DUI Arrest Stories

(Syracuse, New York) Onondaga County 2011-12-16

My prior arrest for dui was over 20 yrs ago. I was arrested last night after I contacted the police to file an accident report after I backed in to a tree branch and broke the back window in my mini van at the hotel I was staying at. I was not driving or in my vehicle when the arrest was made. I drank after the accident not thinking that I would call the police and file a report. After looking at the damage I decided that I should file a report for my insurance company. I did not think I would be in trouble since I was not planning on driving anywhere else. There was no damage to anything other than my van. I did admit to the police officer that I had had 2 beers earlier in the evening.

(Spring Lake, North Carolina) Cumberland County 2011-12-15

D.W.I 1-i was driving down Owen Dr. to pick up a friend from the bar. The officer who pulled me over said he had been following me since i turned off of raeford rd. He said i had no headlights on and that i was driving in the middle of the street.D.W.I 2- i was taking soldiers back on post that i saw driving on the wrong side of the street due to being intoxicated. i pulled up to the gate and they were doing a checkpoint they gave me a breathalyzer it was inconclusive the gave me 2 more the last read .08. They then waited almost 2hrs and gave me 2 more, I then blew .09 twice and was then charged with a D.W.I

(san diego, california) San Diego County 2011-12-14

My dui was 1990 can not remember exact month. Around November. 2 months before I turned 21. I know its off my DMV record (Well I guess I think). Main question - I live in Las Vegas,NV (Since January of 1994) I need to know what,how,etc. to do so future employers (Trying to get taxi cab driver job)can not access that info. It was misdemeanor dui and have never recieved any other similar arrests. Would love to talk to someone. I know I have other misdemeanor convictions before that date, maybee after. 2 misdemeanor convictions in Las Vegas on my court record. Only two trafic violations since dui was 1- Calif, I-5 freeway between Gorman,CA and Bakersfield,CA No registartion 1993 (moved to Vegas never went to court. Fell off I know because i called DMV and there is no record) and 2- Stoped in 1994 in Las Vegas for same thing but was sited for No reg,No Insurance, Driving on suspended License (paid all). Again lol complicated to me, how do I find out everything on my records, especially cali because of diffrent countys and have know idea of dates or courts. Next how do I seal all or something ? Please help.

(DENISON, Texas) Grayson County 2011-12-14

Summary:got a raw deal all way aroundCase description:i passed my field test correctly, so why do i have to incriminate my self by them getting my blood? if you murder someone and plead the 5th, they can't get a search warrant and give you a drug to make you confess!!! the officer that pulled me over said my brake light was out. when i picked my bike up at yhe impound, i had 3 witnesses that saw that it was working.

(Houma, Louisiana) Terrebonne County 2011-12-13

I was living with friends and had a time limit to how long I could stay with them and had no choice but to move back to Louisiana. Before I left GA I tried to get my probation transferred to Louisiana but they told me that they couldn't transfer it. I failed to report for lack of transportation six months prior to leaving. I have been trying to call my PO ever since I have left with no success. I would like to get this taken care of as soon as I can. I have children that live with their grandfather and they want to come back to me but I want to get this taken care of so it wont interfere with me getting them back. Can you help me please.

(Macon, Georgia) Bibb County 2011-12-13

I drove out of a bar & resturant picking up my fiance (contractor); I drove towards the hotel were he stays. I noticed a cop car following me close for awhile; he stopped me. I was in shock,.and dont remeber much..but I told him I had a drink...I did have 2 drinks with my meal. I am only a social drinker. He conducted a dui field sobriety test, and I passed all the test. Then he had me do the breath test with result to .11. I had all good coordination movements, I am worried if the devise was accurate. I know that my car has an alinement issue (stears to the left); there are two charges: failure to maintain and dui; My legal residence is in dothan, alabama. I have only 8 days left to expire my appeal to maintain lic. I work full time in Alabama and I am in the Army National Guard of Alabama. I would like to try to get the charges dismissed or plea down to reskless driving.  thanks

(Lake Elsinore, California) Riverside County 2011-12-12

i was driving down the street an a police officier had someone pulled over he left them an pulled me over for a licience plate light out. i didnt eat all day an had gone out to dinner an had2 beers we waitted around a whille then was going home to go to bed i was very tired. he asked me if i had been drinking i didn t lie i told him i had 2 beers. he arresteed me an charged me with a D U I . he gave me 3 breath test the first 2 i dont think showed any thing i was 8.7 can u help me with what to do an how much?

(DALTON, Georgia) Whitfield County 2011-12-12

Summary:dui possession of controlled substance weavingCase description:i was charged with dui alchohol however no breathalizer was given and I had NOT been drinking. my urine and blood were taken at the police station which will only show the alprazolam and hydrocodone that i was taking on a daily basis with a prescription given by my doctor. the police said I failed the sobriety test because i stumbled on the straight line walk (i have a medical disability imparement of 25% in my right ankle which doesnt allow for proper balance) also charged with possession of a controlled substance for the alprazolam prescription I had because my pills were in a pill container I purchased at wal-mart and not in the bottle they came in and was not allowed to look for the bottle they came in which I did have in my vehicle at the time.

(Duluth, Minnesota) Saint Louis County 2011-12-12

I was called in by a fellow motorist that claimed I was swerving. A state trooper followed me for a short amount of time and stated that he also noticed some swerving activity. I was completely compliant and took a handheld breathalizer test. I blew a .17. I was able to leave my Uhaul and vehicle on the side of the freeway under the understanding that my mother could come and move the vehicle for me. I want to file a plea agreement to reduce my offense from a dui to hopefully a wreckless driving or similar offense. I had a life changing experience earlier in the day and I would like to explain to the judge that I was pretty much temporarily insane. I was kicked out of my townhome by my girlfriend, I quit my job, and I was in the middle of relocating from Apple Valley, MN to Duluth, MN. What are my chances of me being able to reduce the dui to a lesser charge?

(Washington, Missouri) Franklin County 2011-12-11

I was heading home after visiting some friends. I was on Hwy 50 going down hill and thought speed limit was 55 but it was actually 45. A State Trooper turned on her sirens and performed a u turn to get behind me. I signaled and pulled over. The officer approached my window and asked for license and proof of insurance. I politely handed them over, the officer then asked me to follow her back to her vehicle. She sat me in the front passenger seat. Here i patiently waited as the officer typed on her computer. The officer then explained we were going to step out of the vehicle and perform some field sobriety tests. I acknowledged her request. First test was to follow her fingers back and forth and up and down for about a minute. Secondly I was asked to hold my arms to my side and balance on one leg and count 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand, etc. Until she said to stop. Started test made it to 15 then lost balance was very cold, about 24 degrees. Then got my balance back and did 15 more secs. Officer then told me to turn around and hand cuffed me and walked me back to her vehicle and sat me in the front passenger seat. I don't believe she read me my miranda rights.She then told my friend I was under arrest and they made arrangements for him to get home. At the police station I sat quietly as she typed on computer. Then I was moved to a holding cell in cuffs. When removed from cell was sat back down and asked to blow for chemical test, wasn't that drunk so I blew. Only had a few drinks over 5 -6 hours. Did have a cold though and havin been drinkin quite a bit of Dayquil to stay healthy. I blew a .153 then was stood up for a photo and fingerprints. Soon there after a friend picked me up. I was given a ticket for no seat belt even though you can't see through the back windows tint and it was too dark to observe while passing by.Was also given speeding ticket 62 in 45.And lastly I was given dui for excessive BAC of .153. My last offense was when I was 19 years old, I am currently 29. That was my 2nd my first was when I was 17. So this is my third offense. The first two were SIS's that I completed. I have also already taken SATOP and WIP programs. The probation I was placed on was not violated every. Currently I own the Sonic Drive-in in Washington Missouri. I am the managing partner that owns 40%, I tend to work atleast 60 hours per week and sometimes up to 100 per week, work almost every day of the year. I have been the owner for the last 3 years and do very well at it. I understand what I did is punishable w/ some very scary maximums but would like to be able to not affect my business as much as possible and am willing to accept anything but extended jail time if possible. I'm willing to lose license but would be beneficial to my business to have atleast limited driving privleges, I have to travel often to complete job duties. I'm willing to take classes, programs, probation , ignition interlock, community service, weekends in jail for set amount of days, fines, only things that are extremely career ending would be extended jail time (30 Days Straight or more) and needs to be negotiated out of equation. Driving privleges to and from work would make my position much easier considering I am the one that makes the place tick. I have already begun making lifestyle changes such as quiting drinking and increasing my hours at work. I received the dwi at 1:36 am Saturday morning December 10th. Thank you for your help and am looking forward to getting some help with this. I fully regret my actions and choices and understand completely how bad this situation could have been in the worse case scenario.

(Concord, North Carolina) Cabarrus County 2011-12-07

My Car broke down on side of road. I called my exhusband(big mistake) to come help me.. He said NO and said he was going to call police to help me. I waited at 20 minutes noone came. I walked up interstate 1/2 block to see if anyone had gas can for gas because my Gas gauge has been broken for a year. Noone had one. I then went in store and bought a 20oz Bud Light and sat on corner crying because my Lexus was on side of road and couldn't get help because my cell phone died. I then decided to walk home since it was a mile up the road. I was almost to my home and 2 cops came swerving over and gave me a breathalizer and arrested me. I told them i had a half a glass of wine @ 7:30p at Razzoos and that that was 5 hours ago. I also told them I walked up highway drinking my 20oz because i was upset. They told me that they had to take me in because My EX HUSBAND had told them i was drinking. Once to police station they let me go home because I have no prior convictions. No w mylicense is revoked for 30 days.. I am a single mother of 2 who have school, basketball, and cheer all week. I also do this all on my own because the father moved out of the county. i need my license because I am a nurse and I have a job to go back and forth to! Any help would be great! Thanks

(TACOMA, Washington) Pierce County 2011-10-23

I got pulled over for speeding in 2009 and was over the legal limit but my first crime ever then while me case was still open I got a dwls in the 3rd degree in january of this year and panicked and didnt go to either court date I got the dwls taken care of but found out I have a mandatory 30 days for going against court orders I was wondering if since I have a cast on my foot is it possible for me to request house arrest? If so how do I go about asking the judge for it?

(Pearl City, Hawaii) Oahu County 2011-10-23

Arrested Sunday night with only 5 drinks prior (over a 7 hr period). Stopped to have food at Mac 24/7 in Waikiki. pulled over on the H1/H201 intersection on the way to Pearl City for speeding. During the field sobriety test i honestly felt i has passed, however, they made me breathe into a machine on the side of the road, they stated BAC was 3X legal limit, and when they took the official blood test in the office, they were trying to heavily talk me out of it and take the Breathalyzer. I opted for the blood test on gut because I was seriously way too in control of my body to trust another 3X result from a breathing machine.

(Arlington, Texas) Tarrant County 2011-10-22

I am a commercial driver, was backing in blindsided to make a pickup and backed in to a truck i couldn't see. I worked things out with the truck owner and another truck driver came over running his mouth, I told him to mind his own business, he in turn called the police, 6 officers showed up and decided they were going to arrest me for dwi cause they thought they smelled alcohol. I passed a field sobriety test with flying colors, they didnt give a breathalyzer but took me to a hospital where I sat for 2 hours then they took me to a second hospital where they finally got my blood drawn. Then they took me to jail. My wife bonded me out by 5am,

(Ashville, Ohio) Pickaway County 2011-10-22

ok, i strongley believe that the test given may have not been correct, i blew a 1.28 (bac) and i was well composed and well behaved and most respectfull, this is my first offence, i am 30 yrs old and this would be my very first moving violation in my life, i was driving and well aware of my surroundings, but at this moment i have a donut tire on my right passenger side and it was raining and the ground was wet... now i may have been speeding but not by much by 5 miles maybe but still thats no excuse but i was accused of going 48 on 35 well with that being said i was driving and the light turned yellow and i dont eat yellow lights so i breaked, but knowing that i was still able to may it trew any how i started to hydroplan towards the right just a little bit, but stopped past the white line by half, so i just backed up to be behind the line and there is when the cop turned on his lights and pulled me over, i pulled in to the family video, there they asked for my infomation an d igave them my papers they asked me out the car and i came on out politly, and responsive they made me walk on a stright line, (come on! im 240 pounds with a big ass belly and they want me to balance putting my foot one in front of the other hello not even sober is this possible) anyhow they did something twith a light before that (follow a light with my eye) there is when they arrest me and i go clamly and quietly very respectful, thats where they gave me a breath test with a machine thats older then the person reading this right now.oh to put this out there the cops werevery friendly ok back to me, well 40 minutes went by, and i was put no where really i just follwed them arouund like if i was wanting for hwelpat a customer service desk, so they felt safe enough and knew that i was still a funny guy, i made both the officer the the guy in the jail laugh, i a funny guy(i try) and i kept the tension if any down, and i just kept speaking like we were buddys in which impressed co mingfrom them i was please with the way they handled me,they were very respectfull, the officer even took me home, an dfrom the tme i got pulled over to the time the cop walked me to my steps to was only 45 minutes

(Menasha, Wisconsin) Winnebago County 2011-10-19

I was foolishly driving home from the bar in a town i am not familiar with. I was going the speed limit, all my lights were working, I was not driving erraticly, and I had not (other than driving drunk) broken any driving laws. I however did try to change a song on my phones music player and accidently hit an ad in the specific ad-based music player. Doing that ended up lighting the inside of my car making it look as if I had been on my phone texting. After that happened I had figured it would just be easier to pull off the main road to pull over and not only change my music but to type in the correct address in my GPS (which is on my phone). That is when a police officer had turned his lights on behind me and approached the car. His first few questions were basic (How are you doing tonight? and Where are you headed?). No suspicion that I was drinking or under the influence. He then started questioning me pretty hard about using my phone, with good reaso n given the current laws on texting and driving. Though he was making that seem like it was the main and only reason he pulled me over, UNTIL I had studdered a couple words, it then went down hill from there. I had been fully cooperative the whole time, I had given them the breathalyzer when he asked, I did the sobriety tests as directed, and when I had been arrested and taken to the hospital to do a BAC test or blood withdrawal i had gone and done that. I am a very responsible person other than this wrong doing, and I am curious on how badly I had sealed my fate and future given the fact I have a CDL but I was driving a car not truck.

(Carmel, Indiana) Hamilton County 2011-10-17

On early Sunday morning of October 16, 2011 I was in a wreck after falling asleep at the wheel of my vehicle. Fortunately, no one (including myself) was injured in the wreck. But, I had been drinking that evening with some girlfriends and was charged with an OWI, OWI-Endangerment, and Public Intoxication. I do not know what my BAC was and no one including the nurse who conducted the blood test at Riverside Hospital informed me of this information. Additionally, this is the first time I have ever been arrested for anything. I am absolutely beside myself right now, as I have a young son (he is 3 years old) and just started a new job in September working as a healthcare recruiter. I know it was not responsible to be drinking and operating my vehicle, but the cause of the crash was not the alcohol, it was my extreme exhaustion from working a 60 hour week at a new job and having a young child. However, I understand that is not how the law looks at this and it won't be looked at th is way.I can assure you I am a very responsible person and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I just don't know what to do at this point, but I know from talking to my parents, best friend whose family are all attorneys in Lafayette and other friends who are attorneys that this is the first step. My initial cour tdate is set for Wednesday, October 26th at 1:15 pm in Noblesville. I look forward to your response. Kind regards,

(Dawsonville, Georgia) Dawson County 2011-10-16

Summary:No cause for the extra tickets and serch,Case description:Stopped for a license plate light out and playing loud music. Was given a ticket for this. Then the officer asked him to wait and wanted to check / search his car. Then called for a drug unit to come and help search the car car. Never told him he was free to leave after the initial stop and ticket. He was told to stay there. A result of the this search found a old bottle of alcohol in the trunk with less than a shot of liquor in the bottle. It was part of trash that was from a party college kids had thrown a couple of weeks ago along with some punch bottles. In the search of the car some marijuana was found in his belongs less than 1oz. Which resulted in the arrest. In additon the officer took money $190.00 (19 ten dollar bills) alledging that he was a drug dealer. While at the police station he was made to take a piss test to determine if he had been drinking, when in reality it was a test for THC in his system. He did not know he did not have to take this test.

(Great Bend, Kansas) Barton County 2011-10-16

I was given a dui. I supposedly moved a car 12 feet diagonally, yet I am sure she backed out in front of me as I pulled into a small grocery store parking lot. I immediatly checked to see if she was ok, but oddly, she was parked back in her slot, a car in front, and one beside her, that weren't involved. I couldn't pass the field test, ( no one could)I took a feild breathalyzer test but, just like the one I took at the jail, I was told I had a 2.8, when I drank 5 red beers the night, and morning before, none after around 5 A.M. to try to relax, and hopefully sleep. I finally did, and woke at least 7.5 hours later. I sure as heck wouldn't have driven just 3 blocks away if I did feel impaired. Only paperwork was the ticket, No time listed on it. A form DC-27, no time listed. No results from the test other than verbal claims I was " a damn liar", and a blank dc-70.

(BISBEE, Arizona) Cochise County 2011-10-16

September 2009 she got a dui she spent 10 days in jail and it was dropped and on the last day that they could they brought it up and she contacted them and told them she moved out of state and that she would not be able to attend and wrote them telling them that she would not be able to attend and she would have to have it moved. She has records of her e-mails with the prosecutors office. She was recently pulled over and was told her license was suspended and she has a warrant out for her arrest for not showing up to court. She now has 30 days to get her license back so she will not be charged with driving with a suspended license as well.

(Newmarket, New Hampshire) Rockingham County 2011-10-16

I was pulled over for "pulling out of a place of business" (direct words from officer) and was asked to do a field sobriety test. I did three of the tests, and the officer asked me to stand on one foot for thirty seconds. I asked him to demonstrate the entire test for me first, which he refused. I am incapable of standing on one foot for thirty seconds because of medical conditions relating to my back, and I was arrested for not completing the test, but not told I would be arrested for not completing the test. We arrived at the station and I was told that I would lose my license regardless of whether I took a breath test, so I blew and it registered a .18.I am 23 years old and work as a lead teacher in a toddler classroom 25 minutes away from where I live. I am very dedicated to my job and this is a first offense, and I am very concerned about this being on my record and losing my license. I don;t have any family that would be able to help me, and I would like to find a lawyer that will be able to effectively represent me. Since I work in early childhood, I barely make enough to make ends meet. I am looking for someone who would accept some sort of flexible payment plan for their services.Thank you,

(San Ramon, California) Contra Costa County 2011-10-15

I am not a drinker, dont drink but had 2 beers in a 2 or so hour time. actually 1.5 and took other half in car with me. i have in the past had seizure/blackout experiences, never driving. left house after taking my medications for lower back issues and planned to meet family about 10 minutes away. this was on a friday, during the week leading to friday i was up for about 48 ish hours M to W straight, did not eat for 4 of the 5 days and thurs after waking for work I was up all night until 6 am sat. so sleep deprivation but not tired. anyways left house friday to meet family to eat for first time in few days, on way phone rang so I pulled off the road to answer, parked legally in front of someones home around corner from where family was and thats all i remember until being woken by medics. i think i had another blackout like in the past. Have documented medical from 2000-2001 when it was happening before. i dont know what happened after pulling off the road but i di d havethose 2 beers in an extremely fasted state, and limited sleep. pharmacist said could have been interaction of the different meds and is willing to do report to explain and i should be able to get old medical records from hospital and neurologist. i told cop i did have this issue in past, did have under 2 beers last past few hours, about meds. he asked me to get out after meds checked me out, do field test, i told him that i am scheduled for back surgery again in november and my right leg is numb from knee down and i cannot balance on right leg at due to sciatic like pain and lower back pain. If i did not pull over i would have just continued to friends house around corner but cant remember what happened after pulling over. car was not in motion and i know i was not intoxicated or not able to drive. i cooperated with everything and think BAC was .08 but not sure. i heard a fasted diet could cause false readings on the breath test, i did have cough drops about 10 minute beforetest at station. used mouth wash prior to leaving house but think i just blacked out and someone called medics and things moved forward. i do not drink, I am a doctor and cant afford any negative backlash from this towards my license etc.

(Newburgh, New York) Orange County 2011-10-06

I was celebrating my birthday and was going home from a bar. My friend and I (separate cars) pulled over at another bar (which was closing), so that I can use the restroom. My friend and I exited our vehicles and then the state troopers threw his lights on and told us to please get back inside our vehicles. This is my first dwi and I am being charged with a dwi, Speeding Zone 60 on a 30, Driving w/.08 of 1% or MORE OF ALC (MISD) (I blew a 0.12)...

(Long Lake, Minnesota) Hennepin County 2011-10-06

I am 17. I was pulled over for going 48 in a 40 last saturday. I also have been smoking marijuana prrior to this event. I had less than 1 gram in the car. I was later arrested for a dui for marijuana use.This is my first offense and this is the third time I have ever smoked marijuana. I am very scared and I also am not aware of the possible charges that I can get.

(San Antonio, Texas) Bexar County 2011-10-05

I was arrested for dwi on November 21, 2010, and was 19 years old at the time. My ticket said I was to appear in court the following Tuesday. I was turned away in court because my ticket had not yet been filed. I am not originally from TX, so I moved back to my home state of NM shortly after being arrested, but did make sure to go to the courthouse and my bailbondsman with my change of address. As of yet, I have not heard anything on my case. I am curious as to where I should go from here since it has been almost a year since my arrest. I would like to get this out of the way, whether by having the charges dropped (which probably won't happen) or at least just serving my punishment. I'm not sure where to go from here!

(Kapaa, Hawaii) Kauai County 2011-10-05

Weds evening, I drank 2 8% 40oz beers. On Thursday morning, I woke up and realized that I had another left. I had been having major shoulder pains from a work injury and decided to drink to take away the pain. I decided to call in sick on Thursday and finish the last 40 oz beer. I fell asleep for a few hours. at about 8 PM, or so, I took an 800 MG motrin and decided to drive down the street to my friends house. I had to get onto the highway to do that. I ended up getting sleepy while driving and veered into oncoming traffic. I grazed one care and crashed into another one. I was completely knocked out and woke up in the hospital. I had a bunch of bandaids where they tried to take blood and the officer sitting at my bedside told me that my blood alcohol level was 3.0. He also told me that I hit two cars. Mine and another one were both totalled. I was the only person hurt. That is the whole story.

(Northfield, Minnesota) Rice County 2011-10-04

I was pulled over for violating the "move over" law, of which I was, unfortunately, unaware. I had consumed 1/2 of a beer and 1 glass of wine over the previous 3 hours prior to being stopped. The officer yelled at me for not moving over, saying "don't you know it's the law?" Before I could respond, he asked if I'd been drinking. I told him I had and how much. He took my info and then returned and asked me to get out of the car. He administered a field sobriety test and a breath test and then placed me under arrest for dui. When I asked later, he wouldn't tell me what my BAC was. We went to a hospital about half an hour away and I was given a blood test. Then we went to the jail where I was admitted and given another breath test which read .05. They held me for 3.5 hours until I blew 0 and then released me. I've called to obtain my BAC results from the field test or the blood test but they are not yet available. My court date is Nov. 14.

(Goldsboro, North Carolina) Wayne County 2011-09-26

 On a Thursday night in August, I decided to drive my friends home because they were intoxicated, wanting everyone to get home safe due to having to go to work, school, etc. While driving, someone possibly under the influence was heading towards my lane. I honked the horn to notify the driver that they were crossing into my lane also using hand signals. The driver wasn't comprehending coming closer in my direction. Not even a minute passed, the other driver then budged my friend's vehicle,me losing control causing us to run off the road going through a fence at some type of warehouse development. These improbable acts from the other driver almost caused us to be severely injured even our lives. This situation led to a hit and run without me being able to get the license plate number. I then checked to see if everyone was ok, us all being shakened up cause of the whole thing. Two people for no aparant reasonfled the scene while a friend and I stayed to contact the police and someone who can help us due to the accident. A few minutes later a police officer shows up flashing his light at my friend and I telling us to put our hands up. My participation was in full detail and of honesty. The officer then issues me a field sabority test. I asked him to disregard my slight off balance due to fact I just got in a dramastic accident. My test was successfull having to put one foot in front of the other, walking in a straight line counting from one to ten, then turning around repeating the same procedure. The officer then issues a breathalizer, it being in the range between 0.05-0.06. The officer then arrests me heading to downtown Goldsboro area to fill out some paperwork, being held in a holding cell overnight due to the fact I stated in exact words "I feel like killing myself". What I stated wasn't of any relevance for me even attempting to harm myself in that manner, just was highly upset this accident occured from someone elses stupidity, also in regards to my friends for their safety. My ticket is for no operators licencse and this being my second dui. The first happened in July of 2009 proceding all the way to September of 2010.During some previous research, I began to realize I've been bamboozled for the fact my case should of been thrown out of court due to Statutes of Limitation, also the officer who issued the ticket no longer had any original documentation from the incident of when it occured, false accusation of verbal information given to my public defender from the officer that wasn't of any help at the point I called myself to the stand to testify. Bad things happen to good people, being perfectly honest if the hit and run incident never happened, I wouldn't have to be facing these charges knowing I was sob erenough to be behind a wheel license or no license, getting other passengers to there destinations with no worries. I ask whoever my information is in reference to please help me the best ways humanly possible to defend my word and most importantly not to affect my possibilities in any way to continue my process in joining the Armed Foces.

(Beckley, West Virginia) Raleigh County 2011-09-25

I had been fishing and my hand is in a splint. i took a hydrocodone for pain. it still hurt. the other people were drinking and one said, drink a couple beers and it will stop hurting. i drank 2 beers and we left about 40 min. later. my friend put another beer in a cup for me. i went to kroger,s and bought deli chicken and ate a leg and drank a couple drinks and pulled out of kroger's. the officer pulled me over because of loud exhaust. i told him what i drank. he did the hand held intoxilyzer and made me do different tests. i stood on one leg for 15 sec. at least, then he said, i said 6 in., not 12. i was stll standing and i lowered my leg again. he said i failed all the tests. he told me to blow the bigger machine and i wouldn't because i can't read without readers. i later read my papers in jail. he wrote down the wrong type vehicle and has on letter off my plate incorrect. i had to call him after i got out of jail because he kept my insurance paper and registration card. theymailed them back to me. he told me he thought i drink everyday and said he could check by putting things on my fingers. i told him to do it but, he didn,t. he towed my truck and let my granddaughter drive from a little store upon which she could have gotten caught without the ins. and registration.he did't like me because i had had other dui's. the last being in 99.

(Memphis, Tennessee) Shelby County 2011-09-23

I had a dwi and I drove again, my license was suspended. I did the 20 hours comunity service but did not complete the court ordered probation. It was then an order for bench warrent, and I did 75 days of the 90 days in county jail in Grand Rapids, MI. I want to know how can I get my license restored, it has been seven years since the I got the second offense, I also do not live in Michigan, I live in Tennessee and Michigan has a hold on my option to restore my license, what do I need to do.

(El Centro, California) Imperial County 2011-09-23

This was not a dui. My husband and 2 of his friends were arrested for public intoxication after driving to a hot spring and running in to border patrol and an imperial county officer at the hot springs. My husband had been up since 2 am that morning and had a staff infection on his face. He tried to explain that he had not been drinking. But the officer arrested all 3 of them for public intoxication with me breath text no blood test no sobriety test at all. They were kept in jail all night and missed work the next day. And the court date is the 28th and to this day non of them have a case number... Is this legal?

(Charlotte, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2011-09-23

I took 60 pills in a suicide attempt. Unfortunately, I took them 1st and then was going to go to the hotel. I pulled off the hwy at 6:30 pm. I was found the next am on the hwy at 8:30 am. I had hit a guardrail. I was unconscious and body temp was 80 degrees. Suicide note beside me and empty pill bottles in car. Charged with dwi and Reckless Driving. Never even had a ticket before.

(lynnwood, washington) Snohomish County 2011-09-23

Good day,I was arrested for two separate incidents: one occurred 22 Dec 2010 (Lynnwood, WA), the other on 30 Dec 2010 (Mukilteo, WA). I received a dui (under .15) on the first incident, a deferred prosecution on the second. I have: completed the dui victim panel, 70 days of in-patient treatment (in CA), the evaluation and assessment meeting (performed by Assessment Treatment Assoc. of WA), served a day in jail (and an additional two weeks that no one seems willing to discuss), been to all my court appearances, have maintained close contact with my sponsor (Dave Olson, a state licensed case manager) and am now attending AA meetings daily. I remain unsure exactly what the conditions of my probation ARE. I have received nothing but vague hints from the P.D. on either my second case or the person purportedly assigned as my probation officer. (Two judges directed my probation to be supervised by ONE court - South District Court. The judges' directions were apparently ignored and my probation is instead being supervised by Everett Division Court. I guess.) The probation officer directed me to look on the internet for information relevant to my situation. Where do I look? I currently exist in CA, the state in which I was born, grew up, and - most recently - completed 70 days of in-patient treatment (tens of thousands of dollars of my family's money). I have lost my home that I had for 12 years in Mukilteo, WA. I have lost the helicopter business I owned at Paine Field, Everett, WA. I have no family in the state of WA, and I cannot continue to impose on friends forever. I am broke. I have nothing but a storage room of some belongings and the love of my family and friends. I understand that my situation involves aspects of the ICAOS - a compact that seems nebulous at best, and rather difficult to comply with in the real world. I want to live in CA long-term. CA obviously provides me with a much greater chance of complying with my probation requirements (whatever they actually turn out to be), and I may be able to rebuild my life more quickly with food to eat and some place to sleep.I am very grateful for any information or suggestions. No one seems willing or capable of providing me any direction or recommendation.My thanks

(Mount Vernon, Washington) Skagit County 2011-09-22

On my way home And stopped at red light, it turns green officer behind me honks horn n then he turned on his sirens I stop he then asks for for license and documents I search n give him docs and then asked me how much have I had to drink I say 2 beers and then he asked me to stepp out of the vehicle and I did he did field sobriety tests n he was talking so fast really like if he we were in n auction sale so of course he confused me n yea n not only that I have a bad shoulder n a bad neck that really bothers And I told him that n yea it was Very let just say they really try there best for u to fail so he said that I am being charged with dui and asked me to turn around and he handcuffed me then he took me to the station and wanted to do breath test an I did but I blew in tube more then 3 times and he said that the breath machine might be bad and that we might need to use another so he had me blow one more time and finally he got something I blew .103 and the whole time he was askingme questions how old r my kids my wife,were do I work, how do u et to work,what time is it now, whats the date ,And were do live and yea o told him what I do for work n yea I was respectful and nice u kno thats just me n he said u nice Guy man I will drive u home ok buddy because u good man and he drove me home and when I was getting out of cop car by my house he apologized for everything o dont kno if he feels bad for me or because he was just nice Guy but anyways thats what happened and I really need a attorney that can help and that has allot of experience hope to here from u soon thanks :)

(WILMINGTON, North Carolina) New Hanover County 2011-09-13

Summary:DWICase description:I was driving home from the bar, I had two beers. I was driving down the street and a cop had a car pulled over with their lights on. As I was passing through the intersection I noticed flashlights flashing at my car. I continued to drive. I saw cop lights behind me and I pulled over. I was given a sobriety test and a breathalyzer. I blew a .09 and was arrested. 30 minutes later I was given another breathalyzer and blew .09, and was charged with a dwi. The next girl to blow after me, I'm not exactly sure why, but they unplugged the machine for her and plugged it back in and she blew under .08 and was able to leave without being charged.

(Terre Haute, Indiana) Vigo County 2011-09-13

After a 10hr shift at work, I was at an American Legion annual picnic helping to break down & clean up from 6pm until 11:45pm and had a total of 4 drinks during that time. I was pulled over half a block from my house and given two breathalizers on scene as well as a field sobriety test that the officer did not indicate I had failed. I was told that if I refused any of these additional tests that I would be admitting my guilt. I was then taken to jail and given a third test which read .12%, an hour had passed by this point. I was refused prescription blood pressure medication before and after all three tests and for the duration of my stay in jail. Upon my release I checked my blood prssure at home and it was 162/143. I have no prior record for any type of offense.

(Honolulu, Hawaii) Oahu County 2011-09-13

i got stopped at a roadblock officer gave me breathalizer that was clogged i told him it was clogged he said it wasnt i told me that i dont want to take test then told other officer to take me and i had to tell him no i want to take test but the one he gave me doent work then he showed me another one and he blew in it and said it works then i said yes give me that one he said no use the other one it went back and forth then he kept calling me a girl and gave me another breathalizer different from the first two previos devices and kept saying and calling me a girl and that i sound like a girl there,all the wy to the station,and to and infront of all officers at the station

(Atalissa, Iowa) Muscatine County 2011-09-13

I am not inquiring about a case that is in court I need to know about a dui that I received in the state of illinois in 3/1/2000 since I was not a resident of illinois they are just now contacting about this. I need to know what it is that I should do. Does this charge expire after 12 years I mean wow I have had an Iowa license this whole time and now because of this I am gonna lose my license. I have been given the run around and told to see a hearing offering in illinois who at one point told me to save my money because this charge will expire in March 2012 anyway then in the same breath told to seek treatment for a year and still pay the $500 fine and plus a 50 dollar court cost and fee... I am confused here maybe she was not suppose to be speaking out turn but I would rather let it expire really what are the rules on this as I stated earlier I am not an illinois resident never have been. So what do I do where do I go from here?

(Alvord, Texas) Wise County 2011-09-13

I was pulled over and arrested on 9-4-11 for dwi. The Officer told me the reason that he pulled me over was that my tire touched the white line. I was on a two lane hwy w/out shoulders, i also drive a one ton dully which only has about 3 inches either side of tires before i do touch line. I did field test The Officer said i did good, but he has one more test for me. That was to blow and i refuseed so he had judge sign warrant to take my blood at hospital. On the way to the hosptial he stoped at a store named OT'S Landing and talk with another DPS officer for about 30 Minutes. We left there and on the way to the hosptial he pulled over another car. At that time i was feared for my life i didnt know if the driver of that car was going to get out shooting run into us, or what they were going to do. You never know about people. Mean while it was about 2 to 3 hours before we got to the hosptial and had blood drawn. Is there anything that i could do? Thanks for any help

(Macon, Georgia) Bibb County 2011-09-13

got pull over last wed driving a 1997 lexus ls 400 i am not used to that much power so in my car if you barely touch the gas pedal to hard you will spend just off of work and i bought me two beer s just enough just to make it home and yes i opened one of the beers and took a sipp out of it and the next thing i know was surrounded by five police cars asking me to get out of the car and i did and i did the road subrity test and pass it and i was given the road side breathlizer in which i pass also then when downtown and took the other breathlizer in the station and they said i fail that one i need a lawyer to help me please cause i got a little one to be born on jan 30 2012 and i want to be around to see her being born any help would be appreciated course i know you can,t begin without money

(Brentwood, Tennessee) Williamson County 2011-09-11

Was served a "warrant" for dui on Sat 9/10/2011 around 4:30 to 5:00 in the morning. Realized I had left my debit card at rest. & bar and grill from 5+ hours at restuarnt, was harrassed by two police offices that work detail for said restuarnt. Was told I "stumbled" in park lot, which was lie. If anything I may have tripped due to the new shoes I had recently bought and even the antidepressant I take sometimes has the side effect of a quick dizziness when standing quickly and walking.. Was told by officer he smelled acholcol on my breath and I would not be allowed back in. I explained I had left card from early that evening and needed to pick it up and was not there to drink. Hard to believe he smelled ach. on my breath since I had just came from he waffe house and steak, eggs, raisin toast and about 4 cups of coffee. But again, I did not argue and remained calm. He asked if I had anything to drink earlier, I said a few earlier that evening, but I wasn't intoxticated. or even to thatpoint of not driving. Earlier defined as 5:48 pm, (i have bill of sale with detail drink orders two martini from grey googse vodka, with and sushi to eat). I was told rudely that I had two options either go jail or take a cab. Was also told if I stiffed the cab I would be taken to jail. I'm a software engineer so that insulted my intelligence, however I remained calm and just agreed with them.. I was not allowed to go into the restuarant. The officer asked for my ID which I showed him, he asked which one was car, I told him. The restuarnt then brought out my card. I sat on the steps to wait and think about what I wanted to do. The more I thought about the more I realized and got upset. But never expressed my anger in any form or fashion, it was all internal., I then thought "no, I have another option, I could call a friend or my dad or someone to come up and drive me and my car back home and I could bring them back the next day. I figured that was a third option, if I wanted topurse that. While waiting for the cab, the off duty cops working detail went to talk to a group of drunk girls coming out of the bar. At that point, I ran option three thru my head, and decided I would leave. So I left. Went back home to the waffle house had some food and then went home and went to bed around 2:00ish. Around 4:30ish in the morning I was then awoken by two columbia police offers beating on the door, they said they had a warrant for my arrest for dui I. I opened the door, I told them I didn't understand, He explained that an officer from franklin had given me two options and the officer working extra detail had noticed I had left. I was then transported and booked in the williamson county jail for dui I and had to make bale and bond. So now, I have to appear in court on Sept 22, 2011 to face a dui I charge. How can they charge me with dui, when no breatherizer, no field soberity test nor any blood test was given to me. I was not "detained" by the police, I wa s notread any rights even when the warrant was served on me. the columbia police officer did ask me if I had "driven" back home. I told him I could not asnwer that question since I didn't understand if I was under arrest or not. I told him without having an attorney present, I'm not comfortable answering any questions at this point. He said ok and stopped asking me questions.

(Grand Rapids, Michigan) Kent County 2011-09-11

I was coming home from a friend's house in Kentwood, MI yesterday around 1 in the morning and pulled into a parking lot so I could park and look up directions to get home on my phone. I had been drinking at the friends' house because there had been a game but originally pulled myself over to make sure I wasn't irresponsible by looking at my phone while driving. After my car was sitting in the parking lot for a few minutes, a police car came up behind me and sat there. I wasn't exactly sure what was going on, so I moved my car up a bit to get out of their way (and to see if I was) and they turned their lights on. The cop came up to my window and began to question me about what I was doing and if I had been drinking. I did admit to drinking but repeatedly asked him what his probable cause was in pulling me over to which he offered no reason. I even said something like "so what kind of police pull people over in parking lots without probable cause" to which he responded "this on edoes". By that point I was pretty furious about being pulled over but because he suspected alcohol on my breath and I'd admitted to drinking he had me take a sobriety test, which I failed. However when they wanted me to take the breathalizer I refused - mostly because I was so angry that they had originally pulled me over for no reason. At this point I was arrested and taken to the Kent County Jail. After a little while there they received a warrant and forced me to take a blood test and I did take a breathalizer afterward - which indicated my BAC was .1. While I do understand that I was just over the legal limit and am not trying to excuse that, I was parked at a time of my "pull over" in a car where the registration and license plate had just been renewed and feel like I should have never been questioned or stopped by the cop in the first place. I also don't remember being read my maranda rights when I was being arrested and even asked if I had a right to call a lawyer - to whichthey answered, yeah, just use the phone book and threw an 6 yr old one at me to be sarcastic.This is my first offense and I am 25 years old - again while I do accept responsibility for my actions I do feel mistreated and quite frankly can not even afford a dui right now as I'm unemployed and seeking employment. I am also very concerned about this going on my record and affecting my ability to get a job in the future in my field (engineering). I wanted to contact you to see if you thought I had a case at all and my options might be. Again being unemployed I'm also curious on what the estimated cost would be to work with you and what payment plans/options you offer. My court date is 9/20 so if you can please get back to me by phone or email asap I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

(Davenport, Iowa) Scott County 2011-09-11

My case occurred this past Friday night. I was out drinking with friends who dropped me off at my car so I could get home. They said I seemed fine to drive at the time. I pulled over on the side of the road because I knew I should not be driving and was getting ill. As of right now without the full police report, I am not certain if I took the keys out of the ignition or not but I moved to the backseat where I left the door open. Dispatch apparently reported a car stopped on the side of the road so police turned up at the scene and administered a sobriety test. I blew a .167 and failed to pass the other tests so was taken to jail for the evening. I have a new job that I am starting in Nebraska in two weeks so this is extremely unfortunate timing and an incredibly horrible decision on my part. My family and I are unfamiliar with the laws of Iowa so I am in need of advise and most likely an attorney if you feel I have a case.

(Pewaukee, Wisconsin) Waukesha County 2011-09-10

I was retrieving DJ equipment from a wedding. While I waited for it to end, I was offered wine and champagne punch. It must have been very spiked because I didn't believe I drank that much. When I neared my home, I started feeling nauseous and decided just to get home instead of stopping for gas. Well, I ran out a few blocks from my home and an officer a few blocks behind me came to my assistance and noticed that I may have been drinking. Gave me the test and I failed. I have my first court appearance on the 13th at 1:30 for what I believe is a bail hearing.

(Barstow, California) San Bernadino County 2011-09-10

it was memorial day weekend and I got pulled over one block away from my house for "stopping too quick at a stop sign" told him I was going to my girlfriend's house, and he asked me if he can perform some tests to see if I'm intoxicated. I agreed, and he gave me 3 field sobriety tests and I passed all 3 in front of two officers, but they brought out the breathalyzer because he said 'he had a hunch I had been drinking. I blew a .082 on scene and a .087 at the station and let them take a blood test.

(Orlando, Florida) Orange County 2011-09-09

I have 3DUI's, went thru everything involved, paid everything, did everything court ordered. Was supposed to be reinstated 07/06/2011, called Tallahassee 2 wks befoe to find out how much reinstatement fees were, and was told the medical review board had "red-flagged" me. They said they didn't have to inform me of this decision, and I would have found out when I went to reinstate. They sent me paperwork for my Dr. to fill out, he did, but now it might take until Oct. 3rd to find out if they okay it or not. I did try to get a hardship back in '08, they got Dr. records, found out I was prescribed pain medication (which in no way had anything to do with previus dui's) for back issues. I contacted an admnistrative lawyer in DeLand, and they said it was a criminal matter - not administrative, and they had no right to do this. I have to money to hire an attorney - have been laid off for over a year, plus all those dui's were expensive. I'm very close to being homeless. But can you advise me on what to do? With my luck, they'll probably turn me down. If I could get my license back, I could get a job - everything I've looked for, you need a license. PLEASE help me in this matter. I'm serious about almost being homeless - and my unemmployment's almost gone. I've got 1-1/2 months left. Thank you for your time.

(Darien, Georgia) McIntosh County 2011-09-06

As we entered Dasrien Ga We were pulled over by a police officer that was following roughly 2 miles before the bridge. I was not speeding weaving or any other reason. When I asked why was I pulled over the officer said because of as no brake lights when I was braking, I was driving my brothers vehicle with my brother and his friends and none of us where aware of this. The officer then asked if I had been drinking that night and I said yes. He then had me step out of the car and performed a eye test with a pen and then standing on one leg. Because we where parked against an incline I fell when I lifted my leg. Even though I explained that he still had me take the breath test. My B.A.L. was .081. He then arrests me and takes me to a local station where he reads my rights and then had me breath "4 " times into another breath device, The tests were inconclusive and he told me to do it again. I voiced my opinion letting the officer know that I had already done the test for him 4 t imesand I questioned him on his motives. He then asked me if I was refusing to take the test and I said " I just took the test". Another officer overheard this and then told me I was under arrest I then stated " I was simply asking a question I did not say that I did not want to take the test I'll take the test but it is my legal right to be able to ask questions. The officer said it was too late and proceeded to take me to jail. I was very upset over this entore incident because I have never been in jail in my life, I am in the Army National Guard, and am a Student with the University of Phoenix. Needless to say I did not enjoy being treated like a criminal and i was not drunk. I was in full awareness and the officer stopped me originally for a brake light not for suspicion of dui.

(Jacksonville, North Carolina) Onslow County 2011-09-03

I feel that there were many factors in my personal situation that could possibly be a reason for my case to be dismissed. The officer refused to tell me the results of the field tests when I asked him. He refused to tell me the results of the breathalyzer test when I asked him claiming that they are inadmissible in court. It is my understanding that breathalyzer tests at the scene of the arrest can be admissible in court if multiple tests are performed and the outcome is very close. I am unaware if they were close but I took a significant number of breathalyzer tests in conjunction with the field tests. I am not aware if I passed my field sobriety tests, but when I asked I was not told anything so it is my belief that I did pass them; however, it should be mentioned that I have Traumatic Brain Injury that effects my vestibular performance and functions such as balance. If I was able to pass the field tests with the balance issues that I have doctor documentation for, then what does that say about my sobriety or coordination at the time of the tests.I was not detained but rather told I was being arrested for driving under the influence for the reason of smelling like beer and my eyes were a little glossy. I do not feel that this is a reasonable "probable cause" for an arrest, and believe I should have only been detained. I was never given my Miranda rights by the officer. I was also given a number of breathalyzer tests over an hour and a half after my first test at the scene of arrest. I "refused" the test but was told to cooperate or it was an automatic dui for refusal. I believe this to be misleading as I should have been able to refuse at some point, after I cooperated as much as I did. The last reading was a .12 but what is that result in comparison with the others? I think that the reliability of this particular reading should be questionable. I could have burped or had heartburn or a number of factors that could have had an effect on this particular reading. I was never taken to see the magistrate or a judge. I als o donot understand how a reading two hours after being pulled over satisfies my BAC when I was actually operating the vehicle. For these reasons among other reasons, I feel that my case should be dismissed and I should only be charged with speeding.The cop was aware of how much that I had drank that night and asked me when the last time that I ate was. He was not going to let me go until he got the results that he wanted. How do I know that the last breathalyzer test that I took was not affected by a previous test or due to the multitude of tests that I had taken in such a short period of time? I feel that my rights were not protected and that the officer was taking advantage of the fact that I was not entirely aware of my rights as this was my first arrest for driving under the influence.

(las vegas, nevada) Clark County 2011-08-23

:i was areested for a dui in florida tampa went to curt few times but thne had to leave for reasin to las vegas , it happned in 2008 i think and i neveer went back to florida,, in 2009 i was also caught drunk driving in las vegas went to court ,, ut hen had to leave the country ,, now im oer seas can my issues be solved while im here? im read to pay for it while im here the phone nmumber i provided was mine but no lnger is.

(Sausalito, California) Marin County 2011-08-23

i had wet and reckless about a year and half ago. .09 bac. now i recently got my second dui on the 14th of august. dont know my results yet on my blood test. i was arrested and booked in the marin county jail. i was told i was going 96mph coming off the bridge but dont believe it cuz i was right lane and the car on my left flew past me. i did 4 different field sobriety tests.

(Madison, Wisconsin) Dane County 2011-08-23

My f iancee does not speak much english; but on July 31 got stopped by the police and got cited for driving while intoxicated; and driving with an expired license; He was taken in to police station and then taken to hospital to have a blood test done, after the test he was release into my custody for which I signed a responsibility form. My fiancee takes anticoagulants due to heart condition and thinks that might of increase his blood alchol level. He is very worry that he might get arrested and put in jail and lose his license as well as his job. what can he expect when he goes to court?

(Goshen, Indiana) Elkhart County 2011-08-23

i was pulled over after leaving a bar. i watched the policeman brake & turn around and sit on the side of the road with his lights off to wait for me. he followed me for approximately 2 miles then pulled me over for not turning on my turn signal within 200 ft. he gave me the field test & i kept asking if i was passing or not. he would not give me an answer just kept saying "lets do this next test first. (i grew up with this officer by the way) so i would do the next test. after every test i would ask if i was passing or not. he gave me the breathalizer and i asked what it said (he still wouldnt tell me) he asked me if i would take the breathalizer at the police station & told me the consequences of my 2 choices. i agreed to take the test. i still asked a couple more times what the results of the first one was. finally i took the test at the station and registered .08. i still have no idea what the results of the first one was. while we were still at the scene of where he pulled me over while he had me handcuffed in the back of the car he was searching my vehicle(i was never asked if he could search it) after everything was done at the first police station he put me back in the car to take me to the county jail. while on our way there we were just talking and i noticed him looking through what i thought looked like my cell phone. i thought maybe he just had one like mine but then noticed a couple mins later he was looking at his phone which looked nothing like mine! even while on our way to the county jail & while he was looking through my phone he swerved and crossed the center line from not paying attention. after being booked & told i would go to court that same morn or afternoon i was put in my cell(after making my phone call). finally i talked to another officer around 2:30pm and got to make another phone call. my family said i still didnt have a bond set. they also said the bondsman told them that i did nt go to court because i was too drunk. I know i was not! i also dont believe that when i was pulled over that i was drunk! i did not have that much to drink. i believe in my heart i was not over the legal limit at the time i was driving. i think i was not treated fairly and dont know what my rights are.

(Safford, Arizona) Graham County 2011-08-21

I had a monthly fine prior to this case that i missed payment on and a warrent was issued for my arrest. On that night i had been buying beer at a local circle K and after exiting the store i put the beer in the bed of a friends truck, just as i did a police officer pulled up and anounced i had a warrent for my arrest, i then surrendered with no resistance. Upon arresting me the officer discovered a smoking pipe in my possestion. this discovery lead to aproximently 4 other officers and the arrestin officer to step aside and have a private discussion which resulted in the arresting officer to inform my that i was suspectedly driving under the influence of an illegal drug. I then was escorted to a holding room of some sort where the officers asked for a urine test. After refusing multiple times i then was held and intimidated until i would agree with the officers. after that another private discussion tolkplace in a side room, after what ever was discussed between the officers wasdone i was booked on my warrent and told its up to the county to press charges or not and if so i would have another warrent issued for my arrest. this incident tolk place a little more than a year ago and ive recently discovered i am being prosicuted and have a warrent.

(San Diego, California) San Diego County 2011-08-17

I was at a friend's house when my girlfriend told me she needed a ride from work. The person that was originally going to take her home canceled so I was her only option. I picked her up at around 10PM and upon my return to my friend's house, I got stopped by a police officer. The time was approx. 10:15 when he pulled me over. He informed me that he pulled me over because I was swerving and because I did not make a full stop at a red traffic light before proceeding with my right turn. However, my girlfriend and my friend who were both sober both agreed that I was not swerving. I am 100% positive that if I were to review the police video, I was not swerving. He then asked me if I had anything to drink, I said yes I had a FOUR look about an hour before I started driving. He also asked me when the last time I ate was, I answered about 3PM and I had a double cheeseburger from McDonalds. He then asked me to step out of the car and perform some field sobriety tests. May I note that during this whole process, I did not stutter, I did not stumble, I answered all of his questions and I followed everything he asked me to do. I even completed the field sobriety tests with flying colors. Again, I have my gf and my friend to stand witness and note that my body language did not suggest that I was drunk. He then asked me to take a breathalyzer test, which I did. I blew a .08 the first time, then a .09. He then arrested me and took me to the police station which took about 20 to 30 minutes. Here, I took another breathalyzer test where I blew .11 and .10. Note: the officer did not observe me for 15 minutes before taking the second breathalyzer test, nor the first breathalyzer test. I had belched previous to both of the tests. In addition, I argue that because my BAC was .11 a the station, my BAC was rising. It took the officer about 20 to 30 minutes to initiate the first breathalyzer test and if I rose a maximum of .03 then at the time that I was driving, my BAC was not at the limit. This is my main argument, however a lot of other factors occurred that may make my case that much more victorious. He did not read my my Miranda rights, he did not ask me my race and wrote down on my temporary license that my ethnicity was Asian (I am half Vietnamese and half El Salvadoran, however I do not consider myself Asian because I do not speak or understand Vietnamese. However, I do speak and understand Spanish and was raised by my mother who is El Salvadoran). I am a student and I just got a job as a Domino's Delivery driver 2 weeks ago. This dui can ruin my life. I have done an extensive amount of research and have found loopholes in my case. The PAS calibration log may also be a benefit in my position. I would like to know the odds of beating this case. I would like to know what you would charge me for your representation. (I have not contacted the DMV and have about 6 days to do so). I would also like to know if a Public Defender would be a viable option. (I understand that they are very busy, however I am low-income and cannot afford a lot of the quotas I have been given by Lawyers)Please reply to me as soon as you can.Thank you,

(honolulu, hawaii) Oahu County 2011-08-17

pulled over for turning the wrong way on a one way street. Had been drinking, and was asked to perform a field sobriety test. Failed the test, took a breathalyzer on the scene, I was not told the BAC on the scene. Was handcuffed and processed, blew again at the Jail, this BAC was a 0.12%. Called my command informed them I was arrested for drinking and driving. Sat in jail for a couple of hours before my superior picked me up from jail. Went to Captain's Mast, lost money, and was restricted to the ship. Need legal help!

(minnetonka, minnesota) Hennepin County 2011-08-17

i put my car in the ditch, someone stopped to ask if i was ok and asked me if i needed a ride, i said yes and got dropped off at my house. When i got home i had 5 or 6 shots of jack daniels, the cops showed up aprox 20 minutes after i got home. they asked my girlfriend if they could come inside my home, she said yes. ( the house is in my name only) they came in, i was in the basement finishing my last shot, they asked if i was ok and they just wanted to talk, i said "ive been advised not to say anything and to ask you to leave my property so will you please leave my property" another cop asked if i would give a breath test, i said "again ive been advised not to say anything and to ask you to leave my property so will you please leave my property" that cop then said your going to jail, i said "i need to call my attorney" he said nope, took the phone out of my hands and put me in handcuffs, i got checked out by an ambulance then in the back of police car and taken to jail, and wascharged with a 2nd degree gross misd dui, i then said i would submit to a blood test, went to hospital and gave the blood test which came back at .0152

(Fairhope, Alabama) Baldwin County 2011-08-16

I'm an Alabama resident with an Alabama license but was arrested and later convicted for dui in Florida last year (Nov). Because I refused the test, Florida has suspended my license for a year. I had a FL lawyer. I will have met all conditions of my formal 6 month probation. In November, will I be required to get SR 22 insurance or not for reinstatement? In some places I read you will only need it to prove financial responsibility and/or if the judge ordered it; and neither is the case for me. Again, is SR 22 insurance required for each and every dui? The DMV lady in Foley, Alabama has never mentioned it when I have asked her what will I need other than money to reinstate my AL license when the time comes. Please advise.

(Waianae, Hawaii) Oahu County 2011-08-03

1st offense, not too sure on my opitions or what steps are needed for me to take. i've got a scheduled court date at the end of the month. do I go with a public defender because i don't have the money or try to borrow money and hire a private lawyer? I hear there's two parts, my criminal case and one that deals with ADLRO,,,which deals with my license. PLEASE HELP!!

(Dorr, Michigan) Allegan County 2011-08-03

Refused a breathalyzer and need to appeal within 14 days of Aug 1, 2011.My friend Ben and I were at a party and called for a ride from my girlfriend. When I went to get my stuff out of the my car I couldn't find my wallet or sunglasses and assumed someone stole them so I didn't want to leave my car at the house. I decided to drive it to the park and ride and leave it there. My girlfriend was following me and Ben from the party to the park and ride. When I pulled in to the park and ride a police car followed and approached me in my car before I got out. He asked whose beer was in the back seat spilling all over, I didn't answer. He asked what we were doing and I told him that I was parking my car so we could get a ride home. He then asked me to get out of my car and we talked a bit then put me through some manual tests and asked me to blow; I refused. I was not read Miranda rights. I went to the jail for an hour and a half and then went to the hospital and they drew blood, then I was returned to the jail and was booked several hours later.

(Gaithersburg, Maryland) Montgomery County 2011-08-03

I was driving home from College Park with my best friend & the police officer pulled me over because he said I had turned on a red light when the sign said no right turns. I did not see the sign because of the clare my headlights give off. He then asked me if I had been drinking and I told him, the only thing I had was a sip of my friends jungle juice. I'm not a drinker & I don't like alcohol. He then asked me to do a number of tests which I did & then a breathalyzer. After it was all completed he arrested me.

(Goldsboro, North Carolina) Wayne County 2011-08-03

i had a traffic accident. i was trying to avoid a deer that ran out in font of me and lost control and crashed. i had a few drinks but not sure if i had drank enough for the legal limit. i was taken to the hospital by ambulance to get checked out. a state trooper came to the hospital to talk with me while i was still on the stretcher and stapped down. he put a pin in front of my eyes and ask me to follow it with my eyes and he then ask if i would take a blood test to check my alcohol level and i said yes just dont know the results yet. is there a chance with a clean record never being in any trouble of getting out of this...

(Overland Park, Kansas) Johnson County 2011-08-02

It wasnt a typical anything. After trying to get a cab to be on the safe side and being rejected by 2 companies(closed or too far away)I drove behind a friend of mine to follow her to her house. She was incredibly drunk and I was worried about her. I only had a couple drinks and didnt feel too drunk but I called the cabs to be on the safe side. I was pulled over on 119th street and 69 hwy. She asked if I had anything to drink and I told her a beer or two. She asked me to step out and told me that I didnt have the right to refuse the field sobriety or breathalizer in the state of KS. I did both even though I have a hip problem I was going to physical therapy for which I told her would cause problems in the field sobriety test. The breathalizer said I was over the limit and she put me in cuffs and read me my rights. Then she took me to the hospital after I informed her I was a diabetic and had them do a blood test. She apologized for doing this over and over again after I told her about calling the cab companies. After they did the blood test they took me to a room in the ER and the police officer left. She had my DL but didnt give me the pink piece of paper Im told I was supposed to get. Its been 3 weeks(this happened on the 16th of July) and I havent gotten anything in the mail nor do I know if I should get my DL back or just wait until they set a court date. Unfortunately I have a 6 year old getting ready to go into his first grade year and I dont have anyone that can take him or pick him up from school. If anything I just need a restricted or something so I can go get him. I have stopped drinking and havent since that night and never drink around my kids. But I need some way of taking him to school.

(Bucyrus, Ohio) Crawford County 2011-07-31

Hello, I have a older brother in the State of New Jersey that has tons of traffic offenses & as well as criminal related issues for fraud, forgery, theft by deception, plus drug related matters as well in where he is supervised within drug court now at this present time & also under supervised probation. All my life my older brother has been in & out of many county jails & prison system. In 1991 through 1992. In 2004 he confessed in writing by his own hand while within the prison system in Trenton New Jersey, to a Attorney in New Jersey that he used my identity & received traffic violations such as dui within two municipalities in a New Jersey County called Monmouth. The two municipalities were Keansburg Borough, & Middletown Township, in were I have contacted these municipalities to request some type of hard record / file on such matters & then was told that they do not have any hard file on these matters & that municipalities by law only keep none criminal traffic matt er infile form for only 7-8 years after the matter was disposed of. All I know is in 1992 me & my wife did not even own a car nor did & how can I receive these violations without a car? The whole matter was back then was that they had Paper License that had no photo & they did not have strict laws in providing the documents as they do today after September 11th 2001 AKA 911. Even though I have a copy of such a confession letter that was provided by the Attorney to me along with the posted marked envelope from the prison system in Trenton New Jersey. apparently means nothing to the State of New Jersey. Now this matter has brought me such hardship within the family as well as life not being able to provide for my children & wife in where I have two disabled children & we live within the rural area of Crawford County Ohio, nine miles from town. Within this area you need to drive or you are lost. There is no public transportation out here such as buses or trains. What I need is so meoneto help me because I can not handle this hardship any longer & not being able to obtain gainful employment to provide for my family & their needs. My name is on the NDR & I never knew that before until I tried to turn my West Va license in to Ohio for a drivers license here. In West Va. I have a very clean record & before West Va I had a South Carolina license & there to I had a clean driving record. Because it my South Carolina license was not clean I would have never received a West Va license. All I know is that the DMV in New Jersey, will not help me at all & they do not care for some reason after sending letter after letter to them with a copy of the hand written confession that my older brother sent to a New Jersey Attorney that is sadly past away back in December of 2010. It's been a little over 2 years already in this hardship & I can not even dig my way out.. I need help asap..

(Phoenix, Arizona) Maricopa County 2011-07-29

Dog sitting. Did a hot yoga class, so probably dehydrated; had a couple of rum and Cokes while swam with dogs. Began the four block drive home; was side swiped on 32nd street. Given blood alcohol test: failed. Taken to blog alcohol an on 16th street and Highland. Sited.

(Green River, Wyoming) Sweetwater County 2011-07-28

I was driving home after quite a bit of drinking, was making a turn when my phone went off, I looked down at it for a second and when I looked up, I was off the road and took out a hand rail and wrecked my car. I then exited the vehicle immediately and ran home. 15-20 minutes later, officers were at my door and was arrested for dui.

(Savannah, Georgia) Chatham County 2011-07-28

On 7/17/2011 I was stop for dui and I was told that I had 10 to come up with 150.00 to send in to DDS to try and keep my license from being suspended . I did not make that time frame could not come up with the money at that time. So I'm gonna assume they are suspended.is there a way to get a license to get back and forth to work ? and to take my son to school ?

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma) Cherokee County 2011-07-28

My son recieved a dui on July 4th 2011. His tie rod broke in his truck and he went left of center in a park hitting another car. there were no injuries, he was traveling at a very low speed. the officer took him to the hospital for a blood test and then to jail for dui. He has a prior dui (11/13/2008)in Muskogee County that was a misdemeanor, he also did 16 months of rehab after this.He went to court today, July 28th, 2011 and the tests results were not available so they did charge him a dui and he pleaded not guilty and a court date of August 24th has been set. My son asked the asst. da's clerk to call the hospital where he was taken, she did and was told that they were really busy and had not had the time to run the tests yet. Can they legally hold on to the blood for over 3 weeks and not run the tests. He says that he only had 1 1/2 beers. I'm just trying to figure out where he needs to go from here? Kinda at a loss, do we just wait until August the 24th and hope the results will be done?

(Woodland, California) Yolo County 2011-07-28

This past weekend, Sunday morning to be exact I got pulled over by the California Highway Patrol of which they told me I was swerving, The officer proceed in asking me if I had drank that night and I told him yes that I had one drink. He told me to step outside in which he went ahead and conducted a series of test. He then proceeded to do a breathalyzer test of which he mentioned would be the last test. This being my first time ever experiencing such thing I did not know how to blow correctly on the breathalyser so i was told that I was getting arrested for drinking and would have to do a breathalyser test elsewhere. As of today I still do not know the results of the blood test that was conducted on me and based on the tests that I took prior to doing the breathalyzer the officer that had me detained never mentioned anything about be failing the other tests. I am really confused as to what steps I need to take and I feel that the action called open me was unjust. I really nee d someadvice from someone who knows and really need someone to help me for I have never been in this situation in my life,

(PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire) Rockingham County 2011-07-26

I was driving in Maine and pulled over and got an OUI with a BAC of .23. I have never been arrested for anything ever and I didnt fight back or do anything aggressive towards the cops. I was just wondering the chances of getting max jail time, if I would go straight jail from my court date or if I go back at a later time, and how much it would be to hire a lawyer.

(Olympia, Washington) Thurston County 2011-07-26

I was three months away from my 21st Birthday,had two 12 oz beers and waited two hours before driving. I was pulled over on the Freeway for speeding (5 mi. over) Recieved dui ticket for .10 alcohol level. There is a test online that you can do to see if you should drive or not, I did the test and it said for my weight and so forth, I was OK to drive. I work barely part-time, make very little and have NO money for an Attorney. I am afraid that a Public Defender will not care about me or my case. What should I do?

(PARIS, Tennessee) Henry County 2011-07-26

Summary:Charged with 2nd dui with BAC of .067Case description:I was arrested by a Henry County, TN deputy sheriff on July 1, 2011 for dui after making a wrong way drive on a highway I had NEVER been on before in my life. It was dark (approx. 10:30pm) extremely foggy, and an unlighted highway. I had two passengers in the vehicle who will testify to the same as they did not notice we went the wrong direction. Once realizing the mistake I DID get into the correct lane of traffic. No accidents or mishaps occurred. I blew a .067 BAC but was still charged with dui even though I was totally sober and not acting in anyway drunk or impaired. General Session Judge Vicky Snyder ordered me to install the Smart Start device on my truck which has been NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS ever since being installed. I definitely have NOT had any alcohol but the Smart Start Device continues to deny starting of my vehicle, shows multiple violations and missed tests when there is no reason for this except THE SMART START DEVICE IS MALFUNCTIONING AND FAULTY. These devices are inferior and only serve to harass, intimidate, cause grief, driving problems, family problems, missed work problems, etc. I attempted to start my truck last Tuesday as leaving my work for my 2 hour drive home from Clarksville, TN to Camden, TN only to see that the device had me on "LOCKOUT VIOLATION" and would NOT allow me to leave work when I had been on the construction site all day with definitely no alcohol. I had to phone someone in Texas for a Code which was only good for 6 hours which meant I was not going to be able to come to work the next morning or use my vehicle even though I had done nothing wrong. I drove to the Digital City store where the device was installed and after speaking with Jan Loy, the TN creator of Smart Start, she authorized the store technician to correct the problem with HER device and get me going again. Four hours later I was able to head home on a two hour drive only to have the Smart Start device fail again within a few miles. I called Jan Loy again who was able to give me verbal instructions by phone to get my vehicle started and I was able to get to work the next morning. However, the very next day the Smart Start device failed AGAIN and I have had my truck parked ever since not knowing what to do now. This Smart Start device is going to cause me to lose my job if it continues to fail and cause unnecessary problems.I am certain I am only one of MANY who are experiencing these same problems with this unpredictable and unreliable faulty Ignition Interlock Device. I firmly believe this is a form of undue punishment since I HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN CONVICTED OF THE dui OR BEEN TO A COURT TRIAL! These problems with this device and the fact that I and others are being charged with dui's with BAC's below the .080 level should be just cause for a lawsuit and Class Action against Smart Start and against the dui Laws of TN.If law officers can choose to charge me or others with dui's with the BAC of .067 or whatever less than .080 then where is this going to end? The .080 level was established to set the legal limit for charging someone with a dui. Statute 55-10-408 states that "the accused must have a BAC of .080 or HIGHER at the time of the alleged incident in order to substantiate the dui". My BAC was .067 and I am in serious trouble.I am guilty of driving the wrong direction briefly on an unfamiliar, dark, foggy highway but not of doing it because I was intoxicated or impaired. My two passengers will testify to the fact that it was not obvious to anyone of us that we were traveling the wrong direction until we realized it a short distance later. I also have witnesses from a restaurant where we had dinner on that night and I drank (3) beers. These restaurant patrons will testify that I was not drunk.In addition, I had gout in both big toes on that night which is VERY painful and made it di

(Winston-salem, North Carolina) Forsyth County 2011-07-26

I am writing in regards of my husbands recent charges of a dwi. He was at a local race in Winston-Salem, NC when a cop stopped to ask him to let him know that there were teenagers throwing rocks at cars and to report anything if he saw something. After my husband got into his car and pulled out of the parking lot he turned the blue lights on and pulled him over and said when he was talking to him he thought he was very intoxicated and his eyes were red. My husband has been working many long hours at work and was honestly very tired. When the officer made him to a sobriety test he said his balance was not good , but it never has been as he is not very graceful. He was very compliant, honest and polite to the officer and did as he asked. He told the officer that he had two beers at the race but it was hours earlier and that he was very tired. During the breathalyzer test he blew a 0.08 and the officer took him to do a blood test and told him it could be up to six months before the results. The officer didn’t impound his car and pulled it to the side and said he could come get it the next day. He also didn’t take his license although the officer did misplace them and couldn’t find them (and still can‘t). When he took him to the station he told him to call someone to take him home and to let him know if he could find his license. My husband was very respectful and polite to the officer and in return the officer was very respectful to my husband and let it be known in the police report. We are very aware that the breathalyzer tests are not always accurate and we are confident the blood work will show very little alcohol content. My husband is a very hard worker and respectful man and this is his first violation of anything. We would like advice on how to go about the circumstances. We cannot afford a lot but will do what is necessary. Thank you sincerely for any help or information you can give.

(Brillion, Wisconsin) Calumet County 2011-07-25

Arrested for dui on June 26th. BAC was over .20 when they took my Blood sample. I was curious to see if I should plead no contest when my court dates on August 2nd or if I should plead not guilty then try to get my punishments reduced when I have my pre-trail hearing with the DA.

(waupaca, wisconsin) Waupaca County 2011-07-25

It was snowing. I had friends in car. Had 1 joint. I took a puff. Went in ditch. Cop smelled pot. Said I took a puff. I was taken to hospital for blood test. Test came back no delta thc, 11-hydroxy-thc or ethanol detected. There was 9 ng/mL carboxy-thc detected. I am not a regular pot user. I am a good student, planning to attend MATC. Have a 3.0 gpa and have had same job for almost 4 years. I need advise. Please help!

(Richmond, Virginia) Richmond City County 2011-07-24

I was arrested for public intoxication on Friday night. I have a prior dui 3 years ago in Columbus, OH. I would like to get this expunged from my record, however, my situation is more complicated in that I have to leave the state Monday night, that night after my original court date, and I have to leave the country on Tuesday.Any help you can provide on short notice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much.

(Englewood, Colorado) Arapahoe County 2011-07-24

On Saturday July 23 around midnight I was pulled over, for making a lane change, or almost making a lane change. Officer gave me a field sobriety test, I was handcuffed and taken to detox. Spent 6 hours there, was booked, refused the breath and blood test. Was released at 6:30am. I have a court date on August 24th at 8am. Need a lawyer.

(colorado springs, colorado) El Paso County 2011-07-24

1 passenger with 4 stitches..I have no memory of roll over. Passengers say after we went through McDonald's the drive puts you into the Dairy queen parking lot and there is no exit. New construction looked like a driveway and I took it and we rolled over, woke 4 hours later in ER. Police offer was yelling at me during that time asking if I had been drinking, I said yes. I had a staple in the back of my head and still dealing with Jaw injuries.I left the hospital with discharge papers and a ticket from the police dept that I could not sign because I was unconscious. 3 friends in the car...3 beers before I left the house and then the 4 of us went out to a bar, they were ordering tall beer ? bongs? I had 2 of their beers and one that was purchased for me on the roof top bar. One of my friends said someone bought me a shot...they were concerned I had been drugged..I have the toxicology report from the hospital but I don't know the medical terms

(Motley, Minnesota) Morrison County 2011-07-24

Got pulled over for no seat belt and speeding and beforethe police officer gave me my insurance information back he had relized who I was and I hadnt gotten along with that police deoartment when I wasa minor... He aked If I had been drinking and I admitted I was right away and was very cooprative throughout the whole process, I participated in all thesobriety tests and passed. Then took the breathilizer and blew a .13 and was charged with a misdomeaner 4th degree dwi... I was wondering what the fines would be becase It is a first offense and wont ever happened again, I know I wont have jail time but was curious as to the fines

(Virginia Beach, Virginia) Virginia Beach City County 2011-07-23

On the morning of july 3, 2011 i was pulled over on diamond springs road. The cop said I was driving in two lanes and made me get out the car. He asked if I had been drinking and at first I said no then told the truth. I had to take the walk the line test. I had to hold my right foot off the ground, point my toes and count until I was told to stop and I had to take a breath test. I was arrested and asked if I could take my purse as I knew I would need to call someone and the cop told me that the 2nd cop would transport my purse which he did not. My car was towed as a result and I was pulled over right across the street from where I lived.

(Pasco, Washington) Franklin County 2011-07-23

I am from oregon , and was traveling thru washington after work to see relatives. I had worked that day from 4am til 1:30pm...after work I had two tequila shots but did not eat anything... about 2 1/2 hours later (4:20pm) I began my trip and was on the road for about 40 mins (5:00pm) when I stopped and bought a few grocery items and 1 beer. I was radar'd from an aircraft for speeding, and when stopped I had opened the beer and took a couple drinks, was giving a breathe test, and a field test to follow the pen, and was taken into custody. at the jail i was giving 2 more breathe tests, about 25mins later,,, and the results were .067 and .071 these tests were giving one after another. I ended up with a speeding ticket, and an open container ticket which I don't contest, although I wish to not have a Duii conviction on my record... I had a previous Duii in oregon back in 3-2001.

(Helena, Montana) Lewis and Clark County 2011-07-23

2 blocks from home exited frontage road,turn back on 30 ft dirt road next to irragation ditch. Another vehicle turn on same road so shuffle to the right and car went partially in to the irragation ditch. High centered so I couldn't get it out, so I walked to my house to call tow truck and talk to wife about situation. Sister pulled up outside,so went out to talk to her and a deputy pulled up and ask me to go with him to the car. Then hi way patrol came over, I explained situation, said they had a witness that saw me swerve into ditch. Hi way patrol officer administered horizontal gaze nastagmis test and I rejected breathalizer. Was arrested, posted bond. Court is Monday morning 8:30 am in front of JP.

(Turlock, California) Stanislaus County 2011-07-12

I was driving my friend home the other night and got pulled over for speeding, which I wasn't. My friend was in bad shape so I was giving him a ride home. The office had me do some test which I passed all of them then he had me take a breath test then put me in the back of his car. My friends parents came and got us and then the cops let us go.

(Omaha, Nebraska) Douglas County 2011-07-12

pulled over because right headlight was out. Officer told me this, but, later on ticket, officer wrote "driving without lights". Have three drinks in over two hours. I'm 5'10" 120lbs, Zero fat to suck it up. I know that I was the most sober person at the dance club of 250 people. He didn't like my hot rod, & I think that they upped my blood percentage at the station, with a nod. I have drove over 35 yrs & over 1,600,000 miles without an accident or ticket, untill I got my fist dui last year on my birthday. I am the one having two beers & stoping...most of the time maybe just one after umpiring 4-5 games in the heat. & I got my first dui, I admit that I was feeling a little low, being it was the first time in 25 years without my wife & kids with me.( lost her & the kids in late July). then I lost my job, my house, my car. She left me big time in debt. Life couldn't get any worse....till now & a second dui.

(Marlinton, West Virginia) Pocahontas County 2011-07-12

Well hate to say but sorry about this. I was driving back home from the mudboggs on 7/10/11. pulled up to stop sign to go back towards town and my tires spun because, my truck was sitting in loose gravel and they squelled a lil but automatically let off because the truck does not hook up good at all. then the blue lights hit me. They asked me for liscense,ins.and registration. So I did, then he asked be if I had been drinking which im not going to lie to you. I told him that I did then i guess he ran my tags came back and asked me how many i had and i told him a few 4 or 5 is what i drank. then they gave me the field sobierty test he said i faied it then i was placedunder arrest then went to jail house where they proceeded to give me another test which i failed. After all i have been through with divorce and being unemployeed for a few months then getting a job i dont want to do this i mean pay my fines whatever i can't loose my liscense because drive everyday to work. Plus i had a canister of pot that was under problly 3 grams which is under the 15 gram law up there. I don't need to go to jail at all my family got me out of there 11yrs ago and i have done great have college had a wife and got a great job now where that i am happy.

(Phoenix, Arizona) Maricopa County 2011-07-12

got pulled over in scion t.c., cop suspected i was high because my eyes were red. told him i smoked early that day so he pulled me out the car and i did a urine test at a local sub station and also blew zeros. so then after i was picked up by a friend and know paperwork or any information for court. I lived in a house on mill and southern with a couple of friends at the time so mail got mailed at that address. so I lived at the house for about 4 more monthes and then moved back into my dads house. At this time I still havent received a court date or anything in my name kyle jones about a dui in the mail. by this time my dad transferred that mail box address mail in my name to his office address. Guessingly bout a year and two months later I get pulled over for speeing on 202 freeway dps officer said had warrent for arrest for failure to appear for dui charge. told the officer story, has same story in his police report. need to know what im facing or if this is right??

(Chesapeake, Virginia) Chesapeake City County 2011-07-11

I was arrested on April 27th for a dui with a bac of 0.16. I was driving down Mt. Pleasant rd. around 1a.m. and my head lights shut off on me due to a problem with the headlight switch cord. I was attempting to fix the problem and was pulled over before I could do so. The officer asked me why my headlights were off, I explained that they came unplugged and managed to reconnect them, turning them back on. I believe it was this point when he asked for my license and then he returned to his car with it. When he returned he told me that he smelled alcohol on me and asked if I'd had anything to drink. I said I had a few over the last couple hours. Then he asked me to step out of my truck. He then proceeded to give me 3 field sobriety tests. He asked me to look at his flashlight and follow it with my eyes only, and I passed. Then he made me take ten steps heel to toe, while counting them, then turn on one foot and come back the same way. I passed that one also. Then the officer made me stand on one foot while counting. He then gave me the flashlight test a second time, and once again I passed it. I was never informed that the tests could be refused, instead the officer made it seem like I had to take them, almost bullying me. The officer made it clear that I passed all the field sobriety tests but still thought I might be intoxicated. I assured him that I wasn't intoxicated. Then he administered a breathylizer test which I failed. I don't remember my bac from that test though. While he was arresting me he told me that he recieved a couple of reports of a vehicle matching mine swerving on Mt. Pleasant rd. I don't think he ever recieved any reports because I don't believe I was swerving at all. I attribute the high BAC to a very high tolerance to alcohol, I was fully able to operate a vehicle, and even the officer commented on that fact. He said "I've seen people with lower BAC's than you that were very drunk, but you don't seem drunk." I told him that I wasn't. He arrested me in front of another officer, and I don't believe I was ever read my rights. I was brought to the station where I blew a .16 on the machine there. This is my first dui and second misdemeanor charge, the first being petit larceny for the theft of a metal parking lot sign. I have a clean driving record, and a great job. I have already recieved two continuances, one by phone, and the 2nd at my arraignment. I planned on asking for a court appointed attorney at my arraignment but was denied because I make too much money. Unfortunately my new trial date is August 10, 2011, only a month away. The judge at my arraignment did tell me that if my lawyer is unable to make the trial date, that they could write a letter to the judge and I could bring that to my trial. Thanks for your time.

(Fayetteville, North Carolina) Cumberland County 2011-07-10

I was driving and texting through NC when I was stopped for weaving. The officers immediately jumped on the dwi bandwagon. They arrested me and not knowing the NC law, I refused the breath test and requested a blood test. That test never happened. By the time I could get my bond posted, it was over 18 hours, so needless to say, at that point a personal blood test would have been worthless. I would like to know what my options are and how to proceed. Since I drive a truck for a living, that career is gone, my lease truck was repossessed immediately, and I just want to get this over as quickly as possible. I was not able to talk to the prosecutor at all before the arraignment, and they did approve me for a court appointed attorney because I lost my job. I do not know who it is yet, but wanted some advice from an actual dwi defense attorney who knows the law more than me so I know what I am facing. Also, how is this going to affect me as I live in Okl ahoma?

(San Bernardino, California) San Bernadino County 2011-07-10

So this is what happened.Saturday morning I was driving back to the base from palm springs. I had consumed three (3) beers between 9:45 and 10:15. I stopped drinking knowing I was driving back. I had only had one meal that day and that is all. Once the night ended at approximately 2:30 we were driving Back and was stopped by CHP on the corner of Adobe Rd and 29 palms highway. I was told I was being pulled over for crossing the median/center lane which I do not recall ever doing. Being the designated driver the officer told me he smelled alcohol on me. Reminder I was with 3 other males whom also consumed alcohol and were not capable of driving. I was asked to step out the vehicle and did so. He asked me how much I had to drink and I told him the amount and time stated above. He had me perform some field sobriety test which may/may not be on the dashcam and I did not have any problem with those. He then brought out the breathalyzer and I gave him 2 samples. The only thing he told me was that I blew a .082. I was placed under arrest and was taken to jail. Once I got to the jail I performed the breathalyzer two more times. The which returned results of a 0.07 and 0.08.

(Tomball, Texas) Harris County 2011-07-09

Was leaving a restaurant, about 3 miles down the road, I was cut off by a truck, who didn't stop after the swerving he had cause me to do. I swerved the car to avoid collision, and popped up the curb, where the airbags deployed. the officers on the scene had the paramedics come check me out. when stepping out of the car with a bloody nose from the airbag, and a sprained foot, was taken to the hospital. i did not give consent for them to take my BAC, and there were no officers there afterwards. I was released and sent home, And just today received a notice for dwi 1st Offender BAC. I have little to no income now due to not having a car. I need help.

(Amarillo, Texas) Potter County 2011-07-05

got arrested 07/02/2011..Complied with all officers directions and tests,did all 3 field sobriety tests.. had a b.a.c. of .072 the 1st and .074 the 2nd time she tested me, yet i still went to jail..and according to another officer who booked me in, she didnt write anything on the b.a.c. paper..I only had 1 beer that night and I told her many times that I WAS NOT Intoxicated...yet i still got arrested for it..So Am I wrong to think my civil rights as a U.S. Citizen were violated? When I was thrown in jail and humiliated, and now have to pay lawyers and bondsman and all this that I SHOULD NOT be going through because I was under the legal limit????

(Chambers, Arizona) Apache County 2011-06-29

I had been drinking. Came home and ate and took two motrin pm for bad back. I got upset with my husband and he left. So I left. I was driving and skidded. My truck has 22" inch rims and I often loose traction. I had spun out of control a few times on wet or dirt paced surfaces and loose gravel type pavement. I lost control and avoided hitting what was parked on sides. I hit curb sideways and flipped my truck. I wasn't hurt. I held on to steering wheel. I called my husband and he was on his way. I saw a cop car pass then back up and put lights on. Then the ems came up behind the cop along with my husband. I said I was OK I just couldn't get out. The held door open so I could jump out. I was arrested for dui. And fail to control speed to avoid an accident. The citation says I was doing 35+ in a posted 45. I took breathalizer and blood test but wasn't told my bad content. I admitted drinking. I also told officer my tires are bald.

(Ponca City, Oklahoma) Kay County 2011-06-29

Driving down highway at speed limit and was approaching an officer whohad someone pulled over. There was a stoplight approx 50 yrd in front of the officer that at the point of approaching it was red. At approx 25 yrds the light turned green and I accelerated at this time. When I did this my pipes on my truck which are a little loud blew when I accelerated. Approx 2 miles down the road as I was turning into the Gas station using proper signals I notices an officer pulling me over. When I got out of the truck at the fuel pumps he approaced me and said "Were you trying to get my attention?" I stated "No Sir, I was not." He then stated " Well, it sounded like you were by the way your truck pipes blew when you drove by me." I then replied, "Sorry sir, that is just what happens when I accelerate due to the factory pipes." He then asked if I had been drinking and I told him that I had had a couple of beers at the bar. Then he proc eded with 4 sobriety tests in which I failed the one where you stand on one leg and using your heel from the other leg bounce it on the stationary foot without losing balance.

(Murray, Kentucky) Calloway County 2011-06-28

Around 11:00pm on the night of 6/17/2011 I was approached by a city officer while I was in my vehicle. I was asleep in the passenger seat with my seat belt on and the vehicle running and the vehichle was parked the wrong way on the roadway. I do not remember driving and there had been another party with me. When given the breathalizer test my breath acohol level was .208.

(Boise, Idaho) Ada County 2011-06-28

my first dui on saterday night, i had a clean record before it, but i blew a .243 and then a .241, so im just wanting to know if i hired an attorney such as yourself what would be the benefits? would i still have 1000 dollar fine and still losemy liscence for as long as you have to,and would i get out of jail time if i hired you? because i cant afford to lose my job because i have to serve jail time or sherrifs labor?unless they give you oppertunity to do sherrifs labor on weekends? also was told i should get my alcohol eval done beforemy first court date which is on teusday the 5th by the way?

(Lovelock, Nevada) Pershing County 2011-06-27

Charges: dui, driving on a suspended license, driving on the wrong side of the road.This is my fiancé second dui, he got his first one about 2 yes ago in California, but he still owes his whole fine and never did his classes so he has a warrant in California for not doing the classes. A couple days ago he got a dui in Nevada with the above charges. I heard that if you have a first offense in ca and get a second one in nv they give you a mandatory 6 months. I was wondering if that was true and how much time we should expect him to do.

(Southwest Harbor, Maine) Hancock County 2011-06-24

I recieved an OUI on June 17th. Several years ago, I recieved a Misdemeanor charge related to alcohol, but I have no Criminal Record. I pulled over after realizing I had gone the wrong way down a one way street in Bar Harbor, Maine. A police Officer noticed me and pulled over behind me, I failed the breathalyzer test and was arrested, blowing .15 . I do not wish to fight the case, however, I have some things for consideration which could potentially be grounds for a minor reduction in penalty (driving to endanger, or reckless driving, plus the traffic offense for driving the wrong direction down a one way.) I would like Legal Representation so that the following information is clearly defined before the court: I am in my fourth and final year of College, studying to be a Teacher, which having an OUI on my record would make harder to get a job. I am going to Alcoholics Anonymous and seeing an alcohol counselor (without court appointment) on my own free will, following my OUI. I have taken a serious vow to stop drinking forever, which my AA sponsor can attest to in person (and in court) if needed. Additionally, should I receive the full punishment for Operating Under the Influence, I would like legal representation present to appropriately defend some conditions for my license (for after the hard suspension period). I live a far distance (about 15 minutes) from my college and need to drive to class. My roommate does not have a vehicle, so getting to class will be very difficult.

(Albuquerque, New Mexico) Bernalillo County 2011-06-21

I was returning home from a Denny's Restaurant at approximately 4:45am on April 29th, 2011. I live on Tennyson, which is a residential street that has no street lights, no speed limit signs, and is also a bit of a winding road that is partially screened by trees. As I came to the top of the hill and around a bend, there was an illegally parked semi that was blocking most of the lane. I swerved out of the way to the best of my abilities and narrowly avoided death/decapitation. This accident occurred within 100 feet or so of the gate to my community. The car I was driving was a 2004 Acura TL that was nearly paid off. One of the security guards of my community arrived and called in to report the accident. I got out of the car to talk to him but he told me to stay inside of it in case I was seriously injurred. When the paramedics and the police arrived there was a lot of confusion. Police officers were asking me one set of questions while the paramedics were also trying to do their job as well. I remember most of the details but do not recall having been given a field sobriety test. I question the validity of that claim and iwould dispute it because the paramedics were concerned about possible neck, head, or spinal injuries. In the ambulance, however, I was given a breathalizer test. I do not recall me being arrested nor read my rights either in the ambulance or at the hospital despite the fact that I can very specifically recall all of the minute details, including my finger being pricked at the scene of the accident to test for blood sugar levels, consenting to the blood test, and even having one of the officers place my driver's license in my shoe so that I could have access to it later.I was discharged from UNMH later that same day and just received a criminal summons notice in the mail indicating the following allegations, verbatim: 1) Aggravated dwi First 2) Veh insured/owner has fin resp (Vehicle insured/owner has financial responsibility?) 3) Driving on a revoked license 4) Careless driving 5) Evidence of registration.I would appreciate a phone call as soon as possible. Thank you.

(Port Angeles, Washington) Clallam County 2011-05-30

I was stopped for having a burnt out 3rd stop light on my vehicle. The officer asked if I had been drinking and I said yes since I didn' t want to lie aboutit. I was given the field test and then given the field breath test and was taken to the jail for failing those test . I then had to blow again at the jail.

(Bentonville, Arkansas) Benton County 2011-05-30

I had a seizure after driving a few months before I was supposed to be the state of Arkansas pain-related medication and nothing they took from my purse and still have had I taken in many hours. I was not drunk, but very disoriented as I am after a seizure. I hadn't had one for about 6 months and ran out of this medicine the day before and didn't take it as normally scheduled. (Missed 3 dosed by the the time my medicine was picked up.) Anyway, I don't know what to do and I also need a license. I am in a job hunt right now and may be planning on moving to NY to live closer to my parents. I remember I had a question or was confused about some documentation. I remember a blonde male officer (who had been pretty aggressive, I told him I had had many surgeries (thus the pain medication, == oh, I had them all in the same bottle in my purse, but had the a copy of my prescriptions with me--)before and had seizure and needed to take my medicine. He crumpled my paper up in front of me hesaid "you know what you just lost your chance" I begged him to let me take the test and he said no and brought me back to my cell. I know there a men who were in there at the same time as me who could corroborate. Please help me

(Charleston, Illinois) Coles County 2011-05-29

Was pulled over in Charleston I'll for a non working registration light. Officer asked to for me to step out of the vehicle and began his field sobriety test and seemed as if I did good but thought that my eyes were red and after telling him I smoked pot he proceeded to arrest me..officer asked me several questions before reading my rights and then placed me in another officers car to go to sarah bush and take a urine test..after that I was questioned at police station and then bailed myself out.

(Wadena, Minnesota) Wadena County 2011-05-29

I met a freind at the bar, we had 2 beers, then we stopped by another freinds graduation party and had 1 beer and left.We were only there for about 15 minutes. when leaving we had a beer for the road and i dropped my freind off at his vehicle, before getting out, he slammed his beer, and left the empty bottle in my car. I was following him to his house, and we pulled away and got like 2 miles down the road and I recieved a text message, I looked down at my phone to read the message and looked back up and there were flashers behind me, the officer said i had swerved and then asked how much i had to drink, he gave me a breathalizer and said I failed, but would not tell me what the reading on it was. he then arrested me, hauled me to jail, where I took another breath test that registered a .08, then he told me that the first test was a .12 just like 15-20 minutes before. I had taken my last drink just minutes before taking the breath test. I believe the readings were from the factthat i had consumed the alcohol so close to the test time, and that my actual level was below the legal limit, I had a prior dui over 10 years ago, he gave me a 4th degree dui, and a open bottle.all of this took place from the first drink to the last breath test in a 3 hour time frame. I do not believe that my driving was impaired, i made a bad judgement to have an open container, and to read my text well driving, but i believe that the test showed false info because of the fact I had just takin a drink right before blowing into the machine.

(Barrington, Illinois) Lake County 2011-05-29

As i was driving home from mcdonalds the officer pulled out after me when i was half way down ela rd heading south to lake cook rd. I stopped and colpleated a right hand turn then followed lake cook rd to where it meets hwy14 and made a complete stop in the right turn lane as the light was red, i then made an immediate left into the shell gas station as i wanted to get gatorade for my wife and friend, that's when the cop pulled me over. He asked for my insurance and dl which i gave. He ran them and then told me i had to get out of the car. Implied consent means i hat to get out of the car according to him. He later said he would have tased me if i didn't get out. I notified the officer of my previous injuries to my right knee and right shoulder, however he never gave me the option and forced me to do the field sobriety test. He told me i did good, but in the report wrote that i failed. He then tried to coorece me into blowing by telling me that i could be at. 10 and he woul dn'tsubject me to any dui penalties. He then placed me under arrest without reading me my rights, and at the station i blew a. 124.

(Hartford, Connecticut) Hartford County 2011-05-29

Another vehicle was speeding through an intersection and hit me while I was turning. I Wasn't Drunk nor did the officers assume I was intoxicated but I was returning home from a BBQ wth two cases of beer that wasn't drank. About 10min after the accident when the whole area smelled like beer they asked if I had been drinking. I said not within the past few hrs and I was given a breathelizer and blew over unfortunately. I made aq Huge mistake but I Was not intoxicated or imparred and had 4 beers more than 3 hrs ago. I had a dwi 6 years ago and learned from that mistake. What scares me most is that I work in Ny and Commute...

(Monroeville, Pennsylvania) Allegheny County 2011-05-28

Stopped at a dui checkpoint at approx. 2:15 AM on May 28, 2011. Had two relatively strong beers (9% or so) around 8PM. Had two regular beers between 11:00 and 11:30. Was stopped at checkpoint in front of 2420 Mosside Blvd. Officer indicated that he could smell alcohol. Subjected willingly to sobriety check including vision check w/ light, balance check w/ standing on one foot and walking a line heel to toe and breathalyzer. Breathalyzer conducted twice. Willingly subjected to Blood sample. Vehicle was impounded. Since employed at the building the checkpoint was in front of, was permitted to wait in the building until the checkpoint was dismantled and then walk home.

(moline, illinois) Rock Island County 2011-05-25

I was arrested on May 15, 2011 for an alleged dui. I was on my way back from U of I in champaign, IL to Moline, IL when my GPS started acting up and had me taking I-55 instead of I-74. I got off an exit and started driving back to 74 when i was pulled over for going 69 in a 65 mph zone. The state trooper asked me to get out the car as he smelled alcohol on my breath. this was at 8:30 a.m. and i had a few drinks the night before. I slept for 6 hours and even had breakfast before getting on the road. The officer issued me a field sobriety test (walkiing line, follow light and stand on one foot) he said i failed it, but the only thing i failed was standing on one foot and it was 20 degrees and freezing rain outside and all i had on was a spring jacket. I refused a breathalyzer, stupidly since i was terrified and did not know how long the drinks for the night before stay in the system. The officer then arrested me, i have no prior DUIs, and I was not slurring my words or doing anything that showed drunkiness. I told the officer i had 4 drinks the night before and stopped drinking at 11:30 p.m.

(Barnegat, New Jersey) Ocean County 2011-05-22

I was convicted of my third dui case while waiting for the outcome of the alcotest case to be resolved in the Supreme Court. I was sentenced to the 180 days in jail and had still not been convicted on my second dui (since it was being postponed due to the alcotest case results). I was eventually convicted of the 2nd dui months after being released from jail from the conviction on the 3rd. I have a couple questions. Was this all legal, and do I have any chance whatsoever of an early termination of my suspension. I know of a person who received an early termination but that was ten plus years ago.

(De Soto, Kansas) Johnson County 2011-05-22

I had a muncipal dwi in Maryville, MO in 1993...Went several years with no drinking...Now I was arrested Friday night in DeSoto and detained ..I bonded out for $550...I need to aviod losing my job and Missouri Teaching certificate...I had not had any alcohol for almost 2 years while receiving cancer treatments...

(Hibbing, Minnesota) Saint Louis County 2011-05-22

I had left the bar at 1:15 A.M according to the report. I was driving about 6 blocks to where I was going to stay for the night. The cop had followed me from the bar. She stated that I made a sloppy stop at the stop sign, as well as a wide left hand turn. I agreed to a breathalizer test and a sobriety test. I agreed because I had thought refusal would automatically determine i was guilty anyway. According to the breathalizer test, I was currently at a .18 BAL. I was cuffed and brought to the county jail and released shortly after.

(Easton, Pennsylvania) Northampton County 2011-05-21

My wife and I just moved out to PA from Michigan less than a year ago. I have a daughter 6 years old and a 2 year old son. My in laws just came out here from Michigan this weekend. My wife and I went to a concert in Reading PA. We live in Easton. The deal normally is I drive to the show my wife drives back. We never go out especially since our families both live in Michigan. We saw an opportunity with having our in laws here to watch our children. We both were drnking. She was more drunk than I was and told me she could not drive. I took a chance to get home. It was a 45 min drive from Easton. During the drive my wife had to use the bathroom really bad. I got off one of the exits off Route 22 and found a gas station. I got out of the vehicle remove the key and gave it to my wife. She went to open the door and get out and an officer came into the gas station. He asked where we coming from I told him. I was in the gas station parking lot out of the vehicle and h e musthave just notice us there because the gas station was closed. I pleaded with him that we would call for ride. That wasn't good enough. More police showed up gave me the field sobriety test. I said that I have horrible balance and that I can't even stand on one foot while being sober. I knew I was doomed. I have so much to lose, my job requires me to drive. I had a o.u.i.l. in michigan in 1998 when I was 22 an immature kid. I left Michigan for this great opportunity out east if I'm not able to drive i will lose my job and my whole livelyhood. Please help,

(Hanford, California) Kings County 2011-05-17

My husbands currently fighting a dui case for almost a year now with no BAC. He was on medication & admitted 2 taking Cymbalta 2 the Cop after he was harrassing him & looking 4 reason 2 explain why it seemd my hubby was under influence. He was taken 2 hospital & given blood test where the meds turnd up but no alcohol any other. My husband had just recoverd from surgeries & had been on same meds for several yrs with no side effects. In Ventura County he is scheduled to either trial or see if PD can get him plea deal but its iffy? Now 3wks ago we moved 3 1/2 hrs away to Hanford Ca (Kings County) where my brother just called since they are both renovating a home we bought w/all our $ needing tons of work & said the CHP went by the home looking 4 someone speeding by on a motorcycle in the neighborhood. They stopped 2 ask my bro 2x's if he saw anyone & he said no, then went inside where my husbdna was laying down to get him 2 come out & then the cops said he looks like their suspe ct &arrested him. My bro tried 2 tell them it wasn't him & he's been sick plus his bike is my sons that doesnt go fast enuff or change gears . They said they have a dash cam & the bike color matched but can't watch the footage. ? Now my husband is in the Kings Cty Jail , charged w/dui & Evading the Police bcz they assumed he's the guy that was speeding around on a bike but he's not the guy ! He's been sick , was laying down, drank a few beers at home & the cops come over & arrest him bcz they see a red & black motorcycle in the back yard . Motor Cold not hot but they say he "looks" like the guy without looking at the Camera footage. What do I do ? What can he do ? Will they look at the footage & see clearly that my sons bike doesn't shift gears or go that fast (its Pep Boys Bike) Fatboy beginner motorbike . My bro was outside whole time & tried 2 tell them he's not the guy & they will realize that if they watch the tape but they made him shut-up. Worried bcz husband also has medical & mental disabilities the police always don;t know how to treat him fairly & were very ruff upon arresting him . PLease help tell me what I can do ? Thanks Dyan Frost .. Husband is Robert Frost . I'm scheduled 2 move in 5/26 not there yet & this is so upsetting in a new town, we just bought our 1st house here & he was too BZ 2B out plus would not DRink & Drive period. My bro had the keys too so he couldn't anyways !!

(Chandler, Arizona) Maricopa County 2011-05-12

I had a dui in Washington in 2005, my blood level was .084. I am a medical professional, and the circumstances under which i got the first dui are very similar to this time. It was Mother's Day, I had been working all day putting away boxes (I had just received from Washington where I recently moved from). I went to the Olive Garden and had two Pomegranate Martini's and spaghetti. I was there probably less than an hour (I have the receipt). I have been lost ever since I got here (no ocean to set the compass). I knew I was exhausted, but not drunk. I always get confused on where to turn onto Rural when I am on Chandler Blvd (going W), so I moved over into the right lane, thinking that was Rural, realized it wasn't, so I swerved back into the main lane. I was at a light, looked behind me, and a motorcycle cop was there. When I pulled throught the intersection, he put his lights on. I pulled out my license and all of my credit cards, etc fell out. I got out of the car, he asked me if Ihad been drinking, I said: "Yes, one martini". He said he was a dui specialist and gave me the flashlight in the eyes test for what seemed like 90sec. Then he asked me to cross one leg over the other and walk a line in that manner. I had on sandals, and have very poor balance even stone sober, and I told him that. He asked me to stand on one leg, which I was able to do. This balance problem is one I have even been referred to physical therapy for. Any rate. He called for a breathalyzer police officer (why didn't he have his own, if he was an expert?) and I blew .106. I was shocked that it as so high, and said: "Officer, I lied, I actually had two martinit's"). He told me I would spend one day in jail, lose my license for 30, and have it suspended to and from work for 60d. They arrested me, gave me a blood test, towed my car, and gave me a ride home. I cannot have this happen again. I am a very honest person, but I feel that they were laying in wait for those of us celebratingMother's Day, and I did catch attention to myself because I got confused about where to turn. I need help. This is disastrous for me. I am a good, honest, law abiding citizen and this was my fault, but the punishment I may get does not fit the crime. I am on antidepressants that enhance the effects of ETOH, I was fatgued (which the officer said made no difference in my ETOH level, but it does) and I have ADHD which inhibits my usually good judgement. I have been out of work for a month, almost ready to start a new job. I need HELP. Thanks.

(Hurricane, West Virginia) Putnam County 2011-05-04

I got my 3rd dui in West Virginia in 2005. Went to court in 2006.Convicted of felony dui. I now live in Florida and am just now doing the dui class. Completed it and waiting on evaluation to do counseling and get certificate. Will I have to do the interlock device. No one said anything about it and I have no idea if i do. they say i cant get my license until i do whatever wv wants me to do. west vg never said anything about it. but they say i cant get my license unless i do the interlock and i dont have a car. do i have to buy a car to do this?

(Dodge, Texas) Walker County 2011-05-03

Was stopped at a traffic light in Huntsville tx. on March 4th of this year. Light turned green and two cars in front started off. First car stopped unknown reasons and 2nd car also stopped. I did not stop in time and rear ended the car in front of me. This car hit the first car. Damage to autos was minor. Police came to investigate. I was cited for dui. I don't drink alcohol. The officer based his supicion of me accusing me of slurring my words. I told him that was my normal slow, lazy southern Texas drawl which it was. He conducted a field sobriety test on me but didn't tell me whether I passed or failed. This test consisted of the one foot in front of other while walking. Took me to Walker County jail and arrested me. While at jail an officer from DPS gave me a breathalyser test. He would not tell me if I passed or failed. Also gave me the same field sobriety test as described above. Again wouldn't tell me if I passed or failed. I am in very bad health and h ad justgotten out of hospital 3 days before. I had a list of medications in my wallet that I was either taking or had previously taken. When they found it they accused me of being on all the meds (all prescription). I told them I was taking only 4 of them. One for blood pressure, one for elevated tryglycerides, one for thyroid and one for sleep. I've been taking them for a couple of years and have never had any problem with driving. It had been more than 24 hours since I had taken any of them because I had been in Houston and had forgotten these meds down there. They accused me of being under the influence of all the meds and not just the ones describe above. At the time of the acci9de I was on my way to the dentist as I was running fever and aching severely with an abcessed tooth. They never asked me for a blood test and I asked them to take my blood because I knew I had nothing to hide. They refused. On the two field sobritety tests they gave me I may or may not have failedthem. I was just examined by a neurosurgeon in Houston two weeks ago where I had been referred by a neurolist who has been treating for nerve problems in my right arm and hand. Also I have had some severe back problems in the past few years. As a result of the test made by the neurosurgeon,. which included him observing me in a walking excersise he determined that I had a very disturbed walking gate as I walk sort of funny i.e. I sort of stumble along. I told him about the dui and the field sobriety test and he said there was no way I could be expected to pass one of these tests with the condition of my back and my problems with walking. This doctor, Dr. Edward Murphy, Neurosurgeon, is going to perform surgery on my back at the end of this month. (exact date yet to be determined. He said he would be willing to write a letter to judge and or DA and explain my problems. I remained in jail for approximately 24 hours and then saw the judge where I made bond and was release d. Ihave a court date on May 19. This same identical thing happened to me about 3 years before also in Huntsville. Same circumstances. The lawyer I had (don't remember his name) advised me to plead guilty which I did. I was given a 3 day suspended jail sentence and a $1500 fine. I'm in very poor health and am seeing numerous doctors in Houston. I suffer from Hypothyroidism, High Blood Pressure, elevated tryglycerides, Restless Leg Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, renal failure, nerve damage in my back (as explained above, severe insomnia, and clinical depression

(Iola, Kansas) Allen County 2011-05-03

I am being charged with involuntary manslaughter while drinking and driving. The person that died was my ex wife and their were 2 other people in the car at the time of the accident that werent' hurt. The 2 other people were thrown from the vehicle. My ex-wife was driving and I was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident. I noticed that she was choking on blood so I moved her to the passenger seat and I got in the driver seat and attempted to drive her to help. I came upon a sheriff and stopped the car got out and told him we needed help. I told them I had been driving when the accident occured because I did not want my ex-wife in trouble and I thought she was going to be ok. I was not informed till the next day by my family that she died. I had a broken kneck and was not arrested. When I was a little better the sheriff came out to my house and asked me what had happened. I was scared to go to jail so I told him that I was driving because if I ch anged my story I was threatened with jail.

(Peoria, Arizona) Maricopa County 2011-05-02

cop said I blew a .06 to .07 but since I was speeding (50+in a 35mph zone) he turned it into a reckless driving offense.I was fingerprinted today (5-2)was an off duty cop that originally pulled me over. I am 56 y/o had only two tickets in my life both when I was in my early 20s. i'm a pharmacist and can't afford losing my job. wife recently left me, I had a couple of beers on Easter. I am also a gastric bypass pt.our alcohol levels are much higher for the same amount of alcohol ingested by a normal person

(Sleepy Eye, Minnesota) Brown County 2011-05-02

I left a bar at 1 am and drove myself and 3 friends home. Upon driving home, the police officer followed me for 4 miles and then pulled me over before I reached the county line. I'm guessing the reason for that is because he didn't want to drive me up north and process me up there. He claimed that I was crossing the center line. In all reality, I don't believe I was crossing the center line, and I believe he was not following me close enough to even see if I was over the center line becuase his lights only shine so far and I was a good 300 yards or more ahead of him. He gave me a field sobriety test and claimed that I failed that too so then gave me a breathalizer, which I also failed. He asked if i wanted to give a urine or Blood sample and I said yes. I decided to go with the Blood sample hoping that it would be lower. He took me to a building, which had a culigan jug full of water which i preceeded to drink as much as i could for about 20 minutes before he was able to take me to the hospital for the blood test. Then I got processed and went to jail and spent the night there being released the next morning. I have never recieved a ticket from the ordeal and my liscense hasn't been revoked either. He had said to me that it takes a couple weeks for the results to get back, but it has been almost a year now and I have yet to hear anything about it. Is there a statute of limitations in mn for this type of ordeal?

(Gainesville, Florida) Alachua County 2011-05-01

**I am uncertain of the BAC answer, but this is correct to the best of my knowledge** I am a 24yr old female. Early on Sunday, April 24th (2:57am) 2011, I was incarcerated in the Alachua County Jailhouse for a dui. I was pulled for speeding and also have a ticket for that (50mph in a 35mph zone). My driving record is clear to the best of my knowledge. This is my first alcohol related offense. Any other offenses have just been related to speeding in the past. I am a stay-at-home mom and I need to be able to get my son to playgroup and Publix ect. I am not rich or anything, but I am willing to do extra community service if this will help with finances. Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you.

(Winona, Minnesota) Winona County 2011-05-01

I was ticketed for a dui on January 23,2011 and charged with operating a motor vehicle with negligence while under the influence of alcohol. Which resulted in a minor accident and I just received a summons for a court date. Looking for advice on how to plead and if I should have representation. I am a student and have no money

(Fayetteville, Arkansas) Washington County 2011-05-01

I was arrested for dui, 1st offense, class c misd. on 3/25/2010. I have no prior arrest/criminal history and Iam 56 years old. I pled guilty to the charge and completed all court requirements. I have a professional license in Social Work and must drive in order to see clients. I have been ineligible for hire for three jobs, because of their agency dui policies. I desperately want to find out if I can have this conviction expunged from my record.

(Wadsworth, Ohio) Medina County 2011-05-01

Looking for definition of "2nd offense"-dates for calculation. My son had first dui 5/2004. 2nd dui on 10/2010. He is being charged for 2nd in 6 - Judge states that the 2nd offense falls in the 6 years, using conviction date of 1st and violation date of 2nd. That doesn't seem to be comparing apples to apples. Shouldn't it be EITHER conviction date to conviction date or violation date to violation date? Not a combination. His case has gone to court, sentenced 10 days and would like to appeal. Do you have advice to offer? Thank you.

(Jacksonville, North Carolina) Onslow County 2011-05-01

I was stopped at a check-point and was asked where I was coming from. After the 3rd attempt of trying to get the right words out, I was asked to step out of the vehicle. The Officer asked me to follow his finger with only my eyes...I did. He then asked me to walk heal-to-toe 9 paces...turn around and walk 9 paces back. I did with a little off balance around the 7th step on the first 9 paces. After that, the Officer gave me a breathalizer (no refusal) and I blew .07. I was handcuffed and taken to the station. While the Officer was filling out paperwork and asking me questions (which seemed to take about 40 minutes or so) I was told I was being very cooperative with the whole sitution. I was then asked to take another breathalizer...and I did not refuse. It was a two part test...I blow twice within 2 or so minutes and they take the lowest reading. My first blow was .15 and my second was .13. I am with the USMC so I am aware I am going to catch a handful from the military but I also understand what the military does to me doesn't/won't hold any weight in regards to Civil. However, I am concerned with one thing...on the scene, I blew .07 and was 3 minutes from my house...and at the station, I blew .13...approximately 40 or so minutes later. I know .07 is still under the influence, but not intoxicated at that time and I would have been home prior to my BAC reaching .13.

(Carmichael, California) Sacramento County 2011-05-01

I was not stopped. I hit a parked car turning into my driveway. The owner of the car who lives across the street from me called the California Highway Patrol. The Highway Patrol officer came into my house, my mother asked him,"Who invited you into my home?" The officer asked her if she wanted him to step outside and she told him yes. He then went outside and told my mother to send me outside. So I went outside and he gave me a sobriety test. Then he said something like, "OK only one more test, turn around and put your hands behind your back." Then he put me in the patrol car. He did not read me my Miranda Rights.

(Brentwood, New York) Suffolk County 2011-04-30

I was charged with a dwai by drugs. It was in my commercial truck at work when I was in an accident. It was a big accident but no one was seriously hurt thank God. I have a lawyer but I don't feel he is doing a good job he tells me what I want to here but it always turns out bad I am currently going to the hearing phase. I had 35mcg/l of klonopin in my toxocoligy test. I was prescribed them and my doctor gave me the ok to drive on them. I was sick the day of thye accident I had a severe middle ear infection and vertigo that my doctor said and is willing to testify to. I don't remember anything about that day but I'm positive I didn't take enough to impair and my doctor said my blood work shows I was well in the therapeutic range. I paid my lawyer 3000. But he's telling me that its going to go to trial. I really don't have money for trail and an expert witness. I am married with a 5 year old daughter and a baby on the way. If I get convicted of a dwi I will lose my job,my pens ionanuity and benfits that I have with the teamsters union and will never be able to get a job driving a truck again. I'm only concerned about supporting my family. I don't care if I get probation drug court rehab and community dervice, I just can't have a dwi on my liscence. I'm 29 yrs old and very resposible and never been in any trouble, EVER... but I don't feel comfortable with my lawyer and don't trust the welfare of my family in his hands... any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for anything you can suggest.

(hattiesburg, mississippi) Forrest County 2011-04-28

I had been drinking earlier in the day, I probably consumed a 6 pack all in all. A couple of hours after finishing my last drink I and a friend decided to see if the store right down the road was still open (around midnight). I just moved into the area, and the store was less than a mile down the road. The store was closed and we left. I have bad night vision; the store is located on top of a hill and the ramp down to the road was obscured in shadows. I turned a little too early and high centered my car in a ditch. My friend and I decided to walk home and get his truck, to see if we could pull the car out instead of calling for a wrecker. Less than a half mile down the road a police officer comes down with his lights on and asks us what the problem is. We tell him, and he asks for our licenses. We offer him our licenses and he takes us back to the scene to figure out the story. We are there for a short time and a Mississippi State Highway Patrol shows up. As soon a s hegets there he asks me to submit to a breath test for alcohol. I do so, as I was pretty sure that after those hours I would not be over the legal limit. After I do so, he asks me to come to the station to take a further test. At this point I know something is up; but I submit and get to the station. The machine gives me a bac of .08 and the result is a dui charge and a night in jail. I bail myself out the next morning and my bond agent is kind enough to take me home.

(columbus, ohio) Franklin County 2011-04-21

pulled over, lights on car running because it was cold. An incident occured at my resident and I drove-decided to pull over as had taken sleeping medications and was getting sleepy. My relative assualted me and I left in fear. Gathered up my important papers, tax papers, my medications and dogs thyroid medications and dog. I was going to hotel but got too sleepy. A citizen saw someone leaning on sterring wheel, though ill and called 911. Arrested for physical control. OH NO! In trouble. I took my xanax bottle and put some in my mouth but spit them out. I just could not believe what was happening. Squad called and went to hospital. Refused treatment and blood draw but did it anyway prior to officer arriving with paperwork for chemical/blood draw. Refused him, too. Level was 172 but I have stage II liver disease and Hep C for a dirty needle stick at the VA. Retired Nurse on disability. I now that some times these tests can be wrong. I drank 6 1/ 2 beers in 9 hours, weigh 156. Can they change the charge to dui. I go to court May 4th.

(Arcadia, Kansas) Crawford County 2011-04-21

My daughter received a dui in the State of Missouri July 2010. She was convicted Dec 2010 and had to file an SR-22 filing which is complete. We were told by the attorney we hired in Missouri that many times the State of MO doesn't communicate with the State of KS. My daughter was stopped in Fort Scott KS for a brake light being out. She was told then that her driver's license in Kansas was suspended. We appeared in court and showed proof of re-instatement in Missouri, however the police officer told her she still shows suspended in KS. I called the State of MO and they said KS must have taken there own action. I finally got in touch with the State of Kansas and they told me that they were notified by Missouri of her conviction and her license is suspended for a year. We were never notified; based on what I've read, she should have at least a restricted license so she can work and go to school. I asked if there was anything we could do and was told no. Our home is in thecountry, my daughter works in Girard, lives either with us or stays with a friend in Fort Scott where she attends school. We both work full-time and can't transport her to and from work &/or school. How can she get at least a restricted license? Why isn't the law being at least followed with a restricted instead of complete suspended license? We paid $1000 for an attorney, $651.50 in fines and still she can't even have a restricted license? She has been abiding by the laws and this whole situation really made a positive impact on her, but this is like a double whammy when she was under the impression she had taken care of everything. Please advise us on what can be done to allow her to attend school and work with a restricted license. Thank you very much.

(Fayetteville, Arkansas) Washington County 2011-04-21

I was pulled over for having a headlight out, the police said they could smell alchohol on me and made me walk the line, follow the flashlight and stand on one leg. After performing these tests, the police handcuffed me and took me to a holding cell; this is where i was held for at least three hours before i was allowed to make a phone-call. I posted bail and my court date is on May 13th.

(Kathleen, Georgia) Houston County 2011-04-20

The police clocked me for speeding on one road but didn't pull me over until I was in a different part of a city. Thats when I was arrested for dui. I blew .114 but feel i passed the field sobriety tests. No slurred words, stumbling, nothing. I was then escorted to the police station and he let my friend drive my stick shift home which he doesn't know how to drive and who had more alcohol than me, but had a BAC level of .03. I don't know if I should try to fight this because although I know I was more than fit to drive a stick shift at night, obviously my BAC says otherwise. I take full responsibility for my actions and feel my life is over.-----I'm 21 and this is my first offense, and I had about 3 mixed drinks about 4-5 hours before my arrest. I talked to an attorney in my city about my case, but he was rude and said I had no chance. I feel that the officer is trying to make me sound crazy by saying there was a horse on the road, but couldn't point it out when I ask edwhere.

(Greenfield, Indiana) Hancock County 2011-04-20

Leaving the bar, a cop was waiting, pulled me over while I was driving a friend home. Asked me out of the car to perform the field soberiety test, which I had no problem doing because I did not feel drunk in the slightest. After accomplishing all the tasks asked of the officer he asked me to blow into the breathelizer, still feeling very confident I agreeed. He showed me the result of .083, to which he took me to the station to use a different machine. On the second machine, after 30 minutes of waiting, I blew a .087. They held me over night, the jailer gave me the advice to plead not guilty because this is the first trouble I've ever been in. I plead not guilty the next noting and my court date is set for June 1.

(Hightstown, New Jersey) Mercer County 2011-04-18

My fiance recently got ticketed for dui. We were coming home from a bar and being followed by a friend. That friend was pulled over behind us and we kept going and made it home fine. An officer a little while later arrived at the door asking us to come pick up her friend. She told the officer she had been drinking but still the officer said "you really should go get your friend you don't want him staying all night in jail." We gave it a few minutes and then headed the backroads to the police station. When we arrived we were promptly greeted by the police officer who was at our door and asked if she had been drinking. She said yes, and he gave her a series of sobriety tests which he said she failed one. I asked to escort her back to the breathalizer room to be tested also to see if I could drive and he said no. He then tested her and she blew a .10 over the legal limit. He booked her and we had to call a different friend to come get us. Before he arrived alone in the control r oom oneof the officers took a personal call where he threatened to kill an individual who was associated with whoever he was talking on the phone. He was serious and said "There are lots of empty trash cans in the city where noone will ever find him if you want I can take care if for you". The messed up part was we both watched him and listened to him from 1 foot away make this call. Please help!

(West Chester, Pennsylvania) Chester County 2011-04-11

unmarked car no uniform pulls me over after I pass him, he smeels weed in the car, and forces me to wait until he calls troopers in. troopers make arrest. dui and posession. No BAC. It seems the cop who pulled me over may have been off duty in private car with light. And called real police to arrested me. Is this leagle, Is there probale cause. the affidavied says pulle over for high rate of speed, no speed indicated, no method of speed detection.

(Aiea, Hawaii) Oahu County 2011-04-11

I was driving after having a few with friends as I drove on thR freeway I past a spot where the (hpd) like to hang out so I got pulled over by 2 cops that had their lights off. They gave me a walking test, then 6sec test as I lift my leg & last he said he wanted to make sure was a breath test and yes I didn't past it. So they took me to the station and booked me I left after paying $500 also they took my license but he gave me a paper that allows me to drive still. My court is in 1month from now.

(Pearl City, Hawaii) Oahu County 2011-04-11

late 8 April pulled over unsafe lane change. did eye and walk. at station breath test. told to blow few times. told it was nearly twice limit. its ok to call me Monday morning. I do not have any prior incidents with law. Im afraid of jail or record of arrest. Also I hope not to have to have the machine on my car. its ok to call me Monday morning

(Willowbrook, Illinois) Du Page County 2011-04-10

I was sleeping in the driver seat, when officer got me out of the car. According to officer, I did the walk and leg lift tests "perfect" but he still arrested me. BAC test was 0.069. Officer admitted he has been wrong before. I was at the police station for 4 hours. My car was towed and license taken away.

(Danville, California) Contra Costa County 2011-04-09

I drank a couple of glasses of wine earlier in the evening and then went to take a nap for awhile before going to pick up my daughter from the skating arena. I did not feel like I was at all drunk but on my way to the skating arena I got a little dizzy, my guess was that because I'm a diabetic my blood sugar was high due to the wine. I saw a red light flash and was pulled over. The officer asked me for my license, registration, insurance. I gave it to him, he said that he pulled me over because I was going into the "bike lane" The only time I moved close to the bike lane is when I started to make a right hand turn on my designated street. Officer then asked me if I had anything to drink, I said that I had a glass of wine earlier while making dinner..he asked me to get out of the car. I told him that I didn't feel well and that I was dizzy from high blood sugar, also I have arthritis in my left knee and can't walk very good. He gave me tests to perform which I did good thenhe told me to blow into a maching which I did. Then he said I was going to jail. He handcuffed me really tight behind my back, I told him that the cuffs were too tight and hurt very bad, nearly cutting into my wrists. He did not care one bit. At the station, he handed me over to another officer who put me in a room, read me my rights, took my purse and emptied some of my belongings into a plastic bag. I told him also that I did not feel well and that I was diabetic, he asked what meds I take and I said "meformin and glipizide" he asked if I had them in my bag and I said yes, he then gave me a bottle that contained some of my pills out of my purse, I took the pills and gave the container back to him. I also was crying and told him that the cuffs were hurting me really bad..he didn't care either. He then said that I had to take another 2 breath tests, I asked him if I could refuse and he said no if you do then we will take a blood test. So, I took the tests, he said th at theywere higher than before, I don't know how that could be since I hadn't drank for hours. I continued to complain that I was really dizzy and that the cuffs were hurting my wrists and my arms. They made no attempt to loosen them. I was forced to sit that way in the back of the police car all the way from San Ramon to Martinez, the whole way in crying in pain...The officer had his son with him and I got the feeling that he was trying to either show off for him or give him some hard lessons by viewing this. I don't know why else he would let me suffer so bad like that. Once we got to the jail, another officer came to speak with me, I told him that the cuffs were hurting me and that I didn't feel well. This officer took off my handcuffs which revealed deep markings all around my wrists..he said sorry about that and asked me to sit down and why I wasn't feeling well, I told him I had diabetes and felt like my sugar was high. He went inside and asked me to come in. He calle d anurse over and she tested my blood sugar...It was almost 500! I could have lapsed into a coma! After hearing the the officer who brought me in suddenly was a little nicer. They told me that I wasn't going to go to jail and that they were going to take me to the hospital....They gave me alot of water to bring down my sugar, asked me about insurance coverage, I didn't have any as I just started a new job on 3/7 and my new insurance will not be effective until 5/1. I felt a little better after all the water so I called a cab and went home. I cannot lose my license or I will lose my job. I work as an outside sales Account Executive and need my car to work daily. Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you!

(Las Vegas, Nevada) Clark County 2011-04-09

I was leaving the red rock casino and apparently I was being followed by a security officer and a police officer. As soon as I got into my car I was confronted and pulled out of my car with my purse thrown down on the ground. I was given a field sobriety test which I failed and I was hand cuffed and placed in the police car. The officer had to move his vehicle so that other cars in the parking garage could get by and he ran over my $350.00 purse which had my cell phone and and $90.00 bottle of perfume. This tore a hole in my purse and also leaving heavy black tire marks on my purse which is now ruined and crushed my cell phone and bottle of perfume. The officer has let the police department know of this and I have an event number for this incident. I do not know my bood alcohol level but I was chared with a dui and posession of doctor prescribed drugs. I had a few pills in my pocket which I sometimes take for work when my back is in pain. I was n my work uniform as I had wor kedearlier that evening. I have 2 prsecriptions for the exact pills which were taken. In addition, I had a gift for my sister in the car which was stolen. Earlier that day, I had bought my sister a gift which cost $52.00 and was stolen out of my car I think possibly by the towing people. In addition, My car was not towed to the possible 2 locations that the police department informed me about. I had to call all over town to discover that my car was towed to a privat company by red rock which cosst me for less than 24 hours $331.00. My concern is that I feel I was set up. I was in the parking garage of red rock and if they knew I had too much to drink why would they not confront me and suggest that I either get a room there or take a cab? They waited for me to get into my car and then they immediately confronted me and arrested me. My bail was $5000.00 which my sister paid and I did serve 14 hours in the Las Vegas jail. I am interested in starting any of my community service,documentation of attending AA meetings and to do my jail time in July if at all possible and any other related requirements. I am a single mother of a 13 year old boy. I am hoping that I can still use my car to go to and from work. If this is not allowed, I will loose my home and job. I work on the strip which is 24 miles each way from my home.

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) Tuscarawas County 2011-03-20

I was stopped for 64 in a 55. Cop asked for license and registration. Came back to the truck asked me to get in his car and immediatly asked that I take a breath test. I did not. He then asked me to under go a field sobrity test which I explained I was too nervous to preform any test at that time. He placed me under arest and moved my truck. Asked again at the station for me to take the test. I refused. I have had an OVI 2 years ago.

(Lewis, Wisconsin) Polk County 2011-03-20

I have recently discovered congenital health issues with my kidneys/ureters and on Labor Day Friday of '10 I met my sister in Luck, WI to pay her some money I owed her. Despite the fact that I have three OWI's I am NOT a drinker. In fact, my third is really the only legitimate (in my eyes) charge. The night of my fourth I fell very ill at a bar and had plans to get a ride home but wanted MY car driven home (an '04 ex-cop Crown Vic Interceptor). Long story short, I believe there was someone driving MY car with another vehicle following to my town of Webster, WI (Burnett County) when my car went off the road in Lewis and took out a telephone poll with minimum damage. The driver got that I had just met that night got out, said "run!!!" and then took off. I got out and jumped in the drivers seat to try and move my vehicle out of the ditch. However, the bead wad popped on the front right tire and couldn't go forward, only backwards down the steap enbankment which ended up being approx. 40yds from original landing of the vehicle. When I heard sirens I ran into the woods where I tried to text my girlfriend and sister. With no signal I was unable to call or text with any success. I fell asleep and woke up to an officer kicking me where my right kidney is located. I was never given a breathalizer once found by K-9 and officer. Blood results were 0.0146 BAC. The owner of the property in which the accident took place told the police that they heard multiple car doors and the reving of a car or cars. I have no job.

(Gulfport, Mississippi) Harrison County 2011-03-19

Was stopped on Hwy leaving a night club that was full of smoke and where there was a fight at the club that had led to liquior being wasted on me well as I left the club I was pulled over for a broken head light and the officer asked me hadI been smoking said no this is my boyfrinds car and I dnt smoke he asked me how many drinks did I have and I told him 2 and he akked me fo license and registration so I gav them both to him then he told me to blw in breathlizer well I did like twice and then he said that I wasnt blowing hard enough so I said well do not want to blow anymore and he told me to step out of car an he made me do the hand and walk test then he told me that I was under arrest

(Agate, Colorado) Elbert County 2011-03-19

This is not about the arrest. Friend is driving on a restricted license due to a dui. Friend is suppose to have an Interlock System on his vehicle. Friend is supposed to have SR22 insurance. Friend does not have Interlock System in the vehicle he drives daily (while still drinking) he put the system in a different vehicle and takes that vehicle in for testing once a month. The problem, the vehicle he has the system on is not insured nor does it have current license plates. He takes the license plates from the truck that does not have the system and puts them on the truck that does. Then when he takes the vehicle in he shows him the SR22 insurance card for the vehicle without the system. He drives a 07 F350 Ford Truck the insurance card clearly states it's for an 07 Ford F350 Truck. The truck that he takes in for testing is a '07 Ford F 250 Truck. Nothing matches. Would he get in trouble? Also, if he is stopped say for a turn light that's not working or fo r a brake light that's out and it's noticed that he has a restricted license and there is no Interlock System on his car will he get in trouble?

(Epsom, New Hampshire) Rockingham County 2011-03-19

2nd dwi in less then 2 years what will happen/I was drinking had a hotel in Manchester. Had a domestic fight with girlfriend got in the car and pulled out of the hotel took a left when there was no left turn.

(Barberton, Ohio) Summit County 2011-03-19

I was out driving around listening to music and enjoying the night with a friend, who only he, was intoxicated, It was late and I was tired. I was ready to go home so I pulled over on the interstate 76 near the Norton/Barberton area facing west and was entering an address into my GPS to bring my friend home. I looked up and an officer was approaching my vehicle. He asked where I was going, I answered "I am trying to find my way to Stow. He asked me to exit the vehicle and perform a field sobriety test. After I performed the tests, he arrested me and charged me with and OVI (ORC 4511.19Ala) and Driving within lanes (ORC 4511.33A). I refused the breathalizer and was released on bond. This occurred around 12:08am 3-17-11.

(Springfield, Tennessee) Robertson County 2011-03-19

I was pulled over for speeding. They said I was speeding near wilson st, in Greenbrier,Tn, but didn't pull me over til I was a little past Gregory Road which is a little over a mile and a half away. I pulled over when I saw the lights, got my cards and etc ready to hand the officer. When I rolled my window down he said my eyes looked glossy, and a slight smell of alcohol. I am a nervous person who was instantly embarressed and was asked to do field tests. I was crying because I was embarressed and nervous, but thought i followed pen well, but apparently the steps and balance was not to his liking. I'm a klutz by nature anyway, so being nervous didn't help. He then took me to have a blood test, I didn't know I shouldn't have taken it, but did. I have no priors, and one ticket for speeding that will be off record on May 12. I was hoping to get charge reduced as its my first, and also they won't tell my my bloodwork results, told me to wait til court, and I honestly do not thinkthat is fair, that they know the results and I am not able to be informed of the results. Going in blind. I stayed in a cell by myself for maybe 1.5 hours, and was released on bond. I was very compliant, and only handcuffed from the garage of police station to booking room, as I was not a threat or acting crazy or irate. I am a single mom who needs her license for work, as I work two jobs. Help

(Irvine, California) Orange County 2011-03-19

I had some wine w/ dinner around 11ish, and I took some Benadryl a few minutes later for Allergies. I've been unemployed and sleeping my car periodically and was parked at Ralphs when apparently someone called and said I was passed out in my car. I wasn't- I was awake and just sitting there dozing with my head against the window. Anyway, several police came up and gave me all these tests and I blew into a Breathalyzer and they said I was twice the legal limit. I don't know how this is possible. Also, b/c I'd taken the Benadryl, my eyes were dry (as well as my mouth) and my contacts were dry, so as I was trying to follow his finger, I kept blinking and he said I clearly was drinking or on something. I swear that I wasn't! Anyway, they took me to the police station and 'booked' me, as it were, but thank God they didn't put me in jail. They let my mom come get me. I really, really don't want this on my record. I've been unemployed since November and have two jobopportunities and don't want this to mess it up. Any help w/b greatly appreciated!

(Harrison, Arkansas) Boone County 2011-03-17

was picked up at 11.15 am sunday feb 27th to play golf at 11.30 tee time got home at 4,25 put house shoes on thought left cell phone in golf cart jumped in 93 geo tracker left house twords golf course was stoped 1 mile and a half from home officer traveling south i was traveling north he past me turned arround and stoped me asked if i had been drinkining said i had had a couple of beers on golf course he asked me to step out of car and asked for me to watch his finger and i did then he asked me to walk forward heal to toe 9 steps and count to 9 and then turn around and walk back and do the same thing i did but i had to take off house shoes to do it because they were falling off cause they were open in the back anyway he ask me to take a breath test i refused but i offered to take a blood test he refused that he said i could call a friend to pick up my car he was arresting me for refussel of breath test and dwi i called a friend to pick up my car he came down and the officer took meto jail he said he stoped me for speeding 65 in a 45 when we got to the jail he said that i needed to take a breath test ther and i refused but i said again i would take a blood test he refused me again any way i was booked at jail and released to a bondsman the thing about it is is that the 93 geo tracker has a bad transmission will not change out of first gear i have and letter from the company where i bought it from stating the vehicle was sold with the assuption it had a bad transmission i also have taken it to a transmission shop and have a repair order that 2nd and 3rd gear are burnt up and will not shift i also have a sign statement from the guy that him and his wife drove it back to my house and the car wouldnt shift also i was on the golf course for 4 and a half hrs the wind was blowing 15 to 20 mph im 53 yrs old i was tired and had a upper respitory iffection that weak i was coughing the whole time in jail the 93 geo tracker is a 1.6 liter 4cylinder it wont do 63 mp h infirst gear it would blow up the ingine i feel he had to of radared someone elses car and stoped me what do u think first offence

(Burlington, Washington) Skagit County 2011-03-15

I was pulled over for Reckless Driving on my way home from work on Highway 20, the officer arrested me and out me in the police car. When searching me he found some prescription medication and then assumed I was under the influence. I told him that I took my medication in the morning but that was several hours earlier. He asked me to do a field sobriety, I said I don't think so, he asked me if I would like to speak to a lawyer, I said yes and asked if I could go back to my car. He said no. He asked if I would like him to go into my car and get my phone, I said no because I did not want him to go through my vehicle. At this point I didn't think I had any other way of calling my lawyer so I decided that since I was sober that I would do the field sobriety. We were standing on a hill on the side of the road with rocks all over; he came to the conclusion that I failed and said I was under arrest for dui and took me back to the hospital to take a blood test. At the hospital the po liceofficer changed tune after I spoke with my lawyer and he advised me to take the blood test but nothing else. The cop became very friendly and even went as far as saying nothing would probably come from this and he even called to find out the number for evidence and said that if I get proof that my prescriptions were valid (the labels we're worn off), that I could get them out of evidence anytime. After the blood test he let me go on my way with my keys but no ticket or paperwork at all and I had my Fiancé come pick me up. Last week I got the dui and Reckless Driving in the mail and said I have court this week.

(parma, ohio) Cuyahoga County 2011-03-14

Hit a pole in poor conditions. Was driving less than 5 mph at time. Tested .083 on breathalizer. Arresting officer complimented me on my cooperation. Hearing is Tuesday at 9 am at Akron Municipal Court.

(poughkeepsie, new york) Dutchess County 2011-03-14

I did not dim my headlights when the state troopers vehicle had passed in the opposite lane. So they turned around and observed my vehicle driving towards the center double line. They then pulled me over and smelt alcohol in vehicle, and asked me to step out and take a soberity test. They then arrested me and took me to there barracks and processed me and check my background as well as gave me a breath alyzer test, which came up as .11. I was then given paperwork and have to report to court on the 24th of march at 830 am

(huber heights, ohio) Montgomery County 2011-03-14

yes i got sentenced to 5 years probation in july of 2009 its now march 2011 ive never violated my probation never been late on anything payments etc, never failed a drug test always complied with my p.o an never missed an appt, an last nite i was giving a friend a ride home from the bar an got pulled over an got charged with an ovi, i had a cpl beers at my house then they called me to give them ride what do you think im looking at, i go to college right now i have a 1yr old daughter that i dont wanna leave an id be willing to take classes an everything, someone help me, my court date is march 14th 2011 at 1:30 p.m

(New Albany, Indiana) Floyd County 2011-03-14

Iwas pulled over for a dui and before being booked I was transfered to the hospital. Blook work was done, but never recived and papers from the police and was released from the hospital with just hospital papers. i checked and their is no warrant yet. how long do they have to charge me.

(Randolph, Vermont) Orange County 2011-03-09

Drinking at a bar close to my hotel. I stayed longer than I intended and drank more than I should have, especially right after coming from the gym, somewhat dehydrated. I ate a little food, but mostly watched a hockey game and drank.I asked the bartender if he would call me a cab and he declined. (He could see that I had a cell phone with me, but I couldn't find the number of a cab in my condition)Stupidly, I tried to drive to my hotel. I slipped on some ice at the hotel entrance and slid onto the adjacent sidewalk while trying to turn, doing $2500 in damage to my car. Police were there almost immediately. I failed field sobriety tests, was arrested, and blew .262 at the police facility. My car was towed and I was released to my wife about 4:00 in the morning, about four hours after the accident. There was no other property damage.I have not found any errors in the paperwork that they gave me.

(Bend, Oregon) Deschutes County 2011-03-09

I had a dui over seven years ago in Michigan. I thought I had my license until I went to go get it renewed in Idaho. Michigan was holding my license. I had to go back to Michigan and go to court to plea for my license back. I have had a interlock in my car for two years now. I was suppose to get it off last year. I have moved to oregon. Michigan still wants me to go back to court to get my license back without the interlock. Can I get my license back in any other state without having to fly back to Michigan? This happened over seven years ago...

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny County 2011-03-09

I was involved in a motorcycle accident on 9/23/10, after leaving a bar/restaurant in Sharon, Pa. As I was exiting town, a car came into my lane and side swiped me. I was able to keep the bike upright and safely pull off up the road. I waited for the car to pull over and return, but it did not. I called a friend to give me a ride to the hospital and he did, about 3 hours later. THe accident occurred about 2310 on 9/23, my friend picked me up around 0200; I got to the hospital about 0300 to 0330. The police were called, as I reported that I was in a motorcycle accident to the hospital. After a brief interview from the cop, he asked the hospital to do a blood test, the hospital complied and the test results were 0.16%, approximately 6 hours after the accident. The policeman charged me with dui. I had a prelim at a district court, where my attorney showed up and the case got referred to the District Attorney. I went to the Mercer court yesterday (Tuesday 3/8/11), but my lawyer did not show up, nor did he notify the court of his scheduling conflict. My lawyer did speak to me the day before and told me of the scheduling problem, which I told to the court. However my lawyer (already paid) did not report to the court that he wasn't going to be present. My lawyer gave me another name to call next week and meet with, but did not fulfill his duties this week. I am leary about his referral at this point and therefore am considering attaining different counsel, despite my initial investment with another. This dui charge is my second in 10 years. The first was in June of 2001, so I am on the border. Although my attornedy stated that I wasn't eligible for ARD, the judge did tell me in court that I should consider submitting an application for ARD and he also stated that I would only have to complete one year of probation. So the Judge is open to negotiations, as I had expected my previous attorney to enter into talks this past week. Question: 1 Were you pulled over for a traffic violation? I was involved in a motorcycle accident the night before, a car came into my lane and side swiped me; I went to the hospital about 4 hours later and about 2 hours after that the BAC was taken by blood test at 0500. Question: 2 Were you involved in a collision / accident? a car came into my lane and side swiped me, as I was driving my motorcycle. It resulted in a broken foot, so I went to the emergency room, where a police officer arrived and had the BAC taken nearly 6 hours after the accident Question: 3 Did the cop ask you if you had been drinking alcohol or doing drugs? at the hospital, approximately 5 hours after the accident. Question: 4 Did you do Field Sobriety Tests? (walk & turn, 1 leg stand, follow the pen) Not Available Question: 5 Did you do a Portable breath test (PBT)? Not Available Question: 6 Were you told your Blood Alcohol Level? 0.16% at approximately 0500 hours (accident was at 2300 hours the night before). Question: 7 Did you ask to speak to an attorney?   Question: 8 Were you given a blood or breath or urine test?  

(Hays, Kansas) Ellis County 2011-03-04

I was in an accident after leaving a liqour store. The other driver and I exchanged information, and went on our way. roughly 30 min later two officers showed up at my house accusing me of dui. I had been drinking the night before, and had quit a bit after the accident that morning. Like a half pint of vodka with oj. There was fresh damage on my vehicle and admited to being in an accident. I had not drank that morning until after the accident, but was still arrested and charged with a 2nd dui. After being detained on my way to the jail, one of the officers illegally entered my residence claiming to make sure my daughter was not home. He did this without my permission or landlords. I was not caught operating a vehicle, and had I thought that they could arrest me, I would have never answered the door.

(Somersworth, New Hampshire) Strafford County 2011-03-04

Got pulled over. Reason Failure to use right turn single leaving a parking lot.. cold night. dirty lines on the road. not clearly seen due to snow and ice and dirt.follow pen with left eye. due to right eye being lazy, walk line 9 steps turn 9 back hold my foot in the air 6 inches off the ground count to 30 Recite abc's from F to W not singingclose eyes, count to 30 in my head while officer had a stop watch and timed it.. I guessed 26 4 seconds. off.. and off to the police station I went.. blew a .12 at the station ..after first attempt to use the machine Failed

(North Hollywood, California) Los Angeles County 2011-03-03

On 2/19/2011 The cop pulled me over as soon as I left the bar and claimed that I did not come to a complete stop. He asked me to do his sobriety test, and when he asked me to take the breathalyzer I refused. He then said I was under arrest even though he never read me my rights. My court date is 3/16 and I still do not know what my BAC level was that night. I'm 6'5" 280 pounds and had 2 drinks at the bar. I didn't feel drunk.

(Boston, Massachusetts) Suffolk County 2011-03-03

Hi,just giving a try:i felt discriminated while i went for the traffic license paper in mas. i am working as a dev and hardly find time to go there. They asked me to get my return date corrected, though it was a mistake from usis and there was a proof for that in the other page. if u feel this genuine, get back to me, will try giving proofs as far as i could. i went on a rented car, wasting another 2 friends 5 hours. thanks

(Morgantown, West Virginia) Monongalia County 2011-03-03

i didnt refuse they said they didnt like how i blew so they took me downtown i refused to do it again charged with 2nd spent the night in jail its been 1 year no license going to move to another state do i have to carry the interlock or can i get license in the other state

(Ewa Beach, Hawaii) Oahu County 2011-03-03

I was driving home from a friend's going away party, not realizing how drunk I was, nor how tired I was. All I wanted was to just get home so I could work on a presentation for my class that afternoon. On my way home I was pulled over, and I remember being asked if I had been drinking because I wasn't driving straight. I said yes, and the officer had me do the tests, which didn't go well. They asked if I could call anybody to pick me up, but I was too upset with myself, tired, and afraid to call anybody. I don't know what to do now, because this is my first offense.

(Loveland, Colorado) Larimer County 2011-03-03

Was pulled over and cooperated fully with the police. Performed roadside sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. After the breathalyzer, I was placed in handcuffs and taken to the Boulder County Jail. They never read me my Miranda rights and I also submitted a blood analysis test. I was wondering what the next step is? I also never received a notice of revocation for my license, so I'm not sure if I need to go to the DMV or not. I cooperated fully with the police and was told if being extremely cooperative could earn me points and a lesser charge, I would have earned that.

(Aspen, Colorado) Pitkin County 2011-03-03

I am 20 years old, i received a 1st offense DWAI january 4, 2010. I was charged with the DWAI May of 2010. I went back home over xmas break and received an MIP December 25 2010. My court date is march 8 2011, and i was just informed that i would be sentenced up to 6 months jail time. Please i am in desperate need of legal help ASAP and need someone to represent me in court because I a college student studying in california right now. I called the court and they said that I cannot get a continuance on the MIP. Please help me.

(Naperville, Illinois) Du Page County 2011-03-03

I am writing in regards to a potential business partner. In 2001 he received his 3rd dui. In 2008 he brought over his fiancee from Indonesia who he quickly married but hid the dui's and the fact that he had no drivers license or insurance and 3 years before the end of his 10 year punishment.This individual is now making a business collaboration a nightmare to deal wtih.Can we use the fact that he is driving before the end of his sentence is over, driving without a license and driving without insuranced as a pressure to get him to step down.Also as his wife is applying for her Green Card and knows of this situation and rides in the car with him driving isn't she risking deportation?

(Sycamore, Illinois) De Kalb County 2011-03-03

I am a legal illinois resident who was convicted of dwi in Wisconsin in 2003. I am traveling to Greece in August of 2011 and have a connecting flight in Toronto, Canada. I need to know if I will have any trouble connecting to my flight in Canada with a dwi on my record. I am also in the process of submitting my IMM 1444.

(Warner Robins, Georgia) Houston County 2011-03-03

Arrested on 6 Feb 2011 in Perry, GA. while parked at a gas station. Police found me through family members who had reported my whereabouts. Given a field sobriety test, arrested and taken to the police station where I submitted to the breathalizer test (resulting in 0.14 and 0.15). Released on bond two-to-three hours later, with my driver's license still in my possesion. Court date is set for 0730 on the 23rd of March. I am planning to attend dui classes this weekend (5, 6, and 7 March).

(Roseville, California) Placer County 2011-03-02

Driving behind another vehicle. Other vehicle put on their brakes for no reason. I Barely tapped the back of their car. Was angry that they put on the brakes. Drove off in frustration. Drove to boyfriends house and consumed some wine. Drove back to my house and was pulled over by the cops. They said it was a hit and run and that the other car driver was injured. However there is no damage to either vehicle and I wasn't hurt. Since I had. Prior dui from two years ago they took me in because I had alcohol in my system.

(Steamboat Springs, Colorado) Routt County 2011-03-02

oct 2010 i was pulled over and officer hillings asked me do you know why i,m pulling you over ?( me) no. then he said i had an expired tag over 6 months . i looked surprised and told him it just expired this month and i have the proof in my brief case , as i reached back he said you won,t have the proof , i asked him what it was he needed to see ,he told me drivers license and proof of insurance. .. he went back to look at the tag and then had me get out of the car so he could show me that the 0 was faded and he thought it was a 1 and my plate lights were not working. Then i returned to my truck and he went to the patroll car. while i was looking for my new registration card and proof of insurance and wallet all that i threw in my brief case along with a lot of papers my hiv meds and other meds also a container of marijuana and a water pipe as i rushed out of my home to travel (work related) . I scattered the papers on the seat and had a clutter all over the front of the tr uck asi looked and found the registration and proof of insurance. The officer returned and i gave him the proof all except my drivers license that was in my (BLACK) wallet. The officer said your wallet is there , i said there is nothing in that wallet i then found my black wallet and gave him my license. He went back to his car and came back then he said he smelled a strong smell of marijuana , i denied and he asked a lot of questions one if i had my medical marijuana card, also health problems and he wanted me to do a road side tests i asked if i was being arrested and refused road sides but he was insisted i do them before i submit to a blood test. he continued to question me as i said nothing or asked if i was being arrested eventually i said i had smoked earlier in that day then had breakfast and taken a nap , slept in and rushed out the door . Then he cuffed me , i then told him there was my mmr license in the car along with a jar of marijuana in the back of the truck on the floor .He searched my truck and told me it was not up to him to look threw my pile of papers for my license. CAN anyone help me especially if we do not have laws on driving with levels of thc in your system. Confused and sinking in Steamboat Springs.

(Florence, Kentucky) Boone County 2011-03-01

dui 0.16% on 2/19/11; also included wreckless driving and speeding as I was told I was driving 97 in 55 zone. No other tickets in past ~20 years, no prior arrest for anything.Initial court date is next Tuesday 3/8/11, at Gallatin County Corthouse in Warsaw

(denver, North Carolina) Lincoln County 2010-11-22

I was driving N on hwy16 around 7pm noticed I was a little to much in the center lane,proceeded to get over to the left,continued traveling to destination on hwy16N. Got out of my car went to greet friends then stepped outside,passenger from SUV point at me approached and said I was the one driving the vehicle that almost hit them head on,she stated the police are coming. I looked at my car and noticed on drivers side a swipe from beginning of door to back quarter panel. Officer arrived at the scene approximately at 7:35. Asked me to step over to his car,then did FST test,handcuffed me then put in patrol car. Officer did paper work,then proceeded to magistrate office,then to holding cell. A breath test registered ACCY CHK .08@ 9:33 then AIR BLK test .15@9:36 and 9:39 I was processed for dwi released on $1500 unsecured bond. I also was charged leaving scene of accident not realizing I swiped te other vehicle having minor damage on drivers side front bumper. I have missed several days of work,court date is 12/03@9am. I'm a home health aide been doing for 30yrs.travel on average of 25-50miles a day from client to client. I also need to tell you the officer did not see me behind the drivers seat,I was out of my car,keys in my pocket. I'm truly sorry for what I have done,if I knew I swiped the SUV I would of stopped and pulled over. Please be so kind to give me some advice as to what I need to do,an what could happen,this is first offence. Thanks

(san diego, California) San Diego County 2010-11-22

I was pulled over after having 4 beers and a shot within a 2 hour period. I was on my way to pick up my 17 year old brother who was stranded at 12:30am. The officer informed me that i was being pulled over because i was swerving on the freeway. Once pulled over I informed the officer that I had an ear infection which i believed would have affected my ability to perform the field sobriety tests. I have also been diagnosed with acid reflux disease which causes uncontrollable belching at times. I believed that this would cause the result of the breathalyzer to be inaccurate as well. I asked the officers if a blood test was possible because I believed that the other tests would incriminate me to a false sense. The blood tests were preformed willingly at the police station about 30-40 min after. Unfortunately I am in a position that has me financially tied at the moment. Hence I can not afford a dui, But i don't know if my circumstances will prove to be ag ainst me. Any Information that you could provide to atleast guide me in the right direction would be very much appreciated. Thank You Ulises Ivan Torres

(Lancaster, Pennsylvania) Lancaster County 2010-11-22

sent to jail for a probation violation on Oct.20 aprox.4:30pm ....the arresting officer said he observed me driving erraticly...1.14 blood alcohol...was arrested in 2006 for dui...no accident...pulled over for driving erratically....got a dui when I was 17...1999.....how far do they go back ? What kind of time in jail am I looking at ? My probation officer said I might qualify for rehab after I'm evaluated ??? I hired a lawyer for my last dui...I don't think he did anything to improve my situation...??? Will my time in jail now count as time served ?

(collinsville, Illinois) Madison County 2010-11-22

stopped for improper lane usage, asked to take breathilyzer. Blew below legal limit, asked to take field sobriety test did not pass, arrested & car impounded

(Tampa, Florida) Hillsborough County 2010-11-22

my sister  is in jail for a second dui charge...she got arrested for dui in september and just got another one a few days ago and is being held and cant get out i believe for at least ten days......my mother will be paying for her attorney....i was just wondering how much it will be to represent her....thank you for your help....

(virginia beach, Virginia) Virginia Beach City County 2010-11-22

A few sobriety tests were performed out in the street(i.e. follow his pen with my eyes, ABC's, lift leg and hold it)he then did a breathalyzer test and i blew a .12. he then arrested me and took me to jail. when i arrived there he fully explained to me all my rights and performed a tru breathalyzer test with that i blew a .11. I was charged with reckless speeding(51/25)and a dwi.

(pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny County 2010-11-22

I have been charged for dui with 3802A1* and 3802C* and 4303 A which is general lighting requirements. I have not refused any tests and the count is 0.189 highest offence. I do not have any previous dui or criminal records. No accident, crash, injury, no person below 14years in the vehicle. Completely obeyed all the instructions of the police officer with our any refusals. I need to know if I qualify for ARD program. I have drove my car out of the parking lot with no lights on and just drove about 1/4 mile perfectly in the speed limit and in the lane. I was asked by the officer to step out of the car and took a balance test which the officer says I failed and arrested me immediately and then took me to the SDD for the datamaster, and my BAC reading was 0.819. I can decide on hiring a lawyer if I get any good payment plans from the attorney, because I cannot pay large amount at a time. My other concern is I have bought a new car which I was driving at the time of the dui arrest and this car is not yet registered. Now I am confused of how to get this car registered. Also my primary concern is going to Jail, I cannot afford this at any cost. Please give some suggestions.

(palos verdes estates, California) Los Angeles County 2010-11-22

I am doing an internship in California and a week before my internship (and i no longer have housing), I got a dui. I will be back in Minnesota next week and am wondering if I am allowed to drive with a Florida License while in Minnesota, especially before my court date February 7th, 2011. Will I still have the privilege to drive in MN since I have not been charged in court nor am I driving in California? I plan to attend the court hearing in February in L.A. but I will no longer be living or able to complete classes and AA's, etc, in California. Thank you

(Birmingham, Alabama) Jefferson County 2010-11-22

On Friday, November 5th 2010 my wife and I were at home when we got into an argument and I left to go to a friends house about 2 blocks from here. I arrived at my friends house and stayed there for almost two hours. Now during this 2 hours we had several drinks. Around midnight this night we heard yelling and commotion outside the house so I went out to see what is was. It was my wife standing in the drive way screaming at me for leaving the house. She then got into her vehicle (I own) and drove it into the back of my parked 2008 Chrysler Sebring and drove off. I then called the local police to explain what had happened and gave them my home address, assuming that was where she was headed. I then got into my wrecked vehicle and drove home to show the damage that occurred to my vehicle. Once I approached my house I noticed 2 police vehicles setting in my drive way and my truck was parked there as well. Noticing this I pulled over in front o my house and exited the vehicle to explain and show the officers what had happened to my vehicle. During this explanations the officer asked me if I had been drinking. I did respond that I had drank several beers and continued to explain this situation. He then stopped me from explaining and immediately started a field sobriety test on me. I conducted several tests, including one foot up and touching my nose, 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 on my fingers and a straight line walk heal to heal. I felt that I did relatively well with these tests. The officer then asked me if I knew my ABC's, I replied yes and then he asked me to repeat them from "H" to back to "H". This test I don’t think I did well on because immediately upon completing this he told me I was under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. I asked him how was that when I just drove up to show them the damage to the vehicle and to report what was going on. He replied this was because he witnessed me drive up and exit the vehicle. I was then taken to the Police station and booked for dui. I did a breathalyzer once at the station. The result of this test was .14. I was told that was twice the legal limit. At this point I was escorted to a holding cell and later transported to Wetumpka police station to wait until 9:45 A.M. release.

(San Jose, California) Santa Clara County 2010-11-22

I was driving on the freeway and had to pull over to use the phone. I got into a bad argument with my ex girlfriend. So I got really mad and started drinking in my car. I kept drinking until I fell asleep. While I was sleeping the cops came up to me and then preceded to test me. And now I am charged with a dui

(blaine, Minnesota) Anoka County 2010-11-22

Third offense. count 1: gross misdemeanor second degree dui count 2: misdemeanor open bottle Seen weaving, pulled over. Smell of alcohol. Failed field sobriety. Failed PBT with .265. Vehicle seized. Results of blood test pending. NO parole or probation violations on past accounts.

(davidson, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-11-22

I received a dwi on Friday, November 5th. I was on my way home from dinner/bar. I made a U-Turn to park on the street in front of my house. I didn't turn steep enough so I bumped the curb. I pulled into reverse, backed up and then pulled into a parking space. I turned the car off and handed the keys to my friend who's car I was driving because I thought I was the least drunk of the 4 people in his car. I noticed the blue lights as I was getting out of the car. The officer told us to get back in the car. He said he pulled me over for bumping the curb. He said he smelled alcohol and asked me to step out of the car. He asked me to walk to line and I failed the initial test. I refused the breathlyzer at the scene but later blew a 0.21 at the station. I have never been arrested before and have nothing more than a speeding ticket on my record. My license was revoked for 30 days, but I understand that I can get them back in 10, but am not sure about that process? I have contacted a lawyer in Charlotte, but have not heard anything.

(suffield, Connecticut) Hartford County 2010-11-22

I was arrested this past friday for a dui in suffield ct. My blood alcohol was at .24 and I performed the alphabet and a walking in line test. My question is if I can somehow be able to drive in MA to work and back and how likely it is that the judge or state will let me do that

(matthews, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-11-22

Was the nigh of my friends batchlor petty. Had stopped drinking hours before. Stopped at around 3am in down town Matthews. As far as I know I did fine on the field sobriety tests. They made me blow into a field tester anyways, then refused to tell me what I had blown. Arrested me and took me to the Matthews police department, where I blew into another machine, blew a 0.16, and 10 minutes later I blew a 0.15. I was placed in a cell for about 90 minutes, then I was transfered to mecklenburg county jail where I was processed, put infront of a magistrate, and eventually released to a sober adult with no bond. Approximate time was 9am

(San Diego, California) San Diego County 2010-11-22

Was driving home from a friends anniversary party with my wife enroute to our hotel at about 1 a.m this past Sunday morning. We were almost to our hotel. There was drinking at the party but I felt reasonably safe to drive the 2 miles. The officer asked me to perform a field sobriety test which in his estimate I didn't do well. The shoes I had on were untied and part of a costume which didn't create a situation were I was well balanced. It was also a very long and stressed day so there was probably a weariness factor. The officer decided "he was bringing me in" , handcuffed me, and then drove me down to the Victorville holding facility (jail). Time took about an hour. This was my first time being arrested. I was given a blood test (don't konw the results-would like to though) and booked into the jail for driving under the influence and suspicion of a >.08 BAC. I remained in the holding facility for approximately 13 hours, well past the "normal" 5 hours. They said the reason for the delay was to wait for finger print scans to return from DOJ. I have been led to understand that the laws and judgements for first time offenders is fairly "cut and dry". Barring any obvious loopholes, it's probably not worth fighting litigating this to death. What I do want is to proceed through this as efficient as possible and at least cost to myself and family. My court date is set for 10 January 2010 in Victorville. My first goal is to get this date moved to the left or right at least 1 week as I have paid for a cruise with my aging parents and siblings that week. This is an experience I never, ever want to see happening again. It will change my life - I hope for the better.

(jonesboro, Georgia) Clayton County 2010-11-22

I was pulled over in Gwinnet county for weaving in the lane. Took subrieaty test, and was later asked to perform a breath test. Spent eight hours in jail, posted bonds, and now have a court date Jan. 6th.

(cheyenne, Wyoming) Laramie County 2010-11-22

my problem is... i was over the limit, i did plead guilty. i posted bond, got out. i ended up losing my job because of it. but before i could go to court on these charges i was forced out o my home, lost my vehicle and had no money to survive. so i was forced to move 1400mi away with family to survive. doing this i missed my court date, forefitted my bond. this was 28 months ago. i have searched for warrants on me but was unable to find any. i just dont know what to do from here. i want to get this fixed any way i can. i think there are warrants because im flagged every time i tyr to get work due to a background check. what do i do? can you help?

(Ogden, Utah) Weber County 2010-11-22

Got pulled over and tooken in for a dui. I wanted to park my car so it wouldn't get towed. My boyfriend was already on his way to pick me up. I wasn't gonna drive home.

(gonic, New Hampshire) Strafford County 2010-11-22

front tire blew out, went off the road. someone stopped and gave me a ride home. police came after the incident. Being so upset I had a few drinks when I got home. Didnt pass the field sobriety tests

(charlottesville, Virginia) Charlottesville City County 2010-11-22

A police officer stopped me at few meters away from my dorm at the campus. He told me that someone calling to complaint about my driving. He asked me some questions and later requested to perform sobriety tests and told me that the breath test result showed a level of 0.14. I wasn't under any influence although I drunk 2 cups of drinks at the party where I was returning from. The officer looked inexperienced and moreover, he arrested me without stating my "Miranda right".

(milford, Michigan) Oakland County 2010-11-22

ok i was arrest for driving while under the influence I only had like 4 drinks but I was told to get in the car i was yelled at by the cop and he put hand cuff on my which where to tight and i told the police that and he came to back of the car and it through he was loosen them but they where tighter my wrist was black and blue and i had lump on my right hand while i was being searched the female cop was touching my breast in a sexual way NOT PADDING ME DOWN i told her to stop and and then she said to shout up I'm doing my job i said that is not part of your job sexual a salting me then she took her leg and forced my leg to move to the right well i went to the hospital the next night and they found i have torn en liniments and ripped liniments in my hip which i have pins in both my hips they hurt me in there jail and i want something done about it I live on ssi and i no longer work no more I'M dirty poor i was assaulted bye the police and sexually assault ed in the jail by a woman offices.

(Kingman, Indiana) Fountain County 2010-11-22

My husband was arrested, charged, and convicted with a felony dui (second one in under two years) over fifteen years ago. August 2009 he got a mis. PI charge. We are trying to become foster parents and with the two of these charges, we were denied for now. We have talked with the case worker, and we all feel that if we can get the felony dropped to a mis. we will have a better chance at becoming licensed. We have spoken with the prosecuter and he has told us that there is no law allowing this any longer, but no law denying it...so if we could get a lawyer to take the case, he would have no problem agreeing to file it, then the decision will be up to the judge. If we can get an attorney to take on the case, our questions would be: how long would it take to complete the process, and what would the estimated cost be?

(Raleigh, North Carolina) Wake County 2010-11-22

I was arrested. I was pulled for speeding on HWY 264 going 65 in a 55. I blew a .10 and was arrested. This is my first dui offense. I am a single mom of 3 kids and in nursing school. I have no prior arrests, only a speeding ticket.

(Raleigh, North Carolina) Wake County 2010-11-22

I was being chased by and individual who was trying to cause me harm. I left in my car and was caught speeding 108 in a 65. The officer did not give me any roadside test and arrested me impounded my car. Took me to jail and asked me to blow. i refused. He then released me to a friend. I got charged with dwi, Speeding and DWLR.

(philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Philadelphia County 2010-11-22

My alcohol level was 0.144%. Had 'breath test' done only. Have a prior dui offense 9 years ago. (Did ARD program and spent 48 hours in jail.) Was trying to make a 'wide' left turn, but it was dark and couldn't see clearly. I wasn't familiar with the roads. Even when I was sober, I felt uncomfortable making this turn, since it is a wide turn. The officer pulled me over because I stumbled a little while making the turn. He asked me if I drank, and I answered yes. I then performed the breath test. I went to my hearing couple months ago. My lawyer attempted to get the ARD program, but it was denied. My court date was today, November 16th. I went to court and plead guilty. I am sentenced to 30 days in prision, with 1 year license suspension, 2 year probation, and 6 month porale. Could I still go to trial and fight against this? Is there a possibility that I could lower my jail time? If there is any chance, please e-mail me back and let me know. Thank you.

(murrieta, California) Riverside County 2010-11-22

I am 18 years old, just received my license 6 weeks ago, was at a party and had a couple beers then left about an hour later because people were trying to harm me, while leaving the neighborhood, I slammed head on into a parked vehicle since I was looking behind me to see if these individuals were following me. I was using my fathers work vehicle which he uses to distribute wines and liquor for his job. His product (liquor) was in the trunk and broke after the accident and smelt up the whole car with alcohol, cop suspected I have been drinking and driving because of the broken bottles, gave me a sobriety check, I passed with flying colors but he was still not convinced and gave me a breathalyzer test, I blew a .06, then a .07, then the third, .1 I was arrested for a dui, 23152 (a) & (b). They told me I had to choose to submit a breathalyzer test or a blood test, I choose a breathalyzer test. They told me the breathalyzer machine was broken and took me to the hospital instead for a blood test, I refused a blood test and they decided to hold me down instead and force one from me while I was saying stop. Do I have any rights at all? Didn't I have the right to say no? My arm is severely bruised from my trying to get out of their grasp where the needle was injected, stating the needle was the cause of my bruising.

(albuquerque, New Mexico) Bernalillo County 2010-11-22

I was stopped by a regular police officer for peeling out of the grocery store. He then called a dwi cop who gave me a field sobriety test that I passed. They then gave me a breathalyzer test, the result was .11%. I was then taken to jail and released on my own recognizance.

(cornelius, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-11-22

I was driving home,20 miles in hour,it was a school zone.there is a narrow part of the road and a speed pump.a car was coming toward me on a middle of a road,trying to avoid it I had to keep right,but it is narrow part,I hit the curb.I broke two right side tires.somebody stopped and called 991.ambulance.my back hurt very bad I was put on a stretcher and taken to hospital.officer asked what happend,they took my blood and I was sent home.

(goshen, New York) Orange County 2010-11-22

I hit a parked car and called police to the scene. I fell asleep in the car while waiting for them. They gave me a breathalizer but they didnt indicate it on the arrest form, but they gave me a urine test at the police station. Can they use these reults against me?

(euless, Texas) Tarrant County 2010-11-22

I am looking for an attorny for my boyfriend, he was just bailed out this afternoon he is 21 years old. He and 2 of his other friends were driving back to his appartment  from a bar that they were at. He wrecked his mustang into the brick welcome sign to his appartments. At this time he and the other boys got out to push to car the rest of the way. The police came out to the scene and gave all three boys sobriety tests. (And yes they are all 21) One friend passed it, his best friend got a Public Intoxication, and Austin recieved his first dwi. They were cuffed and transported over to the city jail, the two boys were put into a holding cell at this time together. In the morning I called the officer to find out "he did not wake up for the judge" which I dont understand if they tried to wake him up or not. Then fianlly he was bailed out on $500 bond by his father. They picked up his car at the impound to find it completely wrecked. They now have to strip the car and sell the parts off of it as much as they can to pay for all of the fees. He also has to now use his College money to pay for all of this.What I am curious about is if we can fight the fact that he wasnt actually driving when the officers came to the scene. Would this still be considered a dwi? And can we fight it all? Keep in mind we are extremely low on money. Thank you.

(Hammond, Indiana) Lake County 2010-11-22

Yes! Is it too late to hire an attorney for a dui case? I believe I plead guilty already and was sentenced to probation and dui classes. At any rate, I was only .085 and my PD was horrible. Is it too late for me or is there still hope in getting justice?

(Indianapolis, Indiana) Marion County 2010-11-22

I had 3 dui in 2004,2006, and 2008..all in boone county. iam on home detention untill.11-7-2011, my license are suspended for 10 years. I have stopped drinking for 2 1/2 years now. How can I get my license back shorty ?

(charlotte, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-11-22

This is my 3rd dwi charge. I refused to blow and i am on new medication which should not have mixed. The combination of the two impaired my judgment more than normal. I don't know if it would help but i have pictures and a report from the hospital black eyes , bruises and cuts from being thrown around by three male officers. Please help me i have three children and i am a single mother who just lost there father three days prior to this indecent.

(Raleigh, North Carolina) Wake County 2010-11-22

First dui/dwi offense & clean record. Left a pub, had about 5 or 6 beers. Was pulling up to my home to eat dinner when pulled over. Had not eaten anything since much earlier in the day. Charged with dwi; wreckless driving to endanger. Agreed to and failed field and breath test. Then taken to forsyth county jail. Agreed and failed 2 breath tests, both .19% Completely cooperative with officers, which im sure they will attest to this fact. Spent night in Jail. Released at 10am. If necessary i could pay for an attorney but it would not be in one lump sum. If you think it wise to use a court appointed public defence attorney I would probably rather do that. Any advise would be very helpful. Thank you, John

(Yakima, Washington) Yakima County 2010-11-22

I was driveing the cop said I did'nt stop at a stop sign. I know I did because#1 I was drinking #2 Iknew I did'nt have a license &no insu.Then in the report he stated when following me I turned the corner and sped up. I have a feul pump issue with my car.Then wrote when he walked up I was smokeing a cigar my car was full of smoke I do'nt get that has anything to do with anything.I felt forced to blow at the jail..139 and .135

(lavista, Nebraska) Sarpy County 2010-11-22

Drank approxamally 12 beers from 6:00pm to 1:30am drove home parked in front of my house did not put vehical in park. vehical rolled about 70 feet and hit neighbors mail box. At about 5:00 am police knocked on window,said neighbor called 911, rescue squad was there police had them check me out was not injured.Do not remember being given a field sobriety test. or breath test at site refused breath test at police station. Was jailed for 3 days bond set at 25000 dollars paid 10% or 2500 dollars.Incodent happened in Lavista Ne Sarpy County

(Dallas, Texas) Dallas County 2010-11-22

I recieved 1st dwi in Texas in 2000 - 2nd in 2004 then a dwi in Colorado in 2007, and last night the 3rd in Texas. Someone called me in to 911. The cops "pulled me over" while I was in the Jack-in-the Box drive through. I submitted to a breath test and not a blood test. I didn't pass the "roadside" test as I have a bad back (on disibility also for Agoraphobia, and HIV. I also was scared to death. I need to find help to not be sent to the penitintary.

(huntsville, Alabama) Madison County 2010-11-22

I was coming out of a store having just bought beer. They said I crossed over the lane divider. I explained the car had a broke tie rod. They took me in and did a breath test which I did not object to knowing I had only had one beer. When I blew over a 2

(barre, Vermont) Washington County 2010-11-15

While travelling home. I pulled into my driveway, the trooper was behind me. I asked him what did I do? He said I was speeding, going 40 in a 25 MPH zone. He then asked me where I was coming from and I honestly answered Mulligan's Pub. He proceeded to administer a series of field sobriety tests. When I blew into the field breathalyzer I registered a .108. I was then taken to the police station where I registered a .103. When I was released, I went to the hospital for an independent blood test. My trial date is set for November 18th

(South Gate, California) Los Angeles County 2010-11-15

my dad got arrest when he was driving under the influence and at the time that this happen he had my brother with him, he had cour like a week ago and they told him that they were going to give him 2 years of jail, he had told me that he was asking people around in the presion to see if this was true and they told him that they were giving him to much time for that. and i want it to know what is the max time that he can get for this crime??

(Charlotte, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-11-15

I was pulled at a traffic check point 3 blocks away from home. I blew a .07 at the check point. HP officer then took me to albemarle magistrates office, 10 minutes away. On the way there he realized he needed a new ticket book and then went to HP patrol office to get a new book (10 minutes). When he was ready to perform test he aske if I wanted a witness or lawyer present I called a witness. I was told they had 30 minutes to get there to be present. They were there in 20 but were told to leave cause I would be 30 to 45 minutes til I was ready. So never received my winess. I then blew a .08 on the 2nd and .08 on 3rd.

(yucca valley, California) San Bernadino County 2010-11-15

When I was pulled over the officer stated that he stopped me because of the red tape over my tail lights. He instructed me to perform a field sobriety test which he then stated I failed (I recently found out that my balance was fine during the test). I refused the breath test on the scene, and was taken to the police station for a BAC blood test. I found out yesterday that the test showed a BAC of .10. I want to seek a reduction to wet and reckless by having the field sobriety test rendered invalid on the basis of my medical conditions which are TMJ (which severely interferes with aspects of my mental focus at times, such as reading) and neck problems. Stress often aggravates my TMJ symptoms, and my TMJ symptoms usually cause stress. Also, I know that between the time I was pulled over and the time I received the BAC test, it is not impossible for my blood alcohol to have risen by .03. Thank you for any assistance you can provide on this matter.

(Atlanta, Georgia) Fulton County 2010-11-15

I was pulled over a year ago and charged with dui. As the officer was doing the breath test he re-set the machine in the middle of a breath. Is this a legal test or can it be thrown out ?

(huntsville, Alabama) Madison County 2010-11-15

Anyway i know i had a dui in 1997 so this would be number 2 but i.m not sure of the reasoning of being pulled over:suspicious activity in parking lot. That was at the bar while i was speaking with my passenger. I was followed for a good awhile before being stopped..

(Durham, North Carolina) Durham County 2010-11-15

This is for my sister she has 3 dwi's within 5 weeks. She was sentenced for all three charges on Friday Nov.5 and received 2yrs, + 2yrs. + 60days in prison. Her life changed after the death of her 21 year old daughter died 3yrs ago, her husband left her for another woman, her health started failing she lost her job. Lots of extenuating circumstance, our family choose not to bond her out in hopes that jail time would be counted as time served. Not in our wildest dreams and info from her court appointed attorney did we feel that she would receive such a harsh sentence. She is a wonderful person with a big heart loved by co-workeds friends and family if you have any advice on what we can do to help my sister I would very much appreciate it. Thank you, Robin Daugherty

(Atlanta, Georgia) Fulton County 2010-11-15

I came around a curve when the lane ran out and the Police at a road block behind a block away and they were only letting a few cars go at a time, two cars whipped in front of me and I hit one and they said I had 5 points on my license and I don't know how. Court date 11/23/2010. The car I was driving airbags were suppose to be recalled and they came out and burned my stomach.

(Denver, Colorado) Denver County 2010-11-15

Well this is my third dui, I wall pulled over for not fully stoping at a stop sign. I was coherent and cooperative I refused a breath test because I didnt want my B.A.C. on record. I Know that my License will automatically be suspended for a year. I don't need advice about my license situation, I just would like some advice about what I can do to avoid a lengthy jail sentence. Although I fear that I will be going away for a mandatory 6 months due to Colorado's strict dui laws.

(Charlotte, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-11-15

I was not drinking, I had just put some listerine in my mouth, I was drinking coffee. Officer, pulled me saying they had a call, this is in same town I"m going thru a divorce . Officer has same last name as my husband"s attorney! They also mark me as a refusal on breathilizer, I never refused not once, I had brochitis and upper respritory promlems. I have medical to back this up. My Doctor said I have the lungs of a 96 year old, yes I smoke,(trying to quit). Please Help! I cant take management job I've been offered, without being able to drive. Cdeal

(Boston, Massachusetts) Suffolk County 2010-11-15

My boyfriend has 7 citations, speeding, not turning signals, etc. the last speeding citation, he got was in august or sept this year , and that was not a true speeding, he requested a hearing and never received a court date, intead he received a notice of license suspention effective 11/13/2010.

(plainville, Indiana) Daviess County 2010-11-15

Got a dui in 2001, got probabtion for the charge. Got arressted shortly after for domestic violence, long history of it with my ex. This violated my probation for the dui, I left state and havent been back since. Need to get my LPN license in another state, but, most all do a FBI backdground ck and the warrant is showing up FTA. Need to know what to expect; serving time-back to indiana, transfer probation to ok, pay them off??

(camby, Indiana) Marion County 2010-11-15

i was arested for the very first time in my life. on 11/11 around 3am my niece was spending a night at my house cause she had a Dr.appt the following morning and she wanted me to take her. she is 1 week past due for delivery. she knocked on my bedroom door and said she was having unberable pains. I put my clothes on and dropped her off at the hospital. she wanted me to get her son's father and her dad so they wouldnt miss out, i went to pick them up and went back to my house to get her 2 year old daughter cause my boyfriend had to go to work early in the morning. I stopped at the nearset gas station and the police turned on his lights. he asked me to sit in his car, then he said he smelled alcohol. i told him i was drinking earlyer that day. he did a walk test and a count test. he said i failed and he arrested me. when we got to jail he did a breath test : .15. he said its a felony and im now waiting to go to court cause im out on bond.

(commerce city, Colorado) Adams County 2010-11-15

I was in an accident after a few drinks. My friend was not wearing her seatbelt and was injured. I was rushed to the hospital with a stage 2 spleen laceration and my BAC was higher than it should have been with the ammount of alcohol I had consumed. I was charged with vehicular assult-dui for 6 years(1 yr comm/corr), and am looking to file for reconsideration of my sentence.

(Mims, Florida) Brevard County 2010-11-15

I was found not guilty by a jury of my peers.  I understood that I would loose my lis. for a year because I refused to blow. Now I am having nothing but trouble from the DMV of Fla. They ordered me to take a Level 2 dui course. Thru the Safety Counsel which cost me $483.00. Which I took and received a certificate for it. Then they decided that I had to pay for counseling. I was found NOT GUILTY of the dui and I hope you can help me. Because I do not have the money to put into trying To keep my Driving priviledges. They are very important to me. 

(jacksonville, Florida) Duval County 2010-11-15

I was involved in a car accident. The trooper says he pulled my blood on the scene in the ambulance. I was never arrested. a month later when the blood comes back i get a court date in the mail being charged with a dui. I wasn't charged with death or serious bodily injury. I've read the statutes and if i'm understanding them properly my blood could only be legal if arrested. My public defender is trying to convince me to plea and i don't think i should.

(lincoln, Nebraska) Lancaster County 2010-11-15

Went out with a buddy and had about 5 bud lights and one shot. Was giving him a ride home when i got pulled over for missing a headlight. Officer gave me sfsts then asked me to take a pbt. I hadn't eaten since about 6:30am on my way to work, so I was drinking on an empty stomach.

(seal beach, California) Orange County 2010-11-15

I was stopped for suspicious driving off of. I was arrested without incident at about 10 PM 10/29/10. My BAC was tested via Blood sample and was 0.3% I was released at about 5:30 or 6 AM. This is my 1st offense.

(Raleigh, North Carolina) Wake County 2010-11-15

Was pulled over on 13 november 2010 at approximately 2:00am. Was going to pick up friends from being out. On 12 November 2010 I was in my hotel room and had a few drinks around 7:00pm. I went to sleep at about 8:30pm. I was called by my co-workers that they needed to be picked up, and this was about 12:45. While reaching for my phone I was pulled over, and charged with dwi..After an hour of paperwork and test to include straight line, finger to nose and stand on one leg and count, those i passed but I blew a .14. I was released afterwards. Liscence has been supended for 30 days until 13 Dec 2010. I pay $100.00 to receive my liscence and appear in court on 15 Dec 2010.

(asheville, North Carolina) Buncombe County 2010-11-15

I was in a car wreck 3 days ago and given a dwi test which I failed. I was the only one in the car at the time of the accident and no other cars or people were involved. It was on Blue Ridge Parkway. The result of the breathalyzer test given at the jail was .14 and I have the paper stating so. This is my first offense dwi. However, my license was suspended before this time due to an unpaid speeding ticket. I am currently living in Asheville, NC temporarily for work and will hope to reside back to Louisiana (which is where I am from and where my license is from also) within the next 3 to 4 months. My court date is said to be scheduled about 4 weeks. I need a lawyer because I am unaware of the laws from DWIs in this state and I can not afford any jail time. Please respond back as soon as possible. I have no idea the costs of an attorney and am willing to pay what I can afford.

(crestwood, Missouri) St Louis County 2010-11-15

I was pulled over for speeding,54 in a 40. The officer asked for license and proof of insurance. Handed him the license and then he asked me to step out of the car after that. Did a field sobriety test and then they took me to the crestwood station. The first bac machine didn't work so they took me to sunset hills station where I blew a .14. Then I was put in a holding cell and bailed out a few hours later for $500. I was charged with dwi,MIP, Speeding,and no proof of insurance. I wasnt given a chance to show proof of insurance before they pulled me out of the car.

(Longwood, Florida) Seminole County 2010-11-08

i was ceberating my brother and his wife getting back together with her so next thing i new i was in jail they got me for dui open container and driving on wrong side of road there was no accients involved or no one hrt and no crash i go to court the 2 of dec.

(ventura, California) Ventura County 2010-11-07

Trying to help a friend of my son who has been convicted on dui in Ventura County Ca. He was fined $5000. and told not to leave the state. However, his father contacted my son in Missouri stating his son was having "some problems," ie lost his job etc and needed a place to stay (never mentioning the dui and that his son has court order to not leave the state of Ca.)He further said that he didn't want his son to be a "burden" to (my son, in Missouri)and that he would help by giving him money etc until he could find work etc. My son said ok and his son drove illegally to Missouri and is now staying with my son. We have subsequently learned of the dui and that he is in contempt of court for leaving Ca. He has no job and no money to get back to Ca. I spoke with his father asking him for money to get him returned to CA. His father refuses to help and wants nothing to do any further with his son and now refuses my phone calls. My question is do I or my son have any legal case against his father and what are the legal ramifications of my son housing him out of the state of Ca.?

(flemington, New Jersey) Hunterdon County 2010-11-07

I am a PA resident and was arrested for dwi in 1994 in NJ. I went to PA DMV on OCT. 29,2010 so I could get a permit for a CDL class A license which i needed to be hired for a job. They told me that I couldn't obtain a permit because of NJ. I went to NJ court in July of 1994 and I paid either $300 or $380, not sure which it was exactly. Other than that, all I remember the judge saying is that he couldn't take my license because I lived in PA & had a PA license but not to try to use it in state of NJ for at least 6 month's. After speaking with NJ DMV and NJ dui people it is my belief that they mailed my paperwork to the wrong address. They told me I was noted as a failure to comply. I told them I never recieved anything in the mail & they told me it was mailed to me at 410 Wright St. Flemington,NJ. My address is 410 Wright St. Flemington but it is PA not NJ. How can I still be liable for this 16yrs. later due to NJ's mistake in mailing.

(los angeles, California) Los Angeles County 2010-11-05

I had 2 drinks between 9-10:00 PM, therefore didnt drive to outing. At 12AM had another drink. Danced/hung out until 3:30 AM when I got into my car. Didn't feel impaired but fell asleep in the car and was in an accident with a BAC of 0.17. What to expect? Is there any defense? Can be lessened to reckless driving?

(san antonio, Texas) Bexar County 2010-11-01

my sister in-law was arrested 0n a dui this morning at 3am.1 Nov 2010,in san antonio tx 410 and perrin beital,this is her first,but one other and most upsetting thing she is had her to kids in the car with her.

(norman, Oklahoma) Cleveland County 2010-11-01

Driving and was texting on cellphone served and was told I hit a curb which I didnt. Did light test then walked 9 heel to toe steps, then officer asked me to stand on one foot and count. No breathalizer availiable offered and took blood test no results yet

(Pennsauken, New Jersey) Camden County 2010-10-31

the police pulled up behind me at a Wawa gas station as i was sitting with my legs out of the car talking to the attendent. They asked if i was dinking and i told them no, they gave me a field sobriety test and i passed. They asked me to take a breathilizer and i refused. At that point they put me under arrest for suspicion of dwi. Iwas brought down to the police station where they sited me for dwi and refusal. I do have bi-polar, and bad adhd and take a few medicines. I was driving a liitle crazy but they did'nt see me driving, somebody called them. I have court in two days and dont know what to do. Please help.

(park ridge, Illinois) Cook County 2010-10-30

I have already completed my aftercare and court appointed stuff. I have move to colorado and now i am married and looking to get my drivers license back. It has been revoked for 8 years know just need some help

(Tampa, Florida) Hillsborough County 2010-10-27

i was driving on us.19 heading towards st.peterburg from port richey at 3 in the morning when my brakes stalled and i went off to the side into a ditch state patrol officer stopped to see if i needed any help and asked me if i had anything to drink i admited i had 4 beers.

(rosendale, New York) Ulster County 2010-10-26

pulled over for failing to dim lights. Was asked if I had been drinking and I said I have had a few. Given a field sobriety test (on camera) also a field breathalizer. Then arrested and went back to the police station and given another Breathalyzer and it was .17. Charged with dwi, dwi with bac of 17 and failure to dim lights. I asked the officer if I passed the field test and he said yes but failed the field breathlyzer but did not tell me the reading on site.

(San Francisco, California) San Francisco County 2010-10-26

I was arrested for dui after an single car accident on the freeway,it's my first dui,my BAC could be high because i drank 7 bottles of beer within 4 hours.is there anyway to reduce my charges by any chance?

(San Francisco, California) San Francisco County 2010-10-26

I was arrested for dui after an single car accident on the freeway,it's my first dui,my BAC could be high because i drank 7 bottles of beer within 4 hours.is there anyway to reduce my charges by any chance?

(quincy, Washington) Grant County 2010-10-25

I am 19 years old.Full time student at BBCC, never been arrested,pay out of pocket for tuition(Aint legal).Drank some beers, something I never do before heading to Andaluz Restaurant/Lounge. Where Voz de Mando an international band was going to perform. I wasn't driving my friend was on the way over there. I realized my friend had left with her boyfriend. she left the keys in the door of the gas tank. I didn't to drive so i called one of my friends i seen at the dance and asked if he could take the car, but he and his friends were almost to George so he said to meet him there. I didnt make it too far because i got pulled over going i believe 5 mph over.The officer(Baughman)did the pen test, then proceeded with ten steps forward and backward, and finally the breath analysis which in subject sample 1) was .130 and then the other was .128. I respected the officer and did as he told. What will i most likely have to pay or what is going to happen in general?

(Grand Rapids, Michigan) Kent County 2010-10-25

It was a straight conviction, I admitted to it, I blew a .21. Michigan has been playing games with me this whole time, they told me I would have to pay some fines and probably take a driving coarse or something, but then after I paid the driver responsibility fee, and was getting ready to pay my re-instatment fee, they said "No, you need to take a substance abuse evaluation and get letters of character from your peers." and now a new law is about to go into effect for ignition locks. OK, it's been 5 years, stop playing with me, please? I want to fight this, the case I had with Judge Post in Hudsonville was enough of a punishment with the probation, the AA 5 nights a week, and then Judge Post deciding I violated my probation because I took a drug prescribed to me, I'm sorry, if someone looks at everything that went on, I think Michigan would settle on giving me my license reather than pay $25,000,000 for what I was put thru when I was 18. There is more to t his case than what I'm saying, its a very lucretive case, if someone represents me, he will be paid handsomly if I win the lawsuit. I wasn't going to bring what happend to light, but now I'm angry, and Michigan is going to pay for what they did to me and what Judge Post did to me, not to mention what Ottawa County Jail did to me in not giving me my anti-panic meds. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have a mental disability and they didn't care. I have PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder, diagnosed and was being treated by Paxil which the jail decided wasn't important.

(benson, Arizona) Cochise County 2010-10-25

Hi,I came to the US from the UK and was Unaware that there was a law against "open Container" my wife was driving me home after night out and was stopped by the police, I had an open container. I was aressted and charged with said offence under section 4-251, I have not had so much as a traffic ticket in over 20 years here or in the UK. I have secret clearance and do not want a criminal record. what is likly hood of being able to do an Adult Diverson program or getting a differed sentance.

(Denver, Colorado) Denver County 2010-10-24

I was recently arrested late Friday night/early Saturday morning, Oct. 23, 2010. I was on my way home around 3:00 am from being at a friend's house. I had just woke up, decided to go home and was in an unfamiliar neighborhood which was extremely dark. There is poor lighting in the area and I turned on the wrong side of the road. That's when a cop pulled me over, started questioning me, asked if I wanted to do a BAL test and I refused - he then proceed to throw me on the ground to arrest me. He threw me against the pavement so hard it bruised my eyebrow, cheek and also gave me a fat lip. He grabbed my arm so hard, it also bruised. I was held in custody into the morning until my mother came to pick me up after bonding me out.

(Pueblo, Colorado) Pueblo County 2010-10-24

I was recently arrested late Friday night/early Saturday morning, Oct. 23, 2010. I was on my way home around 3:00 am from being at a friend's house. I had just woke up, decided to go home and was in an unfamiliar neighborhood which was extremely dark. There is poor lighting in the area and I turned on the wrong side of the road. That's when a cop pulled me over, started questioning me, asked if I wanted to do a BAL test and I refused - he then proceed to throw me on the ground to arrest me. He threw me against the pavement so hard it bruised my eyebrow, cheek and also gave me a fat lip. He grabbed my arm so hard, it also bruised. I was held in custody into the morning until my mother came to pick me up after bonding me out.

(bloomington, Indiana) Monroe County 2010-10-24

I was pulled over for speeding late Friday night at the bottom of a hill. I did not appear to be drunk in mannerisms or in driving patterns, but I did have a twelve pack of beer in my back seat. I admitted to having drank moderately previously in the evening and was breathalized. I blew a .11 where .08 is the legal limit. I was also given the field sobriety tests. They used the Nystagmus test. I was given the stand on one foot and walk a straight line tests at the police station.

(Charlotte, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-10-24

First offense, pulled over for doing 62 in a 45, failed test and then blew a .13%. Single dad with custody of 2 kids that don't have family in the area - really need to be able to drive at least conditionally to work, store, etc. Also very concerned about possible loss of job.

(texarkana, Texas) Bowie County 2010-10-23

I was at Fat Jacks in Arkanasas watching a baseball game. Around 5:30-6:30 I drank 2 beers. It was 11:59 when I left and had not had anything but coke since the two beers because I didn't have much money. I left and my girlfriend texted me and wanted me to meet her so I said okay and started toward where she thought our other friends were. I was driving on an empty road that is behind fat jacks on the arkansas side when my phone went off again so I stopped at the stop sign looking for my phone in the other seat. At that time an officer turned on his lights. I don't even know where he came from. I wasn't drunk, I wasn't driving badly. I asked why he stopped me and he said because I stopped in the middle of the road but I was at the stop sign and was about to turn left. I did turn turn left and park and talked to the officer. I was truthful that I had 2 beer EARLY in the day that I had been watching the game, he asked about the game and I said SF and Phillie s, phillies 3, SF 2 about the 7th inning when I left. He asked me to take the test and I said no because it is an inaccurate test but he could take my blood. He didn't do either. He asked me to walk in a staight line and I refused becasue I have had a lot of injuries and would fall doing it. He took my license, allowed me to have my car picked up, took me to jail. I could barely walk out it was so cold in there. Can't go to jail, school and work are ongoing.

(edina, Minnesota) Hennepin County 2010-10-22

It happened last Saturday morning around 3: 00 AM, I get stopped by Edina police and been arrested for an hour and so until my friend bailed me out. I also gave a urine sample while I am arrested. This is my first dwi and I am not an alcoholic. Do you think you can help me?

(seminole, Texas) Gaines County 2010-10-22

I was stopped by police for "rolling stopsign", I was then asked to perform a variety of sobriety tests, and passed them all. Policeman then arrested me, once in the county jail, I was given a breathalyzer, the outcome being .07. I was then charged with a dui.

(pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) Allegheny County 2010-10-22

I was speeding. They gave me the field tests on an incline. I couldn't keep my leg from shaking. I asked could I change positions. They had me walk in a straight line. I was arrested. He said that he would prosecute me to the fullest extent.

(Malibu, California) Los Angeles County 2010-10-21

Was driving back from the beach with my fiancee and others in the car. Fiancee got out, went to bathroom, cops pulled up in the meantime and questioned everyone until she said she'd been driving. They charged her with a dui.

(san bernardino, California) San Bernadino County 2010-10-21

I was pulled over for no front plate. The officer smelled alchol I told him I was drinking I passed all the field sobriety test. Then asked too take a breathalyzer did it twice. The officer never told me what my bac was after the second test he placed me under arrest and said they had to take me in to draw blood. This happened in Sept 08. In Octobe r of 08 I had to move to illinois to take care of my sick mother I flew back for my court date in Nov 08 I was on record for court. So I flew back to illinois and in may of 09 I was charged with dui and had court well I lost my job and had no way to make it back to California now there is a warrant for my arrest.

(orlando, Florida) Orange County 2010-10-21

I was stopped by a state trooper on Colonial Ave. in Orlando for "following too closely", then I was issued a field sobriety test which I passed the walking of the line but was told I took too many steps at the end of the line. I merely walked from the line after I was told to stop, which I did. I was issued a breathalyzer test and was informed I was being arrested for dui. I was not informed of any other tickets. I was told at the time of the administration of my breathalyzer test they would give me a print out of the results and that they were required to do so. I was not provided then, nor have I been provided now a copy of those results. Upon my release I learned of two additional tickets other than the dui. A friend was with me who was also arrested. Several aspects of the report by the same officer do not coincide with the actual events that took place on his part either. What are my chances of either having this case dropped or reduced?

(burlington, North Carolina) Alamance County 2010-10-21

I was wondering what was going to happen to me, now that i have 2 dwis in 4 years. Am i going to go to jail or loose my license forever or what. What happens if i need my license to work. Is there something i can do to atleast keep my job.

(Port St Lucie, Florida) St Lucie County 2010-10-20

Delray Beach pulled over wrote in his report exagerated events. no video available. received 6 tkts in addition to dui. no accidents. i was talking to boyfriend b/c i was about to throw up. i had my dress while i was driving and talking to my boyfrined. when i was pulled over i felt faint and nervous. i was taken to pbc and held overnight. at station breathalizer was taken .08 then deeper breath read at .07. i waived my rights. i stated. i am a recovering alcoholic and had not had a dringover six minths. i went to outback and againist my better judgement had two beers with my meal. he videoed tape the session and then states he was sorry but his lieutnant was with him. i am currently in law enforcement. no prior arrests. i explaned to the cop it may have been my medication (i take on a daily basis) probably reacted with the beers. i only had two. please advise. i am experiencong financial difficulties at my current residence w/ my boyfriend and will moving in w/ parents in miami. i have credit cards and my parents wil help me as possible. please advise. case 10-29224; FLO 500400; DOA 10-19-10 in vio of fl 316.193(1) ofc lowry id# 977 DBPD

(San Francisco, California) San Francisco County 2010-10-20

I was never arrested, cited ,or arraigned at the scene of an overdose.the newspapers in the surrounding area all stated that i had been charged with dui amongst other things-possesion of parephenelia,Driving after revo.I went to court turning myself in but no charges were filed . Six months later The massachusetts {Beverly} police filed charges .Is this legal?Statutes of limitations?

(seattle, Washington) King County 2010-10-20

rear ended vehicle while intoxicated. However, the vehicle stopped abruptly and thier party has not made a claim on my insurance. Did sobriety test on side of road and then refused to take breathaliser unless at the station so was arrested and taken into the police station where one was performed and blew a .18. This was my first offense and I went along with all the procedures.

(tracy, California) San Joaquin County 2010-10-19

I was involved in a hit and run accident on July 2, 2010. The lady was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She is receiving or was receiving chiropractic treatments. Was it mandatory to give a blood test at the time of arrest. I had medications in my purse.

(columbus, Mississippi) Lowndes County 2010-10-19

My dui happened in Feb. 2010 and my court date was post poned 5 times to July 2010. They suspended my License for 90 days and my CDL's for a year. I live in Alabama with an Alabama Driving license. Later on I recieved paper work from DMV of Alabama saying they were suspending my License do to my Blood Preasure. Mississippi hasn't turned in the paper work to the State of Alabama. I got my license back. It has been past 90 days but I didn't have to pay a reinstatement fee. Can Mississippi turn in the paper work and have them suspended again?

(rancho cucamonga, California) San Bernadino County 2010-10-19

I hit a tow truck which was parked illegally in the center lane of a dark street the night I had been drinking a few beers. I had two friends in my car who were transported to a hospital. I am facing felony dui with bodily injury. I passed the field sobriety tests, except the breathalyzer. This is my first offense, and I have been an upstanding member of society my entire life.

(agoura hills, California) Los Angeles County 2010-10-19

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(Merkel, Texas) Taylor County 2010-10-18

Arrested 10/16/2010 @ 1:15am - Trooper give the sobrietytest and I refused the blood test or to blow and refusedto sign any papers. Trooper called wife to come and getcompany vehicle and then he transported me to TaylorCounty Jail and held my commercial driver's license.

(Newton, New Jersey) Sussex County 2010-10-18

My dui case was 3 days ago.My attorney advised me to plead guilty to dui &Refusal to submit. I was not read the long formrequired by law and did not know consequences ofRefusal. If I now want to vacate the guilty pleaof Refusal but keep the guilty of dui, will the prosecutor look at the road side video taken from cop car? Don't want him to see it.

(tucson, Arizona) Pima County 2010-10-17

I was pulled over by the police officer for a broken tail light. The bulb had burned out, and I wasn't aware of this fact. Once the officer pulled me over, he asked to see the license and registration. My license was given to him along with the registration. I couldn't find the insurance, so he said he would give me a moment to search for it while he returned to his police vehicle. The police officer came back and asked me to get out of the car. I followed the orders of the officer and took the sobriety field tests. These included the straight line test, the eye test, and standing on one foot while counting. The officer asked me to sit and wait while he proceeded to call for another officer to come administer a blood test. The officer had me blow a breathalyzer, but I never got to see the results of test. I told the officer that I was at a club with my passenger female friend and that i had one or two drinks much earlier that evening. After getting out of the club, I drank two bottles of water as observed by my passenger. The officers administered the blood test and took two viles of blood. The officer said that I could take a cab with my passenger and retrieve the car the next morning. The officer had charged me with a broken tail light and dwi. I don't know the results of the breathalyzer or the blood tests, and the judge at my arraignment said that the results of the blood test would likely not be ready before the trial date. The trial takes place on the 26th of October.

(lancaster, Pennsylvania) Lancaster County 2010-10-17

I was on my way home from West Chester University and was pulled over by an officer. I got breathalyzed and blew a .14 and was arrested. In addition, I am still under the legal age to drink. What should I be prepared to be charged with what exactly can a lawyer do in this situation. Thank you.

(asheville, North Carolina) Buncombe County 2010-10-16

dwi arrest on license revoked from previous dwi. Blood sample taken because reading from hand held device was too high. Previous convictions in Jan. 2009, March 2007, Feb. 1998, 1989, and 1985. Have completed dwi assessment and will begin intensive outpatient counselling 10/19. Also completed 6 week inpatient treatment program 8/19. Convictions in 1985 and 1989 were in FL. Jan. 2009 conviction was in SC. Other two were in NC. Vehicle impounded at time of arrest (6/2010).

(redmond, Washington) King County 2010-10-15

Just got out of work-release did 4 on 6 For assult 2 and theft 1, 2 months ago. On 10-13-10 I got in a accident i blew a 0.83 totaled my car and one other car. I did no time in jail went in for booking on 10-15-10 and was released 1 hour later after taking prints. I was very cooperative with cop and he said that i was the most cooperative person with his 9 years on the force.

(boonville, Indiana) Warrick County 2010-10-15

was never arrested but was involved in an accident, flipped vehicle over into a field. now almost one year later they want to go to court for 2 counts owi, .08 to .15 bac and other endangering a person.

(charlotte, North Carolina) Mecklenburg County 2010-10-15

I was arrested back in October of 2006, shortly after beginning college. I was 19 at the time of the arrest, and I turned 23 in August of this year (2010). I completed my required community service, which was 72 hours, and my last court date was when I had to prove to the court that my community service requirements were completed and I was enrolling in the required classes to retrieve my license once I turned 21. I haven't driven since I lost my license officially in 2007. I haven't tried to get it back because I know that I did not and was not able to complete my payments to the court, I paid about half, maybe a little more out of the total (600+). I am wondering what steps I need to take to get my license back because I am close to finishing my Bachelors Degree, I haven't been in any kind of trouble since then, and my family is currently struggling financially due to my fathers severe illnesses and medical needs. Therefore, I have been broke since the accident and am also currently a full time student, working, in treatment, and just trying to make ends meet. Please let me know what I can do to help myself and if there is anything that you could do, I would be extremely appreciative.