New Hampshire DUI Arrest Stories

(NEWMARKET, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I was pulled over for pulling out of a place of business direct words from officer and was asked to do a field sobriety test. I did three of the tests, and the officer asked me to stand on one foot for thirty seconds. I asked him to demonstrate the entire test for me first, which he refused. I am incapable of standing on one foot for thirty seconds because of medical conditions relating to my back, and I was arrested for not completing the test, but not told I would be arrested for not completing the test. We arrived at the station and I was told that I would lose my license regardless of whether I took a breath test, so I blew and it registered a .18.

(Newmarket, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I was pulled over for "pulling out of a place of business" (direct words from officer) and was asked to do a field sobriety test. I did three of the tests, and the officer asked me to stand on one foot for thirty seconds. I asked him to demonstrate the entire test for me first, which he refused. I am incapable of standing on one foot for thirty seconds because of medical conditions relating to my back, and I was arrested for not completing the test, but not told I would be arrested for not completing the test. We arrived at the station and I was told that I would lose my license regardless of whether I took a breath test, so I blew and it registered a .18.I am 23 years old and work as a lead teacher in a toddler classroom 25 minutes away from where I live. I am very dedicated to my job and this is a first offense, and I am very concerned about this being on my record and losing my license. I don;t have any family that would be able to help me, and I would like to find a lawyer that will be able to effectively represent me. Since I work in early childhood, I barely make enough to make ends meet. I am looking for someone who would accept some sort of flexible payment plan for their services.Thank you,

(Andover, New Hampshire) Merrimack county

Crashed my car into a tree while driving drunk, nobody's property was damaged and no other cars were involved. I am extremely lucky for that. My car was totaled and I broke my ribs, sternum, and bruised my heart and lung. I also got a bad concussion from almost flying through the windshield. I do not remember any of the day. I work on a farm and left the farm around 12:30pm after doing morning chores, which is normal on a monday. I don't remember leaving the farm. I had been dealing with some major emotional turmoil and that must have been why I drank. I do not normally drink much at all and I was not out with friends. This was truly a one time mistake on my part. I know I need to pay the price I just want to figure out the best way to handle this. I have not had a drink since the accident on August 29th and my court date in on November 7th. I have never been in trouble or arrested before in my life. I am 33 and work on a organic farm. I volunteer once a week at anursing home playing music. I also play music at farmers markets. This is totally out of character for me and I am still in shock of it all.Thank you

(Hanover, New Hampshire) Grafton county

Flipped my truck in a single car accident, was issued a citation for speeding and dui after the officer noticed alcohol on my breath. I took a field sobriety test and was arrested. I refused the breathalyzer test.

(Piermont, New Hampshire) Grafton county

Stopped In Fairlee Vermont for drinks after work at the hospital in Lebanon. Got pulled over for no blinker. 1amI blew on side of road and again at station. my number went up after an hour and he wrote down the higher number. 1.23 to 1.59.First offensee, clean license. Was not issued a ticket for blinker.I work 27 miles away at DHMC 3pm to 11:30pm and have no public transportation.I live alone in Piermont.

(Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

Got pulled over playing Dd and complied with all request stated medical issues played the word games requested breath or blood test told don't need them. Had witness for that. Got told too sign papers said not with out a lawyer and got labeled I refused.

(Nashua, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

I was driving home on Friday morning at 2:30 AM on my way home from a friends house when I was stopped by an officer asking for my information. After asking why I was swerving a little I simply told him I was trying to find my phone in my purse. I had no idea it was a cop way behind me or otherwise i would have not been so concerned with my purse. I was asked to follow a pen with my eyes which I had done so, the first time I did move my head one way, but after that I was fine. After this I was asked to balance and count on one foot, approaching 14 seconds I started to get wobbly. After this I was asked to perform a breathalyzer, my reading was a 1.2%, I had waited two hours before driving home, I had no idea it would be that high. I am enrolled in a commuter college 15 miles away and have a steady job at stake and have no idea how to go about this. Please help ! :(

(HUDSON, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

I was forced to give a Blood sample and I made no mistakes driving I was pulling in to get coffee state police pulled in behind me and said they got a phone call about a blue truck dtiving badly on the highway

(Hudson, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

I was forced to give a Blood sample and I made no mistakes driving I was pulling in to get coffee state police pulled in behind me and said they got a phone call about a blue truck dtiving badly on the highway How does the.content of my blood convict me no drugs alcjohol or paraphanelia in my possesion I had no choice to give blood I was told I would lose licwnse automatic

(PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I was driving in Maine and pulled over and got an OUI with a BAC of .23. I have never been arrested for anything ever and I didnt fight back or do anything aggressive towards the cops. I was just wondering the chances of getting max jail time, if I would go straight jail from my court date or if I go back at a later time, and how much it would be to hire a lawyer.

(Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I was driving in Maine and pulled over and got an OUI with a BAC of .23. I have never been arrested for anything ever and I didn't fight back or do anything aggressive towards the cops. I was just wondering the chances of getting max jail time, if I would go straight jail from my court date or if I go back at a later time, and how much it would be to hire a lawyer.

(Dover, New Hampshire) Strafford county

I wss driving home, pulled into my driveway, got out of the car, (with keys out of ignition) and all of the sudden a cop pulled up and told me to get on the ground..he said he put his lights on me and I was "disobeying a police oficer" there was no one behind me when I was driving, he must have been really far away. So he arrested me and asked me to tale a breathalyzer and I refused.

(Keene, New Hampshire) Cheshire county

Keys were in ignition, but I did not actually drive the car. Police pulled up behind vehicle and told me to get out. Sobriety test was performed, after which I was handcuffed and booked at the State Police department office in Keene, NH. I was given a breathalyzer test at the station and blew a .08 both times. What sort of outcome could I expect to get in this case without a lawyer?

(Hampton, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I went out at 9 pm on 6/15 for a couple drinks.I was there for 4 hours.I had last eaten at 7 pm. I only had 4 or 5 gin and tonics..I am on heart medication and some others for hyper thyroid disease.I weigh 215.i was told that the bar lupos pours heavy.I was stopped at 1am. Thay drove me to portsmouth hospital for the blood test at aproxx 2am. They are saying at hampton pd that my bac was .21%. I feel that this is impossible because i remember everything and i drink

(Londonderry, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I went to a bar with my boss who bought us all baseball tickets to see Nashuas baseball team. I just moved up here with my wife and never go out. We went to a bar after. Boss bought me some drinks. I went home. When I left to go home from the bar the police immediately pulled me over (right by the bar). Its an agg dwi because it was .16. I don't know if I need a lawyer, how much a lawyer would cost me, or what exactly I'll have to go through, because I've never dealt with anything like this.

(Portsmouth, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

Hello, my fiance refused to blow when the officer asked for a breath test and he failed the sobriety test. When he was released they told him that they would need to have a breath test done so they can see if he was okay to leave, he complied and blew a .26. They also searched his car and found a few empty nips. How long will he loose his license for refusing to blow?

(Nashua, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

i got pulled over in nashua, nh for speeding 20 mph over the posted limit. failed a field sobriety test and was placed under arrest. they found marijuana in my car but i was not under the influence when i was pulled over. i refused all tests asked of me after being arrested. i want to know the chances of my license being suspended in massachusetts and what the total amount of fines will most likely be. i am planning on pleading not guilty because i was not drunk and told the officer that. i don't usually drink so i think the beer i had affected me more than it would someone who drinks often. also, i am not familiar with the area i was driving in. please, don't contact me via my phone, i would prefer emails. thank you.

(Newport, New Hampshire) Sullivan county

i drove allday fri and was not feeling well took some cold medicine and my sister asked me 2 go out 4 a couple of drinks i don't come home 2 often 2 nh so i said ok i had 2 beers then ice water but bearly ate all day and had the gastric by pass. i do not drink i was tired and falling asleep on the way home when i was pulled over he asked me 2 step out of the car and do the test i passed everything but the breath alizer he said so i was brought 2 the station and booked i did not take another breath alizer i was scared confused and exhausted from driving allday from conn. i paid 40.00 and was released within the hour with a court date. i'm baffled i only had 2 beers and was not drunk i'm sure the cold medicine and being so tired didn't help. i've never done anything wrong and so sick 2 my stomach what can i do? thank u

(Laconia, New Hampshire) Belknap county

I went to the local police station to speak to police about my son who had a warrant for his arrest. The police had suspected I had been drinking and driving. However, no one actually witnessed me driving, and they had no surveillance footage to prove it either. They arrested me anyway, though, and I had to spend the night in jail. At court, the judge leaned toward dismissing the case because of lack of an arrest warrant. He seems to think an arrest warrant was necessary since no one witnessed me driving and I wasn't removed from any vehicle by police.Was is legal for them to arrest me in this case without an arrest warrant?

(Meriden, New Hampshire) Sullivan county

i was parked <.5 mile from my house, drinking in the car. Plainfield PD pulled up, came to my door and asked me to perform a field soberiety test, I failed. I blew a .22 bac. The arresting officer said he would drop the aggravated portion of the dui if I completed an inpatient rehab program, which I did. I have a 6/6/11 court date. I would like to move this up if possible in the hopes of retaining my license so I can complete an intensive outpatient program, and AA meetings.

(Franklin, New Hampshire) Merrimack county

my daughter received her 2nd dwi within one year. We realize she needs to serve 30 days; however, she owns her business and that is how she pays her bills, rent, etc. Question is can she serve the 30 days on weekends? Her lawyer, to whom we dont care for, but have paid, states that she will have to do 30 days consecutive. She is now facing bankruptcy, losing her business isn't there something we can do to plea bargin her serving the 30 days?

(New Hampton, New Hampshire) Belknap county

Hi there,I wanted to ask a question about dui proceeder. Last evening I was pulled over and charged with a dui subsequent. I refused the breathalyzer and was placed under arrest. the officer asked if I had anything illegal that she should know about in my car, I replied no. she did not ask to search my vehicle. When I was being processed at the station she brought in evidence from my vehicle. My question is, do I have a case? Thank you for your time, I would love to hear your input.Thank you.

(Claremont, New Hampshire) Sullivan county

I was arrested for dwi on Monday nite. I had 2 glasses of wine and was getting reay for be. I took a 10 mg ambien to help me sleep. Prior to going to bed I had a disagreement with my wife. I left the house to drive around and cool off.Next thing I recall,vaguly, is being spoken to by a policeman. I had hit the curb and burst at tire. I have no recollection of what happened and very little of my booking.I don't know if I was read my rights or even if blood was drawn. Its a complete blank. I have yet to be told what my blood level was.I think the ambien caused me to blackout.

(Grantham, New Hampshire) Sullivan county

Age: 47,First Offense(08/07), No Criminal Background, Completed Alcohol Awareness Program08/10... I need to completed 6 hours of after-care with a LADC within 1 yearof program date, however, I live in Central America and returnto USA only 1 month a year. Unable to complete within timeframe...I would like to hire an attoney to present my case tothe NH Dept. of Safety asking for an exception/extension oftime before I spend another $720. Do I have a case?

(Concord, New Hampshire) Merrimack county


(Woodstock, New Hampshire) Grafton county

This case is probably about 6 years old- I am not from New Hampshire. I wrote the chief of police explaining some gripes regarding my arrest. I felt abused, the cop, believe it or not, tried hypnotizing me, showed me a joint in his pocket, told me he needed a new 200 dollar pair of shoes as a payoff before arresting me. He tried throwing me into the door jam of the car. On top of all of this, the taxi driver in town(a van) gave me a big drink just before I left. I believe she was working with the cops. After a long letter to the chief I received a call stating that the case was going to be expunged but apparently it wasn't. I was pick pocketed about a year ago and when I went to get a replacement ID they told me that my license was suspended in NH. I had been driving insured for all this time without knowing. I no longer drive and have been out of the country. I am now in Oregon and want to take care of this as I need a license. How do I do it from such a distance? I honestly don't even want to talk to any of the police or judges. I feel ab usedand was pulled over for no reason. They are no good people undeserving of my time or money. I asked why I was pulled over and he said that I was doing over 40 in a 25- absolutely impossible. I asked to see the radar gun and he held it up with no reading on it. I was honest, passed the street test then refused to pay the police so he gave me a breath test.... True creeps. What do I do?

(hampton falls, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

my girlfriend got pulled over for going 50 in a 30. she admittied to drinking and i took the blaim for the beer in the backseat. when we got arrested they impounded her car and took us in. to cover herself she blew up this fake story and got my boyfriend

(bethlehem, new hampshire) Grafton county

while traveling back from a ski trip I was pulled over for what I thought was speeding, the officer asked where I was coming from and if I had been drink. I told him skiing & that I had a couple drinks after that. he gave me 3 field sobriety test, then ask if I wanted to taake roadside breathalizer. I refused, I was arrested & given the option for breathalizer at station, I took test at station. .15. I was then taken to anyother station booked then sent to Grafton county correction where I was released next morning.

(Epsom, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

2nd dwi in less then 2 years what will happen/I was drinking had a hotel in Manchester. Had a domestic fight with girlfriend got in the car and pulled out of the hotel took a left when there was no left turn.

(Concord, New Hampshire) Merrimack county

single vehicle injuries or passengers.blood test taken in emergency room. dont know results yet. dui and marijuana transport (very small amount) charges. liscense is CDL but i dont use it as a truck driver. Medication= Celexa 40MG daily. 41 yr. old male. state police handled case. How do I obtain documentation such as police report, BAC, etc.?

(Exeter, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

had a previous dui in mass 2 years ago got a continue without a finding. got a dwi tuesday night in hampton nh with a mass license. i absolutely remember nothing i think i was slipped something in my drink

(Sanbornville, New Hampshire) Carroll county

this is the situation.i got a dwi about 2 12 3 years ago lost license for 1 year class-a license. to get it back had to provide sr-22. i got layed off from work, so had to cancell insurance. got pulled over three weeks ago. a police car came up behind me and just ran my plates, i wasn't doing anything wrong, she just decided to run my plates. she got me for driving under suspension. i guess they suspended my license when i cancelled my insurance. first offense, am i going to have to go to jail for this? can you tell me whats going to happen? i have to go to court on the 17th of this month, carroll county, in ossipee,nhthank you for your time

(Somersworth, New Hampshire) Strafford county

Got pulled over. Reason Failure to use right turn single leaving a parking lot.. cold night. dirty lines on the road. not clearly seen due to snow and ice and dirt.follow pen with left eye. due to right eye being lazy, walk line 9 steps turn 9 back hold my foot in the air 6 inches off the ground count to 30 Recite abc's from F to W not singingclose eyes, count to 30 in my head while officer had a stop watch and timed it.. I guessed 26 4 seconds. off.. and off to the police station I went.. blew a .12 at the station ..after first attempt to use the machine Failed

(Greenville, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

got stuck in snowbank an hour passed finally tow truck arrived removed my vehicle then a new ipswich officer showed up and gave field sobriety test which he said i failed. then told me i could sit in the car to warm up and he started driving to police station where he then told me i was under arrest for dui.

(Jaffrey, New Hampshire) Cheshire county

They searched a bag in my car and found an open container. On top of this they found my Recycling which was full of empty Beer bottles behind the drivers seat. This is my first offense, I'm a student, I need my car to get back and forth to school. When asked if I understood and consented to their tests I told them I understood but did not want to say yes. They kept repeating the things I was suppose to be understanding, eventually I felt pushed into complying with them. This occurred Feb 20th in Jaffrey NH. My court date is April 7th at 8:15am in the Peterborough-Jaffrey Court house. I'll provide more information with further contact.

(Plaistow, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I was driving on 125 in kingston and was pulled over looking for my gps for the way I was driving the officer said I did well on the field sobriety test but still placed me under arrest and asked if I would like to take the breathilizer and I said yes I blew a .17 and the officer was shocked saying that I did not seem that impaired I was cooperative and do not feel that three beers justified a .17

(Campton, New Hampshire) Grafton county

On the night of 12/13/10 I was driving my vehicle down Upper Mad River Road, Thornton, NH. It was pitch black, no street lights, and when I realized I had missed the right turn into my condo, I attempted to turn around into Cutty Hunk Road. Backing up, the rear lights were not sufficient for me to see and I backed up too far, and my car got stuck. Not getting cell phone reception, I walked for about an hour looking for help. I knocked on the door of the first house I came to and asked for help. The gentleman inside yelled to me that he'd be right out. I yelled to him what had happened, and he called the police for me. He shut the lights out and never came out so I returned to the car. Eventually the police showed up, but at that point I was attempting to find my condo, as it seemed that so much time had gone by. The officer arrived. . . I was walking and flagged him down. He administered a field sobriety test, but I refused to take the breatholizer. When we got to thestation, I told him I would take it, but he said it was too late I had already refused.My hearing is scheduled for 3/8/11 in Plymouth District Court.

(Dunbarton, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

i am under 21 and i was drinking a few beers with a few of my friends at a cigar shop and my car was parked at my friends house less than 2 miles from my house. I got a ride back to get my car and my friends girlfriend called my upset about something so i pulled into the elementary school parking lot to talk on the phone so i would not lose service before getting home and less than a minute into the conversation i had flashing blues behind me. I failed the field sobriety test and i blew a .11 at the station.

(Nashua, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

i got pulled over there was no breathalizer test done but now theyr saying i refused it...i asked for one they said they didnt hav 1 then they arrested me for my behavior and said i was drunk took me back to the station asked me if i still wanted one i said no so they sent me a notice sayin i refused and now my license is suspended theres mor to the story i need to talk to someone plzzz my court date is feb. 2cnd i need help im 25yrs old never been in trouble with the law b4 and im scared...plz call my cellphone...i live in chelmsford mass but was pulled over in nashua nh the city i work in

(Concord, New Hampshire) Merrimack county

I live in Maine and was arrested for dwi. I am under the legal drinking age. Will I go to jail? If so, for how long? Will they let me finish my college semester first? How long will I lose my license for? Will they allow me to take a drinking course in my own state? Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

(Salem, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

Involved in car accident where other car hit me and drove off. pulled over into a parking lot to look at the damage to my car, and two police officers pulled in with lights flashing. Administered field sobriety tests, and was handcuffed and brought to station in Police van (called a wagon) in Manchester, NH. Drivers license issued in state of MA, and am a resident of MA. Did not understand that I could refuse breath test. Results came in at .20% and .21%. Only had 2 drinks with dinner, was given breath test 4.5 hours after first drink was consumed. Aggravated dui in NH. Need some help!

(Nashua, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

after getting out of work from a more difficult shift than usual, a coworker and I decided to stop for a couple drinks and unwind. we arrived at the establishment approximately 9:45pm. As i was leaving the establishment's parking lot I felt I had come to a complete stop & had plenty of time to pull out. I pulled out and drove forward about 2-300 feet. The vehicle I pulled out in front of a police officer. He did a field sobriety test which I did not pass. At the station I did a breath test & failed that as well.

(Newton, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

I had picked up my boyfriend from a local bar and was driving home when I went to take a turn and my boyfriend opened the car door as I passed a police car. I was pulled over and asked for my liscence and registration which the police officer took bach to his car. He then came back to my car and stated he smelled alcohol and asked me to step out of the car to perform sobriety tests. I refused and was arrested and charged with dwi.

(Dover, New Hampshire) Strafford county

O am 63. Sitting along side of route 16 drinking. State police arrested me for dui2 aggravated. Had a dui in ma about 4 yrs ago ending in cwof From MA do have MA license. DA dropped charge to dui 1. Court trial end of Jan. Hired a lawyer licensed in both nh and MA. Not sure he knows nh laws and penalties. I am an outstanding member of community. Professor of pediatrics and psychiatry. Work includes international settings in war zones that impact children--- northern Uganda (last 10 years) and Haiti (since 1980). Plan to plead guilty to dui aggravated. Arrest was at the end of June. Have attended AA since then on a daily basis and doing well.

(Laconia, New Hampshire) Belknap county

i would find it easier to talk to an lawyer.

(Manchester, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

Having to reinstate my license in a state where i no longer live or hold a valid drivers license. The offence did not even happen in that state either. I have question about the national drivers registery and why it doesn't work when I have completed all tasks in the state where the offense happened ?????

(Derry, New Hampshire) Rockingham county

Refused test, I have two priors in Maine.

(Hudson, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

i was driveing down a 30 mile an hour zone at 79 miles a hour the cop was passing comeing from the oppisted direction i refused the breathalizer and there was no sobriety test performed i was arrested. this is my first offence

(milford, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

I had gone out to a club. I had 2 sotherncomfort and cokes in about 4 hours time. I had not eaten before I went out. I was pulled over for speeding and the officer smelled alcohol. My boyfriend and a friend were with me. they were both very drunk. I have hip and spine problems (ostioperosis) and could not do the road test. they brought me in.

(manchester, new hampshire) Hillsborough county

well i got two dui's and i have a free laywer from the courts but she isnt trying to help me out and now they r trying to put me in jail for a month and i lost my license for two yrs plus have to pay a 900 dollar fine. i cant do the jail time i have two children and i work i cant do that can you help me?

(amherst, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

I'm 21, and a student in college. I was wondering how hard the judge is going to come down on me if I have no other prior convictions, and need my car to continue college?

(milford, New Hampshire) Hillsborough county

had to do 2 breath test not sure why? first asked step out of my car tripped and fell. then the police decided there was no need to test me "I was drunk". brought me to the police station to give me a breath test and another the second they told was 0.13

(north conway, New Hampshire) Carroll county

Had 2 glasses of wine at dinner party (witnesses will attest to this). pulled over for alleged light out (light was NOT out). Asked to do FST's which I believe I passed but was still asked to come down to take a breathelyzer and told if I refused I would lose my license.Burped prior to test and cop said if that happened again he would deem it a refusal. It did happen again but I was too afraid to be deemed a refusal so I kept very quiet and and said nothing. breath test was .10.I knew this was wrong. I had a blood test at hospital but they did not use a police kit and they used blood plasma. Still, it was .7. Under the limit. Should be even lower if properly tested.Police did not wait for blood test to come back. They left the hospital.License is due to be adm suspended Dec 16th.I am a Realtor and required to have a DL. I support my son, who has disability's and I help support my mother.I don't know what will happen to any of us if I lose my DL.I am in a rural area and spoke to local attorneys but they just mainly do plea bargains. I am NOT interested in a plea bargain unless there is no license loss.spoke with another attorney in S. NH who was supposed to request an ALS hearing and have the blood re-tested. He never did either one and is not calling me back.I'm desperate.

(littleton, New Hampshire) Grafton county

Went through a stop sign hit another car.