A New Jersey DWI Can Lead To A Driver’s License Suspension

If you live in the State of New Jersey, you’ll want to know all the ways your driver’s license can be suspended. You’ll also want to know that it’s the courts that impose the consequences to your driver’s license. Finally, you’ll want to know that just a simple moving violation can lead to points assessed on your driver’s license, which can lead to surcharges and, if those surcharges aren’t paid, can ultimately lead to your license being suspended. And if you’ve had a DWI in New Jersey, failure to pay the fines results in the loss of your license (along with a possible garnishment of wages).


Each and every New Jersey moving violation will put points on your driver’s license. If you rack up six or more points within three years, you’ll have to pay what’s called a surcharge, which is just an additional penalty over and above any other fines and fees you’ll have to pay. If you fail to pay the surcharges, your license can be suspended indefinitely. And if a driver accumulates 12 points on his license, the MVC can automatically suspend or revoke that driver’s license. If that happens, you’ll receive a Schedule Suspension Notice in the mail, which will state the date your suspension is set to begin and the length of the suspension. When you receive this Notice, you should write the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) and request a hearing. This way, you’ll be able to drive until that hearing date, which is generally many months in advance. Sometimes a hearing date won’t even be scheduled. That’s because the MVC is so bogged down with cases that they may just drop your case. If you’re lucky enough for that to happen, you will receive a letter from the MVC letting you know that they’re not going to pursue your case. But don’t be lazy and just hope that this will automatically happen; you have to take that first step and write them a letter. This is so important that you might even want to take steps to prove that you sent the letter, like sending it via certified mail.


You could also lose your license with just your first New Jersey DWI. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is between .08 and 10%, you could lose your license for three months; however, if your BAC was over 10%, your license could be suspended between six months and one year. Consider the length of suspensions for a subsequent DWI: If you’re convicted of your second DWI (within ten years of your first), your license will be suspended for two year; and the third DWI within ten years of the prior DWI will suspend your license for TEN YEARS!


Once the time period of your New Jersey DWI suspension is over, you’re still not able to drive. And you won’t be able to drive before you first go to the New Jersey MVC and apply to have your license reinstated. The fee for which is $100, and then you’ll receive a written notice that your license has been restored. You cannot overlook this detail either, because if you’re caught driving with a license the authorities still deem to be suspended, you might be looking at five years in jail, and yet another driver’s license suspension.


Once a driver’s license has been suspended, the driver will be on a one-year probation; however, any subsequent violations will automatically lead to another suspension. Even one violation within a year can lead to another suspension, which can last from 45 to 90 days. A second or third violation within a year can lead to a suspension which can last up to six months.


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