North Carolina DUI Arrest Stories

(raleigh, north carolina) Wake county

This is from 2001 and I am unable to obtain/renew my missouri drivers license b/c of a dui/driving with alcohol in the car incident that happened 10 years ago in a different state. I was in the military at the time that is why I lived in NC I am currently living in MO and I need some assistance and or direction on how to get my license back and what exactly I need to do.

(Hillsborough, North Carolina) Orange county

During the 1990's and early 2000's while being treated for multiple health issues (leukemia and spinal injuries) and many pharmaceutical drugs at Duke University Hospital and VA-Durham, I received 2 (95 and other year unknown and most recent case from 2002) and possibly 3 dui's at which time I was placed on probabtion. I was found in violation of the probation and was sent to jail for a 1 year sentence with early release after 4 months and a stint in DART Cherry drug and alcohol drug treatment program (28 day). Now, many years later, I am being told that I have an outstanding case in Orange County from 2002 even though that occurred before I was sent to jail on the 2nd charge....I was told I refused a blood test for the prescription pills??? I still have significant health issues, but I felt I would be able to drive since I am no longer on the prescription drugs that led to many bouts with the law. The fact is, is that I do NOT remember about 10 years of my life due to th emedicated state I was in under a licensed physicians care. So, I need direction on how to clear this case without undue hardship with ongoing health challenges. Thank you for your time and assistance.

(Goldsboro, North Carolina) Wayne county

I was out at a friends house drinking late in the evening i turned over my keys to my friend and went to sleep upstaires (I have a written statement from that Person)that is the last thing i remember. The next thing i can recall is being pulled over by a police officer. He performed a breathalizer at the sceane but i do not have the result. I have the result from the one he took at the police station. It was a .18. I am also charged with a reckless driving because at the time i was driving 89mph in a 55mph zone. Again i have no memory of this. My unusual circumstane is that i was blacked out the entire time and also i was on the prescription drug chantix which in several reports has caused Blackouts and changes in behavior along with several other severe mental side effects. I have no criminal record and this is my first time in court besides 1 minor speeding ticket i have had in my life. I also serve in the US Air Force. I think that the drug i took made me blackout and i was unaware of what i was doing at the time of the inncident. I would like to know if this can be used in my defence at my trial?

(Haw River, North Carolina) Alamance county

My son was arrested for dui in Greenville approximately a year and a half ago. He was told to do the classroom time for substance abuse. His case went to trial within the last two weeks and the result was a license suspension for a year. This is his first offense. Is there any kind of program he can enter that would allow his license to be returned conditionally so that he can work/commute to college?

(Mooresville, North Carolina) Iredell county

I have already been convicted, 2 years ago but have paid my fines and finally have the interlock system in my car and am taking my 10 classes at this time. I did not have the money to do it before this time.What I am needing is driving privledges until my classes are finished in 5 weeks. I am a care giver for a man with cancer and need to be able to take him to and from the Dr and such. Thank you for your time.

(Winston Salem, North Carolina) Forsyth county

One. Blew .09 in police car and refused test. Officer drew blood 2 hrs later. Then 45 days later I was arrested for dwi. Car was parked in lot seat kicked back w engine running to keep warm. Keys were locked in glivebox. It was a push button start however I could not possibly drive w keys in box. It was the same officer who I had refused prior. Additionally my car was impounded and I have an out of state licence as I am a Texas resident who was just discharged From the marines

(Beulaville, North Carolina) Duplin county

Back in 2003, I was arrested on while driving intoxicated. I spent the night in jail, posted bail and came back to court. I was ordered to pay restitution and 40 hours community service which I never completed because I moved back to Connecticut. I am not sure what to do. My license was suspended as well.

(Asheboro, North Carolina) Randolph county

I rear ended the truck in front of me. No one in either vehicle was hurt. I did not blow on the scene. My test consisted only of walking a white line 9 steps forward heel to toe turn repeat. I did this with no problem. I was not givin any other type of test on the scene. The officer directed me to sit on the curb while he sole with the other driver. He came back to me and explained what he gathered so far and informed me that I was under arrest for dwi at which time I was cuffed and taken to jail. Once there I was given a breathalyzer. I blew a .16. I was never taken to a holding cell or searched on the scene or in the jail house. Within the hour the magistrate let me sign myself out on a promise to appear. When asked by the magistrate both of the arresting officers vouched for me saying that I was cooperative, I never gave one problem, and that in their opinion I was sober enough to sign myself out.

(Clemmons, North Carolina) Forsyth county

first dui was 2005 i fell alsleep sitting at a stop light i took aa and didnt drive for a year, 2dui was 2007. Its 2011 now I just had a hearing and did not get my licenced back, I have changed the crowed I hang with I no longer drink, I go to work and come home to my family. My veiws are different then they were in 2005. Iwas wondering if hiring a lawyer after my hearing will help me get closer to geting my licences back.

(Charlotte, North Carolina) Mecklenburg county

i just caught my 4th dwi within a 10 year period. I just went to court a few days ago and they would not here my case because i was told they are going to turn this 4th dwi from a misdemenor to a felony. I was told that i would have to do anywhere from 12 months to 5 years. I was wondering what are my options to not do any jail time. I was told i can go to inpatient for 28 days and the courts would consider it time serve day for day. Please let me know what i can do i can not afford to go to jail.