Oregon DUI Arrest Stories

(Corvallis, Oregon) Benton county

i went to court on monday for a dui. the officer had put the wrong court time on my ticket so i was late and missed the videos and the paper work. they asked me what i plea but told me i had to come back sense i didnt have all of the papers signed. when i got home i realized he had written the violation code incorrectly. do i have a case at all, should i get a lawyer.. i am supposed to return on thursday

(Aloha, Oregon) Washington county

Justin Hookie, 22, Lost control of his car in the pouring rain. Passenger was thrown from the car and died. Car hit median and went flying. Justin was found a block down in shock. Shattered ankle. Delirious and being charged with hit and run and manslaughter 1. He is an innocent victim. He was driving while having a suspended license.

(Bend, Oregon) Deschutes county

My girlfriend is a resident of MO. In Feb 2011 had a traffic accident and was arrested for DUII. Prior to that offense, she had an arrest for driving while under the influence of a prescription medication, so this is considered a second offense. She is planning on moving to Oregon in Feb of 2012. Her trial for the second dui in MO is scheduled for next month (end of Nov. 2011). Can she apply for and receive an Oregon Drivers license before her trial in MO if she uses my address as her current address? What would happen to her Oregon Drivers license after her trial date in Nov. if she is found guilty of dui in MO?

(ROSEBURG, Oregon) Douglas county

Summary:Charged with dui with 2 prior convictionsCase description:pulled over for "driving like sh*t". Was administered the field sobriety test after informing the police officer of a recent knee surgery (July). Arrested on the police officer's opinion that I was intoxicated. Taken to police station where I took the breathelyzer and blew a .12. Booked and released. I have two prior misdemeanor convictions in California within the past 4 years, and am being charged with a felony dui.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

Saturday night I was with friends at a bar in Clackamas where I did drink beer. I left there a little past midnight. I drove I205 to I5 and Hwy 217 to HWY 26 out to Hillsboro. I exited at 185th. I turned left to go south on 185th and while on the overpass; I slid and hit the guard rail doing damage to the car I was driving. No one else was involved. I was not injured. Someone called 911 and officers arrived from Hillsboro PD and Washington County Sheriff’s Department. They asked if I was drinking and I said I was drinking Beer. After their physical tests which I agreed to they arrested me and took me to the Washington County Jail. I agreed to a breathalyzer test which I failed with a 0.09�C. I am puzzled by the slippage of my all wheel drive vehicle on that overpass I’ve used for years. T live near the streets of Tanasborn.I must appear to answer the dui charges on Wednesday, October 12. No driving violations were cited. My car was not impounded.I’d like to discuss options if any on Tuesday morning sometime. Appeal, Hardship. Diversion.I will be at work so (Wilsonville) I will have to set up a time, mid morning, when I can speak privately. Please advise.

(ONTARIO, Oregon) Malheur county

Summary:duiiCase description:driving back from boise idaho got pulled over by state trooper for above speed limit , changing lane while not signaling and not stoping for officer right away

(REDMOND, Oregon) Deschutes county

Had a prior conviction 4 and a half years ago. Very complicated case, it started out with domestic violence, resulted in her dui, conflicting reports from hospital and police reports. Did have two 12 ounce beers, 2 hours prior to being pulled over. Also charged with endangerment and non-compliance. Please call on Thursday prior to 1245pm or after 4pm. Or all day on Friday.

(WOODBURN, Oregon) Marion county

Friday she was coming home and she was pulled over by an officer and she was taken in to blow a breathalizer and blew a 1.0, she had a prior dui but completed some sort of program so she is not sure if it is on her record.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

I went out one night, left a restataunt yes I had been drinking I stopped at a mini mart went in baught something and left. I got stopped a block from my house I did the sobriety and was arrested, I blew a 0.08 and was released. This was my first dui and now they ate trying to get me for two dui I need help/advice please

(Hillsboro, Oregon) Washington county

I'm a 46 year old WA resident playing golf with customers at an event. Left after dinner, didn't dim lights, and was pulled over by a North Plains police officer, who was relieved at scene when an OR state trooper arrived. I failed a long field sobriety test and was arrested and taken to their station where I blew two successive 0.13% tests. I was cooperative and the trooper called a cab, allowed me to return to my vehicle and get my suitcase, go to a hotel, and did not impound my car. He also said that he would note in his report that I was cooperative and that I could expect leniency from the judge. I'm a sales manager in the Seattle area and have a facility and reps in Salem that I drive down to see every two to three weeks or so. While having a license suspended in OR would cause a challenge, I would REALLY like to avoid having my license suspended in WA. My questions: I see what I can expect to pay for a fine. With the officer's comments about expected leniency, is the ROI from hiring an attorney worth it for me? What other factors should I consider?It looks like I would be eligible for deferment, is that true? Would I need to take the required classes in OR, or could I take them in WA? Can I avoid jail time?When do I request a deferment? Prior to pleading guilty?

(MEDFORD, Oregon) Jackson county

Summary:I have been charged with dui.Case description:09/09/11 I was stopped by the police for failure to maintain my lane. Took one field sobriety test, refused others. Prior DIU convictions were ten years ago. Had been sober for nine years. Since prior convictions completed AA degree, BS degree, and MBA degree; had gotten my life back on track.

(KLAMATH FALLS, Oregon) Klamath county

Summary:Duii, PCS Less OZ Marijuana, Refusal breath test.Case description:I was pulled over for speeding, and arrested for the above along with "Fail Carry Proof of Ins.". I hadn't had much sleep the previous few days and hadn't eaten that day(and I suffer from "low blood sugar" effects") which made me out of sorts and not able to concentrate on everything that was happening. I was jailed and bailed out the next morning, I have been released on bail and instructed to consult representation.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

this is my third duii in oregon. my first was in 1999 my second was in 2007 and third 2011. no wrecks or bodily injury to anyone. i have 3 counts of reckless endangering a person and reckless driving i did not take the breathalizer test but asked for a blood test which was denied.will i lose my license for life? does the "look back" period of ten years take affect in this case and what kind of jail time if any will i serve? thank you!

(MEDFORD, Oregon) Jackson county

Summary:DUICase description:the inmate is still in custody, judge need a public defender or lawyer to work on his case, he has a hearing on the 26 of august in san fransico for immigration status, his immigration lawyer will be back by 08/19/2011, he has bail of 1,000 but unable to release him due to his immigration on hold.

(EUGENE, Oregon) Lane county

Summary:my past, present, and future all in one.Case description:Im not a convicted fellon, i spent 45 days on me duii but stil oh fines, i dont know what attempt to posess is, the gun was elegal serch and sezier, was not driving the vehical. the vehical was locked and it was out of jurisdiction on privet property, nor was i charger or arested at that time i was told to walk away.

(Sherwood, Oregon) Washington county

I was arrested on 8/13/11 for dui. I intend to fight the charge and need a good dui lawyer who has experience winning dui cases. I will also need representation for the DMV hearing that I have already requested.

(Salem, Oregon) Marion county

Following my wife home from a dinner party that lasted 3.5 hours. Wife driving her vehicle with a headlight out, I was driving a company provided vehicle following behind her. Wife was stopped for entering an intersection on a yellow light. I pulled up several parking spaces next to her vehicle, parking in a yellow zone, and got out to offer my perspective on when she entered the intersection. The traffic officer seemed disturbed by my presence. I told him what I saw and when, he shouted at me to get back. Twice. After I saw that Wife got a warning, I went to move my vehicle out of the yellow and parked in the next stall. As i left my vehicle stepping up on the side walk I heard the officer shout "get back in the vehicle." I refused. I was going over to talk with my wife. He said he smelled alcohal and that my eyes were glassey. He then called in a "DUII" and I was surrounded by at least 4 other officers. Asked and answered again (2nd time) if I had been drinking< i replied againthat I had had 2 glasses of wine at dinner. I was read my rights, asked to sign the card, I asked for an atty, and refused the signature. I was asked to perform FST, I asked what would happen If i didn't, officer said,"then I'll decide what to do". I was then placed under arrest. @ the station in cuffs in front of the breathalizer I was read a list of statements,and refused to take the test. The officer scooped up the paperwork stating that he would get the warrant for the blood work. I was then moved to another room, cuffs removed, I texted my wife "just waiting for the blood test>My motivation for refusal of the FST: First officer on the scene initially acted very hostile on two occations I felt his appraisal of the FST would be subjective and bias. Also, surrounded by several officers, lights flashing, my anxiety level was pegged. And lastly, my wife and son sitting in their car a few feet away, I was embarrased.Motivation for refusal of breath test: I only had 2 glasses of wine. I did not feel illegally impaired BUT, I dont know all the weights and measures it takes to get to .08. Also, i feel the breath test is an estimate of BAC> I wanted to be sure I was under the limit with a blood test, and the arresting officer comfirmed this test would take plase. it never did.

(BEND, Oregon) Deschutes county

Summary:Arrested for third duiiCase description:Was arrested for a duii after hitting a vehicle in front of me after an abrupt stop. I declined to do a field sobriety test due to certain health restrictions. Was given a breathalizer test nearly 3 hours later, and failed. I didn't receive a copy of the tests, nor did the officer who signed the report administer the test. She couldn't remember how to log on to the machine, so I waited for another officer to administer it.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

I am moving from the state of California to Oregon. I had two dui's in 2005. Both offenses have been satisfied, and I have a valid California Drivers License without restriction. Currently, I carry a non owners auto policy SR22, which I was required to have until April 2011. The policy is good through Jan 2012. My question, when I attempt to get my Oregon Licenset, will I have any legal issues or complications or will it be routine. If I need any Lawyer prior to my contact with the DMV, I will do what is necessary. I thank you ahead for any information you are willing to feed my way. I am submitting my cell phone number, however; I will not be available until after Aug 10th to receive calls. I have a business in Baja California and will be in Portland after the 10th. I thank you ahead for any information you are permitted to give me via my email address. Sincerely

(pendleton, oregon) Umatilla county

I received a dui on my ATV. I was at the top of tiger canyon in umatilla county. I had no passenger on my ATV. Also I did not have a truck a friend was was taking my ATV how just as he had brought it up there.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

I was pulled over and at the time I was very upset due to mom having Alzheimer’s and being the first time she did not remember me. I left her home and was crying and went around a curb and slightly hit the curb. The police officer pulled me over and felt that I was drinking. I did the field test and they checked my vehicle. They found an empty prescription bottle for pain medication which I am prescribed for from a car accident where I broke my pelvis and pubic bone and cut up the back of my head causing neck damage. I believe this affected the Field Sobriety test. I was arrested and blew o on the BAC. The officer kept asking me the same questions over and over and giving me the same tests over and over. He called in a Specialist and I went through the tests again. I was assigned a lawyer through the court however he is extremely difficult to get a hold of and hard to work with. He keeps getting me mixed up with a person who has 3 dui's. I submitted to a Urine test but the results have not gotten returned. I have asked my lawyer to fax me the police reports on several occasions but he ignores my requests. I don't know what to do. I am hoping you can help. I am employed and can make you payments if we decide to go further with representation. I would like to set up a complimentary consultation and discuss this with you further.I have never been in any other trouble besides a traffic violation. Please advise if you would be willing to do this. Sincerely and Respectfully

(umatilla, oregon) Umatilla county

I was pulled over for not using my head lights it was 3 am and i was tired they said i had been drinking when i hadnt and took me to the station where i did a breath test i could not blow hard enough so they charged me with dui

(corvallis, oregon) Benton county

My Driver's License is revoked in the state of Florida for multiple dui's. Is it at all possible for me to obtain an Oregon D/L thru a diversion program or something similar. Last conviction was in 2008. I attended an in house 28 day program at the VA medical center in Bay Pines, Florida and have remained sober.

(Pendleton, Oregon) Umatilla county


(Umatilla, Oregon) Umatilla county

I did a hit and run at approximately 3:00p.m. I drove to the liquor store right after and bought a bottle of whiskey and took it home. I drank the bottle between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. Officer came to my house around 10:00 p.m. and took me to the station. After about 45 minutes he gave me a breathalyzer test and my BAC was 0.30. How do I prove that I was not intoxicated at time of incident?

(Woodburn, Oregon) Marion county

Im A Marine Stationed In Hawaii, Got pulled over I Admitted To Have A Few Beers , Passed Sobriety Test THen The Police Took Me In And Made Me Blow. I Blew A .12 .. I Career In The Marine Corp In Which I Love Fighting For This Country Is At Stake.

(Depoe Bay, Oregon) Lincoln county

I was in my driveway opening rear door on drivers side to get papers out of back seat (keys were not in ignition) Lincoln County Sheriff Dept. drove in , performed 3 eye tests and informed me that I was going to Police Station where they performed 3 breath tests. The 3rd test was 0.20%.. I informed Sheriff that I was not driving the vehicle. In this state, does the Sheriff have a probable cause to arrest me

(Tillamook, Oregon) Tillamook county

Disabled vet with 100% disability based on mental disability, I drove up from California to visit my parents. Once in Oregon we celebrated my arrival with champagne. While preparing dinner I had a glass of wine. An argument started between my father and myself, he being a prior military officer used his military voice which triggered my PTSD and I had a fight or flight reaction. I grabbed all of the medication I could find and corked rest of the bottle of wine, and headed out with the intent to end my life if I could not recover from my current stress level.(this is a common thought that follows my disability) I got into my truck, because of the extreme adrenalin from my emotions I did not feel intoxicated. Once I got in my truck I thought I would find a safe place to go and the only place I could think of was the coast so I took my medication to calm me down and headed for the coast. On the way to the coast the Clonazepam mixed with the alcohol and I had not eaten anything so Istarted to feel sleepy and fuzzy. It was raining sideways and I couldn’t see so I slowed way down. I passed an area where some of my high school friends had died because of a car accident and I looked down. The next thing I knew I was going off the edge of the road and into the river. Some passersby called the police, the state police arrived they did a sobriety test I cooperated and I was taken by ambulance to the local hospital (I requested to be taken to the VA but they didn’t) the next day taken to the VA hospital for a mental evaluation and was released.

(Eugene, Oregon) Lane county

I was pulled over for a broken tail light at 10pm. I admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day and then passed a field sobriety test but was then handcuffed and taken to the station where i took a breath test, no alcohol in my system. I also took a urine test and was asked to do another field sobriety test by another DRE officer. This is my first offense for anything, and first time being pulled over. I just really need to know what to expect and what to do.

(Redmond, Oregon) Deschutes county

pulled over for speeding, refused sobriety test. arrest for dui speeding and DWS, would like to try to have case dropped on lack of probably cause because the officer did not radar or lazer me he paced me for a short very short distance and i have witness in other vehicles that i was with stating i could not have been speeding or i would have rear ended them and another stating they were maintaining a constant speed and i was not getting any further ahead

(West Linn, Oregon) Clackamas county

I had 2 beers and crashed my car. I have information on the vehile which can be used to help in my case. The car flipped and the officer gave me 3 field sobriety tests. After the tests the officer arrested me, but I was later taken into the hospital, on that night, for a CATscan because the hospital was worried.about my health. Could my tests have been failed because of a concussion, or other potential damages that had happened that night. My name is Brady Bellafronto, my e-mail is out of service so phone would be the best time to reach me. 503-367-6770 is mmy cell number. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you in the near future

(Gladstone, Oregon) Clackamas county

I was pulled over because the casing on a rear tail light on my girlfriend's minivan was cracked and showing white light. I was given field sobriety tests and did not pass. I was arrested for dui. This was the first time for me. I was given a breathalizer at the police station and blew a 0.18. I would like to pursue a dismissal of charges or a Diversion program.

(Lake Oswego, Oregon) Clackamas county

I bumped a vehicle in a parking lot without realizing it. I left. The police showed up at my house. My husband called me so I went back. I was then arrested for a dui. I failed the breathalyzer wuth a .16.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

had dui in sept 2009 but refused breathe test so charges were dropped-i was clear of all charges-now I got a dui in ilwaukie oregon but refused test again-i was not drunk-the police who arrested me were after me for seeing me at bars and other stuff.

(Ashland, Oregon) Jackson county

I was driving with one headlight and got pulled over the police officer asked me if I was drinking I said I had a shot of whiskey and a beer with dinner and two more beers in the afternoon. It was 12:30 am and I had ben working on a farm all day and was incrediby tired. I took the field sobriety test and had no energy to do it. I went to the station and took the breathalizer test and blew a .084. I was then arested for a dui. I had two prior dui's in my early twenties 10 years ago. I finish all the classes and was released. I want to know what I am about to have happen and what are my options. I have court on may 25 2001.

(Coos Bay, Oregon) Coos county

I was driving from a friend at about 2am. i was driving on a road that i was not familiar with. i thought the road went straight but instead it had stop sign followed by a sharp left hand turn. there were no sign to warn me about the stop sign coming up ahead or the turn. it was dark out and by the time i realize there was a turn, it was too late. i tried jaming my breaks but they didnt work instead my car went straight and hit a parked car. i have a witness who can attest to my breaks being bad. that night, i have have at the most 4 beers. i had no intentions of driving but my friends girlfriend at the house we were suppose to stay the night got in a fight with my girlfriend and my girlfriend took off walking in the dark. she had no money for the cab and she was 30 miles away from her home so i was obligated to drive after her. when i was asked to perform the test by the officer, i passed all except he was convinced that my eyes seemed intoxicated. he breathlized me and i bl ew .11.i told him i felt there was a mustake and asked him if i can try again he said no. he took me in, did all the paper work, and finally took me to coquille. the sharrifs there told me i can take another breath test but i had to wait an hour. my ride came and pick me up 20 mins before the hour was up so i never got a chance to take another breathlizer.please help. i feel there was some kind of a mustake. thanks

(Lincoln City, Oregon) Lincoln county

Was stopped for non use of my indicator, then upon being asked for my license, I produced my state ID as my license is suspended. When asked by the officer why I was driving I stated that " I was taking my partner back to our hotel as he was having issues with his heart and needed to take his meds, and he didn't feel he was well enough to drive". The officer then asked me to step out of the vehicle and performed a field sobriety test on me while he made my partner wait in the vehicle. Upon beginning the field test, I was standing on a hill off to the side of the patrol car so as we were out of line of the camera. I explained that I have health issues with my legs and back and the officer didn't seem to care and still requested that I perform certain tests that are hard for me to do, I am visually impaired and trying to follow a pen that is being jerked arouond in front of me is hard to do and when this was stated the officer showed no sign of concern. After taking approx . 20minutes to perform all the tests he then decided to take me into custody and transported me to the police dept at Lincoln City. Once there I was held for approx 45 minutes to 1 hour before a breathalizer test was performed, after that was done I was issued my citations and was released. When it was mentioned that we were a gay couple there were several harrassing comments made by the officer through-out the whole process. It was stated to me by the officer who made the arrest that " I fit the description of a patron in Maxwell's who had been making rude comments to female patrons about there breasts and comparing them to his wife's". At no time was there ever a woman in our presence. When released I was told that I would have to wait on the street for the taxi driver to show up, when he did he was high on drugs, and when I refused to get into the vehicle with him he began making rued and lewd comments to me and yelling.

(Hood River, Oregon) Hood River county

dui I was at a resteraunt and had a few drinks and afterwards i ended up hitting a mud bank and the owners of the home called the police because they were not sure if i was ok and thats when the alcahol started to kick in was 10 minutes before the police showed up but i was not in my car when they showed up.

(Bend, Oregon) Deschutes county

I was under great duress from an poisioning in 1989 . This was a double poisioning and resulted in infecting my teeth. I have since had all ten remaining teeth removed. I was very ill and no doctor out of many I saw was able to diagnos this. My intestines were very irritated and I thought this was the main concern as I did get great relief from mainly around for beers.However, at the end of ten years of struggle I was very ill.

(Eugene, Oregon) Lane county

2nd dui a cuple days ago. first one was in linn county....still going to classes for that one. i was at a party 5 guys were after my friend and i we where being attacked i got in my car and i turned down a 1 way street and there they sat eugene police. took the test i passed that part. went to jail failed the blower

(Roseburg, Oregon) Douglas county

I was arrested for dui. the time was approximately 9:45 PM I had backed into my next doors neighbors tree I was trying to true around to get into my drive way I had missed. I stopped my truck when i realized I had hit his tree. At that time he came out of his house and my wife had just pulled in our driveway came over also. I got out of the truck after some lecturing from neighbor and wife. and went into my house. My wife moved my truck into our driveway. About half-hour or later a cop came to my house got me out of bed asked me afew question and arrested me. I was then taken to the justice center given my breath test which I blew a 1.4 and was then released after the test. I was then picked up by my wife and went home.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

had taken Vicodin for work related injury prior to going out. pulled over speeding 51/35. blew a.19 at the station. failed field sobriety.I cooperated with the police. Also, have two priors in MN in 04 and 03.

(Hillsboro, Oregon) Washington county

Officer said he saw me swurve...not swurving i fully cooperated he asked if i had been drinkning i said i had earlier around 830pm...because he smelld beer in car.. he ran series of tests which i know i passed accept for walking straight line due to jammed disk..he said he determind i was under influence based on fact i couldnt count..i was concentrated on walking line since i can't do it even sober. I was honest about prescriptions but had not taken any accpet for blood pressure meds. i mentioned amitriplyn for anxiety are my reg prescriptions & only one at night b4 bed to sleep.

(Hillsboro, Oregon) Washington county

my dad blew a .05% after being arrested. he was on his way to work and had drank the night before. he was also tested for other intoxicants and passed with a judgement of being sleepy. since he didnt blow over a .08% or more what happens next?

(Bend, Oregon) Deschutes county

I had a dui over seven years ago in Michigan. I thought I had my license until I went to go get it renewed in Idaho. Michigan was holding my license. I had to go back to Michigan and go to court to plea for my license back. I have had a interlock in my car for two years now. I was suppose to get it off last year. I have moved to oregon. Michigan still wants me to go back to court to get my license back without the interlock. Can I get my license back in any other state without having to fly back to Michigan? This happened over seven years ago...

(Gladstone, Oregon) Clackamas county

I have had 3 DUIIs. The first I think was in 1992, I don't remember what I blew. The second in 1997 In which I blew a .09. The third was in 2006 and i blew a .27. The last one I was drunk enough to state that I was driving but wasn't. I was ok with that because I knew I didn't need to be driving as long as I was drinking. I have been sober for the past three years and am having trouble making the most out of my life without my driving privileges. Somehow I didn't think that I would be subject to a lifetime revocation. I am looking for some kind of appeal or something I could do to better my position. Thank you

(Cottage Grove, Oregon) Lane county

I was pulled over at approximately 930pm on Sunday evening the 6th of March. The reason for the stop as described by the State policeman was a damaged left tail ight. It is true the tail light is damaged. After greeting us at the window the officer said that he smelled alcohol. I had had one beer at our previous stop which I told him. More the likely he smelled the alcohol coming from my wife who had been drinking a fair amount. We asked to take a field sobriety test I immediately agreed because I felt I had nothing to worry about. After performing the three tests I assumed he was going to let me go because I executed them without error. Instead he put handcuffs on me and took me to the downtown Cottage Grove police station charging me with a dui. At that time I refused to cooperate further with him (meaning refused the breath test.) When I asked the officer what about the field sobriety test gave him the impression that I was intoxicated, his response was that my eyeswere watery. So again, the charge was made based on the smell of alcohol and watery eyes, not on how I was driving nor on how I performed the coordination and balance tests given me. I say this because the officer had followed our vehicle for quite a while and stated quite clearly that the reason for pulling me over was not unsafe driving but a broken tai light. The alcohol smell was clearly coming from my wife. So the only basis for my charge is the ambiguous "watery eyes" which to me seems a highly subjective thing to use as a basis for a serious allegation.After cooperating with the officer, feeling I had nothing to hide, and performing the tests I was asked to perform I was rewarded with a charge based on watery eyes. I no longer felt it was in my best interest to cooperate with the officer and that he was soley interested in making a charge against me no matter what. I refused the breath test. He gave me my citations and I left.I am probably naive to think there is any chance for justice to be served in this case but I would like to challenge these charges and plead not guilty.

(Lakeview, Oregon) Lake county

My husband left bar, went straight to hotel, pulled into parking lot. Thats when he noticed the police car. Policeman came up to window asked for licence. He tried to blow into breathalizer but couldn't do it. They drew blood BAL= 0.21. Charges are Class A= dui Class A=wreckless endangement, Class A= wreckless driving and CLASS C=fleeing or evading police. and Refusing to take breathalizer. He didn't refuse, he was just too drunk to do it, and he didn't Evade. He has no Criminal HX, court date is 03/14/11

(Springfield, Oregon) Lane county

i was driveing friends car took a drink off wisky bottel an cop saw me i took test it was .14 cop waited 1hr before giveing me the test this is the first time i have got a tickit for dui or dwi i all so got open contaner an no insurets the car had insurets so the owner says they took my driver lisons an spended me for 90 days

(La Grande, Oregon) Union county

Entered the dui diversion program which I am 40 days from completing and getting my drivers license back. I have a concealed hangun license, and I want to know if my dui will revoke my concealed carry license.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

Citation occurred around 245 am on Thursday, Feb 24. I was pulled over on near the Murray Exit off of Highway 26 heading Eastbound toward Portland. The Beaverton Police Officers that pulled me over notified me that I had been driving without my headlights on. He then told me that he could smell alcohol and asked me if I had been drinking. I told him that I had been. He then administered a field sobriety test and came to the conclusion that I was intoxicated. I was then handcuffed and taken to the Hillsboro Police Station where I was figure printed and got a mug shot taken. I was given a breath test and blew a 0.16%. This is my first alcohol related offense and I was very compliant with the police officers at the scene and at the holding facility. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

(Medford, Oregon) Jackson county

i was arrested for a dui in my driveway on sunday,20th of feb.i had called 911 because my husband and i were arguing,in fact he basically was passing out from his drinking,as usual.he has just complted com.servicefor 4th degree assault,which i got minimized by calling the DA directly(a lady D.A.which all the officers referred to her as"the shark".his community servive was in a sporting lodge mowing lawns on a sit down mower.basically.whenever he wanted.he told the officers {about this time}since i had left he wanted to .Consequently,he insisted that i be arrested.when i came home from goimg to get a motel,i decided not to spend the money{we cant EVEN afford it}I was 60 yard from my home and i saw thw police car obviously coming from my home,he flipped a U-ie and followed me into my carport.the street {camp joy,or.}is very narrow,so that is why i proceeded into my driveway,maybe 300 yds.from where he turned around.my level was .22.yes,high.but i am 5'1" and 105 lbs.it was NASCAR day,a big one for us,and i deceded to indulge.this is a nightmare,shannon,can you help me or,advise me??i beg of you.not that it matters,really,but i am a born again christian so i follow God Laws,except that sunday!!thankyou for any input to put my mind,somewhat,at rest.sincerely

(Grants Pass, Oregon) Josephine county

my husband has history of dom.abuse,i called 911,but hung up,i went to a hotel but decided not to spend the money,on my way back,an officer spun a u turn on my corner and arrested me in my driveway.he also had the car towed,which cost 300.i usually dont drink but it was NASCAR daytona and we both were indulging.just tall beers.Im 5 1 and 108 lbs.so it doesn't take much for my level to rise.now what?

(Ashland, Oregon) Jackson county

I was pulled over last night after a big fight while my ex-boyfriend got out of the car and left me on the highway, and he took my phone. I have bad night vision and never drive at night. I had had 2 beers and a shot within the last 2 hours. I didn't feel comfortable driving, as I don't like driving at night or after drinking any amount, however I was left on the side of the highway and didn't feel comfortable staying in my car on the side of the road. I pulled into a bar and borrowed a phone from a stranger to call the only number I have memorized, hoping I could stay with him. No answer. So I pulled out of the parking lot and I was going to find a residential street to sleep in my car until morning. I was pulled over, the officer claiming that I swerved over the line. As he made me get out of the car and perform a field sobriety test, I made him demonstrate exactly what the 9 step turn around was to look like. He said heel to toe and when you turn take a few steps t o turnand 9 steps back. I did, exactly as he said, no wobbling (i'm a dancer). Then he had me stand on one leg for 30 seconds. I informed him before hand that I had recently taken a 30 foot fall, which resulted in a giant hematoma on my leg, not able to sit for long and my strong leg that I balance on is the one that I injured. I touched my toe on the ground once and did not wobble. Then he made me follow the light. I informed him that as I had been crying from my breakup/fight that my contacts were incredible dry, which made me have to blink alot... this was the most uncomfortable of all tests due to my contacts. He then put cuffs on me and said I had failed. I asked him on which test and he said all of them. He didn't read me my rights, put me in the car and searched my car. When we got to the station he wanted me to take a breathalizer... I have never been in this situation and was so unclear what to do so I refused. I have had one speeding ticked in all 40 years of m y life,never had a duii as I don't drink and drive, except under this one horrible experience. What should I do? And I am planning on relocating to hawaii in a little over a month.

(Sweet Home, Oregon) Linn county

I am bi poler which is spinning out of controle, I can't sleep and dont know if I'm comeing or going. I did see my Doctor friday morning. Saturday I had a few beers and I remember feeling the need to run away, so I did. I havent had any alcohol in months. I do not think alcohol classes will help me but I do think mental health counsaling to learn how to deal with my bi poler and stress around me would be a better match.

(Salem, Oregon) Marion county


(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

I was arrested for a duii. I refused the breath test, but would have been willing to take a blood or urine test had it been offered as an option. Paper work clearly states that there are three options to be tested by. It is alleged that I was "passed out" from drinking. How can one tell if a person is in a normal sleep or passed out due to a substance in there system without testing?

(Albany, Oregon) Linn county

this is my 3rd duii since 1994. my 2nd one has been over 10yrs. I'm really realy scared! I dont know what to do? I went out with some friends and was givin a couple of drinks that someone else paid for then was going home.

(Gresham, Oregon) Multnomah county

Would like to have fines reduced for a dui commited May 2007, and traffic violatioins in the past. The courts have already heard and ruled on these cases. I am wondering if I can get them further reduced at this time.

(Hillsboro, Oregon) Washington county

I have had a previous dui and completed diversion 12yrs ago. I was stopped for failure to use a turn signal for a 100ft prior to changing lanes. When pulled over the officer smelled alcohol and I was issued field sobriety test then breathalyzer at the station and my blood alcohol level was 0.14%. The officer allowed my friend to drive my truck to their house while I was taken to the station to complete paperwork. Released within 1hr from stop.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

dui was in 2006? have had contact with police since and was never brought up. completed inpatient and outpatient in WA. in 2010. i have 1 dui in WA and this will be my 2nd in oregon. is there any way it could be dismissed? isnt there a speedy trial clause i could get off with?

(Klamath Falls, Oregon) Klamath county

I was pulled over for having hit a police vehicle. I most certainly did not hit a vehicle and my witness in my vehicle can testify to that. The officer refused to tell me how he knew I did it. I was forced to get out of my vehicle and was told to leave my door open (I later realized they told me to leave the door open so they could visually search my vehicle, when I told them they could not search my vehicle without a warrant or giving me some probable cause). They asked me if I had been drinking, and I told them I had had a few beers several hours prior to me driving. I was told to wait by another police vehicle while my passengers were being questioned. When the officer returned to talk to me I was asked to submit to a field sobriety test, and I responded that I would not do one in the street and that if he wanted to do a sobriety test that we would need to go to the police station. I was then cuffed and not read my rights or told what charge I was being arrested on. Upon a rrivingat the police station I conducted the field sobriety test (I thought I did quite well on the test, but the officer wouldn't say as whether I had passed of not.) Prior to taking the breathalyzer I had to sign several documents, several of which I was not not allowed to read. I took the breathalyzer and blew a .14 and was then put into detox.

(Grants Pass, Oregon) Josephine county

pulled over for having tags on backwards. I consented to a field sobriety test which I was told that I failed. I was then taken to jail for a breath test and blew 0.12. My daughter was in the car with me and I was also given a ticket for reckless endangering.

(Central Point, Oregon) Jackson county

i was pulled over on 12-6-10 for lightbulb on license plate was either not visiable. False statement by officer. She took me in after test (standing,walking,etc.)saying i was intoxicated. My ticket is for DUII and no insurance, driving while suspended. Did not know about suspension.Went to court and the DA did not file yet.

(Brownsville, Oregon) Linn county

they first thought I I was drinkikink it was nov.25 Ilive in brownsvill & forgot the store where closed ,Iended up driving to sweethome,to get some.I take care of my uncle who has downsyndrome $ is 58 yrs. old. as I was driving back my car was was tryighg to to quit. I was only in shorys & light jacket,but there was a car behind me in a hurry ,he reportet I was allover the road I was just trying to get the car was tuuring on &off it's bright light's &then passed me in a no passsing zone. Ialmost got in a wreck than evrything shut down .I was very cold & was parked on the side the road than 23 or 3 sherriffs car puuled at firts I was happpy to see them untill the lady officer said she could smmell olchol &that i treew bup all over te front .Ion't drink ,she wouln't lisnen to me I they could when I got back to the police station is Chrge mewit my meds .methodec for brocken back about6yrs.They also gave me 1 more ticket for failer to perform duties ofb driver..she never read me mywrites or asked if I was on any meds and ipassed there tsests,but she tit seemed like it was coverv for alot mistakes, I want to make acomplaint, but i'mm scared ,please help.

(Beaverton, Oregon) Washington county

Prior to this duii stop I had been stopped earlier went through a field sobriety test and passed. I was driving my brother home who was highly intoxicated, he was upset about things with his ex girlfriend. So he decided to throw his phone out of the car. This happened on TV highway and 170th in Beaverton, OR. So frustrated I quickly made a illegal lane change turned down 170th parked on the side of the road and turned my flashers on. I got out of the car and headed up tv highway by the side of the road looking for his phone. In this process a cop stop and got out of his car. He claimed he had scene the whole incident and asked if I would do a field sobriety test which I agreed too. I explained to him I have a small eye disorder where my eyes dilate different this is due to a surgery I had in the past. I also explained to him that I have a speech inpatament and slightly have balance issues. A second cop showed up to observe and back up the first cop. I go through the test in bad weather rainy and windy, I was asked a few times to stop using my peripheral vision when follow the red laser pointer. I tried to the best of my ability. Not being well coordinated I didn't do so well on the foot to foot steps or holding my left foot up and starring at it. By this time a third cop showed u p whichwas the first cop from before. At this point still upset I asked the cop to end the sharrads because I knew he already made his decision to arrest me. About five minutes after the third cop came I was placed under arrest. I was given my miranda rights. Me and the cop talked off the record for some time. I never admited to alcoholism or that I was too impared to drive. i did however say that I probably shouldn't of been driving but never that I couldnt. He asked me from 1 to 10 how I felt i said 2. He asked me how do you think I am impared by a 2 I said it effects my speech since I have a speech impatement. Went to wasco sheriffs office to start me on my journey wasco jail to get booked. I took a breath test at the sheriffs office twice blew .071 and .072, I was under the limit didn't get my license taken.When booked at wasco jail it only took 45 mins to an hour to release me, didnt get checked by a nurse just did another breath test and paperwork/scans.

(Grants Pass, Oregon) Josephine county

I was following my sister and she was pulled over by the police. I pulled over as well to wait for her. An officer determined that I was intoxicated after I agreed to a field sobriety test. I was arrested and taken into the police station where I submitted a breath test which read 0.14%. I have a California driver's license and am meant to be back in California today. I have no prior convictions of any sort and no history involving DUII ever.I'm not sure what other information I can provide.

(Cave Junction, Oregon) Josephine county

I was pulled over when my sister and I were caravaning home after dinner. I was stopped because the officer said I was "all over the road" and that I smelled of alcohol. I did the three field sobriety tests before he arrested me and read me my rights. I did not submit to a breath test at the station because I have been told in the past that it is better to not submit so you don't incriminate yourself. This is my second offense, but my first was in the state of Ohio, now Oregon. I live in Ohio and have to take care of the situation somehow without my presence.

(Canby, Oregon) Clackamas county

i have just received my second dui within 5 years, my last dui was on 9/6/06 and i just received my new one 12/22/2010, i am going to submit for the formal hearing reveiw, i thought that would be a wise choice considering i need a car to get to my job with the hours i work no bus lines are available.

(Rogue River, Oregon) Jackson county

My headlights were not on. I explained to the officer that my dash lights didnt work and thats why i pulled over cause the road looked really dark and i wanted to make sure my headlights were on.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

driving too slow in a dense fog in Myrtle Creek, Or - Douglas county - next to I-5

(Tigard, Oregon) Washington county

DUII... NOT YET ARRESTED BUT STILL WAITING FOR COURT DATE AND TEST SCORE IS .13%.....MY QUESTION IS WHAT AM I FACING??? BACK IN ARIZONA I HAD 2 DUII everything is been dismiss by judge the first was in 2005 the 2 one was somewhere between 2007 and 2008....so just after i moved here to oregon state recently just this month year 2010 got a DUII again in the state of oregon. what am i facing here??

(Gresham, Oregon) Multnomah county

Was driving home and the cops pulled me over. Then they gave me a couple test and I failed! After that I was taken to jail! When I got to the jail they gave me a breath test and blew a 0.12!

(Beavercreek, Oregon) Clackamas county

my son received dui .15 blood achohol, marajuana possession, pipe possession, improper left turn, broken tail light.

(Portland, Oregon) Multnomah county

I have been convicted of one OWI in WI and two DUIIs in OR. The last in May of 2009. I now have a Life time Revokation. My occupation and any other applicable occupations require a drivers license. I have looked outside this industry for work. I have been left without many options and have been driving with a revoked license. I now have been picked up three times for DWS. It was told to me upon the time of the last conviction of DUIII that reinstatement is a dead end. I am also seemingly inelidgible for either a hardship license or a probationary license. Either one of these would be progress at this point. I now am revisiting the notion of a possibility of a license or any form in which allows me to restablish my life.