestin officer told me i was being charged with dui i ask can a take a breathalizer or sobriety test he said no im taking you to the hospitol for bloodwork afterwards my car was towed nd i was dropped off in mckeesport at around 3 am

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was stopped On Rt. 70 east bound, about 2 mi. from New Stanton. The State Police said they pulled me over for swerving. They did a field test. but made no comment. They asked me to take a breath test and I agreed, but their tester wasn't working right, so they took me to the local hospital for a blood test. They called my brother to take me home and said that I would be getting a letter in a couple weeks from the judge. This happened around 1:00 am on Feb. 4, 2011

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

i got stopped for a headlight being out and then said smelled alchol on my breath gave me the three test then got arrested i was very very coopritive with the officer. allowed me to call for someone to pick me up.

(Slatington, Pennsylvania) Lehigh county

This would be my third offense. There trying to get me with illg oper motor veh not equipped w/ ingnition interlock , accident involving damage to attended veh/prop , public drunkenness , stop sign & yielding , careless driving , duty to give info and render aid , endangering the welfare of child.

(Quakertown, Pennsylvania) Bucks county

I was driving a car, parked on side of road. put four ways on got out to go talk to my ex boyfriend, and a cop pulled up, my two friends were in the car, one just out of jail few days beofer. just met him that night, we just got done smoking a blunt so he smelled it , i signed papers for a car search and he found in back seat about 50 perk thirtys... they did take me to get blood test and took me to station and asked questions i did not get processed b.c they do not know how they are going tocharge me yet. what do i do??

(West Chester, Pennsylvania) Chester county

my car was stuck in snow in a gas station and did not consent for a stranger to pull me out with his truck, his car stopped and my car hit his. no one was injured. an accident report took place and the officer breath tested me at the scene.

(East Greenville, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

my car was stuck in snow in a gas station and did not consent for a stranger to pull me out with his truck, his car stopped and my car hit his. no one was injured. an accident report took place and the officer breath tested me at the scene.

(Monaca, Pennsylvania) Beaver county

I was at the gas station went to buy something to eat, came back out and sat in my vehicle. Started to eat, truck was not started and keys where in my possession and accidentally fell asleep in my truck for hrs(4 or 6). Then I was awakened by the police and they asked if I was alright and I said yes and then the stated that I should take a sobriety test which I did and I refused the blood test. Impounded my truck and then the police took me to the precinct for a couple of hrs until I called for my ride. They said that I will receive papers in the mail

(Aliquippa, Pennsylvania) Beaver county

pulled over in my local municipality after a car following my vehicle called into 911 stating he was behind a vehicle driving erradically. Given 1 field sobriety test, failed, was taken to local hospital for blood test. Travelled back to station, then transported home

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

i hit a guardrail at my apartment complex and damamged my car. i was able to get the car parked and went inside my apartment. i started panicking so I took a bunch of pills and then called 911 as i thought i was going to overdose. while the officer was there i mentioned hitting my car and thats when he told me he was giong to charge me with driving while drunking. i had no idea that i was admitting to driving while drunk when i mentioned that i had damaaged me car. after i got to the hosptial the police officer made me sign a release of my BAC. he said some papers should be coming in the mail. what do i do? how can they prove i was really driving drunk?

(Vanderbilt, Pennsylvania) Fayette county

went to the steelers ravens game it's a rarety for me to get a chance to go. of course i got stuck driving so i only had a couple of beers tailgaiting and none in the stadium. everyone was excited about the outcome of the game so we stopped about 5 miles from home toget a beer and some food. unfortunately the kitchen was closed so it was just beer. i got caught up in the excitement and we also drank a winning shot before leaving. it's something i know better and i'm very angry with myself. i'm guessing the state trooper saw us pull out and eventually pulled us over. i'm almost 56 years old and that's the first time i've ever been pulled over for anything. i blew a .13 and was arrested

(Ephrata, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

accident involving personal injury, accident involving personal injury while not properly licensed, dui first offense, dui controlled substance combo, use/poss drug parah and driving while license suspended or revoked.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

i was driving under the influence going home when a car ran the light and hit me.the passenger was badly hurt(broken nose).that night it was snowing and raining..we went to the hospital they took my blood..i was under arrest for less then 24 hours and had to pay a bail of 260...

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

Got pulled over on I70 at Charleroi exit.Failed a field sobriaty test. Went to hospital to take blood. I know my BAC is .16 or above. I have no prior convictions of any sort. I was compliant to the officers the whole time.

(Milesburg, Pennsylvania) Centre county

2nd one. Taken to hospital, blood test done, highest bac... 2.4 I think. Got stuck on railroad tracks, got car off before cops arrived on scence, (neighbors must've called). Standing outside boyfriends house, out of the car. Cops intimated till we told them who was driving.

(Wernersville, Pennsylvania) Berks county

minor fender bender, no body was hurt,. i have a clean reacord. and i still got denied ARD. so i went a year with out driving, then i paid the fee to get my licence back, that didnt matter. i got pulled over and this is 2 years after the dui. and they peg me again. what do i do, i live in a very small town, i need to drive to live. it has compleatley ruinded my life, i was suicidal many times, in my head, they will not let me drive till i pay all the fines so here i am amost 3 years later still cant drive life ruined cause i can't pay the damn fines off

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was sitting in my car in a housing development under construction.The engine was running. It was an empty street with no houses and no traffic.I was not drinking, I was huffing canned air. An officer on patrol found me and I was arrested. A blood test was performed.

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

16 yr old daughter in van with 35 yr unknown male.He was drunk, she was as well. He was arrested for dui. She was issued citation for underage drinking. I am not permitted to know this creepers name (cop told me he seemed like an ok guy even though he was very drunk. What can I do about this guy? Daughter will not tell name. I believe there is another issue here and I am ready to ask the police to file charges such as "corruption of morals of minors" and whatever applies.

(Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Cambria county

On the night of 22 Dec 2010. I was arrested for dui by richland police. They had given me one field sobriety test and then had me blow into the breathalizer. After the first attempt, they said I had not blown enough air. So, they tried a second time, after a failed second attempt, I was arrested for suspected dui. They took me to the police station where I was handcuffed to a wall for about 45 min. After that, they had me take the breathalizer there at the station. The officer there said that I was at a 0.2. After that, I was released to the custody of a fellow marine. I have one previous arrest for dui that was never prosecuted because of my service in the military. I don't know what will happen with this one, if it will count as a first offense or second...

(Reading, Pennsylvania) Berks county

I was in an accident in March 2010. I was taken to the hospital for injuries and they did a BAC. I was not charged with dui until Sept. 9, 2010.. The arresting officer did not get the BAC until 8-11-2010. Why so long for the BAC results and what about the chain of custody?

(Phoenixville, Pennsylvania) Chester county

crashed and totaled car. Hit a metal pole noone else was involved. Also had unprescribed medication.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

i want to know about my driver lisence

(Star Junction, Pennsylvania) Fayette county

Was stopped for speeding, the officer asked me if I had been drinking, I said yes. I was not speeding . The officer said he was in a unmarked car. He was not he was in a patrol car.

(Sayre, Pennsylvania) Bradford county

I live in ny and had a dui over seven years ago, i was in sayre pa, and was in a parking lot backing up trying to avoid a bar fight. I was still the parking lot when police stopped me. I had about four beers but mixed it with vicodine and a strong asprin, both prescription that i have. I said no i was not drinking but the field sobrity tested me and the mix came together right then i just wanted to go to sleep. i refused the breathilizer and blood test. 1. what will they do to my ny licsense? and how long?2. what will they do in pa?3. will i be on probation in ny?

(Boyertown, Pennsylvania) Berks county

vehicle had gone into a ditch and was stuck tryed to get it out and state troopers arrived and arrested me

(Ephrata, Pennsylvania) Lancaster county

changing tier on side of raod on 322 trooper pulled up found bottal of alcohol in car reused test because he didnt pull me over

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny county

I was sitting in my car huffing canned air. I was not drinking.

(State College, Pennsylvania) Centre county

My charges are dui: Gen Imp (BAC .08m-.10) 1st offense and dui: Highest Rte of Alc (BAC .16+) 1st offense.

(West Chester, Pennsylvania) Chester county

feild serbrity check' follow pen with eyes.stand on one foot. and heel to toe all which i passed. was never read my rights was hand cuffed and put in car with no seatbelt even after i mentioned it to the officers. was taken to hospital for blood test i am on several medicines for hepitites c and am being treated for lyme

(Glenmoore, Pennsylvania) Chester county

Stopped at applebee's a few miles from home had dinner and a few drinks. got stopped and hand cuffed and taken to station

(Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Cambria county

I was pulled over and charged with possession of marijuana and dui..had to give a blood test at the hospital

(limerick, pennsylvania) Montgomery county

pulled on to shoulder of road to pass a vehicle. state trooper pulled me over as a result. I blew a .18.

(new castle, Pennsylvania) Lawrence county

BAC .244 age 21 State College PA. Arrested by State College Police. Had an underage drinking charge at the age of 20. Is the dui considered a first time offense or does the underage make it a second offense?

(cheltenham, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

I had about 10 drinks, got into a car accident. No one got hurt other than myself. After being sent to the ER I took a blood test for my BAC. Now I am just waiting on the next step. This is my first time getting into any trouble.

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

I was in a car accident

(new castle, Pennsylvania) Lawrence county

was stopped b/c cop knew who i was and pulled me over leaving grocery store, went to hospital and results were .243 bac

(pottstown, Pennsylvania) Montgomery county

Only validity to prosecution's case is that I did state I was driving on the night in question. There were no wittnesses to attest that I was the driver of the vehichle. I was not the only adult present. Also, rule 600 may apply due to the charges being filed in mid november of 2009 and then refiled in mid june of 2010 because the officer did not show up to court... the trial is set for mid december. The trial date is over 365 days of the original filing and over 180 days of the refiling. All continuances were due to the commonwealth of PA. Can the charges be dismissed on the grounds of prejedice due the rule 600 violation of my constitutional rights as the commonwealth did not excorsise due dillegence?

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia county

Was stopped do to crashin into another car

(corry, Pennsylvania) Erie county

for having a brake light out

(greenville, Pennsylvania) Mercer county

I put my car in a ditch because I was watching the guy behind me. I thought I was going to be hit from behind and did not pay attention to where I was turning. so i put it in a ditch and could not get my car out. I did say I was drinking that night. I did not take the bac test.